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CLEMENT, JODA - Movement + Rest

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Alluvial Recordings A20
Release Year: 2005
Note: great transcension drones in the way of ZOVIET FRANCE, MIRROR, CRANCIOCLAST:::
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Grandioser Drone-Newcomer aus Kanada ! Der Drone-Nachwuchs macht keinen Unterschied mehr zwischen digital und analog, field recordings oder selbstgespieltem, alles wird zur gleichberechtigen Soundquelle, entscheidend ist das Ergebnis und das kann sich hier mehr als sehen lassen....
Alltagsgerusche werden transformiert, vokales & instrumentelles addiert, das Ergebnis klingt hyperabstrakt, schn schwingende Glockensounds, obertonreich, ruhig und poetisch, sehr wallend & wellend fast wie unter Wasser... etwas rauh manchmal, konkrete Elemente sind irgendwie da aber bleiben nebuls...
verbreitet aber insgesamt keine dunkle, eher eine transzendentale, metaphysische Atmosphre. ..

Movement + Rest is the result of two years work listening, collecting and arranging sound. My recordings attempt to blur the distinction between electronic, acoustic and ambient sources. Analog or acoustic instruments are used because of the direct physical process with which they generate sound. I take field recordings from sounds that habitually go unnoticed in the daily environment (airplanes overhead, trains passing in the night, the broken radiator at the end of the hall, falling snow), as well as those which are less accessible for hearing (the abandoned subway tunnels of Toronto, a muffled cab ride through Guadalajara, contact mics on Jacques Cartier Bridge, etc.). I combine nondescript omnipresent noises that surround us with instrumental and vocal recordings to create a landscape of sounds that unites the properties of both musical and everyday contexts." [JODA CLMENT]
Joda Clment was born in 1981 and raised in Ontario, Canada. He began his earliest experiments with electronic music at the age of fourteen. Since then he has been developing a unique repertoire of methods and techniques for working creatively with sound. His work currently incorporates analog and acoustic instruments, the human voice, found objects and sounds recorded from the natural and urban environment. Joda integrates these materials into compositions, improvisations, performances and installations, as well as contributing sound materials for film and dance. He has performed live electronic music at various venues in Canada, including appearances at the Music Gallery, Oboro, Casa Del Popolo and MUTEK. He now lives in Montreal. [label info]