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BORISOV, ALEXEI - A Polished Surface of a Table

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Electroshock Records ELCD 037
Release Year: 2004
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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Eine der experimentelleren neuen Ver÷ffentlichungen auf dem Moskauer Label von A. ARTEMIEV kommt von ALEXEI BORISOW.
Zu h÷ren gibt es von ihm sehr komplexe Collagen und unendlich scheinende ▄berlagerungen aus äeveryday soundsô und atonal-dronigen elektronischen Klńngen, Gerńuschkaskaden, mutiert-technoides und vieles mehr....

ô A full-length album by Alexei Borisov is a nice thing to hear, if you need a redefinition of the experimental music. Alexei is certainly
one of the Russian artists that's gaining a bigger worldwide recognition lately, he played live at this year's Club Transmediale in Berlin few weeks ago. Before this album and besides the tracks from various compilations (released by N&B Research Digest), I've heard Alexei's live album Before The Evroremont released by N&B
Research Digest / Avanto Festival, and I liked it. I wonder what it means when a track by Alexei Borisov is titled Blue Vinyl? Does it mean he took a blue vinyl and conducted a musical massacre on it? Could be. Alexei likes to use voices in his post-electronic, post-techno, post-experimental, post-post music, one of the best post-musics I've heard. This is done truly amazing in the sixth track Dew, a complete musical slaughter, 4 minutes of the most amusing (and most gentle) sound-killing I've heard recently as a counter-point of the first 15 seconds at the beginning of the track with the appealing vocal of Angela Manukjan. Kill sound before sound kills you? Kid606, take notes. The techno moment is in Zaraza (Volume I), a track that could have been done maybe by Motor, and noone else. Could be because of the national connection. The softly distorted beats make me want to hear Volume II, if there is. The voices are sometimes used to create only noises with them, like in My Voices. Alexei Borisov's music is maybe not the kind of music you'll listen all day every day, but it's sure great to know it exists out there, somewhere, in the outer limit. Great work! Address: http://www.electroshock.ru [BR, Vital Weekly]