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BOE, TORE HONORE - Suave Siesta

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Purple Soil pulsezero:one
Release Year: 2004
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.00

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New Solo-disc from the founder of the ORIGAMI-Network, with really unusual location recordings from Marocco... you can feel the atmosphere there..

In February 2000 I spent two weeks in Agadir, Morocco with my wife Elisabeth and 5 month old Silja. I sort of managed to turn off the origami-button for once, just breathing the Being itself. Endless strolls along the beach, nice calm meals. Siestas. Mint tea at the street cafs. Hearing sounds at a much slower pace than usual, I simply put my minidisc in record every now and then. No hassle, just a harmless habit of mine. To my surprise, the sounds were not your typical ethnic-edged backpacker souvenir stuff, rather on the contrary. Long pieces of wind, even a Sahara sandstorm, a bathtub slowly filling, the hiss of the tubes hiding inside the walls, floor and ceiling. Recording a butoh piece of 'staring at nothing', app. 13 minutes long. A juxtaposed conversation between hungry chicken and a traffic jam. Fingertips striking a piece of paper, rose leaf tea being dropped gently onto the table and mike. Sand emptied from socks. Away from the northern 'alternative' gang to a touristy spot, still I recorded as if I was working on something specific, which I wasn't... [from the liner notes from Tore]

The general atmosphere of this CD is quiet and open and gives ample opportunity for the mind to wander. At the same time it's more than strong enough to listen to really carefully and enjoy it thoroughly. A very good work. [Roel Meelkop/Vital Weekly]

A very subtle and especially pleasing listening experience. [Ralf Wehowsky]