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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ftarri FTARRI-992
Release Year: 2014
Note: for this teamwork Japanese drummer SEJIRO MURAYAMA and ERIC LA CASA took diverse field recordings from public spaces in Paris, always recorded at the same time in different locations, often added by MURAYAMAs own vocal utterances, breathings, sighs, whispers..=> the result is a VERY curious mixture of site-specific environments with improvised elements-"Murayama's contribution is rather mysterious most of the time, but that sort of is exactly quite right for this kind of music. A rather beautiful release" [FdW/Vital Weekly]
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"Seijiro Murayama is a drummer-percussionist-voice performer currently working in Japan again after living for a number of years in France. Йric La Casa is a French sound artist well known for site-specific field recordings with a strong improvisational element. The two have been working together on numerous projects for nearly a decade. For six months starting in January 2012, La Casa and Murayama took portable tape recorders out to parks, subway stations, streets and other public spaces in Paris and separately made individual recordings in the same place and time frame, then edited the recordings. The result is the 12 tracks on this CD. Murayama frequently produced his unique vocal sounds while recording. This odd and unexpected voice sneaks into the varied and lively sounds that fill the public spaces, creating curious accents." [label info]


"A most curious work here, but not unrelated to what I noted before: sometimes improvisers set themselves to work outside and use the natural sounds that surround them to be part of whatever they are recording. An extra layer of sound/music if you will. Here Murayama and La Casa do something similar, in the city of Paris. La Casa takes credit for 'field recordings' and Murayama for voice and recordings. Basically they go some place, with two portable recorders, and record the environment. Murayama adds with his mouth sounds to the recordings, but does that in a very subtle way, mostly almost unnoticed. He breathes, sighs, whispers or just makes crazy soft sounds with his mouth, maybe something a small baby would do. Maybe it's an imitation of sounds he's surrounded by, or maybe something he draws inspiration from. The space in which all of this happens is usually a bit hollow, adding an extra layer of musical information, a bit of reverb. Each track start with a cue to start, which is perhaps a bit annoying after a while, but on the other hand it also gives the idea of the start of an action, so the start of a piece, rather than seemingly random cut from a bunch of field recordings. That makes all of this quite a fascinating musical trip. Bird chirping, a marching band, fireworks, a construction site and sometimes just seemingly empty places. Murayama's contribution is rather mysterious most of the time, but that sort of is exactly quite right for this kind of music. A rather beautiful release. It would make you want to visit Paris straight away and go to these locations, close your eyes and listen again. But then, keep in mind, that this is not really a sounding travelogue, or just a piece of improvised music. It's a bit of all and at such a rather unique item." [FdW/Vital Weekly]