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LINGUA FUNGI & SHRINE - Strange Growths / Wander

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Corvus Records CRVS008CD
Release Year: 2008
Note: highly recommended split release by Finnish LINGUA FUNGI and Bulgarian Drone Rec. artist SHRINE => four tracks of acoustically shining and gracefully shimmering percussive / guitarish ambience form LINGUA FUNGI's "Strange Growths", with slight folk influences a wonderful melancholy is created.... SHRINE has two long complex ambient pieces ("There", and "Back") that are like a dark mirror, a dualistic entity representing nature's mystical harmony and human industrial destruction
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More Info

"Lingua Fungis sound is calm, soft and tasty- enriched with acoustic instruments and brilliant percussions. Long and mature compositions with clear sound drifting in timeless trance.
Shrines sound is more ambient/industrial, darker, with more samples and a bit noisy. He is presented by two long compositions dealing with dualism.
The first one There is lighter, dedicated to the human part, light, life, while the second one-Back is darker, massive and gloomy. Its representing machinery, industrial part of our life, the loss of everything human. In other words-Hell.
The collaborative work is released in 3 panel digipack with conceptual design." [label info]