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Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: LOKI Foundation LOKI 65
Release Year: 2016
Note: jubilee release for the 25th anniversary of the German dark ambient label and home of INADE, released for the LOKI festival in Paris in September 2016: the 1st CD has unreleased material by all performing artists: S.E.T.I, INADE, FJERNLYS, CIRCULAR, PHELIOS and BAD SECTOR; the 2nd CD has a DJ mix by PHILIPP STROBEL going through 25 years of their label history
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More Info

"When we decided to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Paris together with our French friends of Au-delเ du Silence we thought about something special for the event and we came up with the idea of a 2CD for the festival – one CD with unreleased tracks by all performing artists and one CD with some kind of mix. One person came straight into our minds: the infamous DJ Philipp Strobel from Berlin would be a perfect match of doing a special mix for our 25YLOKI compilation. We asked him if he could imagine something like this project and he jumped in, packed his record bag full of LOKI & PAS releases and worked on the mix to celebrate the LOKI label history. For a limited time we uploaded the DJ mix of Philipp Strobel at Soundcloud. Thank you Philipp and to the rest of you!

S.E.T.I. Child Stage
INADE The Library of Babel
FJERNLYS The Nightshade
CIRCULAR Into the Deepest Currents
PHELIOS Vox Aeterna
BAD SECTOR Radial Body 2 (Live)

Tracklist Philipp Strobel – 25YLOKI DJ Mix:

Ionosphere – Deep Interior Research [PAS 19]
Inade – Ethos Anthropo Damon [LOKI 57]
Penjaga Insaf – Pulang [PAS 27]
S.E.T.I. – Mare Crisium [PAS 39]
Bad Sector – April 12, 1961 [PAS 33]
Fjernlys – Trunkene Flut [LOKI 42]
Predominance – Four Symbols [LOKI 34]
Circular – Intersection At The Infinite Space [LOKI 52]
Firงt Law – Bad Influence [LOKI 43]
Ionosphere – Polarized Light [PAS 38]
Bad Sector – 1969-11-12T10-41-11+01-00 – Rooms [PAS 30]
Northaunt – If Only My Heart Were Stone [PAS 34]
Circular – A Lightning Cycle [LOKI 52]
Turbund Sturmwerk – Gloria Mundi [LOKI 36]
Ex.Order – We Want No One To Escape [PAS 21]
Phelios – White Ashes [LOKI 54]
Northaunt – If Only My Heart Were Stone [PAS 34]