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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Music of Morocco, from the Library of Congress (recorded by PAUL BOWLES)

Format: 4 x CD BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Dust-To-Digital DTD 046CD
Release Year: 2016
Note: incredible recordings of traditional North African music, made by writer and composer PAUL BOWLES (1910-1999) in 1959 during his half-year journey through Morocco; comes in a beautiful silkscreen box with 120 page book, feat. extensive liner notes by PHILIP SCHUYLER, field notes by PAUL BOWLES and an introduction by LEE RANALDO
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"From July to December 1959, Paul Bowles crisscrossed Morocco making recordings of traditional music under the auspices of the Library of Congress. Although the trip occupied less than six months in a long and busy career, it was the culmination of Bowless longstanding interest in North African music. The resulting collection remained a musical touchstone for the rest of his life and an important part of his mythology.

The pieces with the greatest, and those with the smallest amount, of Arabic influence, are both to be found, strangely enough, in the same country: Morocco. This regions contact with Europe has been that of conqueror: in its decline it has been comparatively unmolested by industrial Europe. By virtue of this, also because it once had colonies in Mauritania and Senegal, and thus has a fair amount of admixture of Negro culture, it is richer in musical variety and interest than Algeria and Tunisia. In the latter countries there is plenty of music, but in Morocco music is inescapable. Paul Bowles

Description: 4 CDs in silkscreened box with 120-page, leatherette book, featuring extensive liner notes by Philip Schuyler. Field notes by Paul Bowles. Introduction by Lee Ranaldo. Box set includes download/streaming code.
Publication Date: April 1, 2016

Disc 1: Highlands The Berbers Part 1
1. Maallem Ahmed and ensemble Ahmeilou (Tafraout)
2. Rais Ahmed ben Bakrim El Baz Ouichen Song for Male Voice (Tiznit)
3. Moqaddem Mohammed ben Salem and ensemble Third Sqel (Zagora)
4. Moqaddem Mohammed ben Salem and ensemble Second Aqlal (Zagora)
5. Chikh Ayyad ou Haddou and ensemble Ouakha dial Kheir Womens Chorus (Tahala)
6. Chikh Ayyad ou Haddou and ensemble Aili ya Mali Mixed Chorus (Tahala)
7. Maallem Ahmed and ensemble Aouache Mens Chorus (Tafraout)

Disc 2: Highlands The Berbers Part 2
1. Rais Mahamad ben Mohammed and ensemble Aouada Trio (Tamanar)
2. Rais Mahamad ben Mohammed and ensemble Chorus and Dance (Tamanar)
3. Chikh Hamed bel Hadj Hamadi ben Allal and ensemble Reh dial Beni Bouhiya Qsbah Solo (Segangan)
4. Various Sounds of General Rejoicing (Ait Ourir)
5. Maallem Ahmed Gacha and ensemble Albazaoua Womens Chorus (Ait Ourir)
6. Chikha Fatoma bent Kaddour Mouwal and Izlan (Ain Diab)
7. Cheikha Haddouj bent Fatma Rohou and ensemble Qim Rhori (Khenifra)
8. Mohammed bel Hassan and ensemble Qsida dial Malik (Ait Mohammed)

Disc 3: Lowlands Influent Strains Part 1
1. El Ferqa dial Guedra (Bechara) Ounalou Biha Rajao Male Solo with Womens Chorus (Goulimine)
2. Maalem Abdeslam Sarsi el Mahet Aiyowa dMoulay Abdeslam Rhaita Solo (Arcila)
3. Sadiq ben Mohammed Laghzaoui Morsan and ensemble Rhaitas and Tbola (Einzoren)
4. Embarek ben Mohammed Mellaliya Song for Male Voice (Marrakech)
5. Maalem Mohammed Rhiata and ensemble, from the region of Taounate Taqtoqa Jabaliya (Fez)
6. An unidentified ensemble Gnaoua Chorus (Essaouira)
7. Si Mohammed Bel Hassan Soudani Gnaoui Solo Song (Marrakech)
8. Si Mohammed Bel Hassan Soudani Fulani Iresa (Marrakech)
9. Maallem Taieb ben Mbarek and chikhats Hadouk Khail (Marrakech)

Disc 4: Lowlands Influent Strains Part 2
1. Hazan Isaac Ouanounou and members of the Hevrat Gezekel Ya Souki hakim Secular Sephardic Song (Meknes)
2. Hazan Semtob Knafo and Amram Castiel. Hevrat David Hamelekh Chalom Lakha Chbii Peace on the Seventh Day (Essaouira)
3. Maalem el Hocein and ensemble Qsida Midh (Meknes)
4. Abdelkrim Rais and ensemble El hgaz el Mcharqi Andaluz Chorus (Fez)
5. Members of the Family of the Chorfa of Ouezzane Andaluz Music of Ouezzane (Ouezzane)
6. Early Morning Calls to Prayer El Fjer (Tangier)