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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Dirter Promotions DPROMCD117
Release Year: 2015
Note: "As I foretold you, we're all spirits and melted into air, into thin air" - the Italian sound art composer and metaphysician (also known as K11) on the famous label from UK: six tracks (40+ min.) with processed recordings from 'empty spaces' and the reverb from walls, floors & ceiling, combined with vintage analogue electronics from Italian vintage synths, demonstrating that what we call "Vacuum" isn't empty at all...
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Le Saut dans le Vide; jumping of the side of building into sheer nothingness; a photo manipulation of Yves Klein, a Sunday paper dedicated to the Void and a leap to certain death or bodily harm had the artist not truncated the image of the infamous picture. A moment suspended in thin air, melded into air, like the cloud-capp'd towers and gorgeous palaces: we are such stuff as dreams are made on

Italian sound-artist and composer Pietro Riparbelli presents his 'Vacuum', a symphony in six parts: forty minutes of suspension of time and gravity. Field recordings from empty spaces collide with the reverb from walls, floors and ceilings in empty spaces rounded with a sleep, a lucid dream in vacuous disconnection from tactile time and space. A flowing meandering stream of melodic flows and rich analogue textures provided by vintage Italian 70s synthesizers launches 'Vacuum' into the outer reaches of the Stratosfear.

'As I foretold you, were all spirits and melted into air, into thin air' as Riparbelli's tempest defragments into an inner journey within the void, his jump is a compelling case for mediated personal explorations on the treshold of nothingness, a point in case for the ticking countdown towards the jump off moment, the aural eye of the storm in which all dissolves: a play of forceful magnitude with the ears as movers, shakers and actors, main protagonists, playwrights and performing directors of the plot not given lightly but full of mythical potential.

Pietro Riparbelli is an Italian philosopher, composer and sound-multimedia artist. He has released compositions under his own name and as K11 en PT-R. With Michele Ferretti (Nubilum) he forms the duo Zone Dmersale. Riparbelli's work has been released by Touch, Gruenrekorder, Cold Spring, Cassauna and Geruschmanufaktur. Riparbelli lives and works in Livorno (Tuscany), Italy and he is the curator of independent music label Radical Matters. Riparbelli is member of A.I.P.S. (Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori). [website info]