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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: and/OAR either/2
Release Year: 2009
Note: second album from this "virtual ensemble" around SAM DELLARIA and ADAM SONDERBERG, who use source recordings from diverse distant collaborateurs such as OLIVIA BLOCK, STEVEN HESS, JASON KAHN, JON MUELLER, ERIC LANZILLOTTA, BRENDAN WALLS and many other to form wonderful multi-layered drone clouds, moving slowly and with great overtunes & resonances that appear....
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"Dropp ensemble : Salvatore Dellaria, Adam Sonderberg, Olivia Block, Steven Hess, Jason Kahn, Ilja Komarov, Tomas Korber, Brian Labycz, Eric Lanzillotta, Joseph Clayton Mills, Jon Mueller, Jason Stein, Jason Soliday, Brendan Walls, Christian Weber. 'The second of the first two either/OAR releases has arrived and is now available for your enjoyment! Honestly, it was because of hearing their 7' entitled 'Ingen Tid' and this release as a demo that made me have a relisten to the second Dropp Ensemble cd and other Sonderberg productions of previous years that I had only given a cursory listen to. I was amazed at how my perception had shifted. I basically heard them anew after being informe' by 'Safety' and 'Ingen Tid'. I suddenly knew what to listen for. It was like being initiated into some kind of secret knowledge that I wasn't ready for until the time was right. Well the right time is now for the uninitiated and initiated alike. Welcome to 'Safety'." [label info]