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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Klanggalerie gg190
Release Year: 2014
Note: this legendary German "uncategorizable experimental music" group (who never use electronic sounds) is back and they still surprise & challenge like almost no one else - most tracks are based on heavy organ sounds & expressive female (Italian) vocalizing, along with fireworks, bubbling water,instrumental & object sounds, continually changing & but never reminding on any known standards; really avantgardish, a masterpiece that is not always easy to stand!
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"Strafe fr Rebellion is Bernd Kastner and S.M. Syniuga. All recordings were made by Strafe F.R. at St. Stephanus Church in Dsseldorf (Germany) between 1993 and 2013. Additional recordings were made at the Strafe studio. The church was the band's recording studio for several months. There was a main organ and a smaller one in the crypt. The music instruments of the church orchestra were also used. The sound - reinforcement system of the church and its loudspeakers were brilliant. Not only was the singer (Caterina De Re) permanently changing positions within the church, but the portable recording system was also moving, and so did several battery powered ghetto blasters which were carried inside the church building.The lyrics of Sulphur Spring were inspired by the book "Lo stato presente di tutti i paesi e popoli del mondo (Volume XI)". That book was published in Venice in 1772. Because of that the vocals are in Italian language. We own a copy of this encyclopedia. Volume XI deals with the globalization of the world of that time and the trade between Europe and the Americas and their social relationships and conditions of dependence. It is about the exploitation of the native people in north and south America on the one hand and the exploitation of the natural resources on the other hand. A magnificent return of one of Germany's most exciting Avantgarde projects." [label info]