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BOKANOWSKI, MICHELE - L'etoile Absinthe - Chant d'ombre

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Optical Sound OS 055
Release Year: 2014
Note: re-issue of the deleted Metamkine mCD from 2000 with an intensely waving piece based on short snapshots of vocal material, plus an unreleased work from 2004 (dedicated to ELIANE RADIGUE) - 24+ min. of brooding, breathing, slowly elevating organic drones, fantastic piece !!
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"Neues Material der franz. Elektroakustikerin und Schlerin von PIERRE SCHAEFFER und ELIANE RADIGUE in der berhmten mini-CD Serie, ein 20 mintiges Stck mit auf- und abwellenden pulsierenden Mustern die wie orchestrale Samples klingen & hochfrequenten Spannungserzeugern. Aufmerksamkeitsabsorbierend schn." [Drone Rec. info zu L'etoile Absinthe]

" 'L'toile Absinthe'. Mastering : Lionel Risler. (1999-2000). 'Chant d'ombre' (2004). Dedicated to Eliane Radigue. Mastering : Lionel Risler. Digipack." 8abel info]


"Exactly ten years after inaugurating the 3" CD series "Cinma pour l'Oreille" released by Metamkine, Michle Bokanowski offered L'toile Absinthe, a strange 20-minute work. A woman sings a light melody with a frail voice -- you know, something typically French, out of a Serge Gainsbourg pop song. The composer zeroes in on a tiny sample, a moment that almost sounds like a gasp, in between two notes. Quick waves of synthesizers form a swooshing background, like darted attacks that answer the gasps. These elements get carried from speaker to speaker, repeated in various irregular patterns, filtered, cut, and stretched. At the seven- and 14-minute marks the piece pauses, diving into near-silence for a few seconds before the previous mass of sounds re-emerge. The piece gives birth to a feeling of urgency, discomfort, and odd reminiscences of sci-fi flick soundtracks. One of Bokanowski's biggest strengths is her power to evoke in a day-dreaming state. As you get lost in time listening to this piece, you will understand why." [Francois Couture to L'etoile Absinthe]