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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Epicurean Escapism II

Format: CD & DVD + book
Label & Cat.Number: Silken Tofu stx.29 / The Epicurean cure 2
Release Year: 2013
Note: released to the 2nd festival of the same name (Berlin, June 2013), the CD has exclusive material by the performers KE/HIL, ANEMONE TUBE, POST SCRIPTVM, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, DIETER MH, CON-DOM, the DVD early super 8 short films by CON-DOM; comes with 20p. full colour catalogue/book with art & texts by various people... lim. / numb. 350
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €22.00

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"On the occasion of the second Epicurean Escapism Festival 15th of June 2013 in Berlin a CD/DVD compilation was released, including a CD with exclusive tracks by the performing artists KE/HIL, POST SCRIPTVM, ANEMONE TUBE, DIETER MH and TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, a DVD by CON-DOM with super 8 short films and experimental movies created by Mike Dando in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013 and a 20-page catalogue with essay and artworks by ALEX TENNIGKEIT, ANDREW LILES, CARMEN BURGUESS, DENNIS RUDOLPH, PHILIP BEST & RUDOLF EB.ER.
'Epicurean Escapism II' CD, playtime: 53 minutes:
1 Ke/Hil - Dark Germany 3:55
2 Anemone Tube - Apocalyptic Fantasy 3:20
3 Anemone Tube - Accumulations 8:44
4 Post Scriptvm - Leprous Driver 7:42
5 Trepaneringsritualen - Vanrat r Ditt Namn 3:29
6 Trepaneringsritualen - End Of Flesh 5:10
7 Dieter Mh - Bethlehem 20:34.
Con-Dom - 'We Who Were Living Are Now Dying' DVD, playtime: 55 minutes:
1 Impressions of a System 6:12
2 The Coming of Christ 13:35
3 Our Pleasure In The Pain/Vilification 8:42
4 All In Good Faith 1 14:18
5 All In Good Faith 2 (Get Right With God) 6:52
6 Hunger For Death 5:57." [label info]