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VORTEX - Kali Yuga

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cyclic Law 60th Cycle
Release Year: 2013
Note: third album by this German project (of one :GOLGATHA: member), now turning more into ritualistic & percussive drone-areas ('modern aural shamanism'), inspired by the 'Iron Age' of Hindu Mythology, the meeting of shamanistic & martial elements like on the latest VASILISK album = the best VORTEX album yet we think !!
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"3rd full lenght album from Germany's Vortex. 'During a long trip to India some years ago the idea grew to compose a whole album focusing on the darkest of the ages in Hindu mythology, the Iron Age or Kali Yuga. I instinctively felt that this would serve as a great metaphor for current crisis in the world, a time of corruption, decline and war. This concept also allowed me to dive even deeper into shamanistic ritual sounds than before and to create a multi-layered and transcultural musical metaphor. This album is more achaic, drum driven and spiritual than all things I created earlier. And I was happy enough to collaborate with talented people for this monumental effort, especially German ambient artist M. M. Ra. as well as the ambitious artcore-guitarist Patrick Kilian of the German post-punk-band Rome Asleep. Kali Yuga, a work in progress for three years, aims to go beyond the boundaries of apocalyptic ambience and may be seen as modern aural shamanism.' Marcus S.

Edition of 600 copies in 4 panel digi sleeve. 11 Tracks. Running Time 52:00" [label info]