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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ipecac IPC155 / [PIAS] Recordings PIAS D4804
Release Year: 2014
Note: "this music is all about sinking in.." [Aquarius Rec.] - the seventh full length album (if you don't count the 'Beileid' EP from 2011) by the German cult 'Ambient Jazz' band, now even more refined & reduced acoustic film noir paintings..
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"Zwanzig Jahre nach “Gore Motel” und immerhin fünf Jahre nach “Dolores” veröffentlicht das eigensinnige Quartett Bohren & Der Club of Gore ein Album mit dem recht schlüpfrigen Titel “Piano Nights”, dessen Sound nur noch von ferne an die ideale Schnittmenge aus “Midnight Radio” und “Sunset Mission” denken lässt und stattdessen den Albumtitel mustergültig und voller Respekt vor dem Song einlöst. Im unverkennbaren Bohren-Style! Nach dem 3-Track-Zwischenwerk “Beileid” (2011) war vieles denkbar, schließlich hatte die Band hier erstmals mit einem Gastsänger namens Mike Patton experimentiert und zudem auch noch unironisch Warlocks “Catch My Heart” gecovert. Verglichen damit, stellt “Piano Nights” tatsächlich so etwas wie eine Rückkehr zu den eigenen Wurzeln dar, allerdings auf der Grundlage komplexerer Arrangements und einer erweiterten Sound-Palette. Die vier Musiker, die “Piano Nights” übrigens selbst für ihr bestes Album seit “Black Earth” halten, legen wert darauf, dass es sich bei dem Albumtitel nicht um eine Persiflage handelt, sondern um einen an sich selbst gestellten Anspruch. Zudem gelte es bei jedem neuen Album, dass über die Jahrzehnte erarbeitete Level an Verbindlichkeit zu halten und nicht in Routine zu verfallen. “Horror Jazz” is endgültig over, Baby!" [label info]

"Like Circle, Earth, Boris, and The Necks, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore is one of those long time fave bands that you can always count on us getting all excited about here at aQuarius, even when it's essentially 'more of the same' - we WANT more of the same, since theirs is a unique, wonderful sound. So, yay, the German "death jazz" greats are now back with their 8th full-length album. Piano Nights features piano, yes, lovely placid piano, and also all the other usual Bohren ingredients: restrained minimal timekeeping on the traps, lots of low end from the double bass and baritone guitars, additional atmosphere and melody from mellotron, organ, and vibraphone, and some smokey noirish saxophone too.
There's nine more gorgeous, soft focus, slow moving tracks here in the Bohren tradition of all-instrumental slowcore jazz noir, gently doom laden twilight moodiness that's practically hauntological, to use a term often used to describe stuff like Demdike Stare and The Caretaker - especially the portions of these tracks wherein an underlying ghostly ambient hum is made evident. Although this is not so much scary-haunting, as it is wistful-haunting. Also almost romantic, as if maybe Rodelius had joined Bohren, especially with the piano playing. Bohren's previous outing on Ipecac, Beileid, had a bit of a weirdness factor (mainly due to an unexpected cover of an '80s German metal song, with guest vocals from Mike Patton) that Piano Nights perhaps wisely retreats from, instead simply providing the sort of aching, intimate yet cinematic sounds we have enjoyed from them since back when we first discovered the music of Bohren on a trip to Germany so many years ago.
This just came out this week, so it's just sinking in, but what a feeling, this music is all about sinking in. We'll be spinning it a lot, it's the perfect late night relaxing in an armchair with a glass of whiskey sort of record, lights low, eyes half closed... The libation, furniture, time of day, etc. can be purely imagined, but this music sure conjures that vibe. Another classic Borhen opus in other words." [Aquarius Rec.]