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EXIT IN GREY - Shadows of Stillness

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Muzyka Voln MV-VIII
Release Year: 2013
Note: second 'factory-pressed' CD album by Drone Rec. artist EXIT IN GREY from the Moscow-area, almost released in parallel to the appearance on our "Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone Vol. 3" LP - four tracks of emotional / harmonic / natural drones, so calm & organic & touching deeply, created with guitars & effects, harmonium, Polyvox, field recordings, VLF radiowaves of Earth atmosphere and space bodies; edition of 300 copies
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"Exit in Grey is one of the main musical incarnations of Sergey [S] from Moscow-area town Pushkino, who is also known for many other projects including Five Elements Music, Sister Loolomie and labels Still*Sleep and Semperflorens. Starting from 2004 Exit In Grey has released over a dozen of albums on CD-Rs and cassettes, mainly on his own label Daphnia Recordsand also on such labels as Mystery Sea, Abgurd and YAOP. His first factory-pressed CD "Perception" came out last year while "Shadows of Stillness" becomes the second album released in this format.

Exit In Grey has quickly developed it's own recognizable style - very calm, a bit melancholic drone ambient with gentle melodies and rugged textures made of found sounds. Four compositions of "Shadows of Stillness" follow the same path: harmonious currents of droning guitars and reed organ are framed by slow waves of resonances dissolving into each other, signals and loops crafted from field recordings, sounds of a Polyvox synthesizer and very long frequency radiowaves from the Earth's atmosphere and space bodies.

The album is dedicated to the beauty and grandeur of Stillness which we can so rarely notice in our everyday bustle..." [label info]


"The second album in as many weeks from the Russian industrial-impressionist Exit In Grey. At this album's core is a duality of gloomy exasperation and despair on one hand and a universal, meditative sense of calm on the other. Both of these emotional states co-habitate in a slow crawl of suspended drone construction and dappled shortwave radio reception from detuned military transmissions as well as the ethereal crackle of a VLF receiver. The initial gasps from Shadows Of Stillness spill from a claustrophobic synth tone, whose desolate, chemical transmission is accentuated with low-frequency rumblings and bone-creaking textures that wouldn't be out of place on a Sleep Research Facility or Lustmord recording. About halfway through "Speaking With Silence" the nocturnal mood lifts with a golden set of melodic ambient phrases akin to Popul Vuh's classic psychedelic instrumentals and a chipper satellite beacon signaling back to earth that all is well up in the heavens and we need not worry so much about our plight down here on this rock. The album's finale reprises this radiant shimmer as if all of the sounds were the sunblinding reflections of a midnight sun cast upon the placid waters of the Arctic Ocean north of St. Petersberg. Cold yet beautiful." [Aquarius Records]