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YEAST CULTURE - Shit on a Shingle

Format: 3 x MC-album / object
Label & Cat.Number: Petri Supply SOAS
Release Year: 2013
Note: unreleased studio recordings from 1991 => obscure re-workings of older tape-material, fastened found-sounds, an amalgam of beautiful (noisy) weirdness... ultra handmade cover art in the typical PETRI SUPPLY style: three tapes mounted on a cedar sheet, with 12 p booklet of collages, texts, etc.. all screenprinted & sticked together in an incredible way! Lim. 100 - we got the last copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €25.00
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"Shit-on-a-Shingle. Originally produced February 1991 as untitled studio working tapes over two hours in length. Unlike the Yeast Culture vinyl that's out there (earlier records predating these sessions), this material is free form studio experimentation with a whole lot of odd tapes of all kinds what we recorded during 1987-early 91. The sounds are from the earliest years, done much in a collective experimental spirit with no precise goal. The mixdown glues these together in a way that's a pastiche of primitive recordings, mostly at playback speeds unlike the original material. Sounds vary from an almost power electronics intensity in parts to progressing collages with tinny rhythms, or tiny voices and background electronics. It's the juxtaposition of the different styles that forms the abstraction.
None of these long tracks have been released before now. These tapes are a good sample of the wackiness or intensity of Incubator circa 1990, during the time that we had the retail shop and mail order operating on a daily basis. The 7" single by Yeast Culture in the Circusirus compilation was made originally from these same tapes by several levels of extreme processing Roughly 2.5 hours of studio material here, had been reduced to merely 4 minutes of compressed sound in Circusirus. Now the full expanded sounds may be heard here. Mastered 2013." [label info]