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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zoharum ZOHAR 040-2
Release Year: 2013
Note: long active Polish electronic musician with 2nd album for ZOHARUM, creating a very own, dark exotic mix of experimental ambient, poetry, glitch electronics and world music, with slow & creepy rhythms, always very atmospheric, lyrical & film soundtrackish...
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More Info

"The next Maciek Szymczuk album Clouds sees the light of the day on 28th February and it is a logical and perfect continuation of contemplative motives from its predecessor called Ways. Although the cover shows only Maciek's name, the album is filled with guest appearances which add energy and ideas to the 14 compositions gathered here.

The music on Clouds is changeable, just like the nature of this weather phenomenon. At one point it is delicate and ethereal, when at the other it is stormy and dark (as signified on the cover.) With all its diversity, all the tracks form one coherent whole which helps to relax and meditate a bit. With more focus on atmosphere than bouncy rhythms, Clouds is more of a soothing experience.

The release date is not insignificant - it is the birthday of Maciek. But it is the listeners we are having presents for. The first 100 copies of Clouds will include a special bonus CDR called Rare Species Vol. 1 which will contain renditions of Clouds tracks (prepared by Andrew Lagowski, Blare For A, Dead Factory, Michael Hoffmann and Xenoton), remixes by Maciek Szymczuk (done for kIRk and Echoes of Yul among the others) and, apart from those, compilation and unreleased tracks.
All together gathered on one disc, so it is quite a treat." [label info]