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SMALL CRUEL PARTY - An Accident in Substance

Format: 3 x CD BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Harbinger Sound 053
Release Year: 2012
Note: collection of all 7"es and many compilation-appearances by the master of "mysterious object-drones" from Seattle on MC & LP & CD from 1992-2001 - 28 tracks in total, almost impossible to know all this material; comes in nice box, highly recommended !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €26.00

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"Many years in the making, An Accident In Substance collects all of the 7-inch tracks and a huge number of compilation appearances of Key Ransone's legendary project Small Cruel Party. Like the pungent scent of a campfire or the complex flavor of a good, peaty single malt, Small Cruel Party's mix of environmental sounds, far-off voices, and Cartridge Music-like close manipulation of tiny sounds get into your sinuses, your hair, your jacket, melding into a location-specific surrealist vision that permeates the air around you. Fans of anything from Hum of the Druid to Yeast Culture to Id Battery to M. Behrens will find a lot to like here, and even old-school collectors of SCP work will likely find a few comp tracks here that they haven't heard before. The set comes in a DVD-sized triple-fold digipak with a slipcase. Liner notes by Patrick Barber (Blowhole, Apraxia label) and a listing of the sources of all the tracks, as well as some of Key's drawings." [label info]

"As promised in Vital Weekly 846, I happened to know this was coming out, although not entirely sure of its contents. Small Cruel Party was active in the very late 80s and early 90s and gained some popularity, very much what happened to Machinefabriek these days: small labels seemed to very much interested in releasing their own Small Cruel Party product. So in a relatively short period a whole bunch of 7" records were releases and the name appeared on many compilations - another sign of that time more than the current scene, I'd say. Then, I am not sure when this was, the name Small Cruel Party had disappeared from the scene: Key Ransone became a vegetarian chef in France which he still is. But apparently there has been recent renewed interest and following the CD version of 'Three Simple Eyes Of The Insect Ancestor', there is now this lovely package of three CDs compiling a whole bunch of 7" releases and compilation tracks. Not complete, as far as I can see, neither in the 7" department, and in the compilation department, and not touched are any of the 10" releases Small Cruel Party did. Hopefully those will come some other time (soon?). Of course just over three hours of Small Cruel Party music is quite a lot, but I played it all in one go, without pausing. Its in this longitude that this music makes even more sense. Lots of scraping of objects, carefully used delay pedals, a bit of reverb, and the low humming of drones. Usually longer tracks of careful development, slowly amassing sound, adding subtle, minimal electronics. Unlike many others, the 7" singles of Small Cruel Party are well rounded miniatures, and don't sound like a cut-out from a longer piece. There is a lot of substance, music wise, here and perhaps a bit less on the information side, but a great archeological find!" [FdW/Vtal Weekly]