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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Basses Frequences BF42
Release Year: 2012
Note: first full length CD for this very harmonic guitar-ambient project from Belgium, known for a mCD in the famous AMPLEXUS-series years ago; slow & dreamy melancholic patterns based on guitar & bass, comparable to some KRANKY-acts for example; mastered by DIRK SERRIES / FEAR FALLS BURNING; special offer now!
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More Info

"Basses Frequences is proud to announce the release of Stratospheres new full lenth.
In the early 90s Stratosphere started experimenting with music. Using analog tape devices combined with synth sounds, the first songs were created. After these first steps, audio recordings were added that complemented and defined the typical Stratosphere feel. Spheric soundcapes with harmonic melodies became the signature sound of stratosphere. This resulted in a few releases in the next years together with some live performances. Feeding on these experiences, more acoustic instruments (including guitar) were added which created an even more harmonic sound.
After a decade of silence, and a dramatic change in life, Stratosphere picked up music again. Using his experience as a sound and recording engineer, his interest in music creation returned. This time, only guitar and bass guitar were used, in combination of a wide range of pedal effects. Simplifying his working method, resulted in an number of new tracks. Due to the changes in life, a darker side is introduced, but the typical sound remains. Soundscapes and harmonics are still the base of his music. So a new era has started for stratosphere returning to the music scene with a fresh view and renewed motivation.
Dreamscape has been mastered by Fear Falls Burning." [label info]