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SIGMA OCTANTIS - Disseminations

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: OPN Records OPNCD0018
Release Year: 2012
Note: third album by this long going French (post) industrial project, electronic / trancy ambient with hypnotic psychedelic lines, well structured, not too far from some COIL works but purely instrumental...
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"Formed at the beginning of 2000s, Sigma Octantis stabilized around three participants (guitarist / bass player / percussions and machines).
After first abrasive period (very influenced by Nachtstrom and Metastasen from Sielwolf), Sigma Octantis quickly got rid of any frontal aggressiveness. The compositions borrow henceforth from the melodic aspect of the postpunk, from the astral perspectives of a dark ambient certain and from the magnetism of the lines of ethnic and\or industrial percussions.
The main reference of Sigma Octantis is the second cd from Morthound (Spindrift - Cold Meat Industry - on 1992); Sigma Octantis also claims some affinities with the works of Mandible Chatter, Reutoff, Legendary Pink Dots, TAP, Deutsch Nepal, Militia, Maeror Tri...
Favorably welcomed by the criticism in 2007, the first album, Invocations (Divine Comedy records) will be followed by Dislocations in 2009 (Divine Comedy records). Scatterings who would have been able to constitute the third and last chapter of a project initially thought as a trilogy will be finally the prelude to the wastes..." [label info]


"The first band is Sigma Octantis, which seem to be a band with a traditional line up of guitar, bass and drums, maybe with the use of electronics. They are inspired by Morthound, and are, according to the label, not unlike Mandible Chatter, Legendary Pink Dots, Deutsch Nepal, Maeror Tri and Militia. Their music is instrumental. Spacious rock music with a strong emphasis on drums and lots of effects on the other instruments to make things even more spacious. The drums are sometimes more tribal-used but not fast or ethnic. Slow post rock music which is more rock than post, I assume, and has traces of trip-hop. Maybe a voice wouldn't hurt I thought when hearing this. Its all quite good, with a really nice production. Entertaining without being surprising and sometimes the tracks are a bit long, but that perhaps comes with the territory of spacious music." [FdW/Vital Weekly]