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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Psych.KG 051
Release Year: 2012
Note: 20 min. side-long title-track by this German experimental project working with only instrumental & object sources like Zither, Bow, Voice, Hammer, Ventilator, Kettledrum, etc. creating a dense & very concrete micro-noise/dronescape that is gradually evolving... B-Side has remixes of this by ULTRA MILKMAIDS, HIROSHI HASEGAWA, and JAN VAN DEN DOBBELSTEEN; lim. 150 in total, colour vinyl, handprinted cover front & diverse inlays. Great record !
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"The original on one side and the remixes on the other side. Maybe that's a way to do it. I am wary of all the remixes going on and perhaps also in this case, I am not sure what purposes the remixes actually serve. Karl Bösmann plays zither, bows, voice, hammer, ventillation, timpani, trumpet and trombone in the twenty minute title piece. I usually quite like his work and this new piece is no different. It seems to creating a hiatus with his older work in that it all seems to be derived from acoustic sound sources, rather than electronics. Its slowly building up, layer by layer and from a certain point on a moire like effect takes place, of shifting sounds, moving in and out of the mix. A fine complexity of dense sounds arrives and has a weird, almost avant-folk like character. Think Idea Fire Company meeting Sandoz Lab Technicians. Three remixes on the other side. The first is by Jan van den Dobbelsteen, The Netherlands' more conceptual composer. I have no idea what he did to the material, but 'radical rework' surely applies here. A static beep, like an alarm clock, repeated over and over. A great idea, but perhaps too long for the radical nature of the piece. Or way too short. Ultra Milkmaids do also a form of reduction but in a more musical way, bringing everything down to just a few meandering organ like sounds. Easily too short. Hiroshi Hasegawa, sometimes known as Astro, on the other hand does what he does best, which is putting down a fine psychedelic mix of noise like sounds. Maybe a bit compressed together (maybe the lack of proper mastering), but it works quite well. Three entirely different remixes, none of which resembles the original at all. Now that's what I call a great remix project." [FdW/Vital Weekly]