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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nitkie : patch six
Release Year: 2011
Note: M.B. seems to have the motivation to create the strangest music on the planet - with Apokalypsis XXIII he succeeds almost - mysterious ghost -drones, fragmented, decaying sounds, hidden harmonies... four long tracks based on the "book of revelation" from the New Testament, this is said to be the last ever M.B. album !! Lim. 500, nice cover with golden print, highly recommended !
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"In August 2010, Maurizio Bianchi officially announced his retirement from musical scene. "Apokalypsis XXIII" is his last ever electronic music album, recorded in Summer of 2010. All the latest albums appeared after that are in fact re-issues of older works or the collaborations with other artists using his sound sources. Like other solo albums of Maurizio Bianchi, "Apokalypsis XXIII" has religious roots and consists of four long tracks, each of those divided into further sections titled after verses taken from "Book of Revelation", the most mysterious and most scary part of New Testament. Many artists found the inspiration around these themes, apocalyptical images were used by painters and sculptors during the crisis periods of mankind history: Middle Ages, Renascence, end of XIX century etc. Hopefully, this album will drive attention to the world around us, and especially if keeping in mind the most recent accidents and disasters, these days it becomes more actual than ever. Comes in golden foil embossed cover." [label info]