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BSTARD [BASTARD] - Acoustic Machine Vol. 1

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ici d'Ailleurs IDALP81
Release Year: 2011
Note: vinyl-edition (comes in two parts) of the collection of most released material by this legendary Art/Post/Experimental//Noise "Rock" band from France feat. ERIC ALDEA. Volume 1: 1993-1995. Comes in gatefold-cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €23.00

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"Without knowing it, the Bstard have marked their time. Only few years and a handful of albums were necessary to leave an indelible trace on the French rock scene and also in the Us during the 90s.

The last news we have had from them went back to 2005, during the exceptional reformation concert on the occasion of the 20years of the Confort moderne in Poitiers. Their unforgettable performance has afterwards been the subject of recording at Ici D'ailleurs. We knows well the relation that binds together Eric Aldea's project and the label Ici D'ailleurs where you can easily find dics of Zro, Narcophony, Spade & Archer and of course the whole recording of Deity Guns in a beautiful 3cds box.

Today it is high time for the Bstard that the whole discography (largely out of stock for a long time) be reissued . The new version of the "Acoustic Machine" has been remastered with an improved artwork and for the first time, a vinyl version will be available with two doubles of LP gatefold. Inside you will find telluric rock, some experimentations, heartbreaking and delightful moments of tension.

Those who knew the Bastard during the 90s remember inevitably the fire power of their noise rock. Concerning the young generation, he is certainly more familiar with Zro's music. In every case for both this reissue is doubtless a retake to (re) discover the sound effects that have impressed independent rock leaders who are Tortoise or SonicYouth.

The "Acoustic Machine" is the matrix of what will be called later the post-rock movement. In short it is a not to missed album and all indie music lovers should have it." [label info]