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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Mystery Sea MS64
Release Year: 2010
Note: Australian composer creating very dream-like, lush & mysterious sea-drones full of width & depth; full-colour inkjetprint cover lim. /numbered ed. 100 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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"Australian maverick & textural soundscaper Philip Sulidae has honed his singular tactile style far from the shining spotlights,
and mainly through a set of concise evoking self-released mini cdrs on his own Dontcaresulidae imprint...
Making coincide various, disparate musical forms, imposing their own direction, he crushes them together to focus on specific timbres, found sounds, & both at the surface, and in-depth irregularities... His ensuing carefully crafted aural landscapes are as many mysterious imaginary places to visit, swarming with potentialities...
It didn't thus last very long before other net/labels expressed due interest, and so, works came to fruition for Ripples, Audio Gourmet, and Audiotalaia, for instance... More is to come, undoubtedly...
Sulidae handles definitely an intriguing palette of sounds that causes oblivion & an innermost uncommon emotional experience...
"Banish" with its single flow divided in five distinct movements is an invitation to drift along a dark elusive stream straight into the chasm of the Unknown...


Surrounded, eroded,
Our island frays
with all the sunken memories,
And we listen closely to the wind tales,
recomposing the fragments,
lulling us to sleep in false comfort...

In all those lost echoes
lies a piece of truth,
a disguised light,
a calming voice,
taking us through and out of the dark...

And in those moments of friction,
whistling & collision,
things take another turn...

"Banish" reconciles us
with our inner flux,
a nameless pulse,
the Unexplained...
let your perception alter, and grow along an enhanced reality..." [press release]


"The work of Philip Sulidae came us via some releases on his own label and Ripples Recordings and expands now into the world of Mystery Sea. The previous release, 'A High Land' (see Vital Weekly 724), seems a bit more roughly edged, but on this new one, Sulidae seeks out the opposite and it all seems a bit more 'reduced'. The input is hard to define here. My best guess is that its something to do with motorized objects - maybe boats in the water? - which are then fed through some radical equalization to bring out hidden sonic qualities. There is only a mild aquatic theme to this, lesser it seems that on some of the other releases on this label. The water sounds collide with the ship that this is recorded in. A modest release in terms of sound, but with a great refined quality to it." [FdW/Vital Weekly]