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SILVERMAN - Time on thin Ice

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Beta-lactam Ring Records mt241
Release Year: 2010
Note: "... and there's an eternity with wings. It's short and it's sweet, it laughs at the mirror and always is now." Very poetic new solo-album by the second LPD mainman, feat. ALENA BOYKOVA on melodica & E.KA-SPEL on percussion, tapes & voice. Dense, melancholic ambient soundscapes..comes in beautiful oversized glossy mini gatefold-cover
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"Packaged in a full color gatefold sleeve. Featuring guest performer Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots). The man of silver is a master of negative space. His silences say as much as his notes. Perhaps this is how he can compose a thing that sounds like glaciers conversing. Ringing ubertones breathe sighs of bas-relief at the borealis. The Silveman's sounds are quiet and delicious, like a Rainbow Generator sinking slowly into a rusted hull. These ambiences destroy fascists. Dark and twisting pulses hollowly respirate, imitating their dying. This is the good stuff. With Silverman, the only motoriked thing to fear is atmosphere itself.Thanks to Alena Boykova for melodica on 1, to Edward Ka-Spel for percussion and tapes on 1 and for voice and lyrics on 2 & 3. Thanks also to Raymond Steeg for cd mastering, to Astrid "Snoepsnail" for cover photography, and to Chris McBeth for cover layout." [label info]


"...Sometimes I tend to think of Silverman releases as blue prints for future Pink Dots releases, but I guess that's not true, as they stand very much by their own. The four long pieces here show a side to The Silverman which we hardly see in the work he does with the Pink Dots. Spacey, atmospheric music, build from synthesizers. That made me think about something: when do we classify something as drone music and when is something cosmic music? With the current interest in the latter, I think The Silverman could the master of the scene. Should be. His love of analogue synthesizers, textured sounds and slow arpeggio's, along with sparse percussion make up some excellent cosmic trip, which also finds its roots in drone music (say Eliane Radigue) and modern electronics. Now why isn't this guy on a hip young label playing is electronic spacey music? If ever I would find outЕ Here The Silverman gets vocal contributions on two pieces, but the best is 'Ocean Calling', which is all by himself: a meditative piece of music, reflecting tidal waves, slowly moving back and forward. Four excellent pieces of the greatest mood music." [FdW/Vital Weekly]