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SWANS - My Father will guide me up a Rope to the Sky

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Young God Records YG43
Release Year: 2010
Note: the legendary SWANS are back (re-activated, NOT a re-union they say) after many years!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.50

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"After years of pursuing Angels of Light and recording and producing a diverse roster of artists for his Young God label, Michael Gira has decided to reconvene his legendary group Swans. As he says: THIS IS NOT A REUNION. Its not some dumb-ass nostalgia act. It is not repeating the past. After 5 Angels Of Light albums, I needed a way to move FORWARD, in a new direction, and it just so happens that revivifying the idea of Swans is allowing me to do that.

The core group constituting Swans for this phase is Michael Gira / guitar / voice / mendicant friar act (original swans); Norman Westberg guitar (original swans); Christoph Hahn guitar (mid period swans and most angels); Phil Puleo drums, percussion, dulcimer etc (final swans tour and most angels); Chris Pravdica bass and gadgets (flux information sciences / services/ gunga din); Thor Harris - drums, percussion, vibes, dulcimer, curios, keys (angels, now also with Shearwater)

This highly anticipated album is as powerful and diverse as anything Giras done, in Swans or otherwise. It opens with the epic, soul-crushing (bone crushing?) No Words/No Thoughts, but quickly veers to more pastoral terrain, then on to ever-ascending mono-tonal grooves, a filmic-folk idyll featuring Devendra Banhart on lead vocal that abruptly shifts to cataclysm, then on to more airplane-taking-off ascensions, art songs, and more lethal sonic pummeling. In short, this is the new SWANS album, a significant advance from where Swans left off and as challenging and emotionally demanding as ever." [label info]