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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Unfathomless U01
Release Year: 2009
Note: first release in a new series of MYSTERY SEA, dealing with "spirits of specific places", first volume by MATHIEU RUHLMANN uses sounds from hydrophone recordings of the Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver; lim. 200, nice full-colour cardboard-sleeve
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"Approached for elaborating an audio-gift on the occasion of close friends’ marriage, and being given a few of their specific interests (of whom, mainly Japanese culture), Mathieu opted for the Nitobe memorial garden in Vancouver as the place to investigate and collect some sound material…
Not very frequented, that garden epitomizes some typical zen values, each element of its scenography/design being symbolic of an idealized conception/representation of Nature…
Spanning a period of two years, and paraphrasing its theme of temporality, passage through time, and the ambiguous question of choice, “tsukubai“, through its different versions seeped gradually further into the bowels of the place, literally catching the “kami“, which can be translated as the spirit residing in all surrounding natural objects…
this is especially true since Mathieu wanted the final version to be a reflection of his current craze for hydrophone recordings, a most appropriate way of sneaking in, under the surface of things…
“tsukubai“ is a Japanese word for a stone container filled with water strategically placed in front of temples or ritual spaces – literally, “the basin where you lean over”, used for purifying ablutions before performing the tea ceremony… probably an apt metaphor for sharpening perception of an evasive reality…" [label info]