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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: etaLABEL eta-cd 017
Release Year: 2009
Note: promising new Polish experimental ambience project; all tracks are derived from short samples & fragments from "musical waste" (100% recycling); the result on this debut album is a very poetic & introspective ambience resembling WILLIAM BASINSKIs works; comes in oversized cardboard-cover
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"The art of recycling adapted to music that is exactly what the musical project Bionulor does.
With loops from classical music the Polish musician recreates his own pieces.
Most pieces on the self-titled debut album are based on minimal samples of just one or a few notes. Most samples seem to originate from piano songs, but there are also some stringed instruments appearing.
In a way not uncommon to William Basinski we hear the loops fade in and out slowly changing their character during the progression. Though, the technique used here is not so much based on degradation and/or disintegration of sound. No, instead Bionulor uses a digital processing technique. In the pieces we hear soft filters and pitching to alter the sound. In several pieces the same source sounds are used but rendered with different effects delivering diverse results.
Sometimes it sounds a little bit too easy, but as a whole there is enough variation on the album to keep you listening.
As a debut album this self-titled album is a really good start, with a promise to a bright future for this musician. Looking forward to see the progress over the coming years." [Earlabs]