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BLACK TO COMM - Charlemagne & Pippin

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Digitalis ACE026
Release Year: 2009
Note: the meditative / minimal / experimental drone outfit from Hamburg now on the US label!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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"Showing all psychedelic dronesmiths how it's supposed to be done, Dekorder supremo Marc Richter presents an expertly realised thirty-five minute slab of musical anaethesia, cavorting with perpetual organ chords, fizzing electroacoustic manipulations and a stealthily incremental trek towards a blistering crescendo. For this occasion Richter enlists the assistance of Renate Nikolaus and Ulf Schutte, who man the various electronic contraptions, percussive devices and textural instruments (shruti box, bells, violin, dictaphone loops) that encase the central, imperious Farfisa drone that drives the composition ever skywards. Once you're immersed you'll barely notice how euphorically overblown and noisy the track gets by its conclusion, representing a considerable distance travelled since its hushed origins." [Boomkat]

"Marc Richter's new Black to Comm offering Charlemagne & Pippin churns out a slowly, methodically building single-tone battleship, that somehow manages to become more powerful, hopeful, and grandiose as it oscillates. Richter's characteristic organ noise is rounded off beautifully with various electronics, bells, metal percussion, toys, water, and violins, provided by band members Renate Nikolaus and Ulf Schtte, which grow around the central note yet slowly move to the center themselves. The bursting electronics, white noise, and buzzes become more frequent and attempt to overpower the mighty organ. Together, these three musicians bring about a musical pairing that suits the title. A pairing of power and play, father and son, age and youth. It's probably best to turn the lights off and the speakers up for this meditative 35 minute slab of drone excellence." [label info]


"...Black To Comm are armed farfisa organ, tapeloops, metal percussion, violin, toys, water, shruti box, whistle, feedback and more, but it seems to me that the farfisa plays the leading part, and is a tribute to Palestine. The drone is the backbone here, and over that Palestine like drone they more or less improvise their way about. Electronics, feedback, metallic rumble, they all find their place under the drone sun. Not always as meditative as the previous two releases on Digitalis Industries, I guess one could best start with Black To Comm, for its fiercely packed drones are the heaviest of the three. A fine but massive set." [FdW / Vital Weekly]