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Format: CD/BOOK
Label & Cat.Number: All Questions / Galleria Nicola Fornello NIFO-01
Release Year: 2003
Note: 50p. book in DVD case / few copies back in stock, now special priced !
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hnlich wie Keening Towers eine edle Dokumentation einer Ausstellung/ Installation von DUNCAN... hier verbinden sich die Sounds seiner japanischen Porno-Filme mit von VON HAUSSWOLFF erzeugten wallenden Frequenzen zu einer unwirklichen Melange.. dazu ein 50 Seiten-Katalog mit Bildern und Texten..

"50-pages catalogue with full color photos and audio CD in DVD plastic cover. Audio and still images from the Stun Shelter installation at Galleria Nicola Fornello, Prato. Created and composed by John Duncan & Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Installation recording by Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Mastered at Scrutto by John Duncan. Catalogue text by Daniela Cascella. From the text of the catalogue : 'John Duncan's See is a video installation made up of four separate and simultaneous projections of sequences taken from the John See Series, a series of adult movies he directed (...). In those moments in which the sound is softer, a voice emerges, whispering Japanese phrases until it is drowned once again by the wave of louder sounds. Carl Michael von Hausswolff's Thinner & Low Frequency Bar
Glue & High Frequency Lounge consists of two bars made of steel and glass on which lie bottles and cans containing (...) glue and thinner. On the bar two oscillators produce frequencies varying in intensity, whose sound penetrates the ears altering normal perception levels. Both works fill the space perfectly, one by means of strong images (See), the other through the substances shown. Attention level is at its maximum in attempts to grasp the Japanese whispering (See) and the ghost-sounds of the oscillators (Thinner Bar...), defying the threshold of audibility as they act on the unconscious." [Daniela Cascella]