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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Entr'acte E53
Release Year: 2008
Note: genius soundtrack to the film "Livre des morts" by ERIC PELLET. new edition with new cover !
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Soundtrack fr den Film von ERIC PELLET mit gleichem Namen. "Dieses Buch des Todes zeichnet eine rituelle Reise durch reale und imaginierte Landschaften, irreale Filme und unfreiwillige Gedanken auf." Die elektro-akustische Komposition besticht durch eine unglaubliche Detailflle, Komplexitt und die unheimliche, dichte Spannung, die permanent erzeugt wird. Diverse Field Recordings, Instrumental-einspielungen, Text- & Musikzitate, etc. ergeben einen sehr plastischen Head-Trip! Insgesamt hat das eher was von einem dster-visionren Hrspiel, ansgesiedelt zwischen Traum, Schlaf & Tod. Genial !!
Fehlt eigentlich nur noch, dass man mal den Film zu sehen bekommt! 26 Stcke, ca. 70 Minuten Spielzeit.

"Composed in 20023 in the studios of Capparos and Marchetti and at Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts as the soundtrack to the ric Pellet film Livre des morts. The Book of the Dead is a musical journey along the path that we all must travel when, as humans, we confront our own mortality. Olivier Capparos is an instrumental and electro-acoustic composer whose work encompasses philosophy and literature as well as music. Many of his compositions are focused on voice and its interpretation through loudspeakers. Capparos was composer in residence at the INA-GRM in Paris (2001), the Studio National des Arts Contemporains du Fresnoy (20023), and at the Argos Center in Bruxelles (2004). He has composed and conducted works for chamber orchestra, voice (soprano), violin, and piano, and has co-produced many other recordings and radio broadcasts with Lionel Marchetti throughout their long association. Lionel Marchetti was born in France in 1967. His interest in music resides in the qualities of sound. He started to experiment by himself and later discovered the rich French corpus of musique concrte through Xavier Garcia. He is one of a handful of artists who in the mid-to-late 1990s took electro-acoustic music out of academic studios and into the free improvisation ring. A scholar who worked at the CFMI (Lyon) and INA-GRM studios and published a book on acousmatic composer Michel Chion, Marchetti developed a set-up of microphones and loudspeakers he uses on stage along with tape recorders, prepared CDs, motors and radios. He often refers to his instruments as an electro-acoustic contraption. His musique concrte studio work incorporates sound collage and academic electro-acoustic composition, though the level of poetry and refusal of genre boundaries in his music puts him closer to Kristoff K. Roll and Luc Ferrari than Pierre Henry or Bernard Parmegiani. Following his encounter with Metamkine label owner and fellow sound experimentalist Jrme Noetinger in the early 1990s, a series of live and improvisation-based projects would run parallel to his more academic career. The Marchetti-Noetinger duo was the first of such projects and remains the longest lasting one. They are also involved in the audio-visual project Le Cube. In addition, Marchetti performs with the influential improv collective Archipel (with Emmanuel Petit, Sophie Agnel, Fabrice Charles, Pascal Bathus, and Werchowski). (Lionel Marchetti biography courtesy of Franois Couture.)" [label notes]