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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Empreintes Digitales IMED 9802
Release Year: 1998
Note: pieces from 1985-1989 by the phantastic Canadian composer, who establised a very atmospheric style, using many choirs, etc.. intense and overwhelming ! back in stock!
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"Werke von 1985-1989 des fantastischen kanadischen Composers, der zu unserem groem Entzcken einen sehr atmosphrischen Stil hat... viele Chre (erinnert z.T. schon fast an PENDERECKI), aber auch collagenhaftes/sehr experimentelles, intense and overwhelming, TIP!"
[Drone Rec. info 1998]

Jeu (1989), Mmoires vives (1989), Rumeurs (1987), Matrechka (1986), Le cap de la tourmente (1985).

Like a place never before imagined, like an untouched territory yet to be explored by human ears, like an unheard-of soundscape. It is fair enough to think of ourselves as explorers driven by absolute necessity or some ineluctable task. But this should not overshadow the essential which is still found in the idea of communicating something, of being carriers of meaning and sounds.

But who communicates what, and to whom? A serious dilemma for seasoned thinkers who are still pondering and extracting its substantial core. Is it not in this notion of unheard-of that we find, up to a certain point, the principle interest of this new sound-art called acousmatics? But what is so unheard-of that anyone can pretend to possess its key, or at least a password? The unheard-of quality probably resides less in the novelty which is within reach of everyone today than in the liberation of interior spaces. In other words, it is not only the sound itself which interests me sound is always more easily created and more and more present for excluding other aspects would be banal. It is in the meeting of sound within oneself that it holds significance as a ritual. What is this strange feeling that arises in me when I listen to works by Bayle, Calon, Dhomont or Parmegiani? One thing can be said: this music helps me to live by revealing unexplored territories which open up places of contemplation and meditation within me.

What can I say about my work? Do I have the presumptuousness to say that I possess the key to the unheard-of garden while so many others have tried yet the gateway remains locked? Of course, I would not go that far; however, since this issue should be addressed, it is probably with the intent of not adding noise to the general rumble that one can see in my intentions a certain noble gesture. Indeed, the works presented here one excepted, La chambre blanche not yet available on disc are the only ones I have chosen to present publicly after more than ten years of full-time work. We offer them to you with humility, as well as with great pleasure, and the we is truly plural since without the generous support of Jean-Franois Denis and Claude Schryer, who have decided against all odds to embark upon this adventure, this disc might not have materialized for a long time. [Robert Normandeau]