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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Sub Rosa SR177
Release Year: 2001
Note: back in stock, SRL-soundtracks for MARK PAULINE's unique robot & machine destruction shows (used 1992 - 1998 at various locations), constructed by GX JUPITTER-LARSEN (THE HATERS); incl. booklet with extensive liner-notes about the SRL history. Essential stuff & the only widely available SRL-CD !!
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Das legendre Projekt S.R.L. aka Mark Pauline aus San Francisco wurden bereits Ende der 70er bekannt durch extreme Performances, in der sich selbstgebaute Roboter gegenseitig zerstren und dabei Rauch, Feuer und einen Hllenlrm verursachen...hier 4 Soundtracks von GX JUPITTER-LARSEN (THE HATERS), die bei SRL-shows in Graz, Austin und San Francisco eingesetzt wurden und sich mit den live-sounds vermischten..

MARK PAULINE is a Californian artist, sculptor and robot-machine builder. he creates since late seventies some of the most destructive event ever imaginated. he and his screw organize generally, in the desert, battles of intelligent machines until their final auto-destruction. what we propose here is all the destructive mood of these shows. including complete booklet with texts, explanations and unpublished photos. [label info]