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COLUMN ONE - The Audience is Sleeping

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: 90% Wasser WCD005 / Moloko+ PLUS064
Release Year: 2002
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €12.00

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New CD from the COLUMN ONE Family so to say, as there are more and more people involved in the creation of the releases. Here they appear to be very rhythmic & dry, not really technoid but more on based on uneven beats, with strange samples and glitch-effects all the time, computerized voices appear, classic samples are to find.. linking stuff together that creates new (sub)-realites. filed under: futuristic electro-Pop.

the new work by column one follows their critically acclaimed 2001 album electric pleasure. the berlin-based disinformation collective & co-founders of the label platform 90%wasser mix minimal electronic beats with well-balanced micro-compositions, voice-cut-ups & field recordings. .thus, sampling & fragmentation form the basis of this synthesis, but on second thought it unfolds its primary elements clearly, which are then being reconstructed in the listeners brain. .tiny little noise-particles plough through the otherwise almost dancefloor-compatible compositions & tear up structures even before they enter the audible spectrum..a new space is created in which the white noise of a bad telephone connection mates with the voice of bjrk & texts of naomi klein vibrate through the airwaves recited by a stephen hawking-ish voice: they prefer coke to tea, nikes to sandals, mtv to cd-players, chicken mcnuggets to rice, macintosh to pc, playstation to message, young girls to china & credit carts to cash (new world teen study.). .rhythms autodisrupt and attack the expectable parameters of the 4/4-beat with their kinetic inaccuracy. .crispy and wide dub spheres start pumping in and this is when the deep berlin style becomes impossible to resist. the audience is sleeping is the result of various collaborations between column one & other renowned berlin artists. .the recording features contributions by rechenzentrum (kitty-yo, mille plateaux, shitkatapult, 90%wasser), marc wannabe (90%wasser), public sphere (90%wasser), mimetic (moloko plus, parametric, 90%wasser). .the audience is sleeping is arguably the most accomplished column one album to date. after almost 10 years of their existence it will give the number of their followers a new major push. [press release]

labelwebsite: www.90-prozent-wasser.de