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Artist Album Format Label & Cat. Number Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
AARDVARK Born CD-R Final Muzik FMSS06 2007 €10.00
ADRIVA Cold Sea Week CD-R Abgurd AB-43 2007 €9.00
  Voix de Mythe mCDR Abgurd AB-54 2009 €6.00
AGNIVOLOK Sculptor LP State Art AVANT 004 2002 €12.50
AKITA, MASAMI Wattle pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa 038 2016 €20.00
AKIYAMA, MITCHELL Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2004 €14.50
ALDEA, ERIC & IVAN CHIOSSONE Kabul CD 0101music 0101.11 2005 €13.00
ALIO DIE & AGLAIA Private History of the Clouds CD Infraction Records INFX 037 2009 €14.50
  Vayu Rouah CD Hic Sunt Leones HSL 064 2011 €15.00
ALIO DIE & MARTINA GALVAGNI Eleusian Lullaby CD Projekt Records PROJEKT208 2008 €14.50
ALTIERI, CORRADO / GIANLUCA FAVARON The System of Objects CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1361 2013 €12.00
Decomposed Days CD 13 (3) - sps 1406* 2014 €14.00
  Decomposed Days CD 13 (3) - sps 1406 2014 €12.00
ALVA NOTO Xerrox Vol. 3 do-LP Raster Noton r-n 159-2 2015 €21.00
ALVARET ENSEMBLE Skeylja LP Denovali Records DEN184 2014 €19.50
AMAZING GRACE Revival Times CD Desolation House DH500 2004 €10.00
AMBARCHI, OREN Mort aux Vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2002 €8.00
ANBB (ALVA NOTO + BLIXA BARGELD) Mimikry CD Raster-Noton R~N 121 2010 €17.00
ANTUNES, JORGE Savage Songs CD Pogus Productions P21027-2 2002 €13.00
APALUSA Live from the Dry Valleys mCD-R Waterscape Records [ws09] 2008 €6.50
APOLOGIST We're on Vapour Cougar CD-R Essentia Mundi EM014 2010 €8.50
ARKTAU EOS IOH-MAERA CD SVART Records SVR142 2012 €14.50
ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS To get beyond nihilsm by revaluing combat mCD-R Hypnagogia ago01 2005 €6.50
  “End of the pier”-Vault 7inch Tonschacht 004 2000 €5.00
ASIA NOVA Love like a veiled threat CD Radiotarab Records Rt002 / Eibon Asi057 2005 €13.00
  Magnamnemonicon (SOLD OUT) 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-02 2006 €12.00  
ASVA & PHILIPPE PETIT Empires should burn... CD Basses Frequences BF43CD / Small Doses DOSE 113 2012 €8.00
AU Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat 2004 €10.00
AUN VII do-LP Denovali DEN96 2011 €26.00
Phantom Ghost LP Denovali DEN 109 2011 €16.00
Phantom Ghost CD Denovali DEN 109 2011 €14.50
Full Circle 10inch Denovali den131 2012 €15.00
Alpha Heaven CD Denovali Records DEN 172 2013 €14.50
  Alpha Heaven LP Denovali Records DEN 172 2013 €20.00
BAD SECTOR / CONTAGIOUS ORGASM Vacuum Pulse CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 032 2002 €12.00
BALL, DAVE & JON SAVAGE Photosynthesis CD Cold Spring Records CSR217CD 2016 €12.00
BARRIKAD / DEATH SQUAD & HYDRA Entropic Society / Neurology 2 10 Segerhuva seger 7 2003 €10.00
BASINSKI, WILLIAM Variations: a Movement in Chrome Primitive do-CD 2°62 1302 2013 €23.00
BATES, MARTYN Imagination feels like poison CD Ambivalent Scale Records A-SCALE 022 1998 €13.50
Arriving Fire CD Ambivalent Scale A-SCALE 048 2014 €13.00
  Fireworks & Jewels / The Colour of Amber CD Ambivalent Scale Records ASR 053 2015 €13.00
BERG, MOLLY + STEPHEN VITIELLO The Gorilla Variations CD 12K 12k2013 2009 €14.00
BERRY, KEITH The Cartesian Plane pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa033 2010 €17.50
BERTHLING, ANDREAS InvalidObject Series (with) mCD Fällt F.0014.0024 2000 €7.00
BIANCHI, MAURIZIO & MAOR APPELBAUM Innervation CD-R AFE Records afe105lcd 2010 €13.00
BIANCHI, MAURIZIO & SAVERIO EVANGELISTA Micromal Sonorities CD & booklet 13 (3) - sps 1508 2015 €15.00
BIRDS OF PASSAGE Winter Lady LP Denovali Records DEN115 2011 €17.50
This kindly Slumber LP Denovali DEN 189 2014 €20.00
  This kindly Slumber CD Denovali DEN 189 2014 €14.00
BIRDS OF PASSAGE & LEONARDO ROSADO Dear and Unfamiliar LP Denovali Records DEN107 2011 €19.50
BJÖRKK, HENRIK NORDVARGR I end forever CD Horch ! 003 2003 €14.00
BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS & VAL DENHAM Somewhere between Desire and Despair CD Tourette Records 010 2009 €13.00
BLADH, MARTIN Umbilical Cords CD Segerhuva seger10 2005 €14.00
BLEGVAD, PETER / JOHN GREAVES Kew. Rhone CD ReR Megacorp ReR QR1 2015 €14.00
BLISCAPPEN VAN MARIA Bliscepen LP Fourth Dimension Records FDLP81 2012 €15.00
BLOOD STEREO The Larval Tuning Fork (& other Visions) LP Twisted Knister knack 004 2011 €14.00
BOKANOWSKI, MICHELE Three rooms of unrest (trois chambres d'inquietude) maxi-CD Elevator Bath eeaoa07 2001 €9.00
BORISOV, ALEXEI + K.K.NULL Xenoglossia CD Insofar Vapour Bulk Records IVBCD 11 2003 €12.00
BRAND, STEVE Avatara CD Hypnos Recordings hyp3161 2011 €13.00
BURKE, DAN & KEVIN DRUMM Mort aux Vaches CD Mort aux Vaches / Staalplaat 2003 €14.50
CAGE, JOHN Variations VII DVD ARTPIX & E.A.T. / Microcinema International MC 749DVD 2008 €20.00
  Variations V DVD Mode Records mode 258 2013 €22.00
CARAVAGGIO same CD INA GRM c 2020 2005 €15.50
  Caravaggio # 2 CD La Buissone RJAL397016 2012 €17.00
CARTER, TOM & VANESSA ARN What is here for ? LP A Silent Place ASP05 2007 €14.00
CHARTIER, RICHARD Retrieval 1-5 CD ERS 007 2005 €13.00
CHAUVEAU, SYLVAIN Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) CD Type Recordings TYPE057 2010 €15.50
Singular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) LP Type Recordings TYPE057V 2010 €16.50
The Black Book of Capitalism CD Type Records TYPE025 2008 €13.00
  Kogetsudai LP Brocoli BROCOLI 013 2013 €15.00
CHAUVEAU, SYLVAIN & ENSEMBLE NOCTURNE Down to the Bone. An acoustic Tribute to Depeche Mode CD Les Disques du Soleil et de L'acier DSA 54093 2005 €16.50
CHRISTOPHERSON, PETER The Art of Mirrors. Live at L'Etrange Festival 2004 (Homage to DEREK JARMAN) CD Infinite Fog Productions IF-68 2017 €16.00
CIRCLE Meronia do-LP Svart Records SRE076 2016 €28.00
CLEARED (STEVEN HESS & MICHAEL VALLERA) Breaking Day LP Immune Records IMMUNE 024 2012 €20.00
same LP Immune Recordings IMMUNE 014 2010 €16.00
  Drown LP Immune Records IMMUNE 034 2014 €18.50
CLOCK DVA Re-Konstructor / Re-Kabaret 13 12inch Anterior Research Media Comm ARM V 01 2014 €20.00
COELACANTH & KEITH EVANS Wrack Light in Copper Ruin CD & DVD Seal Pool SPOOL 3 2006 €16.50
COH Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches -series 2002 €14.50
COLUCCINO, OSVALDO Parallelo CD Unfathomless U30 2015 €14.00
COMBATIVE ALIGNMENT Hidden Sleep maxi-CD-R Avatar 11 2006 €8.00
CON-DOM / GREY WOLVES live at Consumer Electronics 5 Festival April 10th 2004 DVD L White V05 2005 €14.50
CONTEMPLATRON Prabhashvara CD Wrotycz Records WRT 016 2012 €13.00
CONTROLLED BLEEDING Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps do-LP Artoffact Records AOF 250 2016 €38.00
  Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps do-CD Artoffact Records AOF 250 2016 €18.00
CRAY InvalidObject Series (comment) mCD Fällt F.0014.0003 2000 €9.50
CULPIS Situation Vacant Columns CD PARA disc PACD011 2003 €13.00
D'INCISE Rivages sur l'Antipode LP Ini.Itu # 1001 2010 €12.50
DAFELDECKER, WERNER & VALERIO TRICOLI Williams Mix extended CD Quakebasket QB28 2014 €12.00
DARKSMITH Total Vacuum CD Hanson Records HN208 2010 €13.00
DEAD CAN DANCE Toward the Within DVD 4AD / Beggars Banquet VAD 4015DVD 2001 €20.00
DEAD SHALL NOT HAVE DIED IN VAIN / DYSTHYMIA split 7inch Diophantine Discs n=23 2010 €7.00
DEISON + GIANLUCA FAVARON Nearly Invisible CD 13 (3) - sps1510 2015 €12.00
DEL (DRONE ELECTRIC LUST) No Escape from the Valley of the Cannibals 7inch Killer Records killer 002 1998 €6.00
DERBYSHIRE, DELIA The Delian Mode 7inch Silva Screen SIL71458 2016 €16.50
DERBYSHIRE, DELIA / BRIAN HODGSON / DAVID VORHAUS Electronic LP Silva Screen SILLP1539 2017 €25.00
DISSECTING TABLE / VASILISK Saddharma / Tibetan Liberation CD Steinklang Industries SK-IN 18 2011 €14.00
DONOSO, RICARDO Sarava Exu LP Denovali den223 2015 €20.00
Sarava Exu CD Denovali den223 2015 €14.50
Deterrence LP Denovali Records DEN222LP 2015 €21.50
Machine to Machine do-12inch Denovali DEN235 2015 €26.00
Symmetry 4 x LP BOX Denovali Records DEN227 2015 €90.00
  Symmetry 3 x CD BOX Denovali DEN227CD 2015 €19.50
DRAHOMIRA SONG ORCHESTRA La Chambre de Stryrene CD Vacuum v9.0 2002 €10.00
DRØNE (MARK VAN HOEN / MIKE HARDING) Reversing into the Future LP Pomperipossa Records PRLP2 2016 €15.00
Mappa Mundi CD Field Music drone#drone1 2017 €10.00
  A Perfect Blind LP Pomperipossa Records PRLP3 2017 €16.00
DUAL Fall (live in Berlin at the Drone Rec. Festival April 2000!) do-mCDR CEE Recordings 003 2003 €12.50
DUBACH, PETRA & VAN HORRIK Failing Humans Failing Machines LP 6de Kolonne ZK079 2014 €25.00
DUNCAN, JOHN Mort aux vaches CD Mort aux Vaches / Staalplaat 1998 €14.50
DUNCAN, JOHN & PAOLO PARISI Conservatory (San Sebastiano) BOOK & CD Maschietto Editore / Allquestions AQ09 2006 €35.00
DUNCAN, JOHN / MIKA VAINIO / ILPO VAISANEN Nine Suggestions CD Allquestions AQ08 2005 €16.00
ELEH Radiant Intervals CD Important Records IMPREC353 2012 €15.00
ELODIE (TIMO VAN LUIJK & ANDREW CHALK) Echos Pastoraux LP La Scie Doree SCIE 811 2011 €16.50
La Lumiere Parfumee CD Faraway Press FP020 2011 €16.00
Traces Ephemeres LP La Scie Doree SCIE 1113 2014 €18.00
Miniatures Persanes LP La Scie Doree SCIE 1414 2014 €17.50
Le Manteau d'Etoiles LP Faraway Press FP 026 2016 €18.00
Odyssee CD Faraway Press FP 028 2016 €15.00
Grisailles LP La Scie Doree Scie1516 2016 €36.00
La Porte Ouverte LP Faraway Press 029 2017 €16.50
Balayes de la main du Hasard LP Faraway Press 030 2017 €18.00
Vieux Silence CD Ideologic Organ SOMA 027 2017 €14.00
  Vieux Silence LP Ideologic Organ SOMA 027 2017 €16.50
EMERGE Evaluation mCD-R Attenuation Circuit AC 05 2004 €6.00
  Canvas mCDR-box Attenuation Circuit Mini Series ACM 1001 2011 €6.50
EMME YA Ophidian Fetish Mandala CD Noctivagant EY-003 2014 €13.00
ENCOMIAST / THE COPPER THIEVES 139 Nevada do-CDR-box Lens Records LENS0103 2010 €16.00
ERIK M (eRikm) Variations Opportunistes CD Ronda rnd08 2007 €10.00
ESSEIVA, KIKO C. Sous les Etoiles CD Hinterzimmer Records HINT 04 2008 €13.00
Droles d'Oiseaux CD Hinterzimmer Records HINT14 2012 €14.50
  Resistance a l'eau LP Kukuruku Recordings 2012 €18.00
EVANGELISTI, FRANCO Proiezioni sonore (etc) do-CD Edition RZ 1011-12 1998 €27.00
EVANS, GRANT Brittle MC Helen Scarsdale Agency HMS034 2015 €9.50
EVANS, NAT Post modern sound images CD-R AFE Records afe041lcd 2002 €8.00
EVAPORI Na katarynce mCD-R Tausendfüssler 005 2005 €6.00
Uebergangsfassaden CD-R Antiinformation AIC Disc 002 2003 €9.00
  Rehearsals for Objects CD 1000füssler 011 2009 €13.00
EVAPORI / TOTSTELLEN Drift do-mCDR Antiinformation 006 / Totes Format 2005 €10.00
EVAPORI / [-HYPH-] Bewegungen / Fragmentation itself CD-R Antiinformation AIC Disc 001 2003 €9.00
EYELESS IN GAZA Summer Salt & Subway Sun CD Ambivalent Scale A-Scale 033 2006 €13.50
Mania Sour CD Ambivalent Scale Recordings ASR 049 2014 €13.00
Mythic Language 3 x CD Ambivalent Scale Records ASR 050 2014 €28.50
  Sun Blues CD Ambivalent Scale A-Scale 055 2016 €13.00
FAGES, FERRAN A cavall entre dos cavalls CD Creative Sources Recordings CS019CD 2004 €13.00
FANUM & VAZHES IR CD-R Still'Sleep CDR14 2010 €8.00
FARYUS & VADIM BONDARENKO 8 Atmospheres CD Faria Records FAR-25 2008 €13.00
FAVARON, GIANLUCA Equivalent XI CD 13 (3) - sps 1405* 2014 €14.00
  Equivalent XI CD 13 (3) - sps 1405 2014 €12.00
FAVARON, GIANLUCA & STEFANO GENTILE Entretien CD & booklet 13 (3) - sps 1509 2015 €15.00
FEAR FALLS BURNING When Mystery prevades the Well, the Promise sets Fire LP Tonefloat TF38 2007 €19.50
  The Carnival of ourselves CD Tonefloat TF63 2009 €12.00
FETISCH PARK Elevation CD Klanggalerie gg187 2014 €14.50
FIRST, DAVID Privacy Issues (droneworks 1996-2009) 3 x CD Experimental Intermedia XI 134 2010 €23.00
FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC VarunaGhat CD-R Mystery Sea MS40 2007 €12.00
FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC & DENIS SHAPOVALOV Steel Glares and Night CD Still'Sleep 16CD / Observatoire Obs* 028 2011 €13.00
FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC / JIM HAYNES / ANDREA MARUTTI Tri-Ton CD Observatoire obs 027 2011 €13.00
FRANCIS, RICHARD (ESO STEEL) Three tracks mCD State Art AVANT005 2002 €6.50
GASPARYAN, DJIVAN Armenian Fantasies CD Network Medien 34801 2000 €13.00
GENITOR LVMINIS Virgae mCD StateArt AVANT008 2004 €9.50
GIRNU GIESMES Bevardes Salos CD Autarkeia acd 029 2008 €13.00
GODFLESH A World lit only by Fire LP Avalanche Recordings AREC034 2014 €21.50
  Post Self LP Avalanche Recordings AREC040 2017 €26.00
GOUGH, HELENA Knot Invariants CD Entr'acte E140 2012 €13.00
GREY, NICK & THE RANDOM ORCHESTRA Regal Daylight CD State Art AVANT011 2005 €8.00
GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA String Quartet (etc) CD Edition RZ 1009 1992 €18.00
Musica Su Schemi LP Superior Viaduct SV 15 2013 €22.00
  Azioni/Reazioni 1967-1969 5 x LP BOX Die Schachtel DS 033LP 2017 €98.00
HALO MANASH Haudattujen Valvoja CD Aural Hypnox [AH15] 2015 €13.00
  Haudattujen Valvoja T-SHIRT Aural Hypnox 2015 €20.00
HANK & SLIM The World turned Gingham CD Caciocavallo CAD6 2000 €12.00
HAYNES, JIM Flammable Materials from Foreign Lands LP Elevator Bath eeaoa 045 2016 €22.50
HECKER, TIM Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat 2004 €14.00
HEIRS Alchera LP Denovali D9 2009 €18.00
  Fowl CD Denoval DEN69 2010 €14.50
HELVACIOGLU, ERDEM Altered Realities CD New Albion Records NA 131 2006 €14.00
  Timeless Waves CD Sub Rosa SR323 / New Series Framework # 12 2012 €13.00
HER NAME IS CALLA The quiet Lamb CD Denovali DEN65 2010 €13.50
  Heritage CD Denovali DEN32 2009 €13.50
HERPES Ö DELUXE Havarie CD Everest Records 007 / Tollerort Org. TOLL004 2003 €16.00
HODELL, AKE Lagsniff DVD Rönnels Antikvariat / Hall Tjäften TJÄFT 001 2002 €16.00
HODGKINSON, TIM & MILO FINE Teshuvah CD Rossbin Production RS028 2009 €12.00
HOFFMAN, KAY Floret Silva LP Sommor SOMM029 2016 €22.00
HOURGLASS DROPS Vapours do-CDR Idrone Park C 15 2009 €8.00
HUMAN LARVAE Womb Worship CD L. White Records LW-073 2013 €12.00
  Behind blinding Light LP Freak Animal Records FA-LP-044 2017 €20.00
I AM ESPER Glowing Valleys CD-R Dark Meadow Recordings DMR011 2011 €7.50
I.CORAX The Cadaver Pulse I: Sealed in a radiant larval Maelstrom CD Aural Hypnox [AHSM02] 2014 €13.00
IEVA La cascade de la montagne de l'aube mCDR Taalem alm81 2011 €5.00
ILLUSION OF SAFETY Mort aux vaches (II) CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 1999 €15.00
  Mort aux vaches (I) CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 1996 €15.00
IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES Mort aux Vaches LP Infinite Fog IF-58LP-04 2016 €26.50
INADA, KOZO Mort aux vaches: I [ ] CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2004 €14.00
INGENTING KOLLEKTIVA Fragments of Night LP Invisible Birds ib004 2012 €17.50
Lost Beyond Telling CD + DVD Invisible Birds ib006 2012 €15.00
  An Anatomy of Melancholy LP Invisible Birds ib008 2015 €18.00
IONE / PAULINE OLIVEROS Io and her and the trouble with him. A Dance-Opera in Primeval Time DVD Deep Listening DL 41 2009 €16.00
IRM Indications of Nigredo 12inch Segerhuva SEGER 23 2008 €13.00
IRM / SKIN AREA Purple Screen // Red Eruption / Red Discharge 10" Segerhuva seger 5 2003 €10.00
IROHA & FRAGMENT Bittersweet CD Denovali Records DEN49 2010 €14.50
  Bittersweet LP Denovali Records DEN49 2010 €17.50
ITO & MIKAWA & YOSHIHIDE / VAN DER HEIDE & FURUDATE Aoyama Noise. Live at Cay LP Airplane APFT2011 2011 €15.00
JARL Parallel / Collapsing CD Segerhuva SEGER 9 2003 €13.00
JAZZKAMMER Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2005 €14.00
JUNIOR VARSITY KM InvalidObject Series (export) mCD Fällt F.0014.0009 2000 €9.50
KABOOM KARAVAN Barra Barra CD Miasmah Recordings MIACD015 2011 €14.50
Barra Barra LP Miasmah Recordings MIALP015 2011 €15.00
Hokus Fokus LP Miasmah MIALP024 2013 €16.00
  Short Walk with Olaf LP Miasmah MIALP025 2013 €16.00
KAHN, JASON Vanishing Point CD 23five Incorporated 23five 015 2009 €13.00
KAPOTTE MUZIEK Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 1998 €14.00
KARKOWSKI, ZBIGNIEW Physique Sonores BOOK & CD Van Dieren Editeur 2008 €29.00
KDONOVAN Air Vent mCD-R Apostrov Recordings #3 2005 €9.00
KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE Mutations LP Denovali Records DEN258 2016 €19.50
KIVA same do-CD Pogus Productions 21054-2 2010 €18.00
KODIAK same do-CD Denovali DEN 61 2011 €16.00
KODIAK + N Rn/Xe LP Denovali DEN 78 2011 €16.50
KODIAK VS. NADJA split CD Denovali 2009 €14.00
KOJO, HITOSHI Lux Ova MC Omnimemento om 03 2010 €9.50
KOM Berry White CD Denovali DEN53 2010 €13.50
KOMMANDO Necroinvasiv CD L.White LW-050 2007 €13.00
KOMMISSAR HJULER Fluxporn-Forvandlingen af Franz Kafka LP Der Schöne Hjuler-Memorial-Fond SHMF-048/fluxporn 2016 €30.00
KOVAC, BORIS / NEW RITUAL GROUP The Path CD ReR Megacorp ReRBK3 2016 €13.00
KRENG Camino - Original Soundtrack do-LP INVADA INV163 2016 €30.00
KURBONSHO Vahan Songs CD Chernaya Zemlya CHZ:a 2011 €13.00
KÖNER, THOMAS Novaya Zemlya CD Touch TO:85 2012 €14.50
Tiento de las Nieves CD Denovali den215 2014 €14.00
Tiento de la Luz LP Denovali DEN249 2016 €20.00
  Tiento de la Luz CD Denovali DEN 249 2016 €14.00
KÖRPERWELTEN Avatars of Rape and Rage CD Malignant Records TUMOR CD 36 2008 €13.00
LA MONTE YOUNG & THEATRE OF ETERNAL MUSIC Raag Bhairava (Excerpt) CD Mongolian Mogno MMCD 7 2017 €17.50
LA POUPEE VIVANTE same LP La Scie Doree SCIE 1213 2014 €18.00
LAIBACH Nova Akropola LP Optic Nerve OPT4. 016 2014 €19.50
Neu Konservatiw pic-LP Cold Spring Records CSR38P 2014 €18.00
  Bossanova Remixes maxi-CD Moloko Plus PLUS 96 2017 €10.00
LARVA 108 99.09 / Inside the Stones CD Greytone grey007 2010 €13.00
LATER DAYS InvalidObject Series (do) mCD Fällt F.0014.0007 2000 €9.50
LE PLASTIQUE MYSTIFICATION GROUP A Stage of Salvation CD-R Kundalini Records LPMG-KR-004 0000 €8.00
LE SYNDICAT FACTION VIVANTE Morceaux de Choix CD Aussaat 03 2017 €13.00
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) All the King's Horses CD Caciocavallo CAD 28 2002 €13.50
Poppy variations CD Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA 15 / Beta-lactam Ring Records 2004 €14.00
  The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD Caciocavallo CAD 20 1990 €13.00
LEICHTMANN, HANNO / VALERIO TRICOLI The Future of Discipline LP Entr'acte E206 2016 €15.00
LEONARDSON - MARGOLIS - VAN NORT Vendlam CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACC 1015 2014 €7.50
LES FRAGMENTS DE LA NUIT Musique du Crepuscule LP Denovali DENLP26 2009 €16.50
Musique de Nuit LP Denovali DENLP117 2012 €16.50
  Musique de Nuit CD Denovali DEN117 2012 €14.00
LILES, ANDREW As if Punk Rock never happened / Pretty vague cunt pic-7" Dirter Promotions DPROMEP81 2011 €11.50
LLOYD, DALE Akasha_for Record pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa028 2009 €17.50
LOPEZ, FRANCISCO Lopez Island CD Elevator Bath eeaoa051 2008 €13.00
Machines do-CD Elevator Bath eeaoa030 2009 €17.00
  La Selva. Sound Environments from a Neotropical Rain Forest. etched LP/USB Sub Rosa SRV346 2015 €18.00
LOPEZ, FRANCISCO WITH VALENTINA LACMANOVIC With/In CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme 1360 2013 €12.00
LUNAR ABYSS / VANUM Ulm-Gra / Pelena Sna CD BioSonar^Labirint 026/2013 2014 €13.00
LUNDVALL, TOR Evening / Leaves pic-7 Eternal Autumn Editions EAE004 2001 €10.00
Sleeping and Hiding LP DAIS Records 007 2009 €17.50
Ghost Years CD Tursa Records TURSA 101 2010 €13.00
The Shipyard LP DAIS Records DAIS 031 2012 €18.00
  The Park LP DAIS Records DAIS 068 2015 €22.50
LUNDVALL, TOR & LEILA ABDUL-RAUF Ibis / Quiet Seaside 7inch DAIS Records DAIS 058 2014 €11.50
M.B.[MAURIZIO BIANCHI] + [P. ANDERSSON / NORDVARGR / JARL] S.F.A.G. / S.F.A.G. - De-Composed do-CD Old Europa Cafe OECD134 2010 €18.00
MACHINE FOR MAKING SENSE The Act of Observation becomes the Object Itself CD Rossbin Production RS026 2006 €12.00
MACHINEFABRIEK Mort aux Vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2008 €15.00
MALDUR ATAI Alarm Valhalla 7inch Autarkeia Vinyl 005 avi 046 2010 €8.00
MANINKARI Le Diable avec ses Chevaux do-CD Conspiracy Records CORE057 2008 €14.50
MARANHA, DAVID & HELENA ESPVALL Sombras Incendiadas LP Three:four Records TFR027 2015 €14.00
MARCHETTI, LIONEL Adele et Hadrien. Le Livre des Vacances do-CD Optical Sound OS 033 2008 €20.00
MARCLAY, CHRISTIAN Records ’81-’89 CD Atavastic alp62cd1 1997 €15.00
MARGITT HOLZT & THORSTEN SOLTAU Atvasinajumu un diferencetu EP pic-12inch Albert Deitzel Records Kat-Nr. 37A / M.M.Label M.M VINYLLP01 2011 €15.00
MARHAUG, LASSE Carnival of Souls maxi-CD Thisco THISK.24 2005 €8.00
MARTINEZ, CLIFF Drive (OST) (special ed.) do-LP Invada INV169LP 2016 €36.00
MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA Sonic Deprivation CD Silentes Minimal Editions SME0930 2009 €13.00
MEIRINO, FRANCISCO & KIKO C. ESSEIVA Focus on Nothing on Focus LP Aussenraum ARLP001 2013 €16.00
MERZBOW VS. NORDVARGR Partikel III CD Cold Spring Records CSR180CD 2013 €12.00
MGR (MUSTARD GAS AND ROSES) Nova Lux LP Viva Hate Records VHR-45-004 2006 €15.00
  Nova Lux CD Neurot Recordings NR038CD 2006 €15.50
MICHEL, JOSEPHINE & MIKA VAINIO Halfway to White BOOK + CD TOUCH - Folio 001 2015 €49.50
MIRROR Still Valley CD Die Stadt DS87 2005 €13.00
MNEM Golyma LP Segerhuva SEGER12 2005 €14.00
MOLJEBKA PVLSE Tamon CD Segerhuva seger8 2004 €13.00
MONOSOV, ILYA Architectures on air and other works CD Elevator Bath eeaoa022 2005 €13.00
MORPHOGENESIS Charivari Music CD Paradigm Discs PD002 1996 €13.50
MUHLY, NICO Speaks Volumes CD Bedroom Community HVALUR1 2006 €16.00
MULTICAST DYNAMICS Outer Envelopes LP Denovali Records den248 2016 €20.00
  Continental Ruins LP Denovali Records den276 2017 €20.00
MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA MEV 40 (1967-2007) 4 x CD-BOX New World Records 80675-2 2008 €55.00
MY BLOODY VALENTINE EP's 1988-1991 do-CD Sony Music 88691941692 2012 €13.00
  m b v LP & CD My Bloody Valentine mbv01 2013 €30.00
MYSTIFIED Life is a Carnival CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACR 1016 2012 €8.00
N [31] Oie Kirr LP Denovali Records den 205 2014 €28.00
N [42] [HELLMUT NEIDHARDT] & DIRK SERRIES Kehr LP Denovali Records DEN 242 2015 €27.50
N [49] [HELLMUT NEIDHARDT] & SIMULACRA Birka LP Denovali Records DEN 265 2016 €27.50
N [XX] (HELLMUT NEIDHARDT) Rote Fuhr [N41] LP Denovali Records DEN 241 2015 €27.50
  Anklam [N43] LP Denovali Records DEN 264 2016 €27.50
N(35)[HELLMUT NEIDHARDT] Saarn LP Denovali den217 2015 €26.50
N(36)[HELLMUT NEIDHARDT] Heven LP Denovali den218 2015 €26.50
NADJA & TROUM Dominium Visurgis (white) LP Denovali Records DEN59 2010 €18.00
NADJA & VAMPILLIA The perfect World CD Important Records IMPREC385 2013 €13.00
  The perfect World LP Important Records IMPREC385 2013 €22.50
NAGAMATZU Neural Interval do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 084-2 2014 €14.00
NAHR Vargtimmen CD-R Aluta Ton Serien 2004 €10.00
NAVARRO, ALEXANDRE Arcane CD SEM label SEM 002 2008 €13.00
NEW BLOCKADERS VIVA NEGATIVA Vol. 1 4 LP - Box Vinyl-On-Demand VOD24 2006 €55.00
  VIVA NEGATIVA Vol. 2 4 LP - Box Vinyl-On-Demand VOD25 2006 €55.00
NEW BLOCKADERS & VARIOUS ARTISTS Viva Negativa! A Tribute to the New Blockaders Vol. II - Europe do-CD Auf Abwegen aatp28 2010 €17.50
  Viva Negativa ! Vol. III : USA do-CD Important Records IMPREC262 2010 €17.50
NIMH Circles of the Vain Prayers CD Rage in Eden RAGE110 2015 €12.00
NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT Tautologia CD Raubbau RAUB-015 2013 €13.00
NOETINGER / MARCHETTI Mort aux Vaches CD Staalplaat / VPRO 2001 €8.00
NONO, LUIGI / HANS VAN ECK La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopia Futura / Nuctemeron do-CD Sub Rosa SR309 2012 €16.00
NORDERVAL, KRISTIN Aural Histories CD Deep Listening DL 45 2012 €13.00
NORDVARGR The dead never sleeps CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 073 2005 €12.00
  The Secret Barbarous Names CD Malignant Records TUMORCD102 2017 €13.00
NORDVARGR BJÖRK, HENRIK / MARGAUX RENAUDIN Anima Nostra CD Cold Spring Records CSR216CD 2016 €12.00
NORTHAUNT / SVARTSINN The Borrowed World LP & CD Power & Steel PAS 34 2014 €20.00
  The Borrowed World CD Power & Steel PAS 34 2014 €13.00
NORTHERN VALENTINE The Distance brings us closer CD Silber Records silber068 2009 €12.00
NOVAK, YANN Paradise & Winchester CD Unfathomless U14 2012 €14.00
Hollow.River mCD-R Taalem alm89 2012 €5.00
Snowfall CD Dragon's Eye der006 2014 €13.00
  Ornamentation CD Touch TONE 55 2016 €12.00
NURSE WITH WOUND Shipwreck Radio Volume Two. Eight enigmatic episodes from Utvaer do-CD ICR Distribution ICR51 2005 €17.00
OLIVEROS, PAULINE / FRANCISCO LOPEZ / DOUG VAN NORT / JONAS BRAASCH Quartet for the End of Space CD Pogus Production POGUS 21059-2 2011 €12.50
OM Variations on a Theme CD Holy Mountain 77525 2005 €14.50
ON (SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU & STEVEN HESS) Your naked Ghost comes back at Night CD Type Records 2009 €16.00
Your naked Ghost comes back at Night do-LP Type Records TYPE050V 2009 €19.00
Something that has Form and Something that does not CD Type Records TYPE062 2010 €16.00
  Something that has Form and Something that does not LP Type Recordings TYPE062V 2010 €16.00
ONOMATOPOEIA (=ONOMATOPEIA) Irrelevant LP The 7.17 From West Wittering Is Late Again RPM001 2010 €15.00
ORGANUM Valentin 7" Equation Records E=mc23 2010 €12.50
ORPHAX De Tragedie van een Liedjesschrijver zonder Woorden CD Moving Furniture Records MFR013 2013 €11.50
ORSI, FABIO & VALENTINA BESEGHER Hunt me Tender DVD Silentes Minimal Editions sme1151 2012 €12.00
ORSI, FABIO & VALERIO COSI We could for Hours CD A Silent Place ASP26 2008 €12.00
OTAVAN VERET same CD Cyclic Law 64th Cycle 2014 €13.00
OVAL LANGUAGE Tapes Singles and Remixes CD Monochrome Vision mc34 2010 €12.50
OVAL LANGUAGE / RLW / DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE Sprechzimmern (Hommage an Carlfriedrich Claus) CD Scrotum Records HODE 162 2015 €12.00
PACIONE, ADAM Dobranoc pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa029 2009 €17.50
PALESTINE, CHARLEMAGNE A sweet Quasimodo between black Vampire Butterflies CD Cold Blue Music CB0025 2007 €13.50
PENNY RIMBAUD'S L'ACADEMIE DES VANITES (CRASS) Yes Sir, the Truth of Revolution CD Cold Spring Records CSR223CD 2016 €12.00
PETRELS Haeligewielle LP Denovali Records DEN119 2012 €18.50
PIMMON Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2003 €14.00
  Smudge another Yesterday CD Preservation PRE021 2009 €15.00
POPOL VUH Nosferatu the Vamypre do-LP Waxwork Records WW012 2015 €52.50
POUSSEUR, HENRI Hommage au Sauvage. Un portrait d'Henri Pousseur. Un film des Guy Marc Hinant et Dominique Lohle DVD Sub Rosa / Observatoire des musique eletroniques OME#6 2006 €16.00
PSYCHIC SPACE INVASION Transitions CD Persepolis Records 2008 €13.00
PURE & ULTRA MILKMAIDS s[E]nd CD Vacuum v2.0 2000 €8.00
RANALDO, LEE Ambient Loop for Vancouver CD Important Records IMPREC088 2015 €16.00
RAPOON I am a Foreigner CD Caciocavallo CAD 26 2003 €13.50
RATSIMANDRESY, NADIA / MATTEO RAMON AREVALOS Messiaen et autour de Messiaen for Onde Martenot and Piano CD ReR Megacorp ReR OM1 2009 €14.00
RAUM / B.C.GILBERT I play all my records through the vacOrec anti static discharge cleaner / Radiator, plane, bang 7 RAFT Records RAFT 114 2000 €7.00
RAWLINGS / STELZER / TALBOT // GRIVAS / ZIOUTOS / MALEVITSIS live documents CD-R Editions_Zero # 2 2002 €8.00
RECCHION, TOM Proscenium LP + 7inch Elevator Bath eeaoa037 2012 €25.00
  Oaxaca Dawn pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa 032 2016 €20.00
RED FOG Buried on Vanth CD Reverse Alignment RA-17 2015 €12.00
REED, RICK Dark Skies at noon CD Elevator Bath eeaoa025 2005 €14.00
Dreamz / Blue Polz pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa027 2008 €17.50
  The Way Things go do-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa035 2011 €20.00
REFAT, MAHMOUD Mort aux Vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2008 €14.50
REICH, STEVE / ENSEMBLE AVANTGARDE Four Organs / Phase Patterns / Pendulum LP Karlrecords KR26 2014 €17.50
RENALDO & THE LOAF Songs for swinging Larvae do-CD Klanggalerie gg184 2013 €20.00
RESIDENTS Not Available CD Cryptic Corporation MVD 5122 2011 €13.00
REUTOFF Deprivatio CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 017 CD / Indiestate Distribution IST 058 CD 2008 €12.00
RICHTER, MAX La Vie sauvage des Animaux domestique CD JADE 6997162 2010 €14.50
  The Leftovers (OST) LP Silva Screen SILLP1485 2015 €27.50
RIPARBELLI, PIETRO / K11 Vacuum CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD117 2015 €14.50
ROCKENSCHAUB, GERWALD Private Pleasures CD Semishigure semi005 2004 €10.00
ROLL, KRISTOFF K. Des Travailleurs de la nuit a l'amie des Objets mCD Metamkine MKCD024 1997 €5.00
ROSSETTO, VANESSA The way you make me feel CD Unfathomless U35 2016 €14.00
RUIN 1/2 Skull CD-BOX Viva Hate VHR-45-034 2011 €17.00
SABLE MOUVANT Bridge that leads nowhere CD Autarkeia acd012 2006 €13.00
SAINTE-MARIE, BUFFY Illuminations CD Vanguard VMD 79300-2 2000 €13.00
SALISBURY, BEN & GEOFF BARROW Ex_Machina (OST) do-LP Invada INV144LP 2016 €38.00
SAMARTZIS, PHILIP Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2002 €13.50
SANKT OTTEN Morgen wieder lustig CD Denovali DEN36 2009 €10.00
SAUVAGE, TOMOKO Ombrophilia LP Aposiopese APO07 2012 €18.00
SAVAGE REPUBLIC 1938 CD Neurot Recordings NR-053 2007 €13.00
Siam maxi-CD Independent Project Records 2007 €8.50
Customs CD Mobilization Recordings MOB 104 2002 €14.00
Tragic Figures CD Mobilization Recordings MOB101 2002 €14.00
Sword Fighter / Taranto!!! (RED vinyl) 7" A Silent Place ASP24 2009 €12.50
Sword Fighter / Taranto!!! 7inch A Silent Place ASP24 2009 €5.00
Varvakios CD LTM Publishing LTMCD 2572 2012 €15.00
Aegean CD Mobilization Records MOB110 2014 €13.00
  Aegean do-LP Nuit Et Brouillard NB.V.02 2015 €28.00
SCHERCHEN, HERMANN Orchesterproben. Ludwig van Beethoven, 6. Sinfonie, F-Dur. Op.68 LP Edition RZ 6001 1990 €15.50
SELAXON LUTBERG Cold House of Love LP Denovali den90 2011 €19.50
Simboli Accidentali LP Denovali DEN 183 2013 €20.00
  Simboli Accidentali CD Denovali DEN 183 2013 €14.00
SELVAFIORITA, FABIO / VALERIO TRICOLI Death by Water CD Die Schachtel ZEIT C07 2011 €15.00
SENSSURROUND ORCHESTRA Mort aux Vaches: Meltdown Of Control CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 2000 €10.00
SHADOW MAGNET Source and Purity CD-R Avatar 09 2006 €9.50
SHARON'S LAST PARTY Blue light and blue eyes 7 Segerhuva seger 4 2003 €3.00
SHEFFIELD / RIPPIE Variations LP Elevator Bath eeaoa012 2001 €15.00
SHEFFIELD, COLIN ANDREW First thus CD Elevator Bath eeaoa020 2005 €13.00
SHOEMAKER, MATT Isolated Agent Stranding Behaviour pic-LP Elevator Bath eeaoa031 2010 €17.50
SIGUR ROS Hvarf / Heim CD EMI Records 5099969550225 2008 €10.00
SILVESTROV, VALENTIN Dedication / Post Scriptum CD Apex 2564 69896-3 2007 €13.00
SINK Holy Testament do-CD Svart Records SVR170CD 2013 €17.50
Holy Testament 2 LP Svart Records SVR170 2013 €17.00
  Fog & Dominance 12inch Svart Records SVR268 2014 €16.50
SOSTRAH TINNITUS Caravanserraglio CD-R Blade Records wmda068 2005 €10.00
SPECTRAL ARMIES The Vanished People LP AltVinyl av025 2010 €17.50
SRMEIXNER (STEPHEN MEIXNER) Ten Thousand Ways to Die CD Segerhuva SEGER 29 2010 €12.50
STOREY, ROBIN & VICTOR NUBLA About Breathing CD Caciocavallo CAD 24 2002 €13.00
STRANGE ATTRACTOR (NIELS VON HOORN & R. VAN KRUYSDIJK) Rorschach LP Music for Speakers m4s 26 lp 2005 €14.00
SUBINTERIOR / SELAXON LUTBERG The Meeting do-LP Denovali DEN 42 2010 €22.50
SURVIVAL UNIT Free Speech Series mCD L. White LW027/2 2005 €12.50
Tied down for Survival CD Autarkeia ACD 038 2009 €12.50
  Murder for the Mission CD Autarkeia ACD 034 2009 €12.50
SVA (TATJANA SVAHA) Ulahado-Ulahado CD Kailas Records kls027 2004 €13.00
SVAIXT Virsme Versme CD Autarkeia ACD 022 2007 €12.50
SVARTE GREINER Kappe CD Type Records TYPE033 2009 €16.00
  Penpals forever (and ever) CD Digitalis Industries DIGI056CD 2010 €15.00
SVARTSINN Devouring Consciousness CD Eibon Records sav032 2002 €13.00
  Of Darkness and Re-Creation CD Cyclic Law 5th Cycle / Ewers Tonkunst HHE 026CD 2010 €13.00
SVASTI-AYANAM Sanklesa CD Eternal Pride EPP 010 2007 €13.00
TALVIHORROS Music in four Movements LP Denovali Records DEN142 2012 €20.00
Some Ambulance LP Denovali Records DEN141 2012 €20.00
And it was so LP Denovali den155 2012 €20.00
  And it was so CD Denovali den155 2012 €14.50
TARKATAK Skärva / Oroa 7 Drone Records DR-34 (2nd) 2003 €6.00
  Skärva / Oroa (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-34 1998  
TAZARTES, GHEDALIA La Bar Mitzvah du Chien LP Bisou BIS-002-U 2015 €17.00
TEFITON (VAN BEBBER, CLAUS / ERHART HIRT) Tefiton LP Anthropometrics anthro01 2005 €13.00
TERVAHÄÄT same CD Anima Arctica Productions AUER-005 2009 €10.00
  Taival CD Anima Arctica AUER-013 2014 €13.00
THEME Valentine (Lost) Forever CD Heart & Crossbone HCB023 2009 €13.00
THISQUIETARMY Resurgence do-LP Denovali DEN114 2011 €25.00
Resurgence do-CD Denovali DEN114 2011 €16.50
Exorcisms LP Denovali Records DEN 147 2012 €20.00
  Unconquered do-LP Denovali DEN113 2012 €25.00
THISQUIETARMY + YELLOW6 Death Valley do-LP Basses Frequences BF31A & B 2010 €20.00
TICKMAYER, STEVAN KOVACS Cold Peace Counterpoints CD ReR Megacorp ReR ST3 2008 €14.00
TIETCHENS, ASMUS Das Vieh und sein Vater CD Realization Recordings RZD020 1996 €13.00
TRICOLI, VALERIO Misery Lares do-LP PAN Records PAN 44 LP 2014 €28.50
  Clonic Earth do-LP PAN Records PAN 71 2016 €27.50
TRICOLI, VALERIO / THOMAS ANKERSMIT Forma II CD Pan Records PAN 16 2011 €15.50
TROUM Nargis 7inch VivaHate Records VHR-45-002.1 2007 €6.00
  Mort aux Vaches: Sen CD Aquarellist aquarel 24-13 2013 €14.00
TSUNODA, TOSHIYA / JUSTIN BENNETT Cleavage of Acoustics / Cacerolada LP Stichting Mixer MLP03 ( Dertiende Mixer) 2004 €12.00
TZESNE / VANUM split CD-R Verato Project verazität 073 2009 €9.50
UBEBOET Archival LP Moving Furniture Records MFR009 2010 €18.50
ULTRA MILKMAIDS Mort aux vaches CD Staalplaat / Mort aux Vaches 1998 €10.00
ULTRA MILKMAIDS & VANCE ORCHESTRA Milk Orchestra maxi-CD Thisco THISK.22 2005 €8.00
UMPIO & IRR.APP.(EXT.) Observation affects the Outcome CD Monochrome Vision [mv48] 2013 €12.00
V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) INVENTIONEN 98: 50 Jahre Musique Concrete do-CD Edition RZ 10009/10 Parallele 9/10 1999 €21.00
The Undertwow: Undercurrents of Australian Experimental Music CD-R Shame File Music SHAM026 2004 €8.00
33 rpm : Ten Hours of Sound from France CD 23five Incorporated and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 23F/SFM 903 2003 €12.00
Alliance CD L White LW031 2005 €13.00
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 4 do-CD Sub Rosa SR250 2006 €16.50
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 2 do-CD SUB ROSA SR200 2003 €16.50
Antologia de Musica Electronica Portugesa CD Tomlab TOM38 2004 €15.00
Archive I CD + BOOK 90% Wasser WCD03 2005 €12.00
Archives GRM 5xCD-BOX INA GRM INA c 1030 2005 €50.00
ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE presents: Interpretations CD-R Wachsender Prozess WP20 2006 €9.50
Autoficial 7inch Noisopoly NOP-01 1996 €6.00
Brain in the Wire 3 x CD-Box Brainwashed 004 2002 €45.00
CALIFORNIA 10xLP-BOX Ground Fault / RRRecords 2006 €78.00
Chromaticfield Remixes CD Apostrov Dodek # 1 2004 €10.00
Circuits of Steel do-CD SSS Records 57 2002 €8.00
Clicks & Cuts Vol. 3 3 x 12" Mille Plateaux MP 116 2003 €15.00
Coilectif. In Memory ov John Balance and Homage to COIL do-LP Rotorelief ROTOR0001 2006 €31.50
Coilectif. In Memory ov John Balance and homage to Coil CD Rotorelief ROTORCD0001 2006 €14.50
Construction Sonor do-CD Pro Helvetia / Gallerie 57>34.6km 2003 €17.50
Consumer Electronics do-DVDR L White V03 0000 €21.00
CRYOSPHERE CD-R Glacial Movements GM001 2006 €15.00
Dark Transmissions CD Force of Nature Prod. fon01 2002 €10.00
Debris Field (MAX EASTLEY / LOREN CHASSE / COLIN POTTER / PHIL MOULDYCLIFF / KEITH ROWE / etc.) CD & book Bolton Museum / ICR Distribution ICR 53 2006 €16.00
Dissolution Tapes: The Musique Concrete Ensemble remixed CD Zeromoon ZERO 004 2003 €10.00
DRONE RECORDS - A Selection of Drones Past: Singles 1993-2000 do-CD Tumult Records TM000 2006 €18.00
Ein Prosit zur letzten Tide do-CDR Hörbar e.V. Hamburg 2004 €12.00
Epitaph for John CD Korm Plastics KP 3016 2005 €13.00
Floating Foundation Vol. 1 CD Sub Rosa SR146 2002 €13.00
Four Studies for a Human Portrait : Tribute to Francis Bacon CD Vital Records Vital 002 2005 €13.00
Frozen Light CD-R Essentia Mundi EM002 2006 €8.00
Go-To-Cat-Man-Do CD Monotype Records MONOTYPE 001 2005 €13.00
Guitars undressed CD Marrakech Recordings MRKC-CD001 2003 €12.00
HANDS 2000 5 x LP -Box Hands B011 2000 €25.00
HANDS 2001 5 x LP Box Hands B 016 2002 €30.00
Hands 2003 do-CD Hands B020 2003 €12.00
Haunted Weather do-CD Staubgold 52 2004 €15.00
Heilige Feuer IV CD Der Angriff Nr. 17 2004 €14.00
Holy Mother Russia LP Steinklang SK-IN 02 2004 €15.00
Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled do-CD Important Records imprec016 2003 €16.00
Instruments CD List L5 2004 €10.00
Inventionen 2000 do-CD/book Pfau-Verlag / Edition RZ Parallele 10012/10013 2001 €29.00
I, Mute Hummings: A collection of drone music and dulcet atmospheres CD Ex Ovo EX0001 2006 €14.00
Ju-Jikan do-CD 23five Incorporated and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 23F/SFM 901 2002 €15.00
Jukebox Buddha CD Staubgold 72 2006 €10.00
Kompilation do-CD Kranky KRANK077 2004 €8.00
Lust from the Underworld do-CD HORUS CyclicDaemon HCD 02-2 2004 €22.00
Minima CD List L1 2002 €10.00
Montreal Sound Matter / Montreal Matiere Sonore CD Pogus Productions P21041-2 2006 €13.00
Myths 3 CD Sub Rosa SR05 1989 €13.00
No New York CD Lilith Ldt. LR102 2005 €15.00
Noise Battle Royale CD-R L White LW026 0000 €8.50
NOR 3 CD INA GRM NOR 3 1994 €13.00
NOR 4 CD INA GRM NOR 4 1996 €13.00
Not able to organize do-10inch Multi National Disaster Records 2002 €16.50
On Paper do-CD Cronica 005 2003 €15.00
One Man Drone 12inch Petty Bourgeois Broadcasts SR 500-18 / Mayo Records 09 2006 €8.00
Oscotarach do-LP Deafborn Records Dbvn04 2005 €16.50
PAINTED BLACK (compilation with STILLUPPSTEYPA, JOY OF DISEASE, TROUM, FENNESZ, etc ) CD Tumult Records TM 20 2002 €8.00
Paranoise One CD Paranoise Records pnp10 2005 €13.00
Radiation CD-R L White LW021 2005 €10.00
RECORDS ARE NOT FOR BAKING [RANFB] (Full Subscription) 12 x 12inch Beta-Lactam Ring Records RANFBUSA 2005 €300.00
Release your mind vol. 2 3 x CD Release Records RR 6961-2 1997 €18.00
Revue OU 4 x CD-Box Alga Marghen 15VocSon045a/k 2002 €80.00
Runeology 2 CD Rune Grammofon RCDS 2 2005 €8.50
Salon Bruit CD-R Sciss 2003 €10.00
Serene Moments (NACHT / NORTHAUNT / SHINJUKU THIEF / UMBRA) do-7 Fluttering Dragon Rec. DRAGON 0.27 2004 €10.00
Shadows Infinitum : Further Explorations of the Drone CD-R Crucial Blast BLISS02 2005 €10.00
Si'ka-del-ik CD Psychform Records PFR01CD 2004 €10.00
SPIRE (ORGAN WORKS PAST PRESENT & FUTURE) do-CD Touch Tone 20 2003 €19.50
Spire: Live in Geneva Cathedral do-CD Touch TONE 21_2CD 2005 €19.50
STATEMENT 1961 do-LP/CD/7 Ironflame IF000 2004 €62.00
Swarm do-CD Cold Spring Records CSR60CD 2006 €13.00
Tel Aviv Aftermath CD Tophet Prophet TP001 2002 €8.00
Text-Sound Compositions. A Stockholm Festival 5 x CD-Box Fylkingen Records FYCD 1024:1-5 2005 €45.00
The Golden Road 7 Early Morning Records EMR COMP-7 2003 €6.00
The Walls are whispering Volume III CD EE Tapes ee07 2006 €12.00
The Walls are whispering Vol. 2 CD EE Tapes EE05 2004 €12.00
The walls are whispering... CD EE Tapes ee03 2003 €12.00
This Place is Dreaming CD Argos / Kraak K047 2004 €13.50
Training im Achter 7 Happy Zloty 2001 €5.00
Transit CD aRtonal Recordings aRR05 2004 €15.00
Ultrason LP Association ÜNE V01U02 2002 €14.50
UND III - Klang-Kunst-Festival Wiesbaden 2001 CD / Book Verein zu Förderung Künstlerischer Projekte mit gesellschaftlicher Relevanz e.V. 2001 €23.00
Variable Resistance CD 23five Incorporated and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 23F/SFM 901 2002 €13.00
Variations CD Paradigm PD01 1995 €13.50
Variations 2 CD Paradigm PD05 1998 €13.50
Variations 3 CD Paradigm PD10 1999 €13.50
VARIOUS (Chartier, Brume, Tsunoda, M.Prime, Pimmon, Meelkop, J. Hudak, etc etc) do-CD Intransitive Reordings INT013 2001 €16.00
Verfassung LP Hörbar Hamburg 2005 €15.00
Wahrnehmungen 1980 / 1981 3xLP-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD 18 2005 €45.00
Water & Architecture CD Sub Rosa SR120 1998 €14.00
We're running out of West LP & CD-R Narrowminded 2002 €10.00
Yokomono 02 (Staalplaat Soundystem + FENNESZ, PALESTINE, FM3, RADIAN, TIM HECKER, ILPO VAISANEN, etc.) LP Staalplaat 2005 €13.50
Yokomono 03 LP Staalplaat 2006 €12.50
Zeitenwechsel 2 CD Edition RZ / Parallele 20002 2001 €14.00
Zeitenwechsel: JOHN CAGE CD Edition RZ / Parallele 20001 2001 €14.00
Zenial Reworked CD Vivo 008CD 2003 €8.00
CHALEUR LP GmbH LP 02 2001 €13.50
2 x 5inch (AUBE, KARKOWSKI, MERZBOW..) 5inch & CD-box Licht-ung 2004 €13.00
IZNUTRI CD Ewers Tonkunst HHE 014 CD 2007 €13.00
IDIOSCAPES CD Idiosyncratic Records idcd 001 2007 €10.00
Nekton Falls 3 x CD Sonic Dragon 2006 €16.00
Nonplace Souvenirs CD Ooze.bap Records 2001 €8.00
Polyhedric Tetrapak CD Ooze.bap Records 2001 €8.00
Abschied aus Berne MC Wachsender Prozess WP 01 1995 €6.50
... It Just Is . In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance do-CD Fulldozer Records FDCD20 / NHCD02 2005 €13.00
Thalamus II CD KultFront KF-II 2005 €12.00
Avanto 2006 CD Avanto AAAAA 2006 €13.00
Table For Six: All Quiet? CD EE Tapes EE09 2006 €13.00
How to stay young & healthy in a modern world do-CDR Abgurd AB-28 2006 €14.00
Penumbra EP Collection Vol. 8 CD-R Penumbra 038 2006 €12.00
Listen to something different CD Ars Macabre AMREC 04 CD 2007 €13.00
Noise Factory Records Sampler Vol. 3 CD Noise Factory Records NOISECD113 2007 €12.00
4 sides a circle 4 x mCDR Banned Production 2006 €15.00
1 x 40 MC Anachronismus AD-14 1996 €10.00
20 ways to float through walls CD Crammed Discs 2007 €10.00
KKH 1 LOCK GROOVES 7inch Royal Records / Royal University College of Fine Arts 2007 €6.00
Sur-Terre.Net CD Ytterbium 17 2006 €13.50
Three aural interpretations of a drawing by Eric Lanzillotta 7inch Anomalous Records NOM28 2007 €8.00
20 Jahre Inventionen VI CD Edition RZ 10016 2007 €14.00
Untitled. A Tribute to Zdzislaw Beksinski CD Wrotycz Records WRT004 2007 €15.00
Archives GRM - les visiteurs de l'aventure concrete CD INA GRM ina c 1031 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - l'art de l'etude CD INA GRM ina c 1032 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - le son en nombres CD INA GRM ina c 1033 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - le temps du temps reel CD INA GRM ina c 1034 2004 €9.00
Archives GRM - le grm sans le savoir CD INA GRM ina c 1035 2004 €9.00
Desert Space 3 x CD-R Tosom 025 2007 €18.00
Roulette Russe pour un peu de Caviar CD Monochrome Vision (mv12) 2007 €13.00
Foglands CD-R Umbra 062 2007 €12.00
Beyond ignorance and borders. An African, Middle-Eastern, Asian noise and electronic compilation CD Syrphe S002 2007 €12.00
Wild Tigers I have known CD Durtro Jnana 2007 €14.50
A tribute to the wor(l)ds of Jhonn Balance CD Creative Fields Records CF CD 01 2007 €12.00
MUZYKA VOLN CD Zhelezobeton / Muzyka Voln MV-I 2008 €13.00
Table For Six: All Quiet? # 2 CD EE Tapes EE11 2007 €13.00
TZOTZILES. Psalms, Stories and Music CD Sub Rosa SR17 1998 €13.00
TZOTZILES. Psalms, Stories and Music LP Sub Rosa Sub33012-17 1988 €14.00
Musics in the Margin Vol.1 CD Sub Rosa SR254 2007 €13.00
Dark Ambient Radio Volume 1 CD Dark Ambient Radio 2008 €14.50
An Uncommon Nature LP Anomalous Records NOM 6 2001 €14.00
FRANNCE 3 x CDR Ruralfaune rur024 2007 €18.00
Contemporary Culture Convention Compilation III do-LP Everest Records 2002 €10.00
Destroying the Night Sky (CADAVEROUS CONDITION-remixes) CD Klanggalerie gg119 2008 €12.00
Need for a Crossing. A New Zealand Vol. 1 CD Table of the Element / XERIC 2007 €14.50
ENERGIA CD Oms Records OMSCD003 2007 €13.00
AIRPORT SYMPHONY do-CD ROOM 40 EMDR 417 2007 €18.00
SPIRE LIVE FUNDAMENTALIS do-LP Autofact FACT12 / Touch Tone 28 2008 €18.50
Zelphabet Vol. A CD Zelphabet 2008 €10.00
Landscape I / The Forest CD-R Centre of Wood C.O.W.004 2007 €10.00
Audioscoop Compilation 1 do-LP Audioscoop / Intro in Situ IS 01 2008 €25.00
Land:[schaft] do-10" Cold Lands CLAN01 2004 €30.00
OEC 100 / THE OLD EUROPA CAFE 7 x CD-Box Old Europa Cafe OEC 100 2008 €35.00
>Manifesto Rumorarmonico Post Futurista. Tributo a LUIGI RUSSOLO do-LP Old Europa Cafe OELP009 2008 €22.00
Forerunners. Swedish Electronic and Concete Music 1955-1965 CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1027 2008 €14.50
TEKNOIR do-CD Hymen Y701 1999 €8.50
SUL - dedicated to Chris Marker CD SIRR Records 2006 2002 €13.00
Ringtones CD Touch Tone 14 2002 €14.50
A cleansing ascension CD Elevator Bath eeaoa040 2008 €13.00
War Frequencies 01 CD Teder Music TDR012 2008 €13.00
ARYAN MEMORY. Musical Traditions in Pamir do-CD / DVD / BOOK - set Kailas Records KLS 041, 042, 043 2007 €50.00
DIY CANONS do-CD Pogus Productions 21036-2 2005 €16.00
Red Square CD KultFront KF-III 2005 €13.00
The Black Square CD KultFront KF-VI 2006 €13.00
This Infernal Love of Life CD Monochrome Vision (mv23) 2008 €13.00
Zelphabet Vol. B CD Zelphabet 2008 €10.00
Zelphabet Vol. D CD Zelphabet 2008 €10.00
Active Agent of Sound do-CD Klangwirkstoff Records KW 002 2008 €18.50
v-p v-f is v-n 7 Winds Measure Recordings wm10 2008 €9.00
SACRAL SYMPHONY CD EE Tapes EE14 2008 €13.00
The Recommended Records Sampler 1982 - 25th Anniversary Edition do-CD ReR 25 A/B 2008 €15.50
Table for Six: All Quiet? # 3 CD EE Tapes EE15 2008 €13.00
They've got the whole World in their Hands do-CD Methods to Survive 001 1999 €15.00
Ten Grand Tonearm LP Head Worse Records HW-05 2008 €15.00
Desolationhouse do-CD Desolation House Records DH-1200 2009 €15.00
ANGST - A Spectre Compilation do-CD Spectre Records S20 2004 €16.50
TESLA : Werkstatt Klangapparate DVD Edition RZ 20005 2007 €12.00
Zelphabet Vol. E CD Zelphabet 2009 €11.00
Zelphabet Vol. F CD Zelphabet 2009 €11.00
SOURCE RECORDS 1-6. Music of the Avant Garde, 1968-1971 3 x CD Pogus P21050-2 2009 €33.00
John Barleycorn Reborn do-CD Cold Spring Records CSR84CD 2007 €15.00
BRAINWAVES 2008 3 x CD Brainwashed BRAIN013 2008 €30.00
Pangaea Noise CD Syrphe S009 2008 €13.00
Heilige Feuer 6 do-CD Indiestate IST056 / Der Angriff Nr.32 2009 €18.00
Zelphabet Vol. G CD Zelphabet 2009 €11.00
HÖGA NORD LP Segerhuva SEGER 26 2009 €14.00
BAKU: SYMPHONY OF SIRENS BOOK + do-CD ReR Megacorp ReR RAG1 & 2 2008 €32.00
Million Ways to spend your Time CD Quasi Pop Records QPOP040 2006 €12.00
An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music (1992-2008) 4 x CD Sub Rosa SR265 2009 €25.00
TESTAMENT CD RRRecords RRR-CD-21 1993 €12.00
Music of our time - Wergo Collection II CD Wergo WER 6600-2 1997 €7.50
Abnormal Beauty CD Beast of Prey bop 4.3 2009 €12.00
Risveglio Di Una Citta (In Memory of Luigi Russolo) 6 x CD-R / book Impulsy Stetoskopu IS 009 2008 €33.00
Soundtrack for the End of the World CD Self Abuse Records SAD-01 1994 €10.00
Ya Ji CD Kwan Yin Records YJ001 2008 €12.00
23 Drifts to Guestling CD IHAM Products / FOPI Nana 004 / LAT23 2008 €13.00
SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA STARTER SET : 10 SUBS (your choice) as SET 10 x 10inch-SET Substantia Innominata SUBXXTEN 2016 €95.00
Dutch Fidelity 7 Antenne AN01 2002 €7.50
Zelphabet Vol. H CD Zelphabet 2009 €11.00
Neurot Recordings I CD + DVD Neurot Recordings NR032 2004 €7.50
DruckEmpfinden-Festival CD Chamber Music Records CMR001 2009 €13.00
Dark Ambient Radio Volume 2 CD Dark Ambient Radio 2009 €13.00
TOTAL Volume One LP Parade Amoureuse PHOE 012 1991 €16.00
SILENTES 2004-2009 ANNIVERSERY SET 14 x CD-BOX & T-Shirt Silentes 20042009 2009 €125.00
Le Mystere des Templiers CD Naive Classique AMT195 2009 €13.00
MOM CD Beta-lactam Ring Records bb11 2009 €13.00
FREQ_OUT [0 - °°Hz] CD Ash International # 5.8 2004 €13.00
FREQ_OUT 2 CD Ash International # 6.8 2005 €13.00
Twisted Cabaret Vol. 1 CD Volvox Music VOLCD92 2010 €14.50
Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers MC (C-100) Incubator 2009 €10.00
Open Strings. Early Virtuoso Recordings from the Middle East, and modern responses do-CD Honest Jons Records HJR039CD 2009 €18.50
Armenian Folk Music CD Sounds of the World SOW 90126 1999 €13.00
SURFACE TENSION BOOK & CD Errant Bodies Press EBP 09655570-4-9 2003 €25.00
SOLAR - A musical Travelogue Vol. 2 CD Soleilmoon Recordings SOLAR 2 1998 €7.50
Pop Ambient 2009 LP + CD Kompakt KOM186 2009 €14.50
Zelphabet Vol. I CD Zelphabet 2009 €11.00
Lenghedivacje do-CDR Finalmuzik FM15 / Hybrida 2008 €12.00
SECRET ASSEMBLY (live CANYON Club 16. May 2009) DVD OMS Records OMS DVD 01 2010 €16.00
The Year 25 - 25 years of Korm Plastics MC Korm Plastics KP 2525 2010 €8.00
Must be Musique LP Dark Vinyl DV#15 1992 €15.00
Shapes and Phases of Ambience CD Ghostsounds PXYCH.01 2008 €10.00
Stählerne Lichter CD Licht und Stahl LICHT 006 2009 €13.00
Avtogen-Shaitan do-CDR Ostroga OTR-015 2007 €12.00
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 6 (sixth a chronology 1957-2010) do-CD Sub Rosa SR290 2010 €16.50
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 2 3 x LP SUB ROSA SRV200 2010 €27.50
ERRATUM # 4, Revue Sonore 3 x CD Erratum Musical EM004 2004 €26.00
Things that happened do-CDR Reduktive Musiken REDUKT 013 2010 €17.50
Clicks & Cuts 5.0 - Paradigm Shift CD Mille Plateaux MP 300 2010 €14.00
Zabriskie Point: Original Soundtrack 3 x LP Music on Vinyl MOVLP150 2010 €32.50
Clicks & Cuts 4 CD MillePlateauxMedia mpm004 2004 €10.00
Clicks & Cuts 5.1 - Paradigm Shift (The Bonus Package) CD Mille Plateaux MP 306 2010 €10.00
Musics in the Margin Vol. 2: Musik Oblik CD Sub Rosa SR299 2010 €13.00
Twenty Centuries of Stony Sleep do-LP Rune Grammofon RLP 3100 2010 €22.00
Offstrings LP Complacency Records CR201001 2010 €18.50
Psychogeographical Dip CD GD Stereo GD013 1997 €13.00
Ekhnaton CD Silentes Minimal Editions sme1036 2010 €12.50
25 Years of Kapotte Muziek CD Korm Plastics KP 3039 2010 €10.00
XXXII° Concorso Internazionale die Musica Elettroacustica e Rumore do-CD Monochrome Vision mc33 2010 €17.00
Trans_Canada. ZKM Karlsruhe DVD-Audio Empreintes Digitales IMED 09100 2009 €12.50
Audible Geography CD Room40 EDRM416 2008 €14.00
Zelphabet Vol. K CD Zelphabet K 2011 €11.00
Magnetic Traces CD Swarming 002 2009 €13.00
I.D. Art # 2 CD Paradigm Discs PD23 2007 €13.00
A tasty Swarm of small Signals DVD-Audio Störung str008 2010 €18.00
TF100 BOOK/ 2 x 10inch Tonefloat TF100 2011 €39.50
Vox:one CD Ohm Records 0.8 ohm 2010 €12.00
The Sound Ecology: Range CD Nitkie label patch two 2011 €13.50
Message from a Subatomic World CD Hypnos Recordings hyp2854 2008 €13.00
From Earth to Sirius do-CD Zoharum ZOHAR 020-2 2011 €15.00
Radioactive Astral Bell Noises do-CDR Wachsender Prozess WP032 2011 €10.00
SLEPPET BOOK / 2 x CD +3dB Records +DB006 2009 €26.00
Ambient of TIME CD Whereabouts Records WHACD-5 2011 €13.50
The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye (OST) CD Sweet Nothing SNCD55 2012 €13.00
Departure of Melancholy CD Firework Edition Records FER1076 2008 €12.00
Until Human Voices. Wake Us and We Drown 5 x 10inch BOX Rune Grammofon RLP 2050 2006 €55.00
FUCK YOU. Fucking Noise in China now DVD Sub Rosa / OME#13 2012 €15.00
Gravity's Drop Out. Tracks for non-existing Movies CD Alrealonmusique ALRN037 2012 €12.00
...plays BAD SECTOR mCDR Bastets Kitten BK003 2011 €6.00
Compilation Festival Electronica en Abril * 2003-2012 do-LP BOX La Casa Encendida 2012 €29.50
Yokomono 03.5 ("triple grooved" MERZBOW, MIKA VAINIO, NO ARTIST, JAAP BLONK, CYNTHIA ZAVEN) LP Staalplaat - Yokomono 03.5 2012 €12.00
Six Winners: The Stockholm Electronic Arts Award 1991-1996 CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1014 1999 €12.50
5 Composers - 3rd Hearing CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1006 1995 €12.50
Strade Trasparenti CD Staubgold staubgold digital 9 2011 €15.00
The constant Rise of Expectations CD-R Klappstuhl Records SP 003 2012 €12.00
5 Composers - Second Coming CD Fylkingen Records FYCD 1003 1994 €12.50
Swedish Contemporary Music LP Fylkingen Records FYLP 1030 1983 €16.50
Islands In-Between LP Touch T33.2v 2012 €14.00
Revenge? Yes! NORDIC AUDIO MODERN 2012 CD Autarkeia acd 086 2012 €13.00
Benefiets for Japan do-CD Licht-Ung 2012 €17.00
TOUCH. 30 Years and counting do-LP Touch Tone 33 2012 €24.50
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 2 LP Drone Records MIND-02 2012 €15.00
Complete 10inch-series from Cold Blue 3 x CD Cold Blue Records CB0014 2003 €24.00
TOUCH. 30 Years and counting CD Touch Tone 33CD 2012 €14.50
Japanoise of Death I+II do-CD / metal box Steinklang Industries SK-IN 12 BOX 2008 €24.50
Impedance CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACS 1003 2012 €4.00
Tensions at the Vanguard: New Music from Peru (1948-1979) do-CD Pogus Productions POGUS 21065-2 2012 €18.50
Cycles: Cyclic Law's 10th Anniversary Label Sampler do-CD Cyclic Law - 50th Cycle 2012 €14.00
Waschzwang - sensitiv USB-stick / object Ömschen Cloud Öckel 2 / K'02 2013 €15.00
Rising from the Red Sand Vol. 1 - 5 5 x LP-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD120 2013 €85.00
ZugZwang-Festival III CD Chamber Music Recodrs CMR004 2012 €10.00
Mystic Soundz from Afrika. Lost Field Recordings 1960-1973 LP Lost in Space Records LP-01 2012 €20.00
Staring into the Sun - Ethopian Tribal Music do-LP Sublime Frequencies SF 074 2012 €26.50
80s Compilation EP 7inch EE Tapes EV07 2013 €8.50
VERNACULAR do-CD Whereabouts Records WHACD-13 2013 €14.00
In Progress II CD Laznia - Centre for Contemporary Art 2013 €8.00
EXTRACT. Portraits of Soundartists BOOK // 2 x CD Nonvisualobjects NVO 011 2007 €36.00
XTRA HÖGTALARE CD Elektron Records EM1016 2012 €13.00
70 Years of Sunshine do-CD Monotype Records mono070 2013 €19.50
The Post Romantic Empire Album do-LP & 7inch Our Sweetest Songs OSS001 2013 €39.00
Xenophone International presents COSMIC OVERDOSE / TWICE A MAN / LARS FALK 1979-1985 3 x LP-BOX Vinyl-On-Demand VOD113 2013 €54.00
Art of the Muses CD Syrphe S012 2012 €12.00
30.2 - Electronica, Experimental and Noise from Africa CD Syrphe S013 2012 €12.00
Throne do-CD Cold Spring Records CSR181CD 2013 €7.50
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 3 LP Drone Records MIND-03 2013 €15.00
Stein: Interpretationen eines geologischen Materials und seiner Symbolik do-LP & 7inch Verlautbarung - mitteilung 94 2013 €38.00
Hassaniya Music LP Sublime Frequencies SF083 2013 €27.50
Framework Seasonal Issue #1, Autumn 2011 CD-R Framework Editions 2011 €20.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #2, Spring 2012 CD-R Framework Editions 2012 €20.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #4, Spring 2013 CD-R Framework Editions 2013 €20.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #5, Summer 2013 CD-R Framework Editions 2013 €20.00
Framework Seasonal Issue #6, Autumn 2013 CD-R Framework Editions 2013 €20.00
Epicurean Escapism II CD & DVD + book Silken Tofu stx.29 / The Epicurean cure 2 2013 €22.00
Es läuten die Glocken CD E-Klageto EXKLAGETO 11 2014 €10.00
Adventures in Sound CD EL / Cherry Red Rec. ACMEM159CD 2009 €15.00
IPEM - Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music: 50 years of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music at the Ghent University BOOK & do-CD Metaphon 004 2013 €33.00
EIDOLON. A Tribute to REUTOFF CD Old Europa Cafe OECD 189 2014 €13.00
INVENTIONEN VII : 30 Jahre Inventionen 1982-2012 do-CD & DVD-BOX Edition RZ 3006-8 2012 €29.00
Gyalpo CD Gterma gterma005 2012 €13.00
Incendium #4 CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 61 2014 €4.00
Smm: OPIATE LP Ghostly International GI 187LP 2013 €16.00
Musics in the Margin Vol. 3 : Inside Out Music CD Sub Rosa SR393 2014 €13.00
United States Bestial Forces 3 x CD L. White Records LW 064 2014 €20.00
MV X : Monochrome Visions 2004 - 2014 3 x CD Monochrome Vision [mv50] 2014 €20.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 1 (test-pressing!) LP Drone Records MIND-01* 2011 €20.00
Presque Rien CD-R Rhizome.s rhizome.s # 03 2013 €11.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 4 LP Drone Records MIND-04 2015 €15.00
Ambient Intimacy I CD-R EE Tapes ET50 1998 €12.00
Ambient Intimacy II CD-R EE Tapes ET55 1999 €12.00
Ambient Intimacy III CD-R EE Tapes ET63 1999 €12.00
Wandlungen Unplump CD Edition DEGEM ed02 / CD 11 2014 €13.00
Tincture of Japanoise CD Attenuation Circuit ACU 1002 2014 €8.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 4 LP x 4 Drone Records MIND-04 - ALL COLOURS 2015 €50.00
15 Poems by Franz Kafka BOOK & do-CD Zhelezobeton Distribution Division ZHB-06 2014 €16.00
BALI 1928, Vol. II : Tembanf Kuna - Songs From An Earlier Time CD World Arbiter - 2014 2014 €14.00
Epicurean Escapism I CD & DVD Silken Tofu stx.23 / The Epicurean cure 1 2013 €20.00
Wieza Cisnien II CD Zoharum ZOHAR 095-2 2015 €12.00
Insane 80's [EV01>EV10] CD EE Tapes EE30 2014 €12.00
Nostra Signora delle Tenebre do-LP Backwards BW20 2015 €20.00
Phra Rahu do-CD Gterma [gterma040] 2014 €19.50
Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014 do-LP Sub Rosa SRV390 2016 €18.50
Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music 1961-2014 do-CD Sub Rosa SR390 2016 €17.00
AUSGEWÄHLTE GERÄUSCHE do-CD & BOOK Auf Abwegen AATP50 2016 €22.00
DRONE-MIND // MIND-DRONE Vol. 5 LP Drone Records MIND-05 2016 €15.00
Attention Patterns do-LP Important Records IMPREC263 2010 €40.00
Now it's dark: DAVID LYNCH tribute CD KultFront KF-XXVII 2016 €13.00
PYRE CD Cold Spring Records 2016 €4.00
Musique Concrete LP Cacophonic!!! 17CACKLP / Finders Keepers Records 2016 €20.00
Music of Morocco, from the Library of Congress (recorded by PAUL BOWLES) 4 x CD BOX Dust-To-Digital DTD 046CD 2016 €55.00
25YLOKI do-CD LOKI Foundation LOKI 65 2016 €13.00
A Taste of MOLOKO PLUS / 1996-2016 do-CD MOLOKO+ PLUS 088 2016 €15.00
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 3 3 x LP SUB ROSA SRV220 2016 €27.50
MEXICAN CASSETTE CULTURE Electronica 1977-1982 6 x LP BOX Vinyl On Demand VOD148 2016 €98.00
'... that first Season' - A Winter-Light Compilation do-CD Winter-Light WIN 007 2017 €16.00
Fluxus Anthology : A Collection of Music and Sound LP Song Cycle Records CY997 2017 €28.00
Projekt Neue Ordnung II 4 x LP BOX Tesco Organisation TESCO 111 2017 €75.00
NEW SONGS OF THE HUMPBACK WHALE CD Important Records IMPREC433 2015 €15.00
Magnetic Traces 2 CD Swarming 005 2013 €13.00
Avantgarde is happening because.. CD Dirter Promotions DPROMCD132 2017 €14.00
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol. 1 do-CD SUB ROSA SR190 2017 €16.00
Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983-2017) do-LP Optimo Music OM LP 09 2017 €20.00
Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: Mindanoo Mistiru / Gold From Wax do-LP Sub Rosa SRV434 2017 €20.00
  Your Reality is broken LP Black Rose Recordings BRV 17-1014 2017 €20.00
VACANT STATIONS Clones CD Winter-Light WIN 009 2017 €13.00
VAGGIONE, HORACIO Points critiques CD INA GRM INAG 6032 2011 €13.00
VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN Live in Berlin pic-LP Harbinger Sound HARBINGER107 2012 €23.23
VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN / NEW NOVETA The Administration of Physique 7inch & mDVD Ultra-Mail Prod. U.M.P. 023 2013 €23.00
VAINIO, MIKA Kilo CD Blastfirstpetit PTYT 76 2013 €13.00
  Mannerlaatta CD iDEAL Recordings iDEAL 149 2016 €15.00
VAINIO, MIKA (aka "Ø") Konstellaatio CD Sähko Recordings SÄHKÖ 28 2014 €16.00
VAINIO, MIKA / KOUHEI MATSUNAGA / SEAN BOOTH 3. Telepathics Meh In-sect Connection CD Important Records IMPREC281 2010 €13.00
VAJAGIC, ELISABETH ANKA Stand with the stillness of this day CD Constellation Records CST028 2004 €13.00
VAJAGIC, ELIZABETH ANKA Nostalgia LP Constellation Records CST035-1 2005 €16.50
VALANX Ouroboros CD Reverse Alignment RA-30 2016 €12.00
VALEN, FARTEIN The Eternal CD Rune Grammofon RCD 2013 1999 €15.00
VAN DER VLEUTEN, MAARTEN High Intolerance toward low Energies LP Tonefloat TF41 2008 €16.50
VAN HASSELT, JAN Skills.Faces DVD Blossoming Noise BN046V 2010 €12.00
VAN HOEK, KASPER Minerva LP KVH 001 2006 €12.00
VAN HOEN, MARK Where is the Truth CD City Centre Offices 2010 €16.00
Where is the Truth LP City Centre Offices 2010 €16.00
The Revenant Diary CD Editions Mego emego 136 2012 €14.00
  The Revenant Diary do-LP Editions Mego emego 136v 2012 €19.50
VAN HOORN, NILS Colours CD Soleilmoon SOL 128 2003 €12.50
VAN LUIJK, TIMO / DANIEL DUCHAMP Les Soeurs Noires LP Editions Delvoyeurs Nebulae 001 2015 €17.50
VAN VELDHOVEN, WOUTER Four simple Songs for five dead Bumblebees CD Eat This Media etm001 2008 €10.00
VAN WISSEM, JOZEF The Joy that never ends LP Important Records IMPREC329 2011 €16.00
  The Joy that never ends CD Important Records IMPREC329 2011 €13.00
VAN WISSEM, JOZEF & JIM JARMUSCH The Mystery of Heaven LP Sacred Bones SBR-079 2017 €25.00
VANCE ORCHESTRA Drek (parts I-VI) CD Waystyx Records 2005 €16.00
Monstrance 7inch Dachstuhl DACH01 2001 €6.00
Slow Age Decay Musick CD-R Verato Project verazität 012 2003 €12.00
The E Emission CD-R EE Tapes ET77 2002 €8.00
Vance plays Vance CD-R Blade Records wmda 34 2003 €12.00
At Random again CD Noctovision NCVCD-09 2001 €14.00
  Hot Water Music (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-26 1998  
VANFLOWER, TARA Filled Heart CD Silber Records SILBER039 2005 €12.00
VASILISK Whirling Dervishes LP Steinklang SK77 2014 €20.00
Whirling Dervishes CD Steinklang SK77 2014 €13.00
Mkwaju LP Steinklang SK78 2014 €20.00
Mkwaju CD Steinklang SK78 2014 €13.00
Acqua LP Steinklang SK79 2014 €20.00
  Acqua CD Steinklang SK79 2014 €13.00
VAZHES Deep Komis CD Nadeln Prod. NaP.II 2010 €13.00
  Urja mCD-R Operator Produkzion OPERPRODUKT 64 2010 €8.00
VERTICCHIO, GIUSEPPE Tjukurpa CD-R no label /private release 1999 €8.00
VIOSAC (VIOLENCE AND THE SACRED) Rustypile CD Viosac VATS1 2008 €13.00
You are planning to enjoy the Apocalypse CD Viosac VATS2 2009 €13.00
  Dawning Luminosity CD Viosac VATS3 2010 €13.00
VIRGEN VAPOR All the songs of the universe played at the same time, shaping an invisible golden-fluo triangle CD-R Valuba Mafiforo VM-273 2003 €8.00
VISHUDHA KALI Unfinished devastation narrative CD Faria Records FAR-02 2005 €8.00
WARMDESK InvalidObject Series (function) mCD Fällt F.0014.0011 2000 €9.50
WRIGHT, PETER Unvarnished, untreated, unzipped CD-R Pseudo Arcana / Seedy R 2006 €9.00
WÄLDCHENGARTEN Reservated CD-R / object Verato Project verazität: 042 2005 €10.00
Y.ANN Valytheme CD-R Kokeshidisk KODI 7 2006 €9.00
YULCHIEVA, MUNADJAT & ENSEMBLE SHAVKAT MIRZAEV same CD World Network 28297 1997 €15.00
YULCHIEVA, MUNADJAT (also written YULTCHIEVA, MONAJAT) Uzbekistan CD Ocora C 561060 2008 €17.50
ZEALLEY, ANDREW Themes & Variations LP Tourette Records 009 2009 €22.00
ZENI GEVA Maximum Money Monster CD Cold Spring Records CSR78CD 2008 €13.00
[-HYPH-] Irrelevance.aif [step 2] mCD-R Antiinformation AICspecialedition 2004 2004 €5.00
[AD]VANCE[D] poem#red128dot CD-R Absurd #red_dot 2007 €10.00
Flushing the Veins DVD Waystyx Records WR30 2007 €15.00
Two Events LP Waystyx Records WAYSTYX41 2009 €15.00
24 10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-15 2011 €12.00
  Unseen Intelligence mCD-R Taalem alm88 2012 €5.00

"va" entries in albums descriptions

Artist Album Format Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
3/4HADBEENELIMINATED Oblivion CD back in stock the fourth album by this 4 piece band with VALERIO TRICOLI that was founded 2002 in Bologna, merging electronics and traditional instruments in a mesmerizing, dreamlike way... moving between song-format with vocals and electro-acoustic experimenation, they manage to create four extremely absorbing, dark, slowly evolving cinematic pieces of great beauty... still to discover !! 2010 €14.00
  Speak to me LP the trio of STEFANO PILIA, CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI and VALERIO TRICOLI is back with their 6th full length release - a dense amalgam of all kinds of improvised, concrete and electronic sounds gathered through the years, re-constructed by VALERIO TRICOLI, more dynamic phases interchange with sombre instrumentals..."the listener feels confronted by the ghost of music, sonic memories echoing across a psychedelic expanse. Evacuated of any clear structure, the music becomes a reverb-saturated morass, from which... " 2016 €17.50
300 BASSES Sei Ritornelli CD highly recommended project formed by A.C.MONTEIRO, JONAS KOCHER and LUCA VENITUCCI (ex ZEITKRATZER), all performing on accordion & objects, using special playing techniques to catch the vibrations, etc.. => breathing & gloomy bass-drones, scraping metallic noises & feedbacks, six very varied tracks between noise & near-silence, between instrumental & electronic sounds... 2012 €15.00
5IVE Hesperus CD new album by this "avant-metal" group from Boston 2008 €16.00
@C 0° - 100° CD Portugese duo consisting of MIGUEL CARVALHAIS & PEDRO TUDELA with one long electroacoustic composition, lim. 500 2010 €12.50
A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN same LP debut album of the new project formed by ADAM WILTZIE (STARS OF THE LID) and DUSTIN O'HALLORAN; instrumental late night ambience, very subtle and filmic... lim. vinyl version now available ! 2011 €16.50
ABBILDUNG & PLATEAU OMEGA Anthropocosmos CD another strong release by the Transylvanian mystic ritual & ethno ambient project, who shares this CD with the so far unknown PLATEAU OMEGA (feat. WOLFSKIN) => ritualistic and oriental influences combined with sacral dark ambient, think of classic RAPOON or even DEAD CAN DANCE, but also newer NAM-KHAR, FIRST HUMAN FERRO, or SEETYCA.... recommended!! 2015 €13.00
ABRAHAMS, CHRIS Memory Night CD the following solo-album to the great "Play Scar" by the NECKS-pianist, four ultra dense and innovative drone-based compositions mainly based on hardly recognizable instrumental sounds, very experimental and beautiful, our highest praise !! 2013 €14.00
AD LUX TENEBRAE Ouroboros CD newest release by the ritual industrial shamans from Siberia; sounds of thunderstorm and primeval Ural forests, spoken & whispered invocations, gong & metal sounds, handmade drums & flutes, all creating a very authentic, lonely & otherworldy atmosphere...two unique rituals were recorded; comparable to EMME YA, ARKTAU EOS, etc.. lim. 170 2013 €13.00
AEOGA Temple Treye CD after a long break the Finnish AEOGA return, a project with Antti Haapapuro (HALO MANASH, ARKTAU EOS)....bleak synth-expanses and distorted gong-drones with pulses and vocal material form an intense atmospheric voyage to the outerlands of the mind and reality... captivating stuff.. "This is archaic dronumental Temple Music in its purest form"; lim. 444 copies, special cardboard cover with eight panel booklet 2014 €13.00
AETHENOR Betimes Black Cloudmasses LP second album from this project by VINCENT DE ROGUIN (SHORA), STEPHEN O'MALLEY (SUNN O:))), LOTUS EATERS, etc..), and DANIEL O'SULLIVAN (GUAPO); lim. vinyl version 2008 €17.50
  Hazel LP 5th album by this unique psych/drone/Kraut improv band project founded by STEPHEN O'MALLEY (SUNN O))) and DANIEL O'SULLIVAN (ULVER, GUAPO..), now joined by KRISTOFFER RYGG and STEVE NOBLE on drums, who gives the ground for the extensive ambient-scapes of the others with his unusual drumming; all material is based on live recordings that have later been edited; this really opens up unkown spaces and luminous expanses.. 2016 €22.00
AF URSIN Aika. Un reveil siderant dans le passe decompose LP re-edition of this album that came out in a special handmade ed. in 2008; TIMO VAN LUIJKs solo-project with sounds that seem to arise in a strange dream... lim. 400 2011 €16.00
Trois Memoires Discretes LP music like slowly fading sepia-photographs, three purely instrumental "chamber" drone pieces (english horn, flute, percussion, double bass, hammond organ) by TIMO VAN LUIJKs solo-project, so sensitive & thoughtful... lim. 400 2012 €17.00
  De Overkant LP the 5th longplayer of TIMO VAN LUIJKS unique solo-project, very subtle & somehow nostalgic sounding miniatures performed on old acoustic and electronic instruments, very personal and intimate... 2nd edition of 300 copies, new cut, different sleeve.. "A collection of 7 intimate pieces about detachment, the inner world, timelessness, silence.." Instrumentation : Hammond organ, voice, piano, guitar, harp, flute, percussion, field recordings. 2015 €17.50
AGLAIA Mondi Sensibili CD third AGLAIA CD - a sound-garden of airy vastness.. 2006 €13.50
  Leaves & Thunderstorms CD newest album by the organic ambience project of GINO FIORAVANTI, who also works as painter, writer & therapist; 13 expanses of healing aural mandalas, combining electronic and instrumental sounds (Cello!).. "Aglaia uses sounds like watercolors, delicate aquatic tones that change made in a calm light." 2016 €15.00
AKITA, MASAMI Wattle pic-LP the series of picture discs on Elevator Bath (with visual artwork by the artists themselves) finally continues with a release by MASAMI AKITA aka MERZBOW, who re-worked photogrraphs of a Turkey; on the vinyl two tracks of "unidentifiable metallic clanging, crushing feedback, jagged white noise, and various effects...There are no drums, no guitars, no vocals; just scorching electronic mayhem of the highest quality..." lim. 270 copies 2016 €20.00
ALIO DIE Deconsecrated and Pure CD ALIO DIE further continues his "medieval ambient" direction, using beautiful vocal pieces by the Venetian 16th Century Renaissance composer CLAUDIO MERULO as source material => completely ethereal & suspended sacral music, full of solacing harmonies... 2012 €15.00
ALL HAIL THE TRANSCENDING GHOST same CD debut-release of collaboration project between HENRIK NORDVARGR BJÖRK (MZ.412, TOROIDH, ..) and TIM BERTILSSON (FEAR FALLS BURNING, SWITCHBLADE), guitar-based drone / dark ambience 2009 €12.50
ALUK TODOLO Archives Vol. 1 LP French instrumental "industrial rock" band open for noise and drone experiments, with influences from Black Metal and Krautrock => this is a collection of rare and unpublished material from their 10 years of existence: tribal percussion, hypnotic repetitions, ritualistic atmosphere, dark psychedelism... think of: BÄSTARD, SIGHTINGS, SAVAGE REPUBLIC,.. absolutely to discover for drone-rock fans who like it occult and dark ! 2017 €22.50
AMBARCHI, OREN A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheeks LP release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side; light blue vinyl 2008 €17.50
AMBER ASYLUM Bitter River CD darkest and most devastating album they did so far; "for fans of: ARVO PÄRT, ANGELO BADALAMENTI, ENNIO MORRICONE, COIL, SUNN O))), BOHREN & CLUB OF GORE" says the sticker 2009 €13.00
AMM Place sub.v CD recommended live recording (Lublin - Poland - at CODES Festival 16.May 2012) with JOHN TILBURY: piano, EDDIE PREVOST: percussion => versatile improvisation by the legendary (existing since 1965!) British ensemble, who create here a composition coming from wonderful subtle dark dronescapes & rumblings with metallic sounds of all kinds, starting extremely subtle and developing into something "beyond" categorisation, always very focused & to the point !! 61+ min. 2014 €15.50
ANDERSSON, PETER Music for Film and Exhibition 3 CD third collection of solo works and soundtracks for various exhibtions and films, a different sides of the genius of PETER ANDERSSONs (RAISON D'ETRE) work is revealed; touching wider stylistic realms... six works, 74+ minutes playtime 2013 €12.00
ANDRYCZUK, HARTMUT DJINN DER NORDSEE. Kurzfilme & Dokumentationen BOOK & DVD 24 shortfilms & art-documentations published by HARTMUT ANDRYCZUK, feat. WOLFGANG MÜLLER (DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS), VALERI SCHERSTJANOI, MICHAEL LENTZ, MAX MÜLLER, WOLFRAM SPYRA, etc.. numbered ed. 50 copies, comes with original painting of the publisher 2007 €50.00
ANEMONE TUBE Death over China CD "we are the servants of material progress" - a dark & apocalyptic concept-work based on field recordings made in China; lim. ed. 731 copies, comes in a deluxe 5 panel folder with metallic / black print 2011 €13.00
ANGEL 26000 LP project of ILPO VAISANEN (PAN SONIC) and DIRK DRESSELHAUS (SCHNEIDER TM), creating unclassifiable experimental freeform drones, using all kinds of electronic sources & real objects (like glassbowls, metals, wood, grass, etc.), feat. many guest-musicians as HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR, BJ NILSEN and OREN AMBARCHI 2012 €15.00
APOCRYPHOS The Prisoners Cinema CD debut album by one member of PSYCHOMANTEUM, ultra melancholic dark ambient inspired by sensory deprivation, isolation, and the dark chasms of your own soul.... multiple harmonic layers levitate on dark blowing drones... lim. 500 2015 €13.00
APSE Eras LP lim. 425 copies gatefold cover / excellent avant-rock from the US 2009 €18.00
ARANOS Crow Eye Hint CD the droning side of ARANOS, comes in a stunning handmade cover made of wood, cloth, and recycled paper with two woodcuts; looks like an archaic object! the one-tracker alone is available for free as MP3 from the website www.aranos.org 2010 €14.00
ARCANA Raspail CD finally the long-awaited (sixth) new studio-album by the swedish neo-classic / medieval ambient band 2008 €14.50
ARCHITECTS OFFICE Soundtracks CD collection of rare material by this US tape & underground project, (1983-1987) which developed a very unique & undescribable style, using lots of vocal found sounds... radical without being noisy... truly avantgardish and at times nearly unlistenable! 75 min. material, lim. 500 2014 €12.00
ARMCHAIR MIGRAINE JOURNEY Cosmic Space Drone CD two tracks of distorted / low-fi / far-away space-drone / rock, based on bass, drums, synths, drowned in echoes & effects.. feat. EDWARD KA-SPEL on 2 tracks; CD version now available lim. 300 with bonus-remix 2012 €13.00
ART ZOYD Symphonie pour le Jour ou bruleront les Cites LP re-issue of the very first cult album by ART ZOYD from 1976 = dark & experimental neo-classic chamber music meeting with ecstatic progessive rock & jazz influences, oscillating between wonderful dark parts & dramatic, hounded "Angst"-sections, at the same time apocalyptic & beautiful, breathtaking stuff full of tension & wonder; lim. 300 clear vinyl! (after these are gone there are more in black vinyl available) 2012 €15.00
Generation sans Futur LP re-issue of the third LP from 1980, feat. DANIEL DENIS (UNIVERS ZERO), a worthy successor of their legendary debut "Symphonie pour le Jour.." (first version appeared 1976), dark, dramatic & powerfully structured; their inimitable mixture of prog-rock, free jazz and avantgarde was performed with a small ensemble using Bass, Guitar, Cello, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Viola... 2015 €15.00
  Generation sans Futur CD re-issue of the third LP from 1980, feat. DANIEL DENIS (UNIVERS ZERO), a worthy successor of their legendary debut "Symphonie pour le Jour.." (first version appeared 1976), dark, dramatic & powerfully structured; their inimitable mixture of prog-rock, free jazz and avantgarde was performed with a small ensemble using Bass, Guitar, Cello, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Viola... 2015 €13.00
ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE (AMT) Ama_Zone 1: Black Waters CD new recordings by this composer from former Czechoslovakia (now living in Ireland) who developed a unique style "sound paintings" through the years; "Ama_Zone" contains, different from his usual working method, almost solely unprocessed field recordings from a trip to Brazil - and presents the ever impressing sound ecology of the rainforest with lots of strange sounding animals during different daytimes (for example bats recordings with ultrasonic microphone, birds, giant wasps, otters, tree frogs)... 2011 €12.00
Chitin mCDR new composition (20 min.) dedicated to JEROME NOETINGER feat. FRANCISCO LOPEZ sources, using various insect field recordings made in Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Czech Rep.: termites, ants, sting-less bees, leaf-hoppers, electric insects, hermit crabs, bee-hives... for an other-dimensional musique concrete journey 2012 €5.00
  Synkronika CD six exciting & complex new AMT pieces based mainly on animal voices & sounds, recorded on various locations around the earth, like South Africa, Amazon, Basque Country and Ireland, - listen to frogs, insects, amphibians, dogs, underwater creatures, but also ice particles, boiling oil, etc... forming astonishing, multilayered compositions of concrete material..... lim. 300, 78+ min. 2015 €12.00
AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE THE NOISE CULTURE MAGAZINE VOL. 1 MAG the ultimate publication for the Noise Culture scene, looks rather like a book with 166 pages and articles / interviews about noise-artists from the past & present: RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK, BROKEN FLAG, NO FUN FESTIVAL, 30 YEARS OF THE HATERS, ZONE NORD,etc. etc. along with various columns & tons of reviews !! Essential reading for the noise head, english language 2010 €9.00
ATELEIA & BENJAMIN CURTIS Baghdad Batterie LP release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side 2008 €17.00
ATKINSON, FELICIA La La La CD feat. editing work of SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU; comes in oversized & book-shaped hardcover-design 2008 €15.50
ATOMINE ELEKTRINE Laniakea CD new album of PETER ANDERSSONs (RAISON D'ETRE, etc.) second main project, inspired by the cosmic 'galaxy supercluster' of the same name...by using analogue synths & ryhthmic sequencer pulses, this is contemporary 'Kosmische Musik' par excellence, dedicated to vast spaces and atomic microworlds.... "Old fashioned modular analogue electronic synthesis combined with modern digital processing" 2015 €12.00
AUN Phantom Ghost LP NEW album available by the highly praised Canadian "drones and beyond" project, available end of October! 500 copies, gatefold cover, 180 gr. vinyl, download code 2011 €16.00
  Phantom Ghost CD NEW album available by the highly praised Canadian "drones and beyond" project; CD-version comes in special heavy cardboard inner and outer sleeves 2011 €14.50
AURAL RAGE A Nature of Nonsense LP first ever vinyl edition of this album from 2005 by the project of DANNY HYDE (the producer & remixer of COIL) => rhythmic & atmosperic well produced electronic tracks with lots of weird samples, variations and surprises, feat vocals of JOHN BALANCE on two tracks ("Make Room for the Mushrooms" !), two other tracks were written by PETER CHRISTOPHERSON; numbered ed. of 250 copies only ! 2014 €19.50
AUTHOR & PUNISHER Drone Machines CD crushing experimental / doom industrial metal, a mixture of GODFLESH and HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA maybe, with great power drone parts & going new directions; highly recommended if you're looking for avantgardish metal influenced music !! 2012 €12.00
B/B/S Brick Mask CD new project of AIDAN BAKER (NADJA), ERIK SKODVIN (SVARTE GREINER) and ANDREA BELFI with first release; improvised dark drone jazz (guitar, drums, percussion, electronics) that sounds rather out-composed 2013 €15.00
BAD ALCHEMY No. 61 (January 2009) mag Freakparade Festival 2008, ART OF ORYX, SATOKO FUJI, KTL, SUM OF R, NU & APA NEAGRA, PORTISHEAD, DAVID JOHNSON, ALBERT AYLER, THE NU BAND, & tons of reviews, also Drone Rec & Substantia Innominata ! 88 pages, almost all in German 2009 €3.00
No. 69 (May 2011) mag Artrock Festival Würzburg 2011, Live: Kayo Dot – CINC; Lache Bajazzo: Über Freaks und Humor; Spotlights: Evelyn Evelyn – Budam – Xavier Garcia; Haunt of the Unresolved: De Nato et de "L'Origine du Monde" + ausführliche Reviews von neuen RUNE GRAMMOFON, TZADIK, FIREWORK EDITION, KORM PLASTICS, eMEGO, LICHT-UNG, M=MINIMAL, PSYCH.KG, NITKIE, STAUBGOLD-Releases. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich !! 2011 €3.00
No. 73 (Mai 2012) mag reviews & articles: RUNE GRAMMOFON, TZADIK, NON TOXIQUE LOST-Interview, 30 JAHRE TOUCH (ZKM Karlsruhe), ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, ALONE AT LAST, EMPREINTES DIGITALES, EDITIONS MEGO, SUB ROSA, MONOCHROME VISION, UNSOUNDS, and much more from the impro & advanced jazz-scene.. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich !! 2012 €3.50
No. 74 (August 2012) mag reviews & articles: DIE WELT IST DRÖHN (incl. Drone Top Ten from BarakaH!), TOUCH, ReR MEGACORP, TZADIK, UTECH Records, RUNE GRAMMOFON, ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, EMPREINTES DIGITALES, MONOTYPE, and much more from experimental, drone, post-industrial, impro & advanced jazz-scene.. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich !! 2012 €3.50
No. 75 (Dezember 2012) mag reviews & articles: DEAD CAN DANCE, FREAKSHOW ARTROCK FESTIVAL, RUNE GRAMMOFON, MONOTYPE REC., UNSOUNDS, ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, PSYCH.KG, EDITIONS MEGO,SCHHH...REC., SUB ROSA, and much more from experimental, drone, post-industrial, impro & advanced jazz-scene.. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich !! 2012 €3.50
No. 76 (April 2013) mag reviews & articles: ALBATRE, CASSIBER, ELLIOT SHARP, HINTERZIMMER, EYVIND KANG, RUNE GRAMMOFON, BASKARU, CRONICA, DRONE RECORDS, EMPREINTES DIGITALES, MONOTYPE, TOTSTELLEN, CHMAFU NOCORDS, IDEOLOGIC ORGAN, FIREWORK EDITION, SUB ROSA , and much more from experimental, drone, post-industrial, impro & advanced jazz-scene.. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich !! 2013 €3.50
No. 77 (Juni 2013) mag reviews & articles: new stuff from ReR MEGACORP, RUNE GRAMMOFON, 1000FÜSSLER, ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, AUF ABWEGEN, IDIOSYNCRATICS, EDITIONS MEGO, SUB ROSA, and much more from experimental, drone, post-industrial, impro & advanced jazz-scene.. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich ! 2013 €3.50
No. 81 (Juni 2014) mag new reviews & articles: LA STPO, IDIOSYNCRATICS, GO OST!, 12K, 1000FÜSSLER, ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE REC., MEGO, TRANSGREDIENT & DRONE REC. and much more from experimental, drone, post-industrial, impro & advanced jazz-scene.. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich ! 2014 €3.50
  No. 82 (Juli 2014) mag neue Artikel & Rezensionen, sophisticated durch und durch: FAMILY FODDER, JOZEF VAN WISSEM, SVEN-AKE JOHANSSON, ALREALON MUSIQUE, ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, BASKARU, EDITIONS MEGO, TOUCH, CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN NEW MUSIC, KARLRECORDS, UNSOUNDS, und vieles mehr aus der experimentellen, drone, post-industrial, impro & Neue Musik & Jazz-Szene... Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & geistreich ! 2014 €3.50
BAD SECTOR The Harrow CD re-release of one of BAD SECTOR's most powerful works (appeared originally in 2001 on AVA), with bonus material ! 2007 €13.00
Transponder CD re-issue of ultra-rare album (CDR on Blade Records 1999) which collected early material from different releases 1994-1999, finally available again! Experience the legendary, rough but emotional machine-ambient sound!! Comes with two bonus-tracks from the same period 2011 €12.50
Xela LP vinyl re-issue of the great Waystyx CD from 2001, being based on a backing tape for the performance at a Staalplaat festival in Berlin, August 1996; this is also the first ever 12" VINYL release by the Italian cult project!! "Deep droning waves echoing through the abyss are underpinned by minimalistic archaic rhythms and processed radio transmissions, creating an inexplicable mystery of beautiful and timeless sound sculptures." lim. 200 on black vinyl 2017 €16.00
Absolute MC extremely rare cassette-version of a digital only release from 2015 - "Absolute" is a collection of soundtracks for various videos and soundtracks, 12 tracks, C-48, lim. 60 copies 2017 €13.00
  Quaternion CD the Russian label with great "3D" covers presents a re-shaped version of material only available online in 2010: 11 tracks based on "monochromatic soundscapes, created with layered sounds that move and rotate in the tridimensional space. The resulting micro-spatiotemporal structures are complex and organic, so an overall super-structure is no more strictly necessary." - a phantastic fluidum is created! lim. 300, elaborated artwork made of metallic coated paper with UV print, + 6 colour postcards 2017 €15.00
BAKER, AIDAN Candescence CD-R second edition now available, again packed in a handmade nylon/pantihose-cover! 2005 €9.00
Origins & Evolutions. A Composition for multiple Guitars CD maybe AIDAN BAKERs so far most time-consuming & elaborated project: a 4 part composition for multiple guitars, performed by various guitarists via mail-art / e-mail exchange, feat. N aka HELLMUT NEIDHARDT (& ex MULTER), MICK BARR (FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, etc.), DAVID DANIELL, BRYAN w. BRAY (GATES), DAVID TAGG, JON ATTWOOD (YELLOW6), JONATHAN DEMERS, etc. etc. => various layers of different guitar-sounds form a slow & droney piece evolving into.. something... 2012 €13.00
  The Sea swells a bit do-LP the first release in the new "Mind Travels" series of this French label is a vinyl re-issue of AIDAN BAKER's stunning album from 2006 => three longs tracks about the deepsea, the ocean, dying sailors, dense & inapproachable, dark & mysterious, working with mesmerizing layers & circles of long guitar loops, arising in slow Crescendos... beginning with track 2 smooth percussion & bass-grooves are pervading the drones, the whole gets slightly psychedelic... comes with new artwork & live bonus track! 2015 €19.00
BALESTRAZZI, SIMON Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus CD SIMON BALESTRAZZI (T.A.C, DREAM WEAPON RITUAL, KIRLIAN CAMERA, etc. and also part of the great "In Memorian J.G. BALLARD" CD project) with seven subtle but intense solo-tracks, inspired by the concept of sensorial deprivation: very deep drones with metalloid overtunes, but also with more concrete instrumental elements from strings, piano, dulcimer, idiophone (steel cello), table top guitar, and field recordings.. immersive stuff, full of tension! lim. 200 2015 €10.00
BARDOSENETICCUBE & VRESNIT & KSHATRIY Creation CD three way split CD presenting 2 long beautiful tracks from BARDOSENETICCUBE (feat. female Russian singing by ANNA RYZHENKOVA), 3 tracks from VRESNIT and 2 from KSHATRIY, all based around the theme "Creation" as a realization of Nature and Being... this is high-class mega organic drone-ambient with the special "Russian touch"; numbered ed. of 580 copies in 6-panel full-colour cardboard cover 2011 €13.00
BARN OWL & THE INFINITE STRINGS ENSEMBLE The Headlands CD collaboration of ELLEN FULLMANs LONG STRINGS ENSEMBLE (together with THERESA WONG on Cello) & BARN OWL; long sustained drones, highly elevated, moving towards infinity... these are pure ethereal poly-waves, deeply resonancing... highly recommended for any minimal drone lover !! 2011 €13.00
BARRETT, NATASHA Bouteilles de Klein do-DVD-A various works for concert / listening situation (disc 1) and for installations (disc 2) - all available in surround sound (4.0 & 5.0), HRTF-binaural and standard stereo / CD audio files !! 2010 €13.00
BASINSKI, WILLIAM A Shadow in Time LP two long new pieces, the title track is dedicated to DAVID ROBERT JONES (aka DAVID BOWIE), the pieces have been created with synths, tenor saxophone, tape loops and electronics => very rich & multi-layered, subharmonic ambient drones and waves full of ringing overtunes, surely among his best material! The limited vinyl version contains a special mix, only available on this format 2017 €25.00
BASINSKI, WILLIAM & RICHARD CHARTIER Aurora Liminalis CD their second collaboration after the "Untitled" CD (2008), repressed; 'Aurora Liminalis is a rich and nebulous soundtrack, the aural equivalent of undulating trails of light... ' 2013 €14.50
BAYLE, FRANCOIS Les Couleurs de la Nuit CD 'Perhaps that which is lost or destroyed does in fact circulate?' - the complete version of BAYLEs masterpiece from 1982, a work for tapes and computer, transforming various instrumental sources with electronic means in order to create 'sound images moving like butterflies through audible space' [BAYLE]... a very own musical language ! 2013 €13.00
  Les Couleurs de la Nuit LP 'Perhaps that which is lost or destroyed does in fact circulate?' - the complete version of BAYLEs masterpiece from 1982, a work for tapes and computer, transforming various instrumental sources with electronic means in order to create 'sound images moving like butterflies through audible space' [BAYLE]... a very own musical language; vinyl version lim. 500 2013 €15.00
BECUZZI, GIANLUCA (In)Visible Fields do-CD collection of live, theatre and installation-works of a highly experimental / abstract nature; really challenging stuff combining elements from various styles / sound-sources / conceptual ideas, often monumental droney & bizarre... - very nice overview about the 'non-compositorical' side from GIANLUCA BECUZZI 2011 €13.00
Trax to Trax do-CD collection of very experiMENTAL material rec. 2006-2011 and mostly taken from now deleted releases, feat. many guest-musicians like NIGEL AYERS (NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS), FABIO ORSI, PIETRO RIPARBELLI (K11), etc.. very suggestive & dense compositions with an amazing variety (lots of vocal material), pointing to unconscious realms & inner worlds... 2012 €13.00
  We can be Everywhere CD-R rare album by the Italian soundartist and long active post industrialist, filled with solo-works and collaborations (with SVART1, RETINA.IT and DEISON); 9 tracks of 'intelligent' constructed noise & advanced experimental drone... lim. 200 2014 €9.50
BECUZZI, GIANLUCA: PLAYS LIMBO Unholy Rituals Vol. I / II / III do-CD BECUZZI uses source sounds from LIMBO, a legendary Italian dark wave band, to create extremely dark & isolationist, at times horror-filled pieces, pervaded with anxiety and helplessness, spread on 2 cds... 2015 €13.00
BEEQUEEN Aughton LP nice vinyl-only release with older recordings by the Dutch experimental ambience project with FRANS DE WAARD; organic & dark drone/musique concrete at its best ! lim. & numbered ed. 300, full colour inner sleeve, last copies available 2004 €17.00
BELONG October Language CD first great album of this experimental guitar drone duo, somewhere between MY BLOODY VALENTINE and WILLIAM BASINSKI 2006 €15.00
BERIO, LUCIANO Differences LP material ranging from 1951-1969 / also available as CD for same price 2006 €16.50
BERROCAL, JACQUES MDLV CD new solo-album after 20 years for this French avantgarde trumpet-player who worked with STEVEN STAPLETON, PASCAL COMELADE, LOL COXHILL and G. TAZARTES amongst many others => powerful free avant/jazz/rock with his remarkable voice; the CD version comes with two bonus tracks 2014 €13.00
BERTOIA, HARRY Clear Sounds/Perfetta LP the legendary SONAMBIENT label has been re-activated, this is the first release with previously unheard/unreleased material from the BERTOIA archive! => recorded 1971 and 1973, these were directly mastered from the original 1/4" tapes... deep metallic vibrations and reverberations of his sculptures and gongs (about 100 of them were kept in the BERTOIA barn in the woods of Pennsylvania), stunning recording quality !! finally re-pressed ! 2016 €23.00
  Clear Sounds/Perfetta CD the legendary SONAMBIENT label has been re-activated, this is the first release with previously unheard/unreleased material from the BERTOIA archive! => recorded 1971 and 1973, these were directly mastered from the original 1/4" tapes... deep metallic vibrations and reverberations of his sculptures and gongs (about 100 of them were kept in the BERTOIA barn in the woods of Pennsylvania), stunning recording quality !! 2016 €15.00
BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE (B.S.E.) The End of it all CD it seems with this album the Swedish duo wanted to create the saddest music in the world: lush piano melodies traversing through reverberated halls, desperated vocals emerge from far away, a despondent atmosphere is created where everything moves very slowly...depressive but filled with beauty at the same time.. "The intersections of beauty, despair, and a pervasive calmness give The End Of It All a powerful emotional edge." [Terra Relicta] 2016 €13.00
BIANCHI, MAURIZIO (M.B.) Apokalypsis XXIII CD M.B. seems to have the motivation to create the strangest music on the planet - with Apokalypsis XXIII he succeeds almost - mysterious ghost -drones, fragmented, decaying sounds, hidden harmonies... four long tracks based on the "book of revelation" from the New Testament, this is said to be the last ever M.B. album !! Lim. 500, nice cover with golden print, highly recommended ! 2011 €13.00
  Celtichants CD based on multi-layered chanting voices from unknown sources, this creates a surreal atmosphere of strangely whispering and morphing organisms, woven into a flowing, otherworldy 60 min. collage... excellent new M.B.-work with an odd emotional quality.. lim. 500 special package, using different colour variants & incl. a set of 3 full colour postcards 2013 €15.00
BIANCHI, MAURIZIO / L.C.B. Brain Meat CD-R M.B. collab with GIOVANNI MORI aka L.C.B. - pure analogue synth abuse, a 4-track mini-album of 29+ min length: "Brain is Meat: this is Brain electronics / Meat electronics"; lim. 200 2014 €7.00
BIG CITY ORCHESTRA Airre CD-R second edition now available! 2005 €12.00
Impetuoso MC another trip into BCO's very own dimension of enchanting ambient scapes, unbelievable weird collages & rumbling drones.. C-90, lim. 100, printed silver paper cover with extra fragile paper sleeve, very handmade.. 2013 €8.00
Eerily CD back in stock this strangely - obscurely - mysteriously - droning & looping BCO-album, feat. DAVID AELLEN (GONG) and JONATHAN SEGEL (CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN)! Lim. 300 in 7"-cover with unique poly-colour silkscreen inlay, each one unique & numbered! very nice edition ! 2009 €13.00
  Don't let him touch you MC C-60 release, re-stock of rare MC on Slovakian label 1999 €6.50
BIRDS BUILD NESTS UNDERGROUND Kiss MC C-45, the Czech plunderphonic duo in a very dark & droney mood... beautiful & sombre stuff, has been recorded live in a Synagogue in Samorin, Slovakia; lim. 100, professional cover & duplication 2012 €7.50
BIRDS OF PASSAGE & LEONARDO ROSADO Dear and Unfamiliar LP second album for the "dark poetique" singer/songwriter from New Zealand, collaborating with LEONARDO ROSADO; vinyl-version lim. 300 in the typical DENOVALI deluxe style ! 2011 €19.50
BISCLAVERET Psyche noMine CD oversized cardboard cover / debut "fabric-pressed" CD by this Polish duo which has been compared to NORDVARGR, SANCTUM, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES... 2006 €13.00
BJARNADOTTIR, HAFDIS Sounds of Iceland CD an acoustic "round trip" through Iceland, with no human based sounds involved, recorded through all seasons!! listen to: geysers, hot springs, lava fields, caves, streams, waterfalls, coast, bird cliffs, etc... a rough and archaic sound world, nicely documentated (12 page full colour booklet), great spatial sound quality... produced at EMS in STockholm 2015 €13.00
BJERGA / IVERSEN (Go with the Flow) like a Twig on the Shoulders on a mighty stream CD 12-track collection with pieces from various releases from this norwegian impro / experimental / drone duo, the ideal starting point into their atmospheric cosmos ! 2008 €12.00
BLACK MAGAZINE Nr. 48 (Frühling 2008) mag german mag (A4, 84 pages) with articles about AMBER ASYLUM, BAKTERIELLE INFEKTION, CONTROLLED BLEEDING, LLOVESPELL, JULIA KENT, NADJA, SAVAGE REPUBLIC, TONY WAKEFORD, AXON NEURON/VAGWA, CIRCULAR, etc, plus many reviews & concert-reports, all in german language 2007 €3.50
BLACKSHAW, JAMES Celeste CD his successful album from 2007 available again (re-pressing 2010) 2007 €14.50
BLITZOIDS Steeling from helpless children / Look up do-CD re-issue of their first two LPs from 1987 & 1990, with various bonus-tracks 2006 €14.00
BOKANOWSKI, MICHELE same CD three pieces rec. 1976-1988 by the remarkable French composer: "Trois Chambres d'Inquietude" (1976), "Tabou" (1984), and: "Phone Variations" (1988) - which hasn't been published at all before.. 2009 €14.00
  L'etoile Absinthe - Chant d'ombre CD re-issue of the deleted Metamkine mCD from 2000 with an intensely waving piece based on short snapshots of vocal material, plus an unreleased work from 2004 (dedicated to ELIANE RADIGUE) - 24+ min. of brooding, breathing, slowly elevating organic drones, fantastic piece !! 2014 €13.00
BOLANOS, CESAR Peruvian Electroacoustic and Experimental Music (1964-1970) do-CD collection of pieces by one of the leading Latin American avantgarde composers 2010 €18.00
BORGA, ASCANIO Raw Science CD ASCIANO BORGA from Rome has build a nice collection of works in the last 10 years, this new album "Raw Science" must be his most sophisticated so far: experimental / industrial ambient / 'archaic drone' compositions with many layers and sounds used, inspired by alchemical and medieval esoterism (HIERONYMOUS BOSCH on cover), very dense and heavily processed... absolutely to discover! 4 long tracks, 59+ min, 6 panel digipack 100 copies made 2016 €10.00
BOURBONESE QUALK Archive 1980-1986 Vinyl On Demand VOD147 one of our favourite bands from the 80's with a 4 LP BOX on VOD! This contains very early material from various rare cassettes and compilations, plus 20 so far unreleased tracks, demonstrating again the uniqueness of this group! Lim. 400 with A3-poster 2016 €68.50
BRAMBLE Dynamism CD promising new experimental "bleak ambience" project from Toledo, OH, with second release (first one "Innate" available as MP3); handmade / numbered ed. of 50 copies 2007 €12.00
BRANCA, GLENN Symphony # 5: Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere CD available again! Originally recorded in 1984, post produced later in the 90's 1996 €14.00
BRANT, JACOB Rainmaking mCD-R highly recommended newcomer creating multi-layered, shimmering dronescapes with powerful washes of winds & harmonics - somehow guitarish, 'post rock' elements are involved, , truly elevating! For fans of TIM HECKER; TROUM; etc... filed under: energetic beauty drones & overtunes; 22 min. in mCD box 2013 €6.00
BRETHREN OF THE FREE SPIRIT The Wolf shall also dwell with the Lamb CD project of JAMES BLACKSHAW & JOZEF VAN WISSEM 2008 €14.00
  The Wolf Also Shall Dwell with the Lamb LP project of JAMES BLACKSHAW & JOZEF VAN WISSEM; lim. vinyl version 500 copies 2008 €23.50
BRIGHTER DEATH NOW With Promises of Death CD the return of BDN, eight very different tracks with a great variation between death industrial, power electronics and doom ambience.. first release on new label of ROGER KARMANIK, mastered by PETER ANDERSSON (RAISON D'ETRE) 2014 €16.00
BRUIL, ARNO / BROUCE TETARETTE Pavo / Sonofoque MC tape only release one of the most obscure labels we ever got to know, driving around with a public "bus bibliotheque" to various French cities... ARNO (ARNAULD) BRUIL creates pure analogue electronic feedback, drone & noise sounds way beyond the normal musical parameters, BROUCE TETARETTE excite us with massive, pulsing overtune drones, in flickering motion, very good! lim. 100 in jewel-case with nicely embossed cover 2015 €7.50
BRUME / OUBLIER ET MOURIR A Year to live LP split LP inspired by the book of the same name by STEPHEN LEVINE about preparing for death in order to live more consciously inside every moment; OUBLIER ET MOURIR is the ambient side of ANEMONE TUBE; BRUME has an incredible side-long dark ambient-drone noise & poetry track in different parts, haunting & captivating & always changing! lim. 300 copies on white vinyl, with postcard and very nice 320gr. full-colour cover 2012 €17.50
BRUNNEN The Beekeeper's Dream (subscribers edition) LP & pic-LP we got few sets of the lim. pic-LP-set edition, usually only available if you subscribed to the whole RANFB-set !! LP and bonus pic-LP entitled "TIPPPOO's TIGER", with signed insert ! 2005 €30.00
BURKE, DAN & THOMAS DIMUZIO Hz CD live recordings made Oct. 1997 in San Francisco => DAN BURKE (ILLUSION OF SAFETY) in collab. with THOMAS DIMUZIO, advancing from more quiet and dreamlike moods into noisy attacks, showing both fully immersed in metallic drones and strange sounds... BACK IN STOCK 1999 €13.00
BURNES, ANDREW Telescope LP 7th release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series Vol. 3 & 4 (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side on colour or clear vinyl; solo debut album of this member of SAN AGUSTIN; mastered by JIM PLOTKIN 2008 €17.00
BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S. Häxan: Witchcraft through the Ages CD recording from 1968 feat. BURROUGHS as narrator with his uncomparable voice for this 'dark humorous' silent cult film from 1922 - the avant-jazz soundtrack in between is from: DANIEL HUMAIR (percussion), BERNARD LUBAT (piano organ), GUY PEDERSON (double bass), JEAN-LUC PONTY (violin), and MICHEL PORTAL (sax, flute) => 'Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and a satanic Sabbath'; 76 min. 2014 €13.00
Call me Burroughs LP first time re-issue of W.S. BURROUGHS first LP from 1965 - reading from 'Naked Lunch' and 'Nova Express' with his inimitable voice... "An eerie, deadpan drawl guides the listener through sci-fi innerscapes, narcotic nightmares, reports from the edge of the apocalypse" 2016 €24.00
  Curse Go Back LP re-issue of a rare CD ("Electronic Revolution") with original cut-up experiments by BURROUGHS recorded in 1968, comes with insert feat. an essay and so far unseen photos, lim. 500 clear vinyl ; "This is the first readily available edition of an hypnotic and meditative recording that examines the hidden power of words. Closer to work of sound poetry than anything literary" 2016 €22.00
BVDUB Epilogues for the End of the Sky CD BROCK VAN WEY aka "bvdub"s third full-length for Glacial Movements, the US project has grown to a well known act in the "deep techno" and harmonic ambient scene.... 8 warm electronic tracks with melodramatic titles, piano and vocal elements; "when presented with something that is ambient and deep-house with no tempo, but the entirety is vastly melancholic, this seems the perfect recipe for attracting the attentions of dark ambient listeners." [This is Darkness] 2017 €14.00
B°TONG (B*TONG / B-TONG/ BTONG) Prostration before Infinity LP the very first full LP release for the Swiss Drone Rec. artist (MIND 01 LP) who found a remarkable own way to transform subconscious matter into audio material (or vice versa?=), here with a stronger focus on oral / voice sources... we had to think of OVRO or even NURSE WITH WOUND when these bizarre & surrealistic micro sound drones appear, exist for a moment and seep away... lim. 300 "inspired by the vast and still quite unknown space that surrounds us" 2014 €17.50
Each and every Word must die LP collector's item! - recordings of private concert given in Barcelona in December 2016, in front of an audience of 2 people only!! numbered edition, lim. 100 - handpainted cover - coloured vinyl - inlay - download code 2017 €26.00
  Monastic CD MONASTIC (='klösterlich') is the companion release to 'The long Journey' on the same label; from various field recordings extremely uncanny soundscapes and strange acoustics are formed... 2017 €13.00
CAGE, JOHN Birdcage / 73'20.958 DVD film collage by HANS G. HELMS from 1972, first shown at the Donaueschingen Music Festival, feat. many other artist from the New York scene at that time, as DAVID TUDOR, MERCE CUNNINGHAM, PHILIP CORNER, YOKO ONO & JOHN LENNON.. very nice documentary, 73 min. 2012 €24.00
  Complete Song Books do-LP one of CAGE's most incredible pieces is "Song Books" from 1970, a collection of 92 short works containing songs and 'directions for a theatrical performance', both also with additional electronics; with various notation systems used, sometimes containing special actions (like eating fruits or drinking cognac) by the performers, texts by THOREAU, ERIK SATIE, MARCEL DUCHAMP and others... REINHOLD FRIEDL with help of RASHAD BECKER have interpretated all 92 songs in 2015; lim. 500 with inlay 2016 €26.50
CAGE, JOHN & CHRISTIAN WOLFF same LP re-issue of the 1962 LP with "Cartridge Music" (one of CAGEs earliest 'live electronic' pieces, where the performers use cartridges from record players and manipulate them in various ways), performed 1960 by CAGE & TUDOR themselves,completely "music-free" scraping and scratching noises & feedbacks, on the B-Side three pieces by CHRISTIAN WOLFF performed by DAVID TUDOR and others, on piano, violin, strings and horn... comes with liner notes on printed inner sleeve 2016 €18.00
CAMBERWELL NOW The EP Collection LP re-issue of the EPs "Meridian" from 1983 (which started as a recording project for THIS HEAT and feat. CHARLES BULLEN on the opening track), and their last recordings on "Greenfingers" (1987); "Comprising tracks that overlapped between This Heat and Camberwell Now, the EPs concerned themselves with information technology, surveillance, propaganda and what Hayward describes as 'day-to-day, hand-to-mouth survival' "... classy coverar & download code 2016 €28.00
CANTU-LEDESMA, JEFRE Love is a Stream CD heavenly distorted drone-walls like a more industrialized version of MY BLOODY VALENTINE; great album by the TARENTEL member 2010 €15.50
CAPELLE, MIREILLE Anello. Naga. Sunyata 3 x CD epic release by this singer, actor & music professor from Belgium, constructed 'geometrically' due to a mathematical scheme based on the symbolism of numbers, all pieces can be played seperately or together to build a complete 'Sonic Architecture'; => very dense meditative music using electronic sound drops, mysterious overtune drones, whispers, percussion, instruments (strings, flute, gongs), field & object recordings (water.. ). very otherworldy, captivating, somehow esoteric! MASTERPIECE!!! 2009 €25.00
CAPPAROS, OLIVIER & LIONEL MARCHETTI Equus CD musique concrete work from 2001/2002 realized at INA GRM in Paris, using many voice-quotes from different people in a fascinating way, "Equus guides us through human memory and history"; very captivating & opening up an intermediate reality 2009 €12.50
CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI same LP re-issue of a strange esoteric tape by this project, originally released 1987: no electronics were used during the ritualistic recordings, but: "PVC tubes, air compressors, hammers, buckets, water, steel and aluminum tanks and plates, various metal and plastic objects.."...rough, occult, authentic stuff! lim. 250 2016 €23.00
CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS (CBL) VLA CD first CD issue of a 2011 digital release by the Swedish ambient cult-project, containing a 51+ min one tracker filled with deep organic / cosmic ambience, inspired by the "Very Large Array" radio astronomy observatory located on the Plains of San Agustin, New Mexico, USA 2016 €15.00
CASSIBER The Cassiber Box (1982-1992) 6 x CD + 1 DVD-BOX box re-issue of the four studio albums by this highly political, poetic & mind-provoking German avantgarde-band (feat. CHRIS CUTLER on drums) who established a unique style, plus collaborative projects & unreleased material on two more CDs, +2 hours of concert & studio material on the DVD (Frankfurt 1982, Sao Paolo 1984, and a documentary from East Berlin 1989 at Akademie der Künste in DDR!) along with a 32p. full colour booklet with lots of texts & photos!! 2013 €55.00
CASTELLO, ANGELICA Bestario CD first album by this Mexican composer (living in Vienna) doing organic & poly-layered experimental dronescapes with a slight industrial touch at times, culling sounds from various sources (handplayed instruments, voice, field recordings, radio,...)= great discovery! 2011 €13.50
CAUDAL Forever in another World LP first album of a trio feat. AIDAN BAKER on guitar, GARETH SWEENEY on bass and FELIPE SALAZAR on drums, creating a spacey form of slow and floating psychedelic jazz drone and Krautrock...hypnotic & elevating; lim. 500 and dedicated to the European ground squirrel (all profits from this release go to a Nature Preservation Union) 2013 €18.50
CAUX, JACQUELINE Anna Halprin 2 x DVD hard to find private release with two films about the great avantgarde dancer ANNA HALPRIN, who worked with JOHN CAGE, TERRY RILEY, MORTON SUBOTNICK, etc.., : "Out of Boundaries" (53' - 2004) and "Who Says I have to Dance in a Theater" (50' - 2006); english language with french subtitles 2014 €35.00
CELER Sky Limits CD washes of long synth & drone waves are taking turns with small acoustic snapshots of daily life field recordings; suggestive daydream-muzak with as strong Asian aura... CD version now available 2014 €14.00
CELER & MACHINEFABRIEK Compendium CD re-issue of the three deleted 7" singles from 2012, now with four previously unreleased bonus tracks (feat. remixes by STEPHAN MATHIEU, SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU and NICOLAS BERNIER) 2015 €13.00
CHALK, ANDREW The Circle of Days LP older CHALK recordings feat. DAISUKE SUZUKI performed on / created with field recordings, keyboards, guitar, bass & slide-guitar => everyday environmentals (like in ORA with DARREN TATE) merge with subtle instrumental drones and sound drops, filed under: impressionist ambience... "A magical, captivating piece of work that functions like a sonic parallel to the way shooting stars grip our gaze in wonder" [Infinite Limits]; ed. of 325 copies 2014 €20.00
The Cable House CD re-pressing of the album from 2009 now available - this is a beautiful "mini slipcase edition", with handmade oversized gatefold cover, and wooden spine at side ! 2014 €17.50
  Ghosts of Nakhodka LP a different album than the "Ghost of Nakhodka" CD on Siren Records (2010/2011), these 13 miniatures are based on synths and field recordings, use backwards sounds and form nice varified drone pieces, interwoven in the typical CHALKian way... ed. of 300 copies, inlay 2015 €19.50
CHAOTALION Tannenholzrauch CD promising ritual & transcension drone newcomer, various droning sound-layers (guitars, electronics, fields recordings) swirl in endless amorph formations and spirals... 66+ min. to discover, nice price! 2015 €8.00
CHRIS & COSEY Exotika LP re-issue of album from 1987; futuristic danceable electronica in the typical CTI style; re-mastered by CHRIS CARTER, this re-press is available on black vinyl now! 2014 €19.50
  Songs of Love & Lust LP re-issue of the third CHRIS & COSEY album from 1984 with dark & erotic "industrial pop"; re-mastered by CHRIS CARTER, this re-press is available on black vinyl now! 2014 €19.50
CHROME Ghost Machine CD re-issue of this "lost gem" (from 2002) in the discography of the sci-fi / industrial rock / punk band from San Francisco, when HELIOS CREED had re-activated the band after the death of DAMON EDGE with diverse new musicians, for example ALEPH KALI (from AUME and F-SPACE) => the perfect amalgam of psychedelic punk, avantgardish wave-pop and tape experimentation, always rhythmic and intoxicating, like ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO on a psych-rock trip? 2017 €14.50
CINDYTALK touchedRAWKISSEDsour CD new studio album to the 30th (!) anniversary of his famous 'Camouflage Heart' album => quite massive and sinister, highly idiosyncratic, abstract ambient compositions with a somehow elevating effect, often filled with powerful digital distortion and waving field recordings, but there are also wonderful moments of yearning and romanticism... 2014 €13.00
CISFINITUM The Bog CD THE BOG is dedicated to the myths & archetypes of TOADS (for example the 'princess frog'), using re-processed sounds of frogs, toads and swamps... (based on field rec. made in China, India, and material provided by MARS WELLINK ([AD]-VANCE[D]) and ANDREA MARUTTI (AMON) ) => one long one-tracker with beautfiul drone scapes, 48+ minutes, 4 parts.. 2013 €13.00
CLEMENT, JODA The Narrows CD one long hazy dronescape based on various field recordings mainly made in Canada, very complex & rich, unidentifiable & mysterious ... ninth release in this strong series by MYSTERY SEA, dealing with "spirits of specific places"; lim. 200 handnumbered copies, beautiful full colour artwork as usual by DANIEL CROKAERT 2011 €14.00
CLOSING THE ETERNITY Forever and a Day CD three long tracks that appear as long waves of cosmic breathing, slowly changing in colour, immediately captivating... at the same time majestic and melancholic.... one hour of dark, transcendental meditation drones that show why this Russian project is one of the top dark ambient acts of today... lim. 300 2017 €13.00
COLLECTIONS OF COLONIES OF BEES Six Guitars LP FIRST release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series Vol 3 & 4 (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side 2008 €17.00
COLLEY, JOE / CRAWL UNIT No Way In LP after a long release break (4 years) Drone Rec. artists JOE COLLEY (aka CRAWL UNIT) is back, two side-long pieces of his ever captivating electro-mechanic drones.."Armed with ancient electronic utensils, the artist explores a sort of lonely existentialism, dolefully framing the absurdity of life between carefully placed textured fields of drone, arrays of clatter and shards of radio static." lim. 400 clear vinyl, poly-lined inner-sleeves, download code 2016 €27.50
CONIGLIO, ENRICO I MC we got very few single copies of this MC usually only available with the full (A-Z) set of COLLEZIONE DEL SILENZIO; numbered. ed. 100 copies, C-36 2011 €7.50
CONIGLIO, ENRICO / UNDER THE SNOW Dialogue One CD the new (?) project of STEFANO GENTILE (the man behind SILENTES) and GIANLUCA FAVARON, who create their very own kind of widely approached flowing experimental ambience using many different sound-sources from electronics to pure field recordings, always with on brain-half in dreamlands... very much recommended !! 2011 €12.00
CONTRASTATE No Eden without Annhiliation LP + CD the sister release to "A breeding Ground for Flies" features live recordings made at various venues throughout Europe from 2012-2014, further refining their vision of apocalyptic / deeply critical music, a mixture of ambient industrial, ritual music and noise with a strong emphasis on the thought-provolking lyrics, thus often generating a compelling psychic vortex; lim. 300 with CD version of the same album included 2016 €25.00
CONTROL In Harm's Way CD third album on Ant-Zen for the excellent US power electronics / death industrial project, who combines impressively sluggish atmospheric passages with noise & vocal aggression, fully loaded with various multi-layered sounds & effects.."a perfect equilibration of organic heat and machined iciness, executed with skin deep emotion and surgical precision" 2015 €13.50
CONTROLLED BLEEDING Distress Signals II LP so far unreleased album that was recorded during the "Distress Signals" sessions in 1983 & 1984, now for the first time available (co-released with Distress Signals I)! 2016 €22.00
  Distress Signals I & II do-CD re-issue of C.B.s first legendary cassette (came out before the harsh industrial noise milestone "Knees and Bones" LP), released on BROKEN FLAG in 1984; co-published with a so far unreleased album that was recorded during the "Distress Signals" sessions in 1983 & 1984, now for the first time available 2016 €20.00
CORNER, PHILIP Battutosso / Bone Pulse (and other Nature Musics) LP obscure recordings of PHILIP CORNER performing (or letting perform) on a pair of bones, various cow bells & a dancer, natural flute & breath, and a xylophon sculpture.. - this is where Fluxus concepts & improvised meditation sounds meet.. lim. 300 2013 €15.00
COUM TRANSMISSIONS Home aged and the 18 Month Hope LP third part of unreleased archival recording by the pre-TG project, spanning from 1971-1975: live recordings (opening for HAWKWIND (!), a radio interview with GPO from 1973, poetry readings, field recordings, piano & violin-based compositions... lim. 1000 2013 €20.00
CREATION VI & UHUSHUHU CD mystic ethno-ambient from two of the "new wave" of Russian drone-ambient projects in collaboration, this beautiful one-tracker is loaded with handplayed drone instruments, nature sounds and ethereal chants, reaching a great spatial quality and vastness... reminds very much on VOICE OF EYE, LUNAR ABYSS, VRESNIT, etc.. "A dream filled with bright colours or a psychedelic slumber with a whirling kaleidoscope of asymmetric images and visions..." numb. ed. 300 copies 2016 €13.00
CROENE, FREDERIK Le Piano demecanise LP first LP for this Belgian pianist known for his work with ESTHER VENROOY and TIMO VAN LUIJK - here he produces extreme dark & hammering sounds on a completely dismantled piano, using natural reverb; lim. 500 - special sleeve design 2010 €18.50
CROUCH, ROBERT Sublunar CD a highly minimal / meditative attention drone composition by this sound-artist known from releases on Dragon's Eye and LINE => a slowly pulsative, airy, hyper subtle "intelligent drone", where the sound or composition is seen as a sculpture, architecture or choreography, with numerous conceptual relations... the source material was delevoped in performance with YANN NOVAK & RAFA ESPARZA 2017 €11.00
CURRENT 93 Baalstorm, Sing Omega (gold re-press) LP rare release so far only available on live-shows or direct from Coptic Cat webshop; re-press on GOLDen vinyl lim. 500 2017 €25.00
CURRENT 93 (DREAMT BY ANDREW LILES) Like Swallowing Eclipses 6 x LP-Box "re-dreamt" and "re-imagined" versions of the first five C93 albums by ANDREW LILES, plus a sixth exclusive LP "Haunt Invocation (Apadno)"; all LPs in extra sleeves housed in a "spot varnished box" with artwork by DAVID TIBET and photographs by SIMONE DALLA VALLE. 2010 €69.00
CZAJKOWSKA, INDIA & SEBASTIAN MADEJSKI Tance Snu CD this Polish ethereal duo with INDIA CZAJKOWSKA (known from a solo CD on Hic Sunt Leones, the ALIO DIE label) found a very own style within the "neo-classic / middle-age / folk" genre, with expressive vocalizing, elevated synths & lots of classical instruments (viola da gamba, piano, flute, frame drum, dulcimer, guitar, etc..); very sophisticated & spiritual, reminds on ATARAXIA, JACK OR JIVE, COLLECTION D'ARNELL-ANDREA... 2014 €12.00
D.D.A.A. (DEFICIT DES ANNEES ANTERIEURS) // DDAA In Live with DDAA: Paris / Rennes / Toulouse - 2003 / 2007 CD-R extracts from three live recordings by the unique French avantgarde ensemble (existing since 1979!) - soundwise somewhere between early NURSE WITH WOUND & DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS maybe, ecstatic & atonal - comes with obscured sized post-cover with fold out postcard, all full-colour & numbered to 150 copies !! 2013 €13.00
  Hazy World CD they get older but not less unique - lovely new album by this French "true avantgarde" band, confusing the listeners since 1977; on 'Hazy World' they sound maybe more restrained and elaborated, but still reveal weird beauty in these 6 obscure '(a)tonal songs & noises' ! 51+ minutes, oversized A5 cover, lim. 444 copies 2014 €13.00
DAGG, JAMIE M. RIVER - Movie by JAMIE M. DAGG DVD the movie for all TROUM-fans! For most of the soundtrack of this unusual realistic, intense Canadian thriller (which is set in the jungle of Laos) music by TROUM has been used (german title: "MEKONG RUSH"): feat. ROSSIF SUTHERLAND, directed by JAMIE M. DAGG; 83 min length. Official selection for the Toronto International Film Festival 2015 2016 €15.00
DANIELL, DAVID I-IV-V-I LP 8th release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series Vol. 3 & 4 (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side on colour or clear vinyl; D. DANIELL is / was a member of the RHYS CHATHAM ensemble, FEBRUARY, TORTOISE, SAN AGUSTIN; where Blues meets the Drone 2008 €17.00
DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE Collaborations do-CD collection of collab-works with: ERG, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, JÖRG THOMASIUS, THE OVAL LANGUAGE, TBC. lim. 500 2006 €16.50
DATASHOCK Untitled Symbol LP last copies of this LP with live-recordings from Darmstadt & Bratislava made in August 2007 by the German impro low fi drone / psych / hippie collective with MARCEL TÜRKOWSKY & PASCAL HECTOR, using archaic sounding percussive and vocal elements, this creates a wonderful trance-ecstatic atmosphere.. comes on clear olive - brown vinyl, as usual a highly collectable QBICO release (lim. 275) 2008 €20.00
DAUBY, YANNICK 一流水 tsi̍t lâu tsuí (Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol. 1) LP two side-long compositions based mainly field recordings and arranged object sounds while staying in a certain region of TAIWAN: sounds from the seashores, sellers in the village, rituals of a temple nearby, underwater plants, harbours, funeral music, radio snippets, improvations on objects found at the beach and analog electronics.... very detailed & complex musique concrete / nature sound collages; lim. 300 2015 €19.50
DAUBY, YANNICK & HITOSHI KOJO La Vie dans les Airs & dans les Eaux 10inch two pieces based on environmental, concrete & instrumental sources recorded in various parts of the world between 2006-2013, we present the first ever collaboration release of these two cosmopolitan sound artists from France and Japan: mysterious (micro)-sounds that could come from minerals, stones, plants, or daily objects and instruments - opening up two soundscaping tracks full of wondrous elements, combining the 'concrete' with the sublime and the atmospheric.... lim. 300, cover artwork by ANDREW CHALK 2017 €15.00
DE WAARD, FRANS Klankschap 1999-2005 CD second solo-CD of the KAPOTTE MUZIEK / BEEQUEEN / GOEM etc. man, six pieces based on field recordings mainly done for various projects & workshops 2009 €12.00
DEAD MACHINES The Night Callers LP lim. 500 pink marbled vinyl / JOHN OLSON (WOLF EYES) & TOVAH OLSON (WOODEN WAND) project 2007 €15.00
DEAD TEXAN The dead Texan CD & DVD solo project of ADAM WILTZIE (STARS OF THE LID / AIX EM KLEMM) with very beautiful / filmic ambience, incl. 7 video clips by CHRISTIAN VANTZOS 2005 €18.00
DEAD VOICES ON AIR & SIMON FISHER TURNER MzMzLaLaLa 7inch lim. 350 copies, Nr. 1 in the "DVOA 20th Anniversary series" ; a collaboration with British musician, composer & film-soundtracker SIMON FISHER TURNER (who created the soundtracks for six DEREK JARMAN-films, like. CARAVAGGIO, THE LAST OF ENGLAND, BLUE); excellent full colour artwork 2011 €10.00
DEATH & BEAUTY FOUNDATION same CD early & previously unreleased recordings ("The Darlington Tapes") from 1982 by the project of ANDREW MC. KENZIE (later HAFLER TRIO) and VAL DENHAM ! finally BACK IN STOCK, higher price unavoidable 2008 €16.00
DEATHPROD Morals and Dogma do-LP first vinyl re-issue of DEATHPROD's true ambient masterpiece, dark & waving drones are combined with instrumental sounds from harmonium, violin, creating an overwhelming, captivating intensity and sadness... "The four songs that make up this collection are slowly moving works that flow with the heat and intensity of fresh lava." [Paste Mag.] 2017 €29.50
DEGENERATE Vol. 4 MAG NIKO SKORPIO, CO CASPAR, I.CORAX, SEGERHUVA, GRUNT, etc etc. english language 2005 €5.00
DEISON Night Sessions CD excellent full album by this long active Italian project, somehow twisted old school ambient electronics meet with guitars, found sounds, glitchy arrangements.. 13 tracks full of variations but with a very own style, recommended if you like challenging 80's/90's ambient industrial electronics, created with today's approach... 2011 €12.00
DELPLANQUE, MATHIAS Ma Chambre quand je n'y suis pas (Paris) mCD-R one-tracker using field recordings from empty private spaces from this promising artist originally coming from Burkina Faso 2009 €5.00
DIE FORM Baroque Equinox 2LP+CD+DVD-BOX new album of the legendary French industrial project (also labelled as "Fetish Electro"), now active in more song-oriented, danceable avant synth pop and cold wave areas, still working often with pure synthetic sounds and not loosing their experimental approach...this is the limited deluxe 2 x 12" box version with 4 exclusive tracks, comes with CD and DVD, 16 page poster booklet (12" x 12"), hand-numbered to 500 copies 2017 €45.00
DIE FORM (IT) La Dimensione Umana LP & CD the Italian "DIE FORM" (which later re-named into TASADAY) were active around 1982-1984, a collective of young people from Monza influenced by philosophy (BATAILLE, BAUDRILLARD, etc.) => a handplayed open "industrial" sound with punk spirit, aggressive vocals, bass, guitar, sax, clarinett, percussion, in the vein of THE POP GROUP, early CLOCK DVA, TUXEDEMOON or BOURBONESE QUALK; 14 tracks in total taken from the first MC (1982) and unreleased private live cassette, spread on a one sided 12" + CD 2016 €18.00
DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND L'Opus L'H LP second title in the series "the advantages of schizophrenia" by this unique sounding Dutch artist; lim. 300 2010 €13.50
DIRAC same CD debut-album of this austrian trio (PETER KUTIN, DANIEL LERCHER, FLORIAN KINDLINGER), working with various instruments to create a very deep & melancholic drone-ambience 2006 €13.00
DISSECTING TABLE / MATTHIAS GRASSOW & TOMAS WEISS split LP PSYCH.KG makes it possible: Japan noise & German esoteric ambience combined on one split-LP, with covers handpainted by handicapped children! Lim. 100, only very few in stock, second part in the "A-Childs-Color-Play" series (first was by RAPOON / RELAPXYCH.0 - still available last copies!) 2011 €20.00
DMDN Sling Trip CD first collection of MC-material from the 80's by this Dutch noise-artist (also known as DVA MET DVA NICHTS and with his label MIDAS MUSIC), feat. FRANS DE WAARD on two tracks; great low-fi noise! 1994 €10.00
Sling Trip 2 CD second collection of MC-material from the 80's by this Dutch noise-artist (also known as DVA MET DVA NICHTS and with his label MIDAS MUSIC), all released 1987-1991 by MIDAS TAPES; feat. HATERS & EMIL BEAULIEAU, numb. ed. 550 copies 1996 €10.00
  Kapotte Muziek by... 7inch re-found/arranged lost recordings made for the "Kapotte Muziek by" series by DMDN (member of THU20) years ago, lim. 100 only (of which only 50 are available for distribution) and the last installment in the series 2012 €12.00
DNMF (MACHINEFABRIEK & DEAD NEANDERTHALS) DNMF LP collab between MACHINEFABRIEK with "heavy ambient jazz" group DEAD NEANDERTHALS, two dark side-long movements..."DNMF is a primitive life form floating through the vastness of empty space. A hulking mass of sound originating from an intense collaborative process that forced both Dead Neanderthals and Machinefabriek to explore new musical ecosystems in order to accommodate each other’s long-winding, droning, and harsh constructions." 2014 €16.00
DO MAKE SAY THINK Other Truths LP + CD sixth album of this instrumental avant/post-rock/whatever ensemble; lim vinyl edition with poster & CD-copy 2009 €19.50
DONOSO, RICARDO Deterrence LP re-issue of the debut album from 2010 by this Brasilian composer, much more located in deep dark ambient areas than the recent 'Saravu Exu', with claustrophic piano sounds. guitar drones, haunting melodies.... comes with download code & bonus track, and the usual excellent cover art Denovali is known for (thick cover, printed inner sleeves) 2015 €21.50
DOYLE, ROGER Babel 5 x CD epic work from 1999 by the prolific Irish composer with the tracks / CDs symbolizing architectural spaces and rooms within a fictitious city, along with music from a radio station of the tower of Babel... => strange electronic music with various interconnections and relations, a thoughtful play with music and cultural myths, a very broad musical approach from strange pop music to cut up sounds and musique concrete pieces, challenging and complex!! Comes with 12p. booklet 2013 €35.00
DREAM MAGAZINE No. 7 mag & CD US-mag with tons of articles about : BEEQUEEN, LOREN CONNORS, HENRY FLYNT, SHARRON KRAUS, TOR LUNDVALL, etc.etc. , incl. CD with previously unreleased music by YELLOW6, FREIBAND, TOR LUNDVALL, etc etc.. almost 100 pages 2007 €11.00
DRUMM, KEVIN Necro Acoustic 5 x CD-BOX massive collection of various new & rare recordings 1996-2009, comes in a solid carboard-box with gold print & 24 p. booklet; the following albums are included: LIGHTS OUT - MALAISE - DECREPIT - NO EDIT - ORGAN 2010 €35.00
  The Back Room LP re-issue of a CDR from 2012, one of his more noisy releases using a pulse generator where everything is drowning in variable hiss and distortion, garnished with rumbling drones, feedbacks and shrieking sinus-tones... lim. 500 2016 €18.00
DRUMM, KEVIN / JEROME NOETINGER / ROBERT PIOTROWICZ Wrestling 7" devastating electronic maelstrom" by these three artists in unique collaboration, recorded live at MUSICA GENERA festival in May 2005 in Szczecin / Poland 2011 €7.50
DURAND, WERNER Remnants from Paradise CD aesthetic & ethereal multi-layered drone-music that has been compared to PHILL NIBLOCK - based on various acoustic instruments like Shakulimba, Bamboo & Metal Mouthharps, Tanpura, Ney & Clarinets... great album by the Berlin based droner with three long tracks (55+ min.), now back in stock! comes in special three-panel circle cover 2008 €12.00
EARTH A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction do-LP the debut-recordings from EARTH (1990 Smegma Studios session) for the first time available on one release, feat. JOE PRESTON & KURT COBAIN! Re-mastered & with artwork by STEPHEN O'MALLEY 2010 €29.00
EB.ER, RUDOLF / JOKE LANZ / GX JUPITTER-LARSEN / MIKE DANDO Wellenfeld CD this supergroup of noise committers was formed at the 'Extreme Rituals Festival' in Bristol, December 2012, for a unique live performance using bio-feedback technics of their own brainwaves to control the sounds: a wireless EEG device received their brain-activity data during the concert which was then processed into noise, while the performers 'learned" spontaneously on stage to sculpt the acoustic outcome through their mind alone.. lim. 300 2014 €13.00
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN 1/2 Mensch DVD + CD 10 intense, professionally filmed video-clips from a time when NEUBAUTEN were truly innovative & unique; filmed 1985 at their Japanese tour by SOGO ISHII, this NEW edition comes with bonus CD with 6 tracks of the live-performance from the DVD 2011 €20.00
ELEH For Moussavi Atrium CD new ELEH piece composed for a performance held at the Cleveland Museum Of Contemporary Art (Cleveland MOCA) on September 28, 2013; normally only available directly by mailorder from the label 2013 €15.00
  Circle Three: Full Moon at 35Hz LP lim. 500, one-sided, heavy duty screen printed cover, normally only available direct from the label mailorder! 2014 €25.00
ELOY, JEAN-CLAUDE YO-IN 4 x CD & BOOK first publication of this epic piece composed 1980 - "sound theater for an imaginary ritual" - for electronic and concrete sounds, using about two hundred (!) different percussion instruments; this version was recorded during a public concert at the Warsaw Autumn Festival (Sept. 1994) and post-produced at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht; comes with 20p booklet and 160p. BOOK about YO-IN (texts, photos, interview) with documents collected 1980-2010, incl. 20 pages of photos 2011 €47.50
Butsumyôe / Sappho Hiketis (Chants pour l'autre Moitié du Ciel Part I & II) CD+BOOK book (188 pages! english edition) around the 5 piece cycle "Songs for the other Half of the Sky" (1989) + the CD contains the first two works of this cycle for voice, percussions & electroacoustics, BUTSUMYOE & SAPPHO HIKETIS, performed at a festival 1994 in Warsaw, using ancient Japanese recitations... strong works merging the Eastern (purely acoustic) and Western (electro-acoustic) traditions... first world publication! 2012 €22.50
  L'Anneau des Sept Lumieres CD newly mastered version of this piece "The Ring of seven Lights" from 1994/95 = variations from a single Bonsho sample (traditional Buddhist temple bell), a work derived from his famous ANAHATA work... 2013 €16.00
EMERGE Retentive Disrupt mCD-R mysterious amorphous sounds from an unknown Otherworld, establishing a different kind of harmony; great new release by the south german Drone Records-artist; comes in a yellow flourescent 5" case; please note the first 3 EMERGE mCDRs from 2004 are still available from our shop!! 2009 €6.00
  Desecrate mCD-R "dreamtime musique concrete " - EMERGE is enlarging his compositional approach to reach a more organic & warm sound as usual, now based on various sound sources: church organ, guitar feedback and animal sounds... endless UR-drones moving around very SLOWLY.... one-tracker 18+ minutes in nice mCD box 2013 €6.50
EMERGE FEAT. DON VOMP Retention CD-R first collaboration between experimental violinist DON VOMP and the German 'advanced drone' researcher, recorded 2009 at the LAB.30 festival in Augsburg; all EMERGE sounds are processed live and based on the violin sounds of DON VOMB, forming a 45 min. set between clearly recognizable violin drones & samples and alien acoustics... 2014 €6.00
EMME YA Ophidian Fetish Mandala CD finally in stock, the latest album by the occult droner from Colombia => like HALO MANASH or PHURPA, the music is born out of authentic rituals connecting with other "spheres", but these sounds are completely based on scratchy, homemade analogue instruments, that drone, rumble and bubble in various organic transformations, always dark but glowing and urging.... comes in oversized gatefold cover with 5 full colour postcards, numb. ed. 493 copies 2014 €13.00
EQUIMANTHORN A Fifth Conjuration CD occult black ambience (originally formed as side project of extreme black metal band ABSU) for entering otherworlds, CD version of their 2011 album (so far only available digitally); "Synthesizers, still the main instrument, are focused drones and creepy effects, background noises recalling ancient rites of Sumeria, Babylon and Egypt, perhaps a genetic memory from the origins of civilization." [Chuck Foster] 2016 €13.00
ERIK M (eRikm) Frame mCD back in stock last copies - one of the first releases for this highly interesting French soundartist, realized for the famous "Cinema pour l'oreille" series by METAMKINE (label of JEROME NOETINGER) that was sadly stopped with Nr. 33 in 2002; cherish them as long as they are available! 1999 €3.50
ESMERINE Dalmak LP band project around BRUCE CAWDRON (G.Y.B.E.) and REBECCA FOON (SILVER MT. ZION, SET FIRE TO FLAMES) with a great amalgam of chamber music post-rock & oriental harmonies/influences.. mostly recorded in Istanbul, feat various Turkish guest musicians; reminds on RACHEL's, the more melodic / neo-classic / instrumental side of GYBE / SILVER MT. and even SAVAGE REPUBLIC... uplifting melancholic beauty !! Vinyl version comes with poster, inlay,& download code 2013 €22.50
  Dalmak CD band project around BRUCE CAWDRON (G.Y.B.E.) and REBECCA FOON (SILVER MT. ZION, SET FIRE TO FLAMES) with a great amalgam of chamber music post-rock & oriental harmonies/influences.. mostly recorded in Istanbul, feat various Turkish guest musicians; reminds on RACHEL's, the more melodic / neo-classic / instrumental side of GYBE / SILVER MT. and even SAVAGE REPUBLIC... uplifting melancholic beauty !! 2013 €14.00
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO Sheikh Aljama CD re-issue of album from 1991 (DAFT Records) now available ! new artwork / digipack, 4 p. booklet 2010 €13.50
Arispejal Astisaro CD re-issue of album from 1993 (Linea Alternativa) now available ! re-mastered, 4p. booklet 2010 €13.50
  Nador CD re-issue of album from 1995 (DAFT Records) now available ! new artwork / digipack, 4 p booklet 2010 €12.50
ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN Batelages LP re-issue of the wild debut from 1976 by this unique French jazz/avantgarde/RIO band; lim. 500, 180 gr vinyl 2014 €20.00
  Les trois fou's perdegagnent LP re-issue of second album from 1978 (recorded 1977) by this unique French jazz/avantgarde/RIO band; lim. 500 - 180 gr vinyl 2014 €20.00
EX-EASTER ISLAND HEAD Mallet Guitars Three LP third release by this guitar- & percussion trio from Liverpool, UK: four movements of purely instrumental guitar drones that sound like a bunch of violins, of clapping (hands?)- percussion, and almost orchestral tunes, very dense and energetic, elevating... "The treated guitars create a complex array of choral overtones and crystalline harmonics, sounding in unison with an array of handbells and prayer bowl percussion..." 2013 €17.50
  Twenty-Two Strings LP latest offering from this British group using guitars and various percussion instruments to create very distinct and rhythmic instrumental tracks with stirring effect, "a sound drawing on minimalism, gamelan and process music" 2016 €17.00
EXIT IN GREY One Lumen in the Past CD the beloved Russian project with a transcendental drone masterpiece, three long 'primeval soup' tracks that sound extremely mysterious & melancholic at the same time... when subliminal atmospheric drones meet with field recordings and melancholic guitar drones, this sounds like a mixture of TOY BIZARRE and TROUM; dedicated to the memory of the space around us! lim. 300 2016 €13.00
EXPERIMENTALIEN Nine Triads CD-R 'black hole-ism noise' from Slovakia, whooshing organic textures that seem to swallow up everything - voices, scrapings and garglings, smacks and lots of other unidentifiable sounds... like ASMUS TIETCHENS meething harsh noise? very good, to discover !! lim. 33 special foldout cardboard cover 2015 €8.50
EYELESS IN GAZA Summer Salt & Subway Sun do-CD The expanded / re-issued version of "Summer Salt & Subway Sun"; contains one full CD (Ambivalent Scale A-Scale 034) with 10 tracks that are not on the original album ; standard ed. of 600 copies, comes in deluxe full colour book bound box, 16 page booklet, book bound CD cases 2008 €19.00
  Sun Blues CD great return by the exceptional 'Pop meets Avantgarde' - duo of MARTYN BATES and PETER BECKER, on their journey for 36 years now! " An imaginative, emotional, headswirling buzz to wrap up another fascinating release from the always reliable duo, who never fail to excite us while eliciting nuances of emotional responses that are all-too-rare in this cookie-cutter, commercial world of Voices, Idols, and other nameless, brainless distractions." [Jeff Penczak / Ptolemaic Terrascope] 2016 €13.00
EZRAMO Come ho imparato a volare LP using the sounds of larvae during their transformation into flies as well as instrumental recordings (voice, piano, zither, bells) and environmental sounds (i.e. an Easter procession in a small village in Italy), this female project from Berlin interprets the concept of "metamorphosis" on different levels... lim. 300, nice gatefold cover 2011 €16.00
F-SPACE Preliminary Impact Report CD project of SCOT JENERIK, ETHAN PORT (SCENIC, SAVAGE REPUBLIC), and others SPECIAL OFFER now! 2004 €9.00
  Bleeding Rays of Dawn CD new album from the band-project with SCOT JENERIK, ETHAN PORT (SAVAGE REPUBLIC), and ALEPH KALI (CHROME). Four long tracks; dark & monumental noise-rock with folk-influences & excessive poly-rhythmic passages; special priced now 2009 €10.00
FACTOR X 022 CD MONOCHROME VISION, the label of Moscow-based writer & concert organizer DMITRY VASILYEV, manages it to put light on almost forgotten and true undergroundish acts from the cassette-scene of the 80s and 90s; FACTOR X from the UK was active in the scene and known for rough hometaping experiments, this CD contains recordings from that time.. 2011 €12.00
FAUST Schiphorst 2008 do-CD recording of the live-set from last years SCHIPHORST-festival feat. STEVE STAPLETON (NURSE WITH WOUND) 2009 €16.00
  j US t (Just us) LP & CD FAUST in their xxx th (44?) year of existence and they are still not stoppable - twelve 'musical foundations' formed by percussion, various other instruments, objects (like a sewing machine) and often dadaistic vocals, which are made for 'everyone' to build their own music... music that opens up rooms for imagination & inspiration... 2014 €22.00
FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM (F.T.B.P.D.) Deadhead T-SHIRT one of the members with deadhead & framed by FTBPD-lettering circle; available in girlie-size (red) and S (beige) 2008 €12.00
Ahuenna CD-R excellent new release by this "alien drone" outfit from Bremen, Germany (and formerly one half of NID); dark & weird spheric experimental dronescapes using only analog sources, record players & incredible handmade objects, one intense one-tracker 44+ min full of variations and strange sounds; professional cover & duplication lim.100, highly recommended 2010 €9.50
  A Bug's Life CD surprising new album from Germany's finest secret: much more "collage" and plunderphonic as before, "A Bug's Life" combines weird found sounds, backwards folk songs, vocal quotes, with processed drones & noises coming from field / Insect recordings... quite weird again, but the also impressive regarding the variety of sounds, a mixture of eerie dark droning areas & obscure collages... BIG CITY ORCHESTRA meets LUSTMORD meets RAPOON and ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE? great album!! 2016 €12.00
FELINE/FERAL Wilderness T-SHIRT FELINE/FERAL is the new VINYL label project of TURGUT KOCER, known for the great VOLUNTARY WHORES tape series; high quality shirt with black print on white / cotton wool colour, ask for available size 2015 €20.00
FENNESZ June LP release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side; comes on beautiful orange-marbled or clear vinyl. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN 2008 €17.00
  17.02.12 do-LP a documentation of a stunning Fennesz live performance that happened Florence in a museum, February 2012; available before as part of a limited collectors box 2013 €29.00
FENNESZ / DANIELL / BUCK Knoxville LP TONY BUCK (THE NECKS), DAVID DANIELL and CHRISTIAN FENNESZ collaborating for the Big Ears festival in Knoxville 2009 - "a darkly atmospheric piece of music that ebbs and flows with remarkable cohesion"; comes with free download code 2010 €16.50
FILM SCHOOL same CD a must for any MY BLOODY VALENTINE-fan! Also available as LP for same price 2006 €16.00
FIRST HUMAN FERRO (F.H.F.) Guernica Macrocosmica CD back in stock this early F.H.F. album full of nostalgia and wistfulness, various old Russian songs from 1920-1970 have been used and effected, like a fading memory these melodies stream through the Ether, consisting of subliminal, glittering drones... this is a most special form of dark ambient, we love it! 2003 €13.00
FIRST HUMAN FERRO FEAT. ALBIREON Prosa Profana CD collaboration by the Ukrainian dark & emotional ambient project with Italian group ALBIREON, who are responsible for spoken vocals being integrated in 10 pieces of pure atmospheric nostalgia, using lost & forgotten melodies from old Soviet songs = music of loss, yearning & sorrow, really captivating "east-European" atmospheres.. ed. of 500 / 12 page booklet 2011 €12.00
FIVE ELEMENTS MUSIC Rishikesh CD the favoured Russian project presents field recordings from two highly interesting places in India (Ganges river, Himalaya, and the ancient city of Vrindavan), all recorded in the middle of the night - very special atmosphere; fabric-pressed CD, numbered ed. 200 copies, in the typical artwork-style (beautiful patterns from nature & natural objects) of Daniel Crokaert 2012 €14.00
FJERNLYS Four (One unearthly Room) do-CD captivating fourth album by the Leipzig-based project, going into a less electronic / cosmic direction by integrating viola, guitars & strings, and vocals; this is melancholic, slow ambient "Pop" with a romantic edge and deep emotional impact, with a strong 80's touch; feat. PETER BJÄRGÖ (ARCANA, SOPHIA) as guestsinger and remixes on the bonus CD by KAMMARHEIT, S.E.T.I., HERBST9 and PETER BJÄRGÖ 2015 €15.00
FOARM MAGAZINE No. 5 : Autonomy (incl. CD) book & CD 156 pages book with mainly sound-art related articles & poetry about the theme "Autonomy", feat. ACHIM WOLLSCHEID, GIANCARLO TONIUTTI, ARSENIJE JOVANOVIC (also on the CD), FRANCISCO LOPEZ, JOHN DUNCAN, LIONEL MARCHETTI, MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER and many more, on the CD: BARBARA HELD, JONAS BAES, JOSE MACEDA, MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER, A. JOVANOVIC. Published by SETH NEHIL and others. Recommended! 2007 €17.50
FOLKSTORM Hurtmusic CD "hybrid of death industrial / power electronic brutality and Norwegian black metal misanthropy" - second album of NORDVARGR sideproject 2000 €12.00
FOR KINGS AND QUEENS Marchantiophyta (2nd edition) CD-R third album by the recommended Berlin-based project, a psychedelic / surrealistic journey to a secret land called "Marchantiophyta", this sounds very ghost ambient like, with strange loops and effected objects.. "rain forest, a coffeemaker, a glas of water, little tubes, contactmics, guitar, various synthesizers.." very much recommended to be checked out !! 2010 €9.00
  The Living Room Series Vol. 1: Inland CD-R first part in a new release tryptich by this strong project from Berlin (just being featured on 'Drone-Mind Vol. 6' LP), exploring "the inside and outside environments": INLAND consists of two long pieces where repeating crunching and whirs, eerie vocal material, instrumental contrabass sounds and various electronic vibes and pulses merge into a floating sound collage; highly atmospheric and subtle! lim. 50 in special handmade / oversized cover 2017 €12.00
FORRREST DRONES Naja Flexilis Exequiae CD second album (after one MC) with glowing nightshade-drones by this Polish artist also know as MICROMELANCOLIE, setting you into an unreal fairy-tale like, nostalgic (vinyl crackles) but also gloomy atmosphere, a one-tracker of 60+ minutes .. very minimal & slow & smooth but with a certain low-finess... an excellent, captivating 'dark dream' album!! lim. 300 2014 €12.00
FOSSIL AEROSOL MINING PROJECT The day 1982 contaminated 1971 LP first solo vinyl release by the interesting "mystery drone" project from the US, sounding here like various fragments out of the unconscious memory of a person, low-fi found sounds of all kinds are woven together.. ' Within piles of reversed tape loop miasma and time-lag accumulation, Fossil Aerosol magnifies the grit, the errors, the bad splices, and the dropouts within their mesmerizing and hypnogogic studies of uncanny dislocations.' 2015 €19.50
FRITH, FRED Propaganda CD incredible work for a theatre-play from 1987 (first performed by the Creation Production Company at La Mama Experimental Theater in New York, May 1987), intense & dark, political & powerful, these 21 alarming tracks show the most challenging and noisy side of FRED FRITH, at that time influenced by the conflict in El Salvador....a part of this was previously released on the do-LP "Technology of Tears" (1986), this is now fully reconstructed and presented in it's entire length 2015 €14.00
FROGOROTH same LP lovely project with four single tracks by YANNCK DAUBY, DAVE PHILLIPS, SLAWEK KWI (ARTICIFIAL MEMORY TRACE) and SYLVAIN DAL (from Ini.Itu), all working on original FROG and other Ambhibian sounds with different aproaches, adding industrial pulses and guitar noises, doing weird processings ("Amphibians in the Throne Room"), or letting the strange animal sounds speak for themselves.. lim. 250 copies, numbered 2017 €13.00
FUCHS, LIMPE Nur Mas Nus CD re-press available now 1999 €14.00
GARIN, STEPHANE & SYLVESTRE GOBART Gurs. Drancy. Gare de Bobigny. Auschwitz. Birkenau. Chelmno-Kulmhof. Majdaneck. Sobibor. Treblinka. do-CD ambitious soundart-project presenting recent field recordings made at various sites of Nazi concentration camps and places of deportation in Poland and France, in order to recover & reinvest the memory and break off with the collective iconography; a collaboration between sound artist STEPHANE GARIN & photographer SYLVESTRE GOBART, contains various photo-prints & inlays 2011 €15.00
GERSH, GEOFF These Predicaments CD composer from New York creating really captivating, polyphonic spectral drones, melancholic & beautiful; based on guitar, zither, manipulated field recordings. To discover !! 2009 €13.00
GIARDINI DI MIRO Il fuoco CD music for the movie "Il Fuoco" by Giovanni Pastrone from the great Italian post-rock band 2010 €16.00
GLACIAL On Jones Beach LP trancy & wild avant drone-"rock"- by this supergroup formed by LEE RANALDO (SONIC YOUTH) on guitar & bells, TONY BUCK (THE NECKS) on drums & shakers, and DAVID WATSON who plays highland bagpipes (!) - two 21 min. studiosessions, incl. MP3 download with bonus material 2012 €20.50
GOBEIL, GILLES Dans le Silence da la Nuit CD four intense, captivating pieces by the still too unknown Canadian composer: the genius ultra dark & cacophonic "Derriere la porte la plus eloignee" (1998) (dedicated to OSCAR & JANINE WIGGLI); "Projet Proust", using texts by MARCEL PROUST combined with mighty sounds, the furious "Point de passage" (1997) - relating to HG WELLS "Time Machine", and "Nuit cendre" (1995), an adaption of the underworlds of JULES VERNE's "Voyage au centre de la terre"; great cinema for the ears! 2001 €14.00
GODFLESH Songs of Love and Hate LP album from 1996 which showed JUSTIN BROADRICK using more samples and varied beats, and a "real" drummer was incorporated into the band; feat. the more melodic and lighter "Angel Domain" which became a little underground hit this is otherwise the well known and loved typical GODLFESH industrial metal sound; re-issue w. double sided inlay 2016 €20.00
GOH, LEE KWANG Innere Freuden CD solo improvation with prepared stereo dj mixer 2004 €13.00
GRASSOW, MATHIAS The Darklight Quest CD MATHIAS GRASSOW is one of Germany's deep ambient pioneers, his first releases date back to 1986; this favoured 4 track album was privately issued in 1998 as CDR and is finally released in proper form... extremely minimal and only slowly changing synth-drones with hypnotizing overtune and bass waves....- when music turns into an "agent of transformation" 2016 €13.00
  The Nightquest Sessions CD re-issue of a privately issued CD-R from 1998 and sister album to "the Darklight Quest", showing the darker side of GRASSOWs meditative DEEP ambience scapes, trying to catch the awareness state between relaxation and sleeping: droning synths, tibetan bowls, subtle percussion underneath; three long tracks -- 74+ min, full colour booklet 2016 €13.00
GRASSOW, MATHIAS & JIRI MAZANEK Inner Path (Vnitrni Cesta) CD Great meditative recordings using deep synth-drones as a basis, overtone-voice-circles and subtle instrumental recordings (zither, kantele, guitar). Creates vast spaces & a stunning atmosphere.. 2008 €13.00
GRASSOW, MATHIAS & THOMAS WEISS Conscience CD 'transpersonal ambience' inspired by the human conscience, first collab by these two German spiritual ambient composers on the now defunct label from Prague, special offer! => "four long tracks leave space to freely morphing soundwaves, reflecting both positive spiritual power as well as somewhat murky moods" [Igor Novácek] 2006 €10.00
GRIM Vital 1983-89 3 x LP-Box collection of early releases by this uncategorizable Japanese noise / experimental / folk-project; re-issue of a rare MC (1986), a 7" (1985) & LP (1986) and other rare single tracks. Feat. TOMOSADA KUWABARA who became later well known as VASILISK! Numbered ed. 600 copies, inlay, certificate 2011 €60.00
GROBBING THRISTLE Hidden Strategies CD Polish experimental / post-industrial ensemble with strange name & even more advanced sound, excellent stuff!! lim. 500 2009 €13.00
GUIONNET, JEAN-LUC / ERIC LA CASA Home:Handover 4 x CD for the UNINSTAL festival in Glasgow (Scotland), both sound artists were invited to record local citizens in their homes, talking about their environment and playing their favourite music, to design afterwards a composition after a pre-defined score which was presented live with a bunch of musicians; for a final studio mix another recording of a musician listening to the original recordings was incorporated too: very obscure intimate stuff, feat. KEITH BEATTIE, LUCIO CAPECE, NEIL DAVIDSON, etc. 2014 €30.00
GÜNTER, BERNHARD Monochrome White / Polychrome w/neon nails do-CD re-press available 2001 €20.00
HAFLER TRIO / DITTERICH VON-EULER DONNERSPERG / KONTAKT DER JÜNGLINGE PLAYS THE HAFLER TRIO untitled do-7inch lim. 200 clear vinyl, usually only available on the H30-tour May 2003 through Germany, clear vinyl, numbered edition, exquisite artwork! Has rare THOMAS KÖNER & ASMUS TIETCHENS tracks on Side C / D, using HAFLER TRIO souce materials. LAST NEW COPIES FOUND !! 2003 €25.00
HALGRATH Arise of fallen Conception CD female dark ambient newcomer from Russia, remarkable through her extensive use of multi-layered vocals & various voice-sounds; "whispers, screams and prays in foreign languages, as if spoken directly from her subconsious" 2013 €14.50
HAMNSKIFTE Födzlepijan CD the only album so far by a mysterious (black metal inspired) anonymous Swedish duo who mix medieval folk music with ambient and drone metal guitars... as a whole rather restrained compositions with a focus on acoustic folk guitar work and ethereal drones... 2012 €12.00
HARTH, ALFRED 23 & WOLFGANG SEIDEL Malcha CD ALFRED 23 HARTH (sax, voice, dojirak) and WOLFGANG SEIDEL (synth, guitar, percussion, vibraphon) teamed up again, together with FABRIZIO SPERA (Italian Jazz drummer) and Belgian artist NICOLE VAN DEN PLAS (singing, piano, etc.) for a often wild & open minded trip, carefully post-processed: "Anarchisch, polymorph-pervers, unsystematisch offen, honigplastisch... eine Explikation dieser unbedingten Freiheit" [Bad Alchemy] 2016 €15.00
HAYNES, JIM Kamchatka CD-R JIM HAYNES mysterious "elemental drones" on Kamchatka are derived from recordings of rocks, hills & plains in combination with a live soundtrack to a film by PAUL CLIPSON; lim. /numb.150 copies, oversized cardboard / art cover , 'printed utilizing archival pigment ink on strathmore paper'; on the new label from RICHARD GARET, New York 2012 €13.00
HAYWARD, CHARLES Skew-Whiff: A Tribute to Mark Rothko CD second solo album of the THIS HEAT-legend, available again 1990 €13.00
HECKER, TIM Virgins do-LP 'All that is solid melts into air' - highly praised new album by the Canadian digital ambient master, using many instrumental sounds of live musicians, with surprising arrangments & atmospheres & a greater variety and openness as before....."Hecker's abstractions have never been more expressive" [SPIN]; lim. vinyl version, gatefold sleeve 2013 €23.00
Virgins CD 'All that is solid melts into air' - highly praised new album by the Canadian digital ambient master, using many instrumental sounds of live musicians, with surprising arrangments & atmospheres & a greater variety and openness as before....."Hecker's abstractions have never been more expressive" [SPIN] 2013 €15.00
Love Streams do-LP now on a major label: TIM HECKERs irresistable "fake church music" or "neo metal drone", heavily processed digital spheres between harmony & ambient noise, usually based on acoustic sound sources / samples from church organs, pianos or strings; on LOVE STREAMS he works with JOHANN JOHANNSSON who contributed medieval chorals... lim. vinyl version with download code, gatefold cover 2016 €27.50
  Love Streams CD now on a major label: TIM HECKERs irresistable "fake church music" or "neo metal drone", heavily processed digital spheres between harmony & ambient noise, usually based on acoustic sound sources / samples from church organs, pianos or strings; on LOVE STREAMS he works with JOHANN JOHANNSSON who contributed medieval chorals... 2016 €16.00
HELLSTRÖM, STEN-OLOF & ANN ROSEN Lagrad CD single & collaboration tracks by these two Swedish composers, processing object-noises & field recordings,,, raw granular sounds & concrete, unrecognizable noise-scapes... rather impossible to categorize, advanced impro-acoustics... 2008 €12.50
HELM Olympic Mess do-LP already the fourth release by London-based project HELM for PAN => 10 tracks of quasi-rythmic, loopy & hypnotic electro drone-scapes, often enriched with effected field recordings... less rough and noisy as before but with an excellent flair for captivating atmospheric sound figurations... 2015 €27.00
HENNIX, CATHERINE CRISTER (THE DEONTIC MIRACLE) Central Palace Music (from 100 Model Subjects for Hegikan Roku) CD unreleased piece by the 'minimal drone' music pioneer, recorded at 'Moderna Museet' Festival in Stockhom 1976 - C.C. HENNIX on oboe performs as "THE DEONTIC MIRACLE" together with HANS ISGREN (on sheng) and with the use of a sine-wave generator... => contemplation-drones that are truly evocative, airy and weightless.. special cardboard / letterpress cover, a one-tracker of 46 min. 2016 €18.50
HENRY COW Concerts do-LP re-issue of live-album from 1976, containing a Peel Session from 1975 and recordings from various concerts held throughout Europe, feat. ROBERT WYATT 2012 €20.00
HENRY, PIERRE Le Voyage LP work from 1962, based on the 'Tibetan Book of Dead', two years after he founded the first private studio for electronic music in France.. 180gr. vinyl 2013 €17.00
HER NAME IS CALLA Heritage CD very melancholic post-rock from UK with ecstatic & very sad moments, somewhere between GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPOROR and RADIOHEAD maybe... first "mini"-album from 2008 re-issued by Denovali (length 51+ minutes) 2009 €13.50
HgM. (Horganismo.Gravemente.Malato) Martensite 2 x MC 17th release on VOLUNTARY WHORES, the label for highly obscure/innovative handmade packaging & acoustics => HgM. is a project from Turin, Italy, the titles refer to chemical processes or chemical compounds, the roaring noises here sound like transformations of these processes, or were even recorded from them... inspiring concept & great results! lim. 42 copies; 2 x 'GOLD DUST' coloured C-30, comes with full colour 21 x 21 cover & metal object in bag !! 2014 €12.00
HIGNELL, DANIEL ALEXANDER Semblances MC & booklet young composer from Brighton, UK, presenting his doctorate (!) work in composing for modular synthesizer, "focused on sonic interjections into shared social space"=> 5 pieces of minimal avantgardish structures incorporating field recordings, somewhere between LA MONTE YOUNG & DEMDIKE STARE; comes with 60 page graphic score booklet, lim. 50 2014 €8.00
HILMARSSON, HILMAR ÖRN (HÖH) & SIGUR ROS Angels of the Universe CD soundtrack to the film by FREDRIK THOR FRIDRIKSSON ("Englar Alheimsins"), available again ! 2001 €15.00
HITOSHIRES Stella mCDR another discovery from Japan on Taalem - smooth & melancholic, shimmering beauty-drones with enough variation, in the way of MIRROR, CELER, YUI ONODERA, PAUL BRADLEY... one long one-tracker, about 20 min. length 2011 €5.00
HOLTERBACH, MANU Leonore 7inch a re-interpetation of a classical opera (!) through three short pieces => solemn & harmonic, extensively sounds full of melancholy and droney overtunes (track 2 on Side B ends in a lockgroove)... a surprising work by this sound artist from Belgium, known also for his administration of the ELIANE RADIGUE archive; golden silscreen cover, various coloured papers, yellow transculent vinyl; a great little EP !! 2012 €8.50
HONEYMOON KILLERS (LES TUEURS DE LA LUNE DE MIEL) Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel CD re-issue of great album from 1982 with truly innovative Avantgarde-Pop; has diverse bonus-tracks & live-material 2003 €13.00
HOOR-PAAR-KRAAT The Eureka Tapes do-CD collection of pieces culled from various out of print releases; strange surrealistic drones, noises & feedbacks based on acoustic object-sounds...where the BEAUTY and the WEIRD meets; strong release by this US American painter & musician. lim. 500 2011 €13.00
HUMAN GREED World Fair CD fifth proper album by MICHAEL BEGGs project, complex & outcomposed pieces with many guest musicians such as CHRIS CONNELLY (MINISTRY), SOPHIE BANCROFT, COLIN POTTER, STEVEN R. SMITH and more...incorporating poetry & folk elements, thematically backed up by "the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, the singularity and heat death of the observable universe" 2014 €14.00
I SNOR The Wolf Project LP 'Can you fight monsters without becoming one yourself?' Soundtrack to the dance theatre choreography of the same title by KENNETH FLAK (Norway) & KÜLLI ROOSNA (Estonia), which is performed at various places around the world...=> dramatic & complex electro industrial, at times slowly rhythmic, eerie abstract ghost drones, dark instrumental zither tunes with pulses underneath, etc.. ... an intense, dynamic work by this Danish project of YANN COPPIER creating lots of tension! lim. 250 2014 €18.00
I.CORAX From gOLDem flesh to silverb ONE CD re-issue of I.CORAX (the project of Antti Haapapuro [HALO MANASH, etc.] and Jaakko Vanhala [also in ARKTAU AON, ZOÄT-AON] third official release from 2003, recorded 'live' in the studio preparing for a live show, using analogue synths, hypno sampling loops, manipulated field recordings, horns made of animals bones & voice material to create a special experimental 'aural alchemy'... lim. 500 silk-screen cardboard cover with three inserts and four panel booklet, lim. 500 2014 €13.00
I:WOUND Traumpfad (a Travelogue in three Acts) LP coincinding with the re-activation of this German experimental project here's a new "handmade" edition of this almost 25 year old LP about a journey to India and Tibet: original field recordings and noises merge with electronic/concrete sounds, confusing lyrical impressions of the beauty and the ugly, the myths and the mystery, as a whole a surrealistic sound-experiment and document... spec. ed. lim. 50 with new cover, the original booklet and incense stick 1993 €17.00
IA (ALEX COPELAND) Peak of Anchorite mCDR IA is ALEX COPELAND, a newcomer to the drone-scene who sets here very high-pitched & whirring & hissing drones against a harmonic fundament => very sharp contrasts & special sound! Recommended advanced drones ! 2012 €5.00
ICHIYANAGI, TOSHI Music for Tinguely CD three so far unreleased, very early tape pieces by the radical / innovative Japanese New Music / Avantgarde composer: "Music for Tinguely" (1963) is created from junk objects by the great sculptor of kinetic objects, JEAN TINGUELY; "Apperance" (1967) - a live electronic piece feat. JOHN CAGE and DAVID TUDOR; "Music for Living Space" (1969): composed for the inner space of the Sun Tower at the Expo 1970 in Osaka; lim. 500 in the prolific series of OMEGA POINT 2006 €19.50
ILSE LAU Abbreviation Hits CD + bonus 7" the final album of this amazing "somehow advanced [yes,no,maybe] no wave / post-rock" band from Bremen; comes in full-colour silkscreen 7" cover in an edition of only 250 copies. The members continue after the disbandment as ANTON TORNISTER and DIAMETRICS 2008 €12.00
IMANISHI, MASAYUKI Tone LP the Brussels based label for 'exotic' experimental music presents this interesting Japanese composer, who is forming extraordinary, mysterious, somehow 'concrete' microsound worlds from field recordings, radio transmissions and various objects like"paper; influenced by the concepts of Wabi-Sabi and Mono No Aware, it's almost.impossible to recognize any sound-sources "...the dismantling, rebuilding, amplification and modulation of tiny sounds" lim. 250 copies 2016 €13.00
IN CAMERA untitled LP back in stock last copies, the debut-album of the IN CAMERA project by TIMO VAN LUIJK & CHRISTOPH HEEMANN.... beautiful 'hand-carved drones', lim / numb. 500 copies 2005 €17.50
Open Air CD second album, CD-re-issue now available; ed. of 400. IN CAMERA are CHRISTOPH HEEMANN & TIMO VAN LUIJK 2008 €16.00
Frampton comes alive LP CHRISTOPH HEEMANN & TIMO VAN LUIJK (AF URSIN, NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES); third album with new studio recordings; refined acoustic drones creating a special atmosphere.. lim. 400 2012 €17.00
  Rumours LP CHRISTOPH HEEMANN & TIMO VAN LUIJK (AF URSIN, NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES); live recording from VPRO session originally released as rare bonus CDR in 2006 with "Open Air" album; lim. 400 2012 €17.00
INADE Samadhi State CD regular jewel-case edition now available 2006 €13.00
INDO Rupa Loka CD first CD album for this Hungarian ambient project, inspired by the Buddhist notion of 'Rupa-Loka' (the realm of form, of higher beings) - a stunning atmospheric journey using many strange animal & bird-sounds and environmental recordings of forests, water, valleys.. comes with 12p. full colour booklet; filed under: mystic / meditative organic ambience; great start for this new label from Sweden 2011 €13.00
INFANT CYCLE A Mysterious Disc lathe-cut 7" "Is this lathe a mysterious disc?" TWO versions of "A Mysterious Disc" are existing with absolute the same cover & catalogue number, but different material. No information available. This is version 1 2010 €10.00
  A Mysterious Disc lathe-cut 7" "Or is this lathe a mysterious disc?"'Two versions of "A Mysterious Disc" are existing with absolute the same cover & catalogue number, but different material. No information available. This is version 2 2010 €10.00
IONOSPHERE Stellar Winds CD re-issue of IONOSPHEREs second album from 2007 (CD-R on Avatar Records), now with two additional / new tracks => thunderous drone-storms and elevated wind-choirs, organic whispers and overtone waves, this is a very dense and multi-layered journey, a kind of 'cosmic post industrial', excellent and very much worth to re-discover... 2016 €13.00
IRISARRI, RAFAEL ANTON Reverie LP highly melancholic & beautiful "chamber-music" symphonic ambience, feat. a cover version of ARVO PÄRTs "Für Alina"; re-pressing (450 copies on black vinyl) now available ! 2011 €15.50
IRR.APP. (ext.) [aka MATT WALDRON] Ustrojenstvorzaginate CD-R this release contains the previously digital-only EPs "Ustrojenstvozagyvat" and "Celestial Laminate" (both from 2011) with 2 additional tracks, lim.200; expensive & rare US-import with hand-assembled covers by the US american cult project, perfect for NWW fans who want to go a step further into irrationalism... 2013 €16.00
  Resurrection of the Senses [Expanded Edition] CD-R rare self-released CDR by the inimitable "advanced surrealistic experimental drone" project from the US, this is in fact an expanded and remixed version of the pic-12" that came out on Beta-lactam Ring Records in the "Records are not for baking" series in 2005; professionally duplicated CDR, full-colour printed artwork, lim. 200 2015 €16.00
JARL Case 1959 - Dyatlov do-CD three long tracks inspired by the mysterious 'Dyatlov Pass Incident' from 1959 that happened in the northern Ural mountains when 9 ski-hikers died => wonderful pulsing, metallic drones, this is the sound for true psychic elevation.... JARLs masterpiece ! 2015 €16.00
JERMAN, JEPH Four Drivers CD long minimal / mechanized drones, ever shifting overtune clouds; created with an "upright piano harp" powered by four ventilators, lim. 250 in canvas envelope, NEW material 2010 €12.00
JOHANNSSON, JOHANN The Prisoners OST do-LP Original Soundtrack to the film THE PRISONERS by DENIS VILLENEUVE - you haven't seen JOHANNSSON so sombre & captivating, quiet & sad.... desolate & beautiful neo-classic ambience at the same time! 2013 €24.00
JOHNSON, RAGNAR ASSISTED BY JESSICA MAYER Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang / Windim Mabu do-CD these recordings of tribal flute players and their environment in Papua New Guinea were made already in 1976 and released on two LPs in 1977/1979 => a fascinating journey into a completely different musical world, this shows the various forms of flute playing from different regions of the country (ultra large bamboo flutes in combinations with gongs or singers or shell rattles), we thought this sounds like nothing else!! 2016 €20.00
JOSEFSON, MATHIAS Night is the best time here 10 fascinating solo-work by the man behind MOLJEBKVA PVLSE, based on a sound-installation using a certain scene in TARKOVSKYs "SOLARIS" film; first shown at JOSEFSONs graduation exhibition at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, 2010; lim. 275 copies in hand printed letter covers, highly recommended ! 2010 €12.00
JU SUK REET MEATE / SILVIA KASTEL / NINNIA MORGIA Le Puss Puss LP trashy impro noise recordings that SILVIA KASTEL and NINNIA MORGIA did together with JU SUK REET MEATE (= ERIC STEWARD of legendary SMEGMA), using bass, trumpet, various percussion and toy instruments, all combined for a wild mix of anti-muzak & and free-est noise-jazz... lim. 250 2013 €17.50
JULIUS, ROLF Lullaby for the Fishes LP re-issue of the first LP from 1985 by this innovative North-German soundartist known for his "small music" installations => contained are 8 minimal pieces created 1981-1984, designed to be played continuously with small speakers in rooms or nature, to interact with and define the environment and space which you are entering; these are not classic compositions with a beginning or ending, more "sound-pictures" or acoustic colours... 2015 €18.50
JUV same CD lost recordings now released by this Norwegian project active between 1996-1998, dark & doomy dronescapes, really good ! Also available as do-LP, please ask if interested! 2011 €14.50
JÜPPALA KÄÄPIÖ Alpen Ocean LP the final release by this duo of CAROLE & HITOSHI KOJO with their warm shimmering & wide harmonic ambience using many instrumental sources, human voice / chants & field recordings with an organic touch... a gritting overtune-symphony...celebrating the deep connection to the landscapes, plants & animals around... beautiful & elevating ! lim. 250 copies 2013 €19.00
K11 K MC we got very few single copies of this MC usually only available with the full (A-Z) set of COLLEZIONE DEL SILENZIO; numbered. ed. 100 copies, C-24 2011 €7.50
KA-SPEL, EDWARD O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay CD CD-version of the album from 2002 which was only available on vinyl so far; comes in oversized gatefold-design 2009 €14.00
The Minus Touch CD new 8-track studio album feat. ALENA BOYKOVA, comes in full-colour gatefold-sleeve & inlay 2010 €14.00
  This Saturated Land CD-R digital album from 2012 now available as self-issued CD-R release, with three additional bonus tracks; "Composed and recorded over 5 days in the rainiest July I can remember. A slow sinking into an ocean that ultimately reclaims all." [E. Ka-spel] edition of 199 - handmade cover art with insert 2015 €14.00
KABUKABU / KLEZMER CHIDESCH performs The KREV Underwater National Anthem # 3 / 4 7 second in a series of vinyl acoustic versions of the National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland, this one is performed by KABUKABU and the KLEZMER CHIDESCH groups, recorded at 21. October 2006 at "Haus der Kulturen der Welt" in Berlin; edition of 500 2007 €7.50
KABUTOGANI Bektop CD fourth album; experimental glitch-ambience in the way of R. IKEDA or ALVA NOTO, surprising arrangements & sounds 2010 €14.00
KALMA, ARIEL Open like a Flute do-LP the material on this album was recorded between 1981 and 1984 and appeared only on two Cassettes so far, 12 tracks of ARIEL KALMAs unique mixture of western avantgarde and eastern sacral music... the label compares this approach with POPOL VUH, ANGUS MACLISE or LASZLO HORTOBABY; gatefold cvoer, lim. 300 2015 €32.00
KAMIN, FRANZ / TENTATIVELY, A CONVENIENCE / KOMMISSAR HJULER UND FRAU FLUXUS LP another disconcerting experience is guaranteed on this issue of the "FLUXUS +/- series" (a personal highlight of Mr. HJULER): two long pieces by FRANZ KAMIN (US American composer & author who worked with topology, General Systems Theory, chance operations, etc..), one short piece by TENTATIVELY, A CONVENIENCE, and a live recording of "The Lion sleep tonight" by KOMMISSAR HJULER und FRAU made at Schiphorst Avantgarde Festival in 2008 !! Lim. 100 2016 €25.00
KAMMARHEIT Unearthed 2000-2002 6 x CD remastered re-issues of the first six albums from 2000-2002, so far not available officially; edition of 800 copies in cloth bound package with silver foil lettering and 12p booklet 2015 €59.00
KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF Desarroi LP their 10th album, regarded as their most radical so far ('desarroi' means disorientation), more extravagant, expressive, free jazzy / experimental and uncategorizable as before, but still with a dreamy and cinematic component and often a subtle foundation...incl. a SYPH cover "Zurück zum Beton" 2015 €16.00
KAMPEN SKOLES MUSIKKORPS performs The KREV Underwater National Anthem 7 third in a series of vinyl acoustic versions of the National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland, this one is performed by the KAMPEN SKOLES MUSIKKORPS, consisting of around 24 musicians aged from 9 to 16, it was founded 1906 and is the third oldest school marching band in Norway; rec. 12 March 2008 by JANA WINDEREN. Numbered edition of 500 copies 2008 €7.50
KANGDING RAY Pruitt Igoe 12 4 track EP with remixes by ALVA NOTO & BEN FROST; hypnotizing & pulsating minimal architecture music 2010 €11.00
KAPOTTE MUZIEK VS. GOEM KGM CD-EP comes in hand made / hand folded cardboard cover / KAPOTTE MUZIEK recorded live at the "Garage Festival" in Stralsund, Germany, Aug 31, 2004 2008 €9.50
KARINI / PALADINO / SIMON FISHER TURNER Ghosts of Industrial Sunday CD + DVD The Poetry of Iron: short film by MARIA ASSUNTA KARINI & FRANCESCO PAOLO PALADINO (film-makers with participations at Cannes & Venice film festivals) feat. a soundtrack by SIMON FISHER TURNER (known as DEREK JARMAN film-composer, etc.), capturing the essence of 'empty' industrial working places normally filled by professional workers, showing the unreal, dreamy atmosphere there... comes with 20 p. full colour A5 booklet with great shots from the film, and extra material on the CD 2014 €15.00
KARKOWSKI, ZBIGNIEW The last Man in Europe LP two extracts from KARKOWSKI's final performance (31. Oct. 2013) when he played live to the "1984-THE LAST MAN IN EUROPE" BBC TV production from GEORGE ORWELL (1954) at London's Horse Hospital, 6 weeks before his death...=> pure sinus-tones vibrations, oscillations and drones with high dynamics and often piercing quality, ebbing and flowing... "Few releases in experimental and noise arenas can really invade the mind the way The Last Man in Europe does." [Noise Beneath..] 2017 €17.00
KASSEL JAEGER Deltas LP first vinyl album for this interesting newcomer (and member of the GRM), known for his albums on MYSTERY SEA; "DELTAS" is based on stone and meteorite resonance recordings => advanced sound-art beyond easy categorization! Mastering: ROBERT HAMPSON; Cover-art: STEPHEN O'MALLEY 2012 €17.00
KEIN ZWEITER Teilstück für totalen Schwung LP & DVDr "Genitalmetamorphosenovid" - second album by this Berlin-based duo (with member of COLUMN ONE included), combining danceable electronic avant beats with strong, rich in content vocals in an unusual way, sometimes compared to DAF; comes with bonus DVDr with the video "Eine Richtung-Eine Saat" bei JÜRGEN ECKLOFF 2016 €17.00
KELLOUGH, BETHAN Aven CD this impressive composition in five parts uses field recordings of geothermal activity made in Iceland (plus various wind recordings) and combines it with instrumental arrangements and harmonies (violin strings) played by BETHAN KELLOUGH herself, a very nice debut-CD; recorded "Live at Volume, Los Angeles, 30th April 2016 as part of Touch Conference." lim. 500 2016 €11.00
KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT Saija 7 last copies of this rare 7" by the Finnish "wyrd folk" group, lim. 300 and usually only available as bonus to the KELLARI JUNIVERSUMI LP 2005 €8.00
KENNEY, JESSIKA Atria LP known for the beautiful albums with EYVIND KANG, this seems to be JESSIKA KENNEYs first full solo-album, performing seven of her own compositions (written between 2007-2013) with traditional Eastern (Persian?) folk influences together with various Gamelan ensembles, always guided by her great voice... lim. 300 copies, comes with an oversized 12 page booklet containing compositional notes and drawings.... 2016 €30.00
KHLYST Chaos Live DVD multicamera live footage from the first & only live-show from this trio consisting of JAMES PLOTKIN (KHANATE, LOTUS EATERS, etc.), RUNHILD GAMMELSAETER (THORR'S HAMMER) and TIM WYSKIDA (KHANATE); Hydrahead-festival NYC 2006, lim. ed. 500 special cover art. length 28 minutes, b/w with nice effects 2008 €15.00
KHOST Corrosive Shroud CD experimental / avantgardish industrial metal from Birmingham, their highly praised second album, using staggering metallic drums and ritualistic choirs along with incredibly deep vocals & distortion guitar/bass...intoxicating stuff! " At times darkly tribal, at times purely a punishingly black / industrial sort of more full-on GODFLESH...." [Terrorizer] 2015 €12.00
KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE Mutations LP re-issue of the 2nd album from 2009 by the cult "dark / doom ambient chamber music" group (also known as TKDE) from the Netherlands, crossing various genres to create irresistable, handplayed cinematic music... 180 gr vinyl & download code 2016 €19.50
KINE Meditations in April Green CD five experimental 'meditations' by this collective of musicians with female Vietnamese singer DAO ANH KHANH and ROBERT L. PEPPER from PAS MUSIQUE - between harmonic interactions and pretty weird free improvscapes (synths, voices, guitar, ethno instruments), advancing into unforeseen musical areas... 2013 €13.00
KIRKEGAARD, JACOB 40 Days of Silence LP soundtrack to a film from SAODAT ISMAILOVA (Uzbekistan) by the always fascinating composer from Denmark who released several albums on TOUCH before....very minimal drone expanses with a special touch... 'a journey into silence and its possible inner variations' 2014 €18.00
KOBI Acousticks CD newest release by this Norwegian "ambient electro-acoustic" project around KAI MIKALSEN, feat. various participants 2009 €14.00
KOCHAN, RAFAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF INDUSTRIAL MUSIC : VOLUME 2 BOOK / CD second volume (D -> I) of a new book-series from Polish label IMPULSY STETOSKOPU listing alphabetically all "industrial" acts of past & present with a description & full discography & photo if available; it features also post- & pre-industrial influenced projects you wouldn't really expect, but this wide view makes it really essential !! 100 pages, A4 format, 350gr hardcover book, over 270 entries, plus 1 CDR with mostly unreleased recordings by DAS SYNTHETHISCHE MISCHGEWEBE, YANNICK DAUBY, DIETERH MÜH, e 2010 €20.00
  ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF INDUSTRIAL MUSIC : VOLUME 3 BOOK / CD third volume (J -> N) of the new "industrial & related"-bible / lexicon! 400 entries (artist, groups, philosophers, everything related to 'Industrial'), 124 pages, A4 format, Comes with CD feat. many exclusive tracks from MAEROR TRI, LT. CARAMEL, Z. KARKOWSKI, ERIK M & FM EINHEIT (!), YANN NOVAK, KNURL, KAISER NIETZSCHE, JOB KARMA; etc. etc.. lim. 300 2013 €20.00
KODIAK same do-CD collection of various material by this promising drone / post-rock band 2011 €16.00
KODJABASHIA, NIKOLA Explosion of a Memory CD Four works as a homage to the works of JAMES JOYCE, HEINER MÜLLER & VALERE NOVARINA; performed by the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra with help by CHRIS CUTLER and others 2010 €13.00
KOLACKI, RAFAL Hijra. Noise from the Jungle CD field recordings made December 2015 at the "famous" refugee camp called "The Jungle" in Calais, France, where 1000s of immigrants lived in tents: this captures the voices, speeches and especially musical vocalizations and singings of the refugees, coming from various cultures and regions of the world, so that this sounds rather like a recording from an ethnologist made far away from Europe... a very special, political release by RAFAL KOLACKI, showing the dignity and beauty of these lost people.. 2016 €12.00
KONAGAYA, JUN Memento Mori LP surprising solo-album by GRIM mastermind JUN KONAGAYA, who also runs ESKIMO Records (early VASILISK releases!) and was in WHITE HOSPITAL => "Memento Mori" is his third solo-album, on the 8 tracks there is often a very sacral / ethereal / melancholic atmosphere evoked (based on organ like harmonics and his vocals), but there are also more "industrial pop" sounding tracks with electronic rhythms and occasional noises; very special & nice! lim. 200 2017 €22.00
KONGO Blubber CD it's time for transmutation - the cover shows a morphed being probably made of H. NORDVARGR BJÖRK and PETER NYSTRÖM who collaborated for this new project - KONGO is a musical bastard consisting of strange loops, sequenced beats, weird voice material, reminding on early industrial groups as SEVERED HEADS or CABARET VOLTAIRE, you can almost dance to it! "hectic, obsessive, crazy.. a perfect soundtrack to the fucked-up world we are living in." lim. 300 2016 €12.00
KUBISCH, CHRISTINA On Air CD high-frequency minimalism, relaxed sphere-drones, electronic rhythms, robotic voices & voice-experiments... ON AIR sounds quite futuristic and is a reprint of a 1984 cassette-only private release, plus one video track; comes in a very special translucent Cover-packaging, something you haven't seen before! BACK IN STOCK last copies, lim. 500 2004 €16.00
KUTIN, PETER Burmese Days LP Austrian composer (also in => DIRAC) who connects 'sound art and journalism/documentation', when the used Burmese metallophones (various gongs), Burmese field recordings (recorded in Myanmar in spring 2012 just after the military dictatorship) and live electronics form something like an abstract sonic essay, expressing his personal experiences (heat, sickness, fear, jungle, rain, radical Buddhism, rebels fighting for freedom or more rights, the sound of mantras, gongs, bells and the language itself..) 2014 €16.50
KUTIN, PETER / FLORIAN KINDLINGER / CHRISTINA KUBISCH Decomposition I-III do-LP a three part work by DIRAC members PETER KUTIN & FLORIAN KINDLINGER (with C. KUBISCH collaboration in the third part) about "sonic realities and aural layers that usually remain undetected by our perception", first premiered at Donaufestival in Krems (Austria) 2015; feat recordings from the Atacama desert, the noise inside a telescope during its calibration, harsh snow fields walks, or electromagnetic signals from Las Vegas .. 2015 €26.00
KUUPUU Lumen Thäden LP comes in ultra heavy laminated gatefold-cover (full-colour), ed. of 750 copies; the "post-everything" project from JONNA KARANKA (AVARUS, ISLAJA, etc.) 2009 €23.50
KÜPPER, LEO Electronic Works & Voices 1961-1979 do-LP re-issue of two LPs (from 1971/1981) with 5 pieces (his earliest available works, created 1961-1979, when he worked mainly with pure electronic sounds & human voice) by this amazing composer from Belgium (*1935) known for his "sound domes" => contains material based on the GAME machine (early automatic machine), a piece using poetry from ANTONIN ARTAUD, a work for a 12 people choir, etc... 2013 €20.00
LA CASA, ERIC Soundtracks CD three high-class soundscapes used as soundtracks: "A Grammar for listening 2" (for a 16mm film by LUKE FOWLER); "A Hemero Phaestos 2" (for a video by CHRISTIAN JACCARD), "Polymeres 2" (for a film by MARIE-CHRISTINE NAVARRO, feat. JEAN-LUC GUIONNET) => probably mainly derived from field recordings, these are intense, sometimes mysterious formations of sound & atmosphere.. highly recommended!! 2015 €15.50
LA CASA, ERIC / TAKU UNAMI Parazoan Mapping CD first collab / meeiting between Japanese laptop & guitar improviser TAKU UNAMI, with Paris based sound artist and composer ERIC LA CASA: a very "pure" field recording album in 15 sections, all kinds of weird mechanical devices have been recorded at various places in Tokyo, like private apartments, university, theatre, sports-center, etc.. nice digipack with photos of civilization debris left in nature 2015 €14.00
LA STPO Le Combat Occulte CD collection of rare & live material of this great French Avant-Band, often compared to D.D.A.A, lim. 500 2005 €13.00
Le Combat Occulte LP collection of rare & live material of this great French Avant-band which has been often compared to D.D.A.A (their very first 7" appeared on Illusion Production in 1986), though they have much heavier & very expressive experimental Prog-Rock and "RIO" influences; lim. 200, 180gr. vinyl, back in ! 2005 €16.00
Wir schwitzen Blumen / La STPO in Concerts LP impressive album with a collection of furious live recordings (2006-2009) by this wonderful and energetic art-rock/ 'avant-prog' / dada-punk ensemble with insane & expressive vocals from Rennes, France, now existing since almost 30 years! Perfect stuff for you if you like the 'wilder' bands on ReR Megacorp like HENRY COW, or FAUST, D.D.A.A., ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN; lim. 250 , 180 gr vinyl , download code 2013 €15.00
Les Liquidateurs LP the furious five from Rennes, France, with their unique "dream vocal" prog rock sound are back with a kind of narrative piece presenting various scenes dedicated to the "liquidators " who risked and lost their life during the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine in 1984; a very prolific work that almost appears like a theatre piece, really challenging & impressive; lim. 300 - nice silkscreen cover silkscreen cover, lim. 300 2015 €26.00
  L'Imparfait multiple de Dieu CD 7th full length album, with a great epic and very melodic opening piece ("Un Dieu est un Passage dernier"), this French "unclassifiable" band continues to surprise with their mix of Avantgarde-Rock, Jazz, Prog, Ambient... they have been compared to (but nothing really matches): PTOSE, RESIDENTS, THIS HEAT, THE WORK, FAUST, PERE UBU, etc... powerful & expressive stuff, with many many changes, breaks, beautiful moments, crazy vocals.. 2015 €13.00
LA STPO (SOCIETE DES TIMIDES A LA PARADE DES OISEAUX) Tranches de temps jete CD the French masters of highly expressive, unusual, surprising, theatrical, bewildering "(Avant / Post / Uncategorizable) Rock" compositions with their album from 2006, "especially for those of you who like their music challenging, alternatingly dense and spacy and most of all - uncontainably inventive" [Prog Archives] 2006 €13.00
  Tranches de temps jete (Slices of thrown time) LP the French masters of highly expressive, unusual, surprising, theatrical, bewildering "(Avant / Post / Uncategorizable) Rock" compositions "especially for those of you who like their music challenging, alternatingly dense and spacy and most of all - uncontainably inventive" [Prog Archives] vinyl version / lim. 325 copies ! / Volume 3 in the RECORDS ARE NOT FOR BAKING-series !! 2006 €17.00
LAGOWSKI Redesine+ CD first album in 7 years - retro-futuristic industrial pop and hyper-synthetic, poly-rhythmic dark techno... for fans of "electronic" CLOCK DVA, etc.. lim. 300 copies only ! 2013 €13.00
LE SYNDICAT Second Empire LP powerful (quasi-)rhythmic electronic industrial filled with weird sounds, voices, changes & transformations, noises.. a complex and innovative sounding new album by the French bruitists, intelligently designed... lim. 200 red vinyl, great silver print cover ! 2014 €20.00
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) Seconds late for the Brighton Line CD 30th Anniversary Album! The dots are currently on a North America tour and return after the leaving of long time members NIELS VAN HOORN & MARTIJN DE KLEER with an incredible strong album; very emotional, more electronic & reduced as before... 2010 €13.00
LEWIS, E.G. All Under CD the sister album to "All Over" shows LEWIS experimental and sound art passion, with four very varified tracks from 'pure sound' dronescapes over an earplay like narrative to a very long & wonderful harmonic ambient piece at the end; excellent album reminding on the great DOME works from the past 2014 €14.00
  All Under LP the sister album to "All Over" shows his experimental and sound art passion, with four very varified tracks from 'pure sound' dronescapes over an earplay like narrative to a very long & wonderful harmonic ambient piece on Side B; excellent album reminding on the great DOME works from the past 2014 €16.00
LILES, ANDREW Black Hole CD The Vortex Vault part 2, black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black Beauty CD The Vortex Vault part 3, black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black Mamba CD The Vortex Vault part 5, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. 2007 €16.00
Black Market CD The Vortex Vault part 7, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. TONY WAKEFORD appears on one track 2007 €16.00
Black Out CD The Vortex Vault part 8, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. Feat. FREEK & MIRANDA KINKELAAR (BRUNNEN / BEEQUEEN) 2007 €16.00
Black Panther CD The Vortex Vault part 9, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black Sea CD The Vortex Vault part 6, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
Black Sheep CD The Vortex Vault part 10, black art cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. feat STEVEN WILSON (BASS COMMUNION) 2007 €16.00
Black End CD The Vortex Vault part 12 (final album in the series), black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies. Featuring STEVEN STAPLETON (NURSE WITH WOUND), MATT WALDRON (IRR.APP(EXT)), and others! 2007 €16.00
Black Widow CD The Vortex Vault part 4, black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2007 €16.00
  The Power Elite CD second album for LILES on the legendary UNITED DAIRIES (NWW label), a very political and dark release evoking claustrophobic feelings... "an unexpected foray into modernist composition, adopting influences from the vanguard of '50s and '60s avant-garde.." 2016 €14.00
LILES, ANDREW AND KENJI SIRATORI Black Paper CD The Vortex Vault part 1, black cover lim/numb/signed 300 copies 2006 €16.00
LILJEDAHL, JONATAN & DANIEL KARLSSON Even while the Earth sleeps we travel beneath frozen Rivers CD single & collaboration tracks by these two Swedish composers with "advanced experimental / electronic drones", massive milling-sounds, very abstract & sharp noise attacks, quite radical & powerful & recommended ! 2008 €12.50
LINGUA FUNGI Melankhton CD excellent album (third published full length CD) after the collab. with ALIO DIE from 2012 by the Finnish project (nowadays also a member of HALO MANASH) creating captivating organic ambience with folk and oriental influences, builds a surrealistic dimension of it own; only acoustic instrumental and field recording sources are used, delicately sampled and mixed... comes in a customized / silk-screened cardboad cover w. 4-panel booklet and insert card, lim. 449 copies 2014 €13.00
  Flowery Dreams CD FOR YOU, LITTLE SEED - the debut album of this Finnish "subconscious ethno/folk drone" project, mainly created with real instruments (flutes, guitars, bass, mandolin, various percussion tools).. "Magical journey through the strange dreams in beautiful flowery scenery, drifting and melting. No sharp line between sorrow and joy, dark and bright moments".. long waving organic ambience for fans of ALIO DIE, JÜPPALA KÄÄPIO, ORIGAMI ARKTIKA, ethereal TROUM, etc.. 2006 €13.00
LOCRIAN The Crystal World LP third epic work by this promising US-project (combining elements of post-industrial, ambient, doom), titled after JG BALLARDS fantastic novel. lim. vinyl version now available 2011 €20.00
LOPEZ, FRANCISCO Untitled # 150 CD digipack / Lopez "unreleased Mort Aux Vaches" - rec. in Amsterdam at VPRO-studios in Jan 2003! one-tracker 2004 €14.50
Untitled # 164 CD a project comissioned by the ARGOS festival in 2004, Brussels Sonic Matter. Using field recording made in the city together with TRMX, Johan Vandermaelen, Martiens Go Home, and Building Transmissions; Lopez mutates and records these into an intense 73 minute composition... 2006 €13.50
Machines do-CD four subtle work-outs of machinery sounds (clocks, elevators, laboratory & factory equipment), lim. 500 2009 €17.00
Untitled #275 CD hearing is believing - LOPEZ works with PIANO-sounds, delivered by REINIER VAN HOUDT; two stunning pieces going to new directions 2011 €13.00
Untitled (2010) do-CD first release on a new Russian label which inspires with amazing packaging (custom handmade textured covers in different colours with set of 3 photos inside) - and various new LOPEZ recordings made in 2010 exploring different ideas & conceptions, e.g. using original field recordings made at buddhist monasteries in Burma; lim. 500 and highly recommended!! 2012 €20.00
  OBATALA - IBOFANGA. Environmental sound matter from Cuba and the USA CD third release in FRANCISCO LOPEZ own new label-series: one long piece (50+ min) based on field recordings made in various National Parks in Cuba and the U.S.A.... incredible sounds of birds & animals again! lim. 300 2014 €14.00
LOPEZ, FRANCISCO & NOVI_SAD Titans CD both artists used the same field recordings (made in the Ancient Olympia region of Greece) for two 30+ min. long compositions, presented for the first time during the International Olympia Festival in June 2010; very good experimental 'transcension drones' from two different artistic perspectives... lim. 500 2011 €13.00
LOVESLIESCRUSHING Xuvetyn CD HEAVEN NOISE ! The second album by LLC, at that time described as "MY BLOODY VALENTINE goes ethereal" (you wonder how that could be possible?), 18 tracks, no rhythms at all and open for noisy outbursts. Not from this world! ...."soaked in shimmering, fuzzy, noisy brilliance. Beautiful female vocals waft through the hazy, swirling fog of layered feedback-drenched, processed guitars. This is ethereal lo-fi at its finest" [INK19] 1996 €14.50
LUCIER, ALVIN Clocker CD piece from 1978, performed 1991: "for amplified clock, performer with galvanic skin response sensor, and digital delay system" 1994 €13.00
  Sferics / Music for Solo Performer CD SFERICS (1981): recording of radio-frequency emissions in the ionosphere; MUSIC FOR SOLO PERFORMER (1965): new version of this piece using LUCIERS alpha-brainwaves as activator for different percussion instruments; two great concept to make the "Unlistenable" listenable, with curious results ! 2009 €14.00
LUMINE All the Unnamed LP first release by a new trio consisting of TIMO VAN LUIJK, GRAHAM STEWART and JOHN WHYTE (the two latter of VIOLENCE & THE SACRED) => the ominous, extremly subtle dronescapes they create come from various instruments and have a strong cinematic touch (like cymbals and gongs, Glockenspiel, clarinett, synths), a wonderful hazy album.. lim. 300 + download code 2017 €19.00
LUNAR ABYSS AS BOEVYE CIKADY Golden Dissociative Trip CD-R selected unpublished early material - very weird organic sounds & pulses from the Russian project, "dedicated to dissociative & deprivated states of mind"; lovely handmade cover with sticked photos and handwritten notes, each one unique! Iim. ed. 91 copies (numbered) 2010 €11.00
LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM / BOEVYE CIKADY / PUSTOTA Vetry Pamyati (Winds of Memory) CD-R three live fragments collected in various years by the three alter-ego projects of EVGENY SAVENKO who is behind LUNAR ABYSS; feat. fantastic ritualistic otherworld-drones rec. 2005 (a 25 minute piece by L.A.D.O), and ocean field recordings mixed with strange sounds...great stuff ! lim. 52 handmade / painted covers 2010 €11.00
LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET Zeleznaya Voda CD second edition available (150 copies) now in WHITE cardboard-cover 2002 €13.00
M.B. (MAURIZIO BIANCHI) Mectpyo - Blut do-LP re-issue of very first (private) M.B. MC release from 1980; comes in stunning gatefold cover, lim. 300 red vinyl; 4 long tracks 2010 €37.50
Noise-O-Rama CD first ever release of an early 80's M.B. private tape - 9 tracks of soughing low-fi analog synth noises with strange effect.. lim. 200 only !! 2015 €13.00
  NH/HN CD official re-issue of this ultra rare "private" cassette-only release from 1980, re-mastered by PHARMAKUSTIK; two long titles: "Neotenia Hysteron" and "Honoris Nomea", lim. 200; "After 35 years, this original NH/HN release is once again seeing the light of day and is presented in its true form of abstract sound collages comprising synthesizers, tape loops and noise samples" 2015 €13.00
MACHINEFABRIEK 15/15 LP 15/15 is a composition for 'Soundpiece', a soundart installation that happened in Rotterdam (NL) with 32 speakers used in an area of 30 by 30 meters, installed under the floor of a square: fifteen sine tones with freq. between 150 to 9000 hertz are repeated in different intervals, thus creating a very focused and stringent, almost ZEN-like acoustic structure... the B-side is a backwards remix and sounds more floating and atmospheric... lim. 200 yellow vinyl 2012 €15.00
  Wendingen CD a collection of remixes MACHINEFABRIEK did with other artists material, between 2005-2015: GARETH HARDWICK, AMON TOBIN, AARON MARTIN, DIJVAN GASPARYAN, WOUTER VAN VELDHOVEN, and many more.. 79+ minutes, 13 tracks in total, some appeared only on very limited CDRs or tapes... lim. 300 2016 €12.00
MACLEAN, STEVE & CHRIS CUTLER The Year of the Dragon CD very vital, innovative "art-rock" with female vocals - a new CHRIS CUTLER project with guitarist STEVE MacLEAN 2012 €13.00
MACLISE, ANGUS The Cloud Doctrine do-CD repress available! 159 minutes of minimal electronic music rec. 1963-1976 feat. TONY CONRAD, JOHN CALE, PIERO HELICZER, etc... (he was the first drummer of VELVET UNDERGROUND!) 2003 €17.50
MADE OUT OF BABIES The Ruiner CD excellent advanced noise/metal-rock from Brooklyn 2008 €14.50
MAEROR TRI The A.V.E.-Tapes / Live in Nevers CD finally out, four extracts from the (almost) legendary 12 hour performance MT gave in Arnhem, Netherlands, on the 11. Nov..1995, plus another extract recorded at the "Musique Ultimes" festival in Nevers, France, 14th May 1995; feat. intimate liner notes by MARS WELLINK who recorded the 12hour gig; artwork by SERGEY ILCHUK (VETVEI), comes with re-production of original "A.V.E."flyer "Explosions of Silence"; numb. ed. 500 copies, these are the last unpublished recordings by MT !! 2010 €13.00
  Emotional Engramm CD re-issue of MT's last (5th) CD with recordings made 1993-1996, released by IRIS LIGHT in 1997; showing their deeply droning spheric & harmonic side, mainly based on field recordings & guitar-sounds... unavailable for a long time, this lovely re-edition comes in a 6-panel digipack with excellent new artwork by MARCIN LOJEK 2012 €12.00
MALDUR ATAI Vermin CD Makes your hair rise - the second full length album by this interesting industrial band from Vilnius, Lithuania, concentrating with this release on the 'arcane supernatural world'... "Vermin is the invasion of powerful and especially malicious demons into the everyday life upon the accidental uttering of the forbidden mantra." lim. 300 2010 €13.00
MANINKARI Un Souffle de Voix CD third album and the French duo gets better: unusual drums, powerful violin-playing, spheric cymbal-sounds, strange voice-material, gongs, field recordings, samples.. = dark & hypnotic instrumental music combining ambient/drone, jazz & medieval influences, highly innovative ! 2009 €14.00
  Continuum Sonore part 7>14 CD the sequel to the CD from 2012 (on Basses Freq.) offers 8 new floating "movements" of MANINKARIS unique style, a kind of instrumental and handplayed ambient / jazz / drone / impro - melange, based on percussion, electronics and unusual instruments, with both haunting and elevating effects... "Continuum Sonore pt. 7>14" shows them at their most droning & atmospheric... lim. 300 2014 €12.00
MAP Fever Dream do-LP project of MARY HALVORSON, TATSUYA NAKTANI and REUBEN RADDING with second release = advanced improvisations of timbre & texture on guitar, percussion & bass, comes in a luxurious cover lim. 1000 copies 2010 €23.50
MARGINAL CONSORT INSTAL. Glasgow 2008 4 x LP BOX a 3-hour recording of this Japanese impro / avantgarde / drone ensemble (ex EAST BIONIC SYMPHONIA and students of TAKEHISA KOSUGI from the legendary TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS), made at the INSTAL festival in Glasgow 2008; "A form of sound that does not turn into music and a group that does not produce harmony"; 4 LPs with printed inner sleeves in silk-screened PVC sleeve, along with liner notes and photos 2013 €40.00
MARIACHI AZTECA PRINCIPAL performs The KREV Underwater National Anthem # 2 7 first in a series of vinyl acoustic versions of the National Anthem of Elgaland-Vargaland, this one is performed by the MARIACHI AZTECA PRINCIPAL orchestra during the inauguration of The Embassy of The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland in Mexico City on 30 August 2002 2007 €7.50
MARIN, STEPHANE Invisible(s) Archipelago(s) #1 - Serendib Rhythms CD a collection of field recordings from Sri Lanka, showing a great variety of obscurest sounds from whatever environment and whatever source, all material seems to be unprocessed and pure, but you often don't know what happened; a crazy concerto grosso of dogs, microsound cracking, strange rhythmic knocking and slapping, materials squeaking and hums coming from nowhere... definitely NOT the typical field recording album, this holds lots of wondrous sounds to discover.. lim. 200 2016 €14.00
MARTINEZ, CLIFF Drive (OST) (special ed.) do-LP soundtrack to the cult film by NICOLAS WINDING REFN, this is the 5th anniversary edition on neon pink/clear vinyl, available only until end of 2016 on the label of GEOFF BARROW (PORTISHEAD), with gatefold cover and new booklet and liner notes by REFN... 2016 €36.00
MATHES, JEREMIE Oiarzun mCD-R the fourth published work by this promising French 'new experimental drone' artist, who uses mysterious field recordings taken from "vibrant matters of acoustic origins" and musical instruments for his long stretched transcension-drones that spread out like wind flurries in many directions, with slowly elevating overtunes like living creatures.. beautiful stuff, highly recommended !! 2013 €5.00
  Fallow Memory CD Drone Records artist JEREMIE MATHES (see Drone-Mind Vol. 4) is back and this wide spatial one-tracker (43+) sound almost like a continuation of his piece on the LP - these vast reverberating field recordings with a far away deep bass and incredible metallic sounds come from a huge empty silo tank at an abandoned industrial complex in South of France, undertaken in complete darkness... lim. 200 2015 €14.00
MENACE RUINE Union of Irreconcilables CD fourth album by the great avantgardish "medieval metal" band 2010 €14.50
Venus Armata do-LP the sixth album of our most favourite "medieval harmonies & vocals vs. transcension guitar doom drones" male/female duo from Montreal, more song-oriented as before.... "If Nostradamus had spoken through NICO, the result might have resembled Venus Armata" [Pitchfork]; lim. vinyl version (500 copies) with two color inserts 2015 €26.00
  Venus Armata CD the sixth album of our most favourite "medieval harmonies & vocals vs. transcension guitar doom drones" male/female duo from Montreal, more song-oriented as before.... "If Nostradamus had spoken through NICO, the result might have resembled Venus Armata" [Pitchfork] 2014 €15.00
MERCY (STEVE MACLEAN) Future(s) CD project of STEVE MACLEAN with first proper CD (?), sophisticated PoP feat. various guest musicians, as usual : expect the unusual - on ReR !! 2014 €13.00
MERZBOW Graft (special edition) LP + 7" lim. 150 green vinyl with bonus 7" ! collector's item, usually only available through Cold Spring mailorder! 2010 €25.00
Rembland Assemblage do-LP Listen to the earliest MERZBOW!=> Recordings from 1980 that came out on cassette in 1981; completely different from today, he used varius instruments, radio, and for the first time tape manipulations, everything completely analogue! Lim. 199 copies, silver silkscreen cover with the 5 original collages by MASAMI AKITA from 1980 2016 €35.00
  Wildwood CD "Do bears like harsh noise?" Four long, more psychedelic studio tracks, dedicated to the Wildwood Trust in Kent, England.. "...harsh noise that isn’t scattered but rather furiously flatlined, his units all screeching with sounds as gruesome as feedback. Under this current of hatred he cultivates almost kraut-like rhythms that sound like they’ve been caught in a sandstorm." [Robin/Norman Rec.] 2015 €14.00
MERZBOW / RAVEN / DAO DE NOIZE Animal Liberation CD after "This is the Truth" (2007) and "Transgression" (2008) this is only the third full length LP by KEVIN TOMKINS (ex WHITEHOUSE) "transgressive art" project; one side sounds more suspenseful and dark, the other goes the classic power elecronics way, all powerful and captivating; comes in heavy gatefold sleeve on colour vinyl, numbered 300 copies 2015 €13.00
MICHAEL, DAVID & SLAVEK KWI MMABOLELA do-CD the more or less same African field recordings from two different perspective/microphones (recorded during a 2 week workshop in South Africa organized by FRANCISCO LOPEZ in 2013): SLAWEK KWI (ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE) and DAVID MICHAEL recorded the wildlife, certain animals and bugs, subaquatic sounds or just the midnight atmospheres revealing a fascinating variety; nice full colour presenation, a must for field recording specialists! 2014 €16.00
MICROMELANCOLIE & STROM NOIR 49°05'19,3 CD very mellow, loopy, timelessly flowing 'nature-connection ambience' =, the first collaboration by these two projects from Poland & Slovakia is about a secret place that hides in the location info of the album-title, using also occasional field recordings from there... a sound postcard reflecting shimmers of light and summer, calm & peaceful, think of FABIO ORSI, ALIO DIE, VIDNA OBMANA, etc.. 2 tracks, about 50 min playtime 2016 €12.00
MIDNIGHT DOCTORS same LP project of PHIL BEGG (HAPSBURG BRAGANZA) as core member working with various other musicians, merging different styles & approaches like jazz, impro, folk, post-rock, chamber music and electro-acoustic, with emphasis on the production/studio process, influenced by JOE MEEK, FAUST & NEU!, etc.. 2013 €17.50
MILITIA Eco-Anarchic Manifesto CD & book last copies back in stock of this album by the powerful anarchist industrialists from Belgium, contains a live-set of "Black Flag Hoisted" (2000, Deadly Actions Festival) & comes with 50p. book with a text about Eco-Anarchism 2003 €18.50
MILLIS, ROBERT This World is unreal like a Snake in a Rope DVD 55min. 'folk-cinema' collage about India: the incredible loud daily life in Mumbay, the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the ancient city of Madurai, focused on musical / ritualistic / religious phenomena => 'Hindu trance ceremonies, street music, festivals, nagaswaram improvisations, ancient temples, processions, devotions, decay, fireworks'; filmed by ROBERT MILLIS from CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS, comes with bonus photo gallery, lim. 1000 2012 €22.50
MINAMATA Cyclator CD & DVD CD-album with NEW material rec. 2002-2007; on the DVD a full live-performance (filmed April 2007 in Antwerp on the NUIT & BROUILLARD festival) plus the video-film screened at this performance (3 hours of video material in total); lim. 500 & almost sold out at the label !! 2009 €19.50
MNEMONISTS Gyromancy CD re-release of their fourth & last LP from 1984 (+ the NAILED 7" from 1985) - a true masterpiece of surrealistic / undefinable experimental "drone-ambience" from this collective of musicians from Colorado who later became BIOTA! The mysterious sounds are all based on a huge amounts of acoustic instrumental sources... for us a classic of innovative experimental music, a record for the lonely island!!! 2004 €14.00
MODELBAU Cataract MC second tape release for a new project by FRANS DE WAARD, analogue buzzes and drones manifesting in various types of pulsing waves and minimal repetitions, reaching out for a kind of 'mosquito drone' and beatless techno, it all sounds improvised and spontaneous and very "direct"... lim. 50 2016 €7.00
MOHAMMAD Roto Vildblomma CD re-issue of the first CD from 2010, only 111 copies pressed!! => the Greek trio (Coti K.: double bass, ILIOS: oscillators, Nikos Veliotis: cello) started their drone journey on these 5 tracks, between the now well known deep bassy harmonic cello- & bass-drones and pure low end frequency hums and pulses, a reduction to basic vibrations that is captivating and contemplative... + at the end a surprising musical, obscure slo-mo Jazz "song", but in the MOHAMMAD style.. 2016 €16.00
MOHNE, ACHIM Accelerated Standstill LP two side long compositions made entirely of carefully assembled 'locked grooves' (caused by dirt, etc.) found on various mainstream vinyl records - a curious LP full of rhythmic structures and musique concrete drones that are constantly shifting by this German multimedia artist, playable at any speed - a must for fans of PHILIP JECK and Plunderphonics; lim. 300 / Nr. 7 in Touchs white label series; excellent record ! 2014 €14.00
MOLJEBKA PVLSE Zojo CD surrealistic dreamdrone-scapes of a higher beauty; you can not recognize how these sounds were made anymore, really captivating stuff that sinks slowly into your deeper mind; feat. Japanese artist MICHIKO KASHIBA, MOLJEBKA PVLSE has created this album without any musical instruments; very much recommended !! 2010 €13.00
  A Transformation CD-R our favourite Swedish psychonautic drone project with three new tracks - revealing how droning foundations are superimposed by 'concrete' sound material, which is never becoming too distinct, but stays in a foggy acoustic background like in a dream, with elevating transcendental effect at the end... lim. 100 professional digipack ed., highly recommended again !! 2015 €10.00
MONOPIUM The Goat & the Dead Horses Circus CD they call it "post-industrial dada cabaret", a highly experimental mixture of various styles & noises, cut-ups, found sounds, voice-material, deranged folk & jazz, a surrealistic HYBRID to discover; comes with stunning artwork by ROBERT SCHALINSKI (COLUMN ONE) 2012 €12.00
  Mesmerized CD debut album for this remarkable Polish project exposing a quite unique experimental music based on a dadaistic & cut-up processing of various styles (jazz, folk), often bizarre, strange and somehow hallucinogenic, somewhere between COLUMN ONE & BIOTA? Lim. 500 with artwork by ROBERT SCHALINSKI 2009 €13.00
MONOS (DARREN TATE & COLIN POTTER) Window CD-R available again! 2002 €12.00
MONTEIRO, ALFREDO COSTA & BEN OWEN Frêle À Vide CD-R four untitled tracks of very 'brittle' minimal drones, first collaboration by the US / Spanish improvisers & soundartists = > "pure sonic matter without any harmonic or melodic consideration"', made out of walkman feedbacks, short wave radio, microphone... lim. 150 copies, six-panel cover printed utilizing archival pigment ink on strathmore paper 2011 €10.00
MONTGOMERY, GEN KEN Birds + Machines CD collection of works from the 80's from this almost legendary experimental composer who worked often with CONRAD SCHNITZLER; very weird & advanced undescribable stuff, combining electronic / machine sounds & object recordings 2010 €13.00
MOORMAN, CHARLOTTE Cello Anthology 4 x CD Boxset The box includes a 154-page book with original documents, full colour photos and scores, a set of 16 full colour inserts reproducing the original posters and programs of the Annual Avant Garde Festival of New York and 4 compact discs. Includes a performance recorded by WBAI radio in 1964, a 1966 concert in Aachen, Germany, an in situ recording from the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (1982), and three other documents 2007 €98.00
MORRICONE, ENNIO Escalation LP soundtrack to the film of the same name from 1968, directed by ROBERTO FAENZA, a very political comedy attacking the values of western capitalism..; stylistically a very versatile soundtrack with lots of choral elements and the phantastic "Dies Irae Psichedelico" track; comes with cover replica of the original first LP edition from 1968, lim. 500 yellow vinyl 2015 €21.00
MORTHOUND Off the beaten Track CD after the retrospective boxset from last year BJ NILSENs early industrial project MORTHOUND has been re-activated - the first album after 20 years (!) => six new tracks that lead to dark paths and areas in different ways, massive doom drones populated by strange field and object recordings, far away winds that seem to erase all memories, long lost harmonies appear in slow pulses... great, cinematic drone music! = the old MORTHOUND aesthetic extended with BJ NILSEN current composer skills... 2015 €13.00
MUELLER, JON Strung LP first release in the new TOTE guitar vinyl-series (12 LPs!), a one-sided LP with etching by SAVAGE PENCIL on the other side 2008 €16.50
MULTICAST DYNAMICS Continental Ruins LP newest album by this strong Finnish act on Denovali, inspired by decayed infrastructure (sunken cities & continents); "a journey through washed out, blurred particles, gliding across the ungraspable seafog of the atlantic, transforming the visible into sound. The murky and desolated atmosphere throughout the tracks reflects an forgotten utopia of places that were once populated."; black vinyl edition, thick covers & innersleeves, 180 gr. vinyl and download coade 2017 €20.00
MURAYAMA, SEIJIRO & TOSHIYA TSUNODA Snared 60 Cuts CD a big variety of object-recordings made with a simple snare drum under various conditions; the Japanese field recording master in collaboration with SEIJIRO MURAYAMA 2010 €13.00
MURCOF The Versailles Sessions CD 6 compositions "Watermusic" from 17th Century, performed for the "Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes"-festival in Paris 2008 €12.00
MURMER Songs for Forgetting LP almost 10 years in the works, this is the first vinyl album by MURMER, culled together from various field / object recordings and his own explorations of little instruments, alone or with others... " The resulting harmonics and pastorally minimalist drones are drop-dead gorgeous, as richly sonorous as anything Pauline Oliveros and Charlemagne Palestine would compose through more conventional means." [Stranded Rec.] lim. 300 with embossed "skeleton leaf" paper cover, a wonderful edition 2016 €20.00
MURRAY, BRENDAN Wonders never cease CD powerful minimal harmonica-drones, waving & vibrating & with lots of "dirt" underneath... five recommended tracks of "advanced drones" by this US-composer on this album! 2006 €13.00
MUSLIMGAUZE Abu Nidal / Coup d'Etat CD tracks taken from 'Abu Nidal' LP (1987) and 'Coup d'Etat' LP (1987), plus two previously unreleased remixes; comes with poster-cover - one of the very early Soleilmoon & MG CDs still available !! 1992 €13.00
Sycophant of Purdah CD album from 1994 with 14 tracks that are not available anywhere else, released only in 2009; re-pressed ! 2015 €14.00
  Sulaymaniyah CD an album consisting of the "Vampire of Tehran" material, along with 9 additional, unreleased tracks, all recorded 1997; 'stylistically varied and has ethno-electro, ethno-breakbeat along with several dub cuts' 2015 €14.00
MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / BJERGA & IVERSEN same LP collaboration LP by the two mega-active impro / drone / experimental projects from Italy & Norway, comes in silkscreen-cover with 5 different variants, edition of only 268 copies ! 2010 €14.50
MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / PESTREPELER Solar Anarchy / As Wolf pic-LP MCIAA side recorded live in Cologne 14.12.2006; PESTREPELLER is a project from UK with SAVAGE PENCIL (who also did the artwork for their side of the pic LP) 2009 €15.00
MYSTERY HEARSAY Flesh Tomb CD MONOCHROME VISION, the label of Moscow-based writer & concert organizer DMITRY VASILYEV, manages it to put light on almost forgotten and true undergroundish acts from the cassette-scene of the 80s and 90s; MYSTERY HEARSAY from Memphis created old school post-industrial with the typical hometaping aesthetics from that time; this CD contains re-mastered material from two tapes from 1986 2011 €12.00
NADJA Corrasion do-LP re-issue of the CD from 2007 incl. new versions and one track previously only available as MP3 single; gatefold cover lim. 400 2009 €18.00
When I see the Sun always shines on TV CD remarkable album which has cover-versions only of songs from MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE CURE, A-HA, THE SWANS, CODEINE, SLAYER, ELLIOT SMITH and KIDS IN THE HALL; 2009 €15.00
Ruins of Morning 10inch experience the avantgardish drone-metal duo at their most dark & beautiful; 500 copies on GOLDen vinyl, fantastic artwork by Marcin Lojek (ibsendesign.pl). One very long track spread on two sides / parts, playtime 40+ minutes !! This is also the very first 10" vinyl from NADJA, be quick if interested, we expect this to sell out very fast !! ###### 07/2017: VERY LAST COPIES BACK IN STOCK FROM DISTRIBUTOR!! 2010 €15.00
Flipper LP special release dedicated to dolphin & wales, all profits are donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation; four long tracks, feat. ANGELA CHAN & PETER BRODERICK (on violin & viola); very subtle, slow, harmonic & beautiful... definitely one of our most favourite NADJA release; comes with free download code, clear vinyl, lim. 500, 180gr. vinyl 2013 €18.50
  Paradox Incubate 15.09.14 LP + CD only 5 days after the performance in Tilburg at the INCUBATE festival (15.09.14) this LP of the concert recordings was released, in a limited edition of 300 copies with additional CD version of the same album included => tracks from the great "Queller" album and long ambient-drone passages...excellent sound quality, 41+ min. playtime, a very nice document ! 2014 €18.50
NAMBLARD, MARC Nuits de Guyane CD environmental recordings made in the forests and savannah in French-Guyana at night, concentrating on the sounds of amphibians... these frogs and other creatures sound very unusual, often more like dogs, birds or strange sirenes.. after "Chants of frozen Lakes" or "Lorraine" MARC NAMBLARD reveals another fascinating soundworld that is happening without electricity and human activity.. 2015 €13.00
NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES The Gospels of the Gash do-CD the final NTT release with material collected from various rare releases plus new material; comes in two-tray DVD digibox; a real epic TRIP into the dark side of the mind, apocalyptic & monumental drone- & pulsing noise at its best !! 2009 €16.50
NECROPHORUS Underneath the Spirit of Tranquility (Redux Version) CD re-issue of the debut album from 1996 of the RAISON D'ETRE sideproject (which appeared after the second R.D. album) which contains two separate works: "The Spirit of Tranquility" and "The Impressions of Salvador Dali" as a homage to Dali's surreality.. - wonderful emotional ambient with ritualistic passages, less dark & more intimate and personal than R.D. maybe.. this re-editon comes w. oversized cardboard cover and 6 full colour postcards with paintings by ELINROS HENRIKSDOTTIR 2011 €12.00
NEGATIVLAND & CHUMBAWAMBA ABCs of Anarchism maxi-CD three completely crazy collaboration collage pieces - the title & some original quotes being based on ALEXANDER BERGMANs book from 1929 of the same name - using hundreds of different samples of music, sounds & speeches from various sources = this is plunderphonia at its weirdest & funniest ! 1999 €9.00
NEHIL, SETH Flock & Tumble CD advanced obscured concrete-ambience, lovely unexpected & challenging, hard to compare to anything else 2009 €12.00
  Bounds LP SETH NEHIL continues his journey into unknown / new territories of ingenious transformed SOUND - on BOUNDS he uses percussion materials (drums, gongs, cymbals, vibraphones, etc.) and treats them often in a way you can hardly recognize the source, connecting them to 11 breathtaking compositions, where very concrete acoustic objects erupt and vanish in strange patterns & textures... great album again! Lim. 300 2014 €18.00
NEUFELD, SARAH Hero Brother LP first impressive solo-album by this Canadian violinist from Montreal (member of ARCADE FIRE) => very beautiful minimal violin harmonics & complex arrangements with roots in traditional east-european music (influenced by the likes as BELA BARTOK or IVA BITTOVA), with additional vocals and field recordings of the atmospheric noises from a flowstone cave, a train station, etc.. the vinyl version comes with art-print poster & digital download code 2013 €22.00
  Hero Brother CD first impressive solo-album by this Canadian violinist from Montreal (member of ARCADE FIRE) => very beautiful minimal violin harmonics & complex arrangements with roots in traditional east-european music (influenced by the likes as BELA BARTOK or IVA BITTOVA), with additional vocals and field recordings of the atmospheric noises from a flowstone cave, a train station, etc.. 2013 €14.00
NEUROBIT Moira LP the dutch electro project with a very ambient/atmospheric album, using layers of bell- and glockenspiel-like sounds along with analogy synths building long stretched out expanses and minimal patterns.... very pure! lim. 150 numbered copies / hand printed art print (silk screen in 3 different color variations) 2016 €19.50
NEVER KNOWN Once in a lifetime CD-R re-mastered version now available (originally released in 1995 as MC), oversized full-colour cover. AMON sideproject ! 2007 €13.00
NEW RISEN THRONE Loneliness of Hidden Structures CD the well established Italian dark ambient project, closing the circle that began with "Whispers of the approaching Wastefulness"; using very varied elements to form their claustrophobic & highly melancholic soundtracks... recommended for any dark ambient lover ! 2011 €13.50
NEZNAMO / SIYANIE Sonans CD-R Up to the Spheres! Ethno-drone live improvisation recorded on a festival in Russia Nov. 2011 - very organic & ritualistic, using flutes, chants, overtones, recitations.. lim. 111 2012 €10.00
NIBLOCK, PHILL Working Title BOOK / 2 x DVD massive documentation of this great "old school" droner, avantgarde composer & multimedia artist from the US (*1933), from the 60's until today, feat. essays, interviews, scores, documents, etc. etc.. 520 pages (!), plus 2 DVDs with 8 hours of rare material ! A book bigger than the BIBLE ! french & english 2013 €36.00
NICHOLS, PASCAL Nihilist Chakai House LP excellent album of most unusual & vivid 'solo percussion' music => PASCAL NICHOLS surprises with all kinds of drum sounds, using various percussion instruments (also made from metal), creating membran-drones, bell-like layers, or furious distorted clatter... comes on frosted clear vinyl with, full colour insert , lim. 250 on a highly interesting North-East UK based record label that "specialises in alien sounds" 2014 €18.00
NICO Live Heroes CD re-issue of LP from 1986 with a collection of live-material, incl. "Heroes", "My Funny Valentine", "The End" 2009 €10.00
NILSEN, BJ Terroir mCD the French FERNS label with their charming series of mCDs has been re-activated again, and their first release after the break is this EP by BENNY NILSEN with a long, magnificient "concrete-atmospheric" sound piece based on field recordings made on the country in Austria side near KREMS: 'the terroir, harvest and fermentation during vinification' - first presented at the opening of "Drahtsicht", an outdoor sculpture by GÜNTER WOLFSBERGER, Oct. 2016; lim. 500 2017 €7.50
NITSCH, HERMANN Orgien Mysterien Theater - 25. Aktion LP in 1982 the "Orgien Mysterien Theater - 25.Aktion" ritual was re-performed in Vienna (the premiere happened 1968 in New York, after an invitation by JONAS MEKAS); these recordings appeared first on a tape release by MARTIN SIEWERT in 1982, and are now (re-mastered) for the first time properly available; HERMANN NITSCH is one of the founders of the "Wiener Aktionismus" (Viennese Actionism) along with GÜNTER BRUS, OTTO MUEHL, and RUDOLF SCHWARKOGLER 2016 €26.00
NOGOCIELLA Satanismo Di Basilica Concattedrale Di San Marino 4 x MC epic release (240 min.!) spread on 4 cassettes with recordings of Satanistic rituals (often based on viciously processed and alienated religious chants) by the mysterious CHRISTINE NOGOCIELLA from Italy; lim. 50 and only available from Drone Records !! Comes with 21 x 21cm colour cover & small 'ritual object' made out of metal !! 2014 €18.00
NOGRAY, FREDERIC Merua CD jungle field recordings made near a 'magic place' / mountain of the local Garifuna people in Honduras - mainly based on wooshing insect-sounds and layers of chirping, but also other strange animals seem to appear... all compounded for a nicely developing composition that goes through various phases and gains lots of energy during the course.. lim. 200 2014 €14.00
NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES Zona Incerta 10inch third part in the SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA series. ed. of 500 on two different colour-vinyls (half of the edition clear, the other half green-blue!), artwork by MARS WELLINK (VANCE ORCHESTRA) !! 2006 €10.00
NOISEGATE Nr. 12 mag 60 pages A4-format, great theoretical articles on sound & noise, artists & reviews: "Sound Fetish Tendecies", Vanishing Point-Installation, Sound in relation to image, Acoustic Surgery, Field recordings made from Telephone Boxes, full-colour art-poster, etc. 2004 €5.50
NONO, LUIGI 20 Jahre Inventionen V : Quando Stanno Mordendo, etc.. CD "Quando Stanno Morendo" (very long eerie & intense piece from 1982 with female choir, recorded 1983), CANCIONES A GUIOMAR (1962/1963) (rec. in Berlin 1991), OMAGGIO A EMILIO VEDOVA (incredible electronic piece from 1960, his very first piece created in an electronic studio!!) 2006 €14.00
NOSTALGIE ETERNELLE Notre Debut CD collection of twenty tracks by this remarkable German post-industrial / minimal / electro-wave duo active from 1986-1991 who established their very own style, with vocals & piercing synths, but also through very dark & melancholic songs..; coming from the same small town (Leer) as MAEROR TRI they shared the stage few times. Very first widely available CD!! 2011 €12.00
  Magie Fragile LP second album with new studio recordings by the re-activated German "minimal / industrial / wave" duo, who proceed with their typical 80's sounds in a great way... lim. 300, lyric sheet 2015 €16.00
NULL, KK & JOHN WIESE Mondo Paradoxa CD US-Japanese mail collaboration that took 2 years to finish, for these soundart/noise artists known for their radical music with ZENI GEVA, WOLF EYES and SUNN O))) => very harsh and abstract cut up electro-noise, filled with magnetic sounds and pulses... 10 tracks of great power, tension and lots of details... really challenging radical noise that has an almost ecstatic and cathartic effect !! 2009 €12.50
NURSE WITH WOUND Bar Maldoror do-CD re-issue of "Live at Bar Maldoror" from 1991 which has incredible live recordings from 1984-1988 (feat. DAVID TIBET, JHONN BALANCE, DIANA ROGERSON, CHRIS WALLIS..), now with bonus disc presenting a whole live show rec. June 2007 in Ghent, Belgium (feat. CHRISTOPH HEEMANN, ANDREW LILES, COLIN POTTER, MATT WALDRON and TIMO VAN LUIJK) - NWWs live sound from two periods, with completely different line-up ! 2014 €20.00
Lumb's Sister CD more than 20 years after the first announcement this (never used) film-soundtrack finally sees the light of day; recorded already 1986 / 1987 with one track being a collaboration with COIL ("How to destroy Angels II"), this is an outstanding dark & dense soundtrack with some typical eerie NWW elements appearing in the mix, really captivating like a bad dream.... length 70+ min. !! 2015 €19.00
Dark Fat do-CD a celebration and documentation of 10 years NWW shows - DARK FAT uses live material of all kinds, recorded by MATT WALDRON through the years ["all the live shows, sound-checks, rehearsals, off-stage events and even covertly recorded the private conversations of the band"], for the construction of entirely new pieces..."Listening is like entering into your dreams loaded on LSD - a portal to entire alternate universe exists on this two discs waiting to be unleashed into your mind." [Norman Rec.] 2016 €20.00
  Dark Fat 3 x LP-BOX 3 x LP boxset, one time pressing of 500 copies!! - a celebration and documentation of 10 years NWW shows - DARK FAT uses live material of all kinds, recorded by MATT WALDRON through the years ["all the live shows, sound-checks, rehearsals, off-stage events and even covertly recorded the private conversations of the band"], for the construction of entirely new pieces.. IN STOCK NOW ! 2017 €50.00
NURSE WITH WOUND / GRAHAM BOWERS Mutation ...The Lunatics are running the Asylum ... CD there's no chance to relax yet - it seems GRAHAM BOWERS and STEVEN STAPLETON won't stop their collaboration series until all insane people are liberated and take over => six new tracks exploring acoustic mutations, transformations, metamorphoses, an incredible number of mixed up sound sources going wild for an carnivalesque listening experience!! 2015 €16.00
NYM Untitled CD-R two long movements of extremely morphed and modulated "archaic dronescapes" by this half anonymous project, monumental stuff.. "a great industrial music feel to it of machine like sounds, situated in a great hall, and the microphone is moved slowly around to catch various mechanics humming together and new configurations arise, a new dialogue arise out of the fog.." [FdW/Vital Weekly] lim. 50 copies in printed cardboard sleeve 2016 €6.00
O'MALLEY, STEPHEN Eternelle Idole do-LP a score written for Paris based choreographer GISELE VIENNE for a pretty weird ice skating piece (including a monster) "Metal against ice, tights and knots, spirals and scratches, shouts and winds : field recordings mold a crispy atmosphere while instruments draws some ovals shapes such as lakes, ice skating ring, cosmos belt"; white vinyl, incl. luxurious 16page 12"x12" booklet with many great photos from the choreographic piece; lim. 500 (2nd ed.) 2015 €30.00
OBJEKT / URIAN 04.08.2007 - KRAMLADEN / Kaiserlautern CD-R lim. / numb. 50 copies - 2nd edition / another good live-recording by this German industrial-project, available again 2008 €8.50
OBLIVION ENSEMBLE Phonorecord (SOLD OUT) 7inch unbelievable strange & alien sophisticated beauty! 1998  
OCHU Tvärsnitt LP debut album for this Swedish project with raw low-fi collages made of various field recordings (strange drones, pulses & scrapings), instrumental sounds and electronics, pretty captivating and special, this evokes a certain desolated "industrial" atmosphere, but uses not the typical sounds... lim. 163 copies only, handglued cover, insert 2015 €18.00
OGROB + VOMIR Diffusions intradermiques et enregistrements en cavités corporelles LP Bodies as loudspeakers ! - collaboration of these two French (experimental noise) artists with a very special concept: Noise transmitting loudspeakers have been placed on the spines of four different women, the mixture of body fluids and the noise radiated through their bodies was then captured through a hydrophonic microphone being placed inside their Vaginas! Lim. 300, with 8 colour postcards of the "body installations" & very explicit cover 2015 €19.50
OISEAUX-TEMPETE same do-LP debut album of exciting & ambitious new trio from Paris, combining ultra melancholic post rock & shoegaze with more experimental ambient & drone passages (performed on guitar, bass, drums & percussion, keyboards, sax, voice, sampler) and sometimes more aggressiven rock power with a strong political impetus.... feat. excellent cover photos by STEPHANE D... vinyl version in gatefold cover now available (CD version sold out) !! 2015 €19.50
ÜTOPIYA? do-LP "We must fill the eyes and ears of all of us with things that are the beginning of a great dream" - second album for the acclaimed French 'advanced post-rock' band, extending their captivating style with free-jazz and punk elements, now with GARETH DAVIS as fourth member (bass clarinet) & feat. G.W. SOK from THE EX; lim. vinyl version, gatefold cover, coloured vinyl 2015 €19.50
  ÜTOPIYA? CD "We must fill the eyes and ears of all of us with things that are the beginning of a great dream" - second album for the acclaimed French 'advanced post-rock' band, extending their captivating style with free-jazz and punk elements, now with GARETH DAVIS as fourth member (bass clarinet) & feat. G.W. SOK from THE EX 2015 €13.00
OLIVEROS / MITCHELL / TILBURY / SMITH Nessuno CD PAULINE OLIVEROS died on 24.Nov.2016 at the age of 84 - she was not only known as a pioneer of electronic music and contemplative accordeon drone player, but also improvised in a more free and challenging way with other players as documented here (recording from the 'AngelicA' festival May 2011): JOHN TILBURY (AMM, SCRATCH ORCHESTRA): piano, WADADA LEO SMITH: trumpet, ROSCOE MITCHELL: saxophones, flute, PAULINE OLIVEROS: V-Accordeon; 3 parts, 76 min., 2016 €14.00
OLIVEROS, PAULINE Four Electronic Pieces 1959-1966 CD finally available again, her early tape-machine experiments, including her very first piece from 1959 ! 2002 €13.00
  Four Meditations / Sound Geometries LP two of the more complex and experimental orchestra works by PAULINE OLIVEROS (who sadly died in Nov. 2016), one recorded live at the 'Ars Musica' Festival in Brussels in March 2003, the other a day earlier in a studio: improvised drone-minimalistic pieces that follow special instructions (i.e. the picked-up sounds are processed in geometrical patterns by the 'Expanded Instrument System'), or accompanied by the vocalisations of singer IONE... 2016 €17.00
OLIVEROS, PAULINE / DAVID ROTHENBERG / TIMOTHY HILL Cicada Dream Band CD this trio with the project name CICADA DREAM BAND was built in 2013 & performed various times when certain 'periodical cicadas' arrived back in millions to the New York area after 17 years again => overtune singing, 'prepared' clarinet & digital accordion form electroacoustially enhanced instrumental improvisations as a kind of "modern ode" to these beautiful insects.. 2014 €13.00
ONDE Purple LP second LP with intense drone-minimalism from the Belgian trio (TIMO VAN LUIJK, GREG JACOBS, MARC WROBLEWSKI), released to their phenomenal concert at the Avantgarde-festival in Schiphorst 29. August 2009; lim. 500 in nice gatefold-cover, contains two 20minute pieces ("Vloed" & "Eb"), highly recommended ! 2009 €15.00
OPTICAL MUSICS The First Words. Recordings 1984-1987 do-CD & BOOK OPTICAL MUSICS was a Greek avantgarde project with COSTIS DRYGIANAKIS, working as an open collective in the fields of free improvisation, anti-music and electro-acoustic experiments, often influenced by visual elements like scores and photos, and using various strange objects as instruments... here 27 unpublished works of the group are presented, incl. a 64 page book (Greek & English) 2017 €16.00
ORA Time out of Mind CD ORA was the project of ANDREW CHALK and DARREN TATE, with permanent guests COLIN POTTER and DAISUKE SUZUKI, creating a kind of 'impressionistic drone ambient' merging various field recordings with analog electronics and instruments (like flutes, percussion, harmonium) in a highly evocative way; this is a collection 15 rare (mainly studio) tracks done 1986-1994, now sequenced and arranged by ANDREW CHALK into a full-length album 2017 €13.00
ORGHANON Figures in slow Motion CD debut album by a long active Italian musician (also active before as / with ACT NOIR, ALMA MATER, COLLOQUIO) creating melancholic / slow / warm ambient electronica with elaborated rhythms and arrangements.. "Gentle melodies, superbly constructed electronic patterns, experimental passages create vast sonic scenarios that would perfectly fit in a Jim Jarmusch/Alejandro Inarritu's movie." 2015 €12.00
OSSATURA Maps and Mazes CD third album by this Italian Avantgarde group with ELIO MARTUSCIELLO and MAURIZIO MARTUSCIELLO (who worked with TIM HODGKINSON = THE WORK on their first album from 1998), combining computer-generated and electronic sounds with all kinds of instrumental arrangements, this has a wonderful musical quality, feat. the incredible "Acqua" with vocals by MONICA DEMURU, sometimes sounding like a more electronic NECKS but this spreads further in all possible directions.. 2016 €13.00
OVERTONE ENSEMBLE same CD Australian drone ensemble formed by TIM CATLIN, based on the sounds of his self-made VIBRISSA instruments (metal/aluminium rod instruments that are longitudinally stroked by hand to produce ethereal "singing" tones) => on four tracks subtle and microtonal, very high pitched, metallic drones are build, varified through the use of additional singing bowls, wine-glasses, scuba gongs, e-bowed guitars, etc... a very special form of drone experimentation, beautiful and demanding! 2016 €15.00
PADE, ELSE MARIE Electronic Works 1958-1995 3 x LP collection of the most important works (1958-1995) by the Danish pioneer of electro-acoustic music, who studied with PIERRE SCHAEFFER, included are: "Faust Suite", "Illustrationer", "Glasperlespil I & II"; curated by JAKOB KIERKEGAARD; this is..../ update 2017: RE PRESS AVAILABLE lim. 500 2014 €59.00
PAINKILLER Execution Ground do-LP first ever vinyl edition of the third PAINKILLER studio album, their "opus magnum" from 1994 with the original line up: BILL LASWELL (bass), JOHN ZORN (sax) and MICK HARRIS (NAPALM DEATH, SCORN) on drums!! "Soaked with reverb and delay, avant-jazz, grindcore, dub and ambient melt into eerie tracks of haunting atmospheres - even more so in the ambient versions of disc 2." 4 colour insert & download code 2016 €24.00
PALESTINE, CHARLEMAGNE Organo rinascimentale non temperato CD a great version of "Schlingen-Blängen" for pipe organs from the 2004 AngelicA festival in Italy; the piece was developed by PALESTINE since 1965 with the aim to compose music that works like a 'living sound picture', similar to paintings of ROTHKO, NEWMAN or STILL, "to develop a constantly changing molecule like organism as a continuous sound form", the piece can last from one hour to several days and should transform constantly in space, architecture, acoustically... 2015 €14.00
PALESTINE, CHARLEMAGNE / GRUMBLING FUR TIME MACHINE ORCHESTRA ggrrreeebbbaaammmnnnuuuccckkkaaaiiioooww!!! LP stunning recording of a performance that happened at London's 'Cafe OTO' in June 2013: PALESTINE supported by DANIEL O'SULLIVAN (AETHENOR, GUAPO) and ALEXANDER TUCKER (GINNUNGAGAP, etc.) (=GRUMBLING FUR T.M.O.), has some wonderful & wondrous ethereal, ecstatic and weird moments! "processed strings, live tape manipulations, Indian harmonium, shimmering piano clusters, bleating cattle, a Japanese orgy, disembodied vocal harmony..." lim. 500 blue vinyl 2015 €25.00
PARKINS, ZEENA Between the Whiles CD newest album by this well known NYC based harp-avantgardist 2010 €14.50
PHILLIPS, DAVE Rise LP a most intense D.P. album pulses, slow & heavy strokes, dark orchestral drones, grindcore snippets and collaged field recordings, often of animals or human voice, dramatic & disturbing tension is evoked, really captivating!!; incl. two inlays with long socio-philosophic text about the crisis (and evolution possibilities) of human mankind: "Most dimensions are yet to be explored. The real human potential has yet to be revealed. The process of liberation has only just begun" 2017 €15.00
PHILLIPS, TOMAS / JASON BIVINS Blau CD-R first collaboration release by these two US-composers; strange minimal "advanced drones" and strong "concrete" atmospheres inspired by the work of painter BARNETT NEWMAN and the philosopy of SPINOZA; ed. of 250 copies, professional design, another very good release by this label from Los Angeles 2010 €10.00
PHRAGMENTS New Kings and New Queens CD second full length for this male/female Slovakian dark ambient duo for Malignant => endless dark orchestral drones ebbing away, very bleak & subtle & minimal, one long track in 6 chapters; comes in a largely oversized 8-panel fould out cover; lim. 500 and a must for any dark ambient lover !! 2013 €12.00
PIANO MAGIC Part Monster CD 7th album, produced by GUY FIXSEN (who also did STEREOLAB & MY BLOODY VALENTINE before) 2007 €14.00
PILLOW From Dusk to Dawn CD solo-album from LUCA DI MIRA (GIARDINO DI MIRO), creating very sensitive, nostalgic, emotional ambience; perfect atmospheres for you if love BVDUB, OLAFUR ARNALDS, SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU, etc.. 2012 €15.00
PLOOG, JÜRGEN Tapes von Unterwegs 1971-1976 LP tape recordings made on flights by "Germanys last Beatnik-Poet" (who worked as pilot during that time and was strongly influenced by W.S. BURROUGHS and BRION GYSINs cut-up technique in his writings), now mounted together to a surrealistic collage by ROBERT SCHALINSKI (COLUMN ONE), merging PLOOGs spoken text with field recordings from various places around the world, the completely shift of meanings leads to a different perception of reality... 2015 €16.00
PLURALS Bugenes Melissae LP the Brighton based UK post-rock/drone project dedicates their release on the charity label OAKEN PALACE to bees and bumblebees => contemplation guitar drones with occasional field recordings & sound effects; lim. 500 on orange vinyl, all profits from this release will be donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust; 2014 €18.50
PORTION CONTROL Progress Report 1980-1983 7 x LP-box 7 x LP box with 60p book, T-shirt and DVD; the ultimate collection of all their MCs 1980-1983 plus various unreleased & rare compilation tracks; lim. 600 in impressive & embossed METAL BOX !! LAST COPY ! 2010 €120.00
POST SCRIPTVM Raspad CD impressive dark ambient industrial album from this east-european project (living in New York) who recently performed at the IAMINDUST-festival in Oakland 2006 €15.00
POTTER, COLIN The sights of the drowned fable CD-R recorded at the Resonater Festival St. Peters, Preston, July 2007 2007 €12.00
PRIME, MICHAEL Requiem LP highly recommended album by MICHAEL PRIME, creating ghostly, otherworldy drown-drones with rich details and an unbelievable width and absorbing atmosphere; feat. GEERT FEYTONS (NOISE-MAKER's FIFES) and LEN LYE; back in stock the only LP of MICHAEL PRIME, lim. 700 gatefold-cover with insert 2002 €15.00
  Aquifers CD-R first CD with recordings from 1991, now available as CDR with new cover ! 1993 €10.00
PRURIENT Frozen Niagara Falls do-CD PRURIENTs 'magnum opus' created 2013-2015, over 90 min. of material going through all the different sides this project has to offer.. 'from harsh noise savagery and vicious feedback, to brooding electronica, meticulous sampling, and entrancing dark ambient.' 2015 €19.00
PSYCHIC TV Alien Be-In 12inch re-issue of PTVs classic 'evil acid house' track "Alien Be-In" (the original version appeared 1990 on 'Towards thee infinite Beat') => hypnotic pumping beats with didgeridoo, echo violin and repetitive voice samples, plus three new remixes by FRED GIANELLI, SILENT SERVANT and JOHN TEJADA; comes in die-cut sleeve with inlay and liner notes 2015 €16.00
Pagan Day LP mythic PTV album from 1984 with early song demos and sketches of ALEX FERGUSSON and GENESIS P.ORRIDGE, recorded on a simple 4-track cassette machine and originally not intended to be released as "finished" material; feat. "We Kiss" and "Cold Steel", one of the most intimate PTV albums - appeared first as TOPY 003 on 23rd Dec. 1984 as lim. picture disc. only available in the shops for one hour! we have copies on red vinyl in stock, after they're gone we sell the black vinyl ed. 2017 €20.00
  Pagan Day CD mythic PTV album from 1984 with early song demos and sketches of ALEX FERGUSSON and GENESIS P.ORRIDGE, recorded on a simple 4-track cassette machine and originally not intended to be released as "finished" material; feat. "We Kiss" and "Cold Steel", one of the most intimate PTV albums - appeared first as TOPY 003 on 23rd Dec. 1984 as lim. picture disc. only available in the shops for one hour! 2017 €13.00
PURE & ULTRA MILKMAIDS s[E]nd CD re-stock of this nice collaboration by ULTRA MILKMAIDS with Austrian DJ & electro droner PURE (aka PETER VOTAVA), with warm, harmonic & atmospheric digital dronescapes with concrete elements, meditative & strange at the same time.. 7 splendid tracks, special offer ! 2000 €8.00
PYRAMIDS WITH WRAITHS Magpie & Raven LP one-sided clear vinyl LP with epic 25 min track - feat. members of BURIAL HEX as well as BEN FLEURY-STEINER (PARADIN) and TARA VANFLOWER; lim. 350 in clear PVC outer sleeve / vellum inner sleeve; incl. download code card 2012 €20.00
PÄRT, ARVO Berliner Messe CD contains: "Berliner Messe" (1992), "De Profundis" (1980), "Magnificat" (1989); recorded at Grace Church on the Hill, Toronto, Canada, May 2003, by the ELORA FESTIVAL SINGERS AND ORCHESTRA; comes with 12 p booklet 2004 €13.00
QUIN, DOUGLAS & DAVID ROTHENBERG Before the War CD older work of DOUGLAS QUIN, known for his fantastic field recordings, in collaboration with DAVID ROTHENBERG and other musicians; a kind of "earth Jazz" is created, using melodies from various cultures, groovy & exotic ! 2000 €13.00
RACHEL'S The Sea and the Bells do-LP third album available again, now with MP3 download code; a truly masterpiece of instrumental neo-chamber music with experimental influences (adding field recordings, etc.) -, very "filmic", at times dramatic, and full of warm nostalgia... 1996 €21.00
RADIAN & HOWE GELB Radian verses Howe Gelb LP the great Austrian "avantgarde/electro-acoustic rock" trio (who are compared with THIS HEAT and early TORTOISE) in a very surprising and unusual collaboration with songwriter HOWE GELB (GIANT SAND), the first release on their own label... HOWE GELB contributed lyrics, melodies, piano parts, acoustic guitar fragments, and his vocals.. "a spooky, mysterious sound (and song) collage that has many secrets buried in its murky depths." [Allmusic.com] 2014 €20.00
RADIGUE, ELIANE L'ecoute virtuose - a film by ANAIS PROSAIC DVD 65 min documentation about the French pioneer of electronic drone-minimalism (since 2001 she works with acoustic instruments), based on recordings made at the "Spitalfields Summer Music Festival" in London, June 2011; feat. RHODRI DAVIES, KASPER T. TOEPLITZ, KAFFE MATTHEWS, CHARLES CURTIS, EMMANUEL HOLTERBACH, etc.. french & english 2011 €16.00
  Opus 17 do-LP another great studio work previously unreleased: OPUS 17 from 1970, consisting of 5 long 'scenes', was her last work composed from feedback and 'found sound' (long tape-loops) material; premiered on May 23rd, 1970 at an art festival in Verderonne (France) where everyone was dressed in white; lim. 400 gatefold cover with incredible photos from the event and extensive liner notes by EMANUEL HOLTERBACH 2013 €36.50
RAISON D'ETRE Mise en Abyme CD the first new STUDIO album after more than 4 years, an initiation soundtrack into deepest catharsis and recurrence from the psychic depths - revealing tremendous beauty, contemplation and vastness! The definite raison d'etre masterpiece! OUT NOW !!! check the video teaser at: http://youtu.be/pmnvden-DBo 2014 €13.00
  Metamorphyses (expanded edition) do-CD the expanded re-edition of this much favoured R.D. album from 2006 (especially droney, secretful, intense) contains two bonus studio tracks and a full bonus CD with live recordings made 2006-2008 in various European cities 2014 €16.50
RAPOON Fallen Gods / Cidar do-CD re-issue of the deleted CD from 1994 with bonus CD 'Cidar' (so far only available on DAT).. " the sounds are fleeting and dreamlike, transcending boundaries and ascending from the farthest reaches of the earth. Much more in rhythmical cycles, the looped percussion is hypnotic and lush, culling its influence from several known cultures." BACK IN STOCK! 2003 €18.50
Fall of Drums CD new material in the "classic" middle-eastern RAPOON style with a really elevating hypnotic mood, based mainly on 'ethnic' percussion & vocal material immersed in hallucinogenic echo, delay & reverb effects... definitely one of our favourite new RAPOON albums of the past years !! 2014 €13.00
  Un Flic CD RAPOON on strange new roads again: "Un Flic" is a homage to the French Cinema of the "Nouvelle Vague", using ghostly percussion, lots of choral and vocal material (we hear the voice of VIRGINIE BOYER, the wife of DENIS BOYER from the legendary magazine FEAR DROP!) plus synths and other unusual instrumental sources, for the first time real drums are used... 2017 €14.50
RAPOON / RELAPXYCH.0 Amplified Transparency Reflection / Lost Terrain (standard ed.) LP standard cover version now available, special priced ! split & remix LP by RAPOON with the follower project of OBJEKT4 2009 €10.00
RATKJE, MAJA S. Crepuscular Hour do-LP / DVD / CD one hour piece written for three choirs, three pairs of noise musicians and church organ, to be performed in a cathedral with musicians surrounding the audience, with all texts used being from the 'Nag Hammadi Library'; this version was performed and filmed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 2012; very eerie, dramatic & powerful, like dark contemporary new music mixed with noise elements; comes in gatefold cover with DVD and CD of the same album 2016 €32.00
RBE Raudive Bunker Experiment do-LP re-issue of LP from 1982 from this project of ANDY WILSON who also played with BOURBONESE QUALK; experimental minimal synth electronic, comparable to TG, CABARET VOLTAIRE & CONRAD SCHNITZLER; bonus material from various tapes on LP # 2; comes w. gatefold-cover, numbered ed. 500 copies (of which only 250 are available outside the ->BOXset), stamped inner sleeves 2009 €22.00
RE-DRUM S CD sacral / mystic drone-ambience, sounding like an array of wind-instruments played for a ceremony; really great & captivating stuff ! 2009 €13.00
RE/SEARCH # 11: PRANKS! BOOK extensive articles & interviews about / with 36 underground "pranksters" as TIMOTHY LEARY, MONTE CAZAZZA, JELLO BIAFRA, MARK PAULINE, BOYD RICE, JOHN CALE, HENRY ROLLINS, JOHN GIORNO, and many more highly interesting artists, writers, painters from the US american scene at the end of the 80's, "a statement of avantgarde philosophy"; new lim. hardcover edition, 240 pages, 164 photos & illustrations 1987 €35.00
RECCHION, TOM Oaxaca Dawn pic-LP the series of picture discs on Elevator Bath (with visual artwork by the artists themselves) finally continues with a release by TOM RECCHION (co-founder of the LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY), who captured field recordings from Oaxaca (Mexico) and Hana bamboo (Haiti), very idiosyncratic recordings with no further re-working; a must for fans of the UNFATHOMLESS / MYSTERY SEA and GRUENREKORDER labels; lim. 250 copies 2016 €20.00
REFORMED FACTION Years of Lightning, Day of Drums / The Partisan and his Dog do-CD fifth studio album by the ex (2/3) ZOVIET FRANCE, for the most part a very dense, mysterious, versatile experimental journey, at times very harmonic & structured, but as usual with surprising breaks & elements. SPECIAL EDITION with bonus CD "The Partisan and his Dog", lim. 50 in canvas bag with patch, only very few in stock !! 2012 €30.00
REJECTIONS Clone EP MC recommended newcomer from UK (?) doing electro pulse-drones in the way of AUTECHRE or MIKA VAINIO; lim. 100 in nice oversized (double) MC box 2012 €10.00
RELAY FOR DEATH Natural Incapacity do-CD RELAY FOR DEATH is an US American female duo impressing with this 2 hour piece of noisy machine ambience and industrial pollution (both chemically and sonically) sounds, expressing the horror of living in a man-made culture of destruction... like a more refined and multi-layered version of M.B...-"Relay For Death’s industrial meditation recognizes abjection, horror, and defeat as the prevalent conditions to existence." lim. 150, comes with rusted steel-plate cover ! 2016 €20.00
REMOTE VIEWERS To the North CD 9th release by this "advanced / free / unclassifiable Jazz" group from the UK, rec. live in one studio session feat. JOHN EDWARDS & MARK SANDERS 2010 €13.00
Nerve Cure CD minimal cinematic avant jazz with a highly experimental approach by this UK-based trio, feat. diverse guest-musicians (ADAM BOHMAN, JOHN EDWARDS, SUE LYNCH, ROSA LYNCH-NORTHOVER), surprising as always, to discover ! 2011 €13.00
  City of Nets CD newest album by the British "avantgarde-Jazz" ensemble, thematically based around the texts of WYSTAN HUGH AUDEN 2012 €13.00
REPORTAZ same LP rarity ! polish avantgarde ! Cover has slight damages 1988 €13.00
RESIDENTS Rushing like a Banshee 7inch lovely 7" on a new label from Bremerhaven, these are true RESIDENTS hits with prog-rock and jazz elements and based on rhythms of trains, perfectly produced and surely with enough RESIDENTS-weirdness included (i.e. ELEPHANT-sounds); black vinyl ed. (other colours available direct from the label) 2016 €15.00
REUTOFF No one's Lullabies MC four excellent new tracks recorded in 2014, plus 4 bonus tracks available via download code; numbered ed. 80 copies in lovely designed, ultra handmade cardboard box, C-32 2014 €15.00
RHEIN_STROM (SIEFERT & RIEK) Von der Rheinquelle bis Hafen Karlsruhe CD "the soundscape and the 'sound entity' of the Rhine" - 21 tracks with recordings of the Rhine River from the very spring in Switzerland to the port in Karlsruhe (Germany), made at various loacations and barrages, not only recording the water ambience but also animals and human activity; captured by LASSE-MARC RIEK (one of the Gruenrekorder runners) and THOMAS M. SIEFERT (photographs in the nice extensive booklet that comes with the CD); 73+ min playtime 2016 €13.00
RICHTER, MAX Disconnect (OST) CD Soundtrack for the Film of the same name - a real "ambient / chamber music" masterpiece based on the great emotional main theme ('On the Nature of Daylight') appearing in varied forms a few times, connected through fields of dreamy & ultra subtle melancholic night-drone passages... 60+ minutes 2013 €17.50
  On the Nature of Daylight 12inch the heartbreaking title track for the great "ARRIVAL" film by DENIS VILLENEUVE (the piece was originally composed for 'Blue Notebooks' in 2003) in both versions for quintet and full string orchestra; this is also the first release on MAX RICHTERs new label STUDIO RICHTER 2017 €17.00
RILEY, TERRY The 3 Generations Trio CD TERRY RILEY, GYAN RILEY, TRACY SILVERMAN, on Synths, Piano, Voice, Harmonizer, Guitars, E-Violin: 77+ min. of high quality material (6 long tracks) recorded during two days at the AngelicA festival in Modena, Italy, in May 2013, a mixture of his meditative/minimal Raga-music style and more song-based Jazz / Folk / Progrock compositions and improvisations... 2015 €14.00
RMEDL / K11 Chthonian Music CD re-issue of this rare & amazing release from 2010 (private CD in an edition of only 50 copies), inspired by the ancient Etruscan area of Cecina in Tuscany, a multi-dimensional drone opera slowly moving like a huge monolith, fusioning post-industrial, avant-metal and audio art, feat. ANDREA MARUTTI (AMON), BURIAL HEX, CHRISTINA KUBISCH, FRANCISCO LOPEZ, G. BECUZZI, PHILIPPE PETIT, SETH CLUETT, and many more... quite a masterpiece by P. RIEPARBELLI aka K11, very versatile, very much recommend !! 2012 €12.00
RUHLMANN, MATHIEU Tsukubai CD first release in a new series of MYSTERY SEA, dealing with "spirits of specific places", first volume by MATHIEU RUHLMANN uses sounds from hydrophone recordings of the Nitobe Memorial Garden in Vancouver; lim. 200, nice full-colour cardboard-sleeve 2009 €14.00
RUTSUBO Zakuro CD project of HITOSHI KOJO, CAROLO KOJO (=JÜPPALA KÄÄPIÖ), VALERIE MAGISSON and JANI HIRVONEN (UTON, AAN, etc.) with suspended and at times weird/expressive ethno ambience, using lots of mantric vocal material; lim. 150 w. extremely nice handmade cover (cloth bag), screen printed 2014 €15.00
RV PAINTINGS Samoa Highway LP second album for this Canadian Psych-Ambient duo (feat. one member of STARVING WEIRDOS), vast atmospheric "magic moment"- dream drones for fans of LABRADFORD or STARS OF THE LID, etc. ; lim. 500 incl. download code 2010 €13.50
SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEM Barbed Wire Boogie MC the Finnish project with a powerful, crude release, where industrial drones & pulses are set against aggressive voice samples, baby screams, an Icelanding poem found somewhere, a shitty folksong, etc.. very varyfied and inspired stuff, this isn't the usual industrial noise! C-40, lim. 50 copies 2015 €7.50
  Atonality Appreciation Society MC "noise, harsh drone & dark-n-dirty ambient" - the sister release to "Barbed Wire Boogie", again exciting noise-pieces with various approaches and sources, for example using GEROGERIGEGEGE sounds , recordings from a temple in Sri Lanka, blowing in a metal tube, etc... lim. 25 self-made edition 2015 €7.50
SALOMAN, GABRIEL Movement Building Vol. 2 LP the second "Movement Building" album by the ex YELLOW SWANS, composed for a contemporary dance piece... 5 tracks for (mainly) percussion & guitar, very focused & full of ritualistic / droning grandeur, incl. a subtle cover version of MY BLOODY VALENTINE at the end; like the first Vol. a great album!! lim. 500 2015 €17.00
SAND His first Steps CD recorded 1972-1973 as a "forerunner" to GOLEM with early/different versions, just after the split up of P.O.T. (Part of Time); 5th in the series of SAND albums on Rotorelief.."seduced by the unique and innovative combination of acoustic guitars, synthesisers, sound generators, short-wave radios, factory noises, hammers from the shipyards, agricultural machines, whirls of sand and eerie atmospheres, the listener discovers and lives the story of Sand and his Golem" 2016 €13.00
SATOH, SOMEI Echoes CD two tape pieces from 1978 & 1981 by the Japanese composer and sound-artist: "Emerald Tablet", made up out of bell-sounds and cymbals, using only the resonances of the sounds; a great dramatic drone piece! "Echoes", a composition for a huge outdoor loudspeaker installation on the " Mist, Sound and Light Festival" 1981 which covered 7000 square meters in a remoted river valley, combined with laser light projects and artificial mist... highly recommended!! lim. 500 2013 €19.50
SCELSI, GIACINTO The Orchestral Works 2 CD Quattro Pezzi (su una nota sola) (1959), Uaxuctum (1966), La nascita del Verbo (1946-48), program notes in English, German & French. This is SCELSI at his most dark & dramatic, using large orchestra with choirs. Recordings of these pieces made 2005 live at Festival "Wien Modern" at Konzerthaus Vienna 2006 €16.00
SCHOU, JANNICK Eldey mCD-R newcomer from Denmark who presents one long (20 min.) piece with overwhelming orchestral effect, elevating washes of waving and multi-layered drone rays.. 2013 €5.00
SCHÄFER, HELMUT & ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI Eminent Risk Factor C recordings from live-shows in Graz & Bratislava 2006 2008 €14.00
SCKE// Ornaments 7inch project from UK with a 7" pressed already in 2004, but strangely "made available" only in 2012 - contains two "Ornaments" of electronic, repetitive structures taken from concrete tape fragments, and occasional cut-up noises.. "2 Sides of rough and ready cut up fragments over warm undulating textures and brittle loops.." pretty nice!! lim. 300 on heavy vinyl 2004 €7.00
SEARCH ENSEMBLES same CD curious project by DALE LLOYD who collected material from the archives of various artists (recorded 1980-2015 around the world) and created 16 wondrous "archaic/ethno/field recording" pieces, reminding on ZOVIET FRANCE and beyond.. participants: C. PEYRONNET (TOY BIZARRE), A. COURTIS (REYNOLS), MICHAEL NORTHAM, LOREN CHASSE, SLAVEK KWI (ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE), and many more... he calls it "Sonic Archeology"; very nice! Lim. 150 copies 2015 €13.00
SECRET PYRAMID The Silent March / Movements of Night do-CD CD re-issue of their first two vinyl albums by this ethereal guitar dream drone / Pop project from Vancouver, a nice combination of acoustic song-forms and transcension ambience, executed with impressive subtleness... the meeting point of FLYING SAUCER ATTACK and POPOL VUH? (as the label says); it also reminded us on SLOWDIVE, ULTRA MILKMAIDS, TROUM or STARS OF THE LID... 2014 €16.50
SEETYCA Bleakscapes CD finally a proper CD-album by this German dark / deep / cosmic ambient artist known from the Drone Records 7"; extreme vast spaces, emotional drones, interesting sounds, perfectly arranged! Recommended for any dark ambient lover ! Lim. 300 copies! 2011 €12.50
Dühringa Aorta CD-R wonderful SEETYCA-album from 2005 now available in a "handmade" CDR-edition: sounds as being inside a blood-circle, mysterious pulsations & drones.. 2005 €12.00
Klangschafft I: Weite CD-R 71+ min. one-tracker with amorph fog-drones that makes you feel elevated thousands metres high above the surface of the earth... 2007 €12.00
Mbira CD-R epic one tracker of 80 minutes using sounds of various artists from the MBIRA-label such as VZUSDW, ARTIN MUCHT, MOEDRA, [:kopfapffel:], etc. etc.. => cosmic bubbles drenched in endless reverb, far away sonics waving in slow passages, weird electronic and non-electronic acoustic objects appear for a short time, etc...no rhythms, extremely subtle, real subconscious space - mind music ! full-colour cover, lightscribed cdr, the MBIRA jubilee release ! 2015 €12.00
  Mbira 2: Facades CD-R Installation Music for a concert at Stadtbibliothek Gera, Germany, Sept. 2015 => various sound sources from previous mbira releases shape a long, 80 min. dense, anti-monotonous dream-ambient piece, going through various stages and atmospheres, a phantastic journey! this handmade edition comes with laminated colour cover and manually labeled CD bodies 2017 €12.00
SEIROM 1973 do-LP epic debut-album by this droney newcomer (also active as GNAW THEIR TONGUES, etc.) with very orchestral & bombastic harmonic ambience "filtered through noise and black metal aesthetics", rawl & explosive melancholy, very worth to check out => now available as lim. vinyl version (300 copies) ! 2013 €20.00
SERRIES, DIRK Microphonics VII LP collector's item (one-sided LP) in the "Microphonics" series, normally only available via mailorder from the label directly; recording from a live-show on the "Antwerp live looping festival" 31. May 2009; complete edition 300 copies, each 100 in white, silver & gold. We have silver & white at hand 2009 €16.00
SERRIES, DIRK / RUTGER ZUYDERVELT Buoyant Live LP live version (semi improvised) of their "Buoyant" album, performed live at the Incubate Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands, Sept. 2015; this was also the very first time both artists (also known as MACHINEFABRIEK and FEAR FALLS BURNING) were together as a duo on stage.... exquisit guitar drone waves, subtle microsounds, layers of loops = 2 experienced artists knowing how to create organic, shimmering drones and swirling electro-clouds.. numb./lim. 300 copies with huge poster-cover 2016 €19.50
SHEFFIELD, COLIN ANDREW Signatures CD highly praised new album by this US composer (and person behind ELEVATOR BATH),using solely a turntable, old sampler and portable workstation for these recordings 2009 €13.00
  Slowly CD-R beautiful and at times massive cloudy & purely immersed drone-ambience based on "tiny excerpts of commercially available recordings", full-colour inkjetprint cover lim. /numbered ed. 120 copies 2010 €12.00
SHIBALBA Psychostasis - Death of Khat CD on this album the Greek band project with ACHERONTAS shows a wide variety and moves from shamanistic industrial tones to more pathetic synth based songs, with a strong connection to Eastern mysticism; "the band makes use of bones and skulls as percussion instruments, Tibetan horns, Tibetan singing bowls, bone & horne trumpets, darbuka's (goblet drums) as well as ceremonial bells and gongs." 2017 €13.00
SHLOMOWITZ, MATTHEW / PETER ABLINGER / MARK KNOOP Popular Contexts / Voices and Piano CD one half of this album is filled with six pieces by M. SHLOMOWITZ for piano and weirdest found sounds, performed by MARK KNOOP on piano & sampler => weird, almost undescribable & dynamic new music with many field & object recordings included; the other half has 10 pieces by PETER ABLINGER, which combine the original voices/speeches of various known people with piano tones, mirroring timbre & prosody with very curious results!! Really innovative stuff here.. 2013 €13.00
SIGHTINGS City of Straw CD extreme / experimental noise-rock from NYC, between transgression & a weird "Pop" music approach; LP version available for same price, please ask! 2010 €13.00
  Amusers & Puzzlers LP final album by the now disbanded experimental/industrial/noise/drone/punk-"rock" trio (not really categorizable) from New York City, recorded at the same as 'Terribly Well' (2013); rough, energetic, low-fi, rousing, but also more silent "smoldering" phases are present, with a pretty unique sound... "the industrial noise-rock equivalent of stumbling upon a barroom brawl" [Pitchfork]; lim. 500 2015 €22.00
SIGMARSSON, SIGTRYGGUR BERG & BJ NILSEN Abstract Art Automat MC rare cassette-only item on the re-established Icelandic label SOME: the ex STILLUPPSTEYPA teaming up with BJ NILSEN: a tape album with 'experimental drone' muzak that is half acoustic, half collage, half low fi, half field recording based, a tape of various little wonders that is almost uncategorizable... 2nd ed. 50 copies - RED CASSETTE that comes in completly handassembled/coloured paper sleeve, with unique SIGTRYGGUR drawing inlay 2016 €10.00
SIGNALUNDERTESTS Nascent MC & object Nr. 4 in this unique object/tape series, using a 60 sec. "endless tape" (the ones used years ago for answering-machines) that plays a loop infinitely in a row; SIGNALUNDERTESTS created a slowly ebbing and flowing drone-wave, that will elevate you repeatedly... works fantastically!! Comes in an ultra-heavy iron box (2 kg!) with handmade engraving, numbered edition of 49 copies !!! 2013 €39.00
SIGUR ROS Von CD first rare album from 1997, darker & more experimental than nowadays => hyper-spheric & free floating dronescapes (instrumental sounds, field recordings) with multi-layered elfin-vocals + tracks that sound already song-oriented like a raw version of the typical later SIGUR ROS sound.... great album, available again ! 2014 €14.00
SIJ The Earth Shrine CD-R deep harmonic ethno ambient from Ukraine, this is the second chapter in the "Shrine"-series => field recordings from nature are combined with synths, percussion, bells and many other little sound objects for four very contemplative Ambient tracks with slow tribal pulses..sound sources were delivered from various artists as ROBERT RICH and RAPOON..comes in wonderfully designed handmade/gatefold cardboard cover with three full-colour cards, numbered ed. of 80 copies 2015 €10.00
SIJ & SERGEY GABBASOV Zhang Zhung CD collaboration of SiJ with the Russian ethnomusicologist, SERGEY GABBASOV who dive together deeply into the Tibetan & Eastern Ritual Music tradition of the BÖN (the archaic religion of the Tibetan Himalaya), combining sounds from the original instruments (also from Armenia, Moldavia, Tuva, etc..) with foggy transcension drones and chants... two epic tracks, 79 min. & full colour booklet with pictures from the region of the old ZHANG-ZHUNG in Tibet 2015 €13.00
SILVERMAN Time on thin Ice CD "... and there's an eternity with wings. It's short and it's sweet, it laughs at the mirror and always is now." Very poetic new solo-album by the second LPD mainman, feat. ALENA BOYKOVA on melodica & E.KA-SPEL on percussion, tapes & voice. Dense, melancholic ambient soundscapes..comes in beautiful oversized glossy mini gatefold-cover 2010 €14.00
SISTER IODINE Helle CD furious Noise & Avantgarde "Rock" with a strange surrealistic note and crazy vocals, somewhere between LA STPO, DDAA, BÄSTARD, MELT BANANA and THE EX... unusual & surprising stuff !! 2007 €14.50
SKITLIV Amfetamin CD the doom/noise project of "Maniac" (ex MAYHEM), feat. Kvarforth (SHINING), with guest appearances of ATTILA (SUNN O))), MAYHEM) and DAVID TIBET (CURRENT 93) ! 2008 €10.00
  Bloodletting pic-10inch lim. 3-track pic-10" (777 copies) by the project of ex-MAYHEM frontman with unreleased CURRENT 93 - track & paintings by DAVID TIBET and EDVARD MUNCH on the disc!! 2010 €15.00
SKODVIN, ERIK K Flare CD first solo-album by this Norwegian artist (= SVARTE GREINER), being more based on traditional instruments and less dark, this is introspective, dense & haunting "handplayed" acoustic ambience with folk-influences; comes in luxurious embossed cardboard packaging (2nd ed. 450 copies). Recommended like almost everything this man touches (he also runs MIASMAH Rec.) !! 2011 €15.50
  Flame CD second part of the two 'nocturnal Americana' inspired solo-albums by the man behind SVARTE GREINER, DEAF CENTER, and the MIASMAH label) => "evocative composition stitching singed acoustic instruments to burnt drums, spectral vocals and gloaming, minimalist atmospheres" [Boomkat] first ed. lim. 450 handmade book-style cover . 2014 €21.00
SKULLFLOWER Draconis do-CD "Synapse scorching occult industrial prog noise folk" - great epic album by the duo of MATTHEW BOWER & SAMANTHA DAVIES, who combine their psychedelic / ecstatic noise mantras with eastern mythological depth & mysteries, mainly based on massive guitar & violin layers... "These are some of the most epic and evocative tracks ever released by Skullflower: huge slabs of metaphysical noise with the awe-inspiring primeval-ness of ancient stone circles." [Dusted mag] 2015 €17.50
  The black Iron that has fell from the Stars, to dwell within (bear ir or be it) LP rare new SKULLFLOWER release on this label from Cairo, 3 pieces, lim. 333 copies - "This is what’s left of rock’s DNA repurposed as apocalyptic terror, the promise of destruction with only the barest hint of hope for survival (bear it or be it). It’s Skullflower’s most overpoweringly, terrifyingly beautiful album since Malediction." [The Quietus] 2017 €20.00
SMALLEY, DENIS Impacts interieurs CD remastered re-issue from the 1992 collection of works from this New Zealand composer; 5 works, incl. the great VALLEY FLOW, aand the almost classic "DARKNESS AFTER TIME'S COLOURS (dating back to 1976); comes with 24 page booklet 2004 €13.00
SOISONG xAj3z CD debut album from the new project by PETER CHRISTOPHERSON (COIL) and IVAN PAVLOV (COH). This is the collector's edition: an octagon-shaped CD coming in a specially formed (a non-linear heptagon) fold out cover, with full-colour inlay ! Please note that the CD is only playable in flat loading / horizontally working CD players 2009 €30.00
STABAT MORS Struktur mit Dominante CD-R lim. 100 copies in unbelievable art-cover-map made out of newspaper and paint, with eggshells (?), cotton wool, oil, totally handmade! 2003 €18.00
START! The KREV National Anthem # 6 7" fourth part in this crazy & lovely series of National Anthems of ELGALAND-VARGALAND; recorded during the unofficial inauguration of KREV Ministry of Bankrupt Shopping Malls in Porto, Portugal, October 2008 2009 €7.50
STOCKHAUSEN, KARLHEINZ Aus den sieben Tagen CD feat. "Fais voile vers le soleil" & "Liaison", performed by ENSEMBLE MUSIQUE VIVANTE (dir. DIEGO MASSON) in June 1969; special offer 1988 €10.00
STRAFE FÜR REBELLION Sulphur Spring CD this legendary German "uncategorizable experimental music" group (who never use electronic sounds) is back and they still surprise & challenge like almost no one else - most tracks are based on heavy organ sounds & expressive female (Italian) vocalizing, along with fireworks, bubbling water,instrumental & object sounds, continually changing & but never reminding on any known standards; really avantgardish, a masterpiece that is not always easy to stand! 2014 €15.00
  Pianoguitar CD after the recently released unique sounding "Sulphur" we can offer this (the only other available S.f.R. CD at the moment) for a special price: genre-crossing abstract / free anti-muzak, performed on homemade instruments & objects & electronics without sounding just improvised or accidental, full of surprising arrangements... contains 26 tracks that are all named after phrases appearing in musical buisness contracts; a lovely weird & demanding album that still doesn't sound outdated after so many years !! 1995 €10.00
STRATVM TERROR Fixation CD re-press now available; great album of harsh hypnotism 2005 €12.00
  Genetic Implosion CD re-press now available (recorded live at the Nursery Injection Festival in Stockholm, Sweden, on 20th June of 1998) 2000 €12.00
STROM NOIR The Strom EP mCD-R "natural ambient. slow electronic. acoustic. 4 tracks / 17 minutes" another EP by the Slovakian drone/ambient project, to discover 2007 €6.00
October Reversed mCD-R three new tracks by the awesome Slovakian guitar-drone/ambient project, pure gracious beauty-drones in the way of EXIT IN GREY or ULTRASOUND; edition of 86 copies, numbered 2011 €6.00
Analog Venus MC magic early morning drones from Slovakia... C-37, lim.100, very few in stock.. 2012 €7.50
Urban Blues CD the Slovakian beauty-droner known from Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone Vol. 2 with the second "fabric-pressed" CD, inspired by 'reverse deja-vu' feelings of a city-walk.. textures of shimmering guitar spheres ambient with discreet electronics & field electronics, bitter sweet melancholia.. 2014 €12.00
  Glaciology CD the Slovakian guitar ambient project is back with a work dedicated to glacial, arctic landscapes, but this must be a very sunny winters day he had in mind, producing very warm ambient washes full of beauty and melancholy... drone shimmers to dive in, drift, relax, levitate...lim. 300 copies 2015 €12.00
STROPS Slepenie Rotallaukumi CD re-issue of first album (CD-R from 2004) by this interesting Latvian industrial group, pounding & heavy old school industrial, "cryo-ambient", very electronic & varified...lim. 500 on OLEGH KOLYADAs (FIRST HUMAN FERRO) new label 2012 €12.00
STUZHA Siberian Sketches CD extended re-edition of the first album for this promising Siberian dark ambient/drone/folk project (see also: ALGOL), now with new versions and one bonus track; dedicated to Russian artist CONSTANTINE VASILIEV and influenced by Russian folklore and Siberian landscapes, this uses samples from Sretensky Moscow and Sveshnikova Choirs and field recordings to complete the vision..."a rain-drenched blanket that wraps around the listener like a waterproofed pelt" [a closer listen] 2016 €12.00
SUBLAMP Orphan Horns CD-R newest self-released work by this "experimental digi-ambience" artist from L.A., eruptive & oceanic drone-waves & sculptures with enough mesmerizing rawness, somewhere between TIM HECKER and YANN NOVAK maybe... 2012 €9.00
SUNN O))) Flight of the Behemoth CD the 2nd album, recorded already 1998-2000, feat. MASAMI AKITA aka MERZBOW and a kind of cover-version of a METALLICA song; slow moving lava guitar drones of a subterreanean beauty.. BACK IN STOCK 2002 €13.00
Oracle LP two long tracks in collab with NYC-sculptor BANKS VIOLETTE, only available on vinyl! 180gr pressings, gatefold-cover, thick printed innersleeves, greatly designed! (only black vinyl available). 2007 €16.00
Kannon CD three new studio tracks by the drone metal gurus, coming back to their main characteristics: the massive guitar-bass work of STEPHEN O'MALLEY and GREG ANDERSON, continuing the path of the "classic" SUNN O))) sound.. "Abyssic atmospheres of vast grinding drones. Layered, liturgic cavernous ritual. Gorgeously sculpted feedback flowmotion" [AQ Rec.] 2015 €13.00
Kannon LP three new studio tracks by the drone metal gurus, coming back to their main characteristics: the massive guitar-bass work of STEPHEN O'MALLEY and GREG ANDERSON, continuing the path of the "classic" SUNN O))) sound.. "Abyssic atmospheres of vast grinding drones. Layered, liturgic cavernous ritual. Gorgeously sculpted feedback flowmotion" [AQ Rec.]; BLACK vinyl + luxus gatefold cover 2015 €22.00
  Domkirke do-LP "Why dost thou hide thyself in clouds?" - luxus repress of the rare live do-LP with recordings made in a church in Bergen / Norway; gatefold-cover with full-colour inner-sleeves, only available on vinyl !! 2016 €27.00
SUNN O))) & ULVER Terrestrials CD studio collaboration of SUNN O))) with Norwegians ULVER => three stunning tracks of almost elegant & melodramatic drone with additional jazzy and orchestral elements (trumpet, violin, vibraphone, piano & synths), really captivating & surprising, recorded in Oslo 2008; an "unlikely rendezvous of Miles Davis’ electric jazz surrealism and Sunn O)))’s fathom-deep drones" [Pitchfork] 2014 €13.00
  Terrestrials (ORANGE) LP studio collaboration of SUNN O))) with Norwegians ULVER => three stunning tracks of almost elegant & melodramatic drone with additional jazzy and orchestral elements (trumpet, violin, vibraphone, piano & synths), really captivating & surprising, recorded in Oslo 2008; an "unlikely rendezvous of Miles Davis’ electric jazz surrealism and Sunn O)))’s fathom-deep drones" [Pitchfork]; ORANGE vinyl, lim. 1000 2014 €22.00
SUPERSILENT 12 CD the 12th album for the Norwegian "Avantgarde/ FreeJazz/Rock /Electronca" superstars, who never meet for rehearsal, but only for completely improvised recordings or concerts; their new album after 4 years - this time more dark & bleak, moving more into typical DEATHPROD & ARVE HENRIKSEN areas... 2014 €15.00
SUSTAINED DEVELOPMENT same CD-R & object microtonal layers of drones based on organ, harmonium & voice sounds intertwine with various at times obscure field recordings & found sounds, inspired by PHILL NIBLOCK and using sounds from JOHN CAGES organ piece performed in Halberstadt (the world slowest & longest piece, being performed since 2001); first in a series of limited object releases on this label from Augsburg, Germany; numb. ed 50 copies coming in handpainted CD/cloth-case with diverse inlays 2011 €11.00
  same CD-R microtonal layers of drones based on organ, harmonium & voice sounds intertwine with various at times obscure field recordings & found sounds, inspired by PHILL NIBLOCK and using sounds from JOHN CAGES organ piece performed in Halberstadt (the world slowest & longest piece, being performed since 2001); unlimited standard edition 2010 €5.00
SUTCLIFFE JUGEND Pursuit of Pleasure do-LP after "This is the Truth" (2007) and "Transgression" (2008) this is only the third full length LP by KEVIN TOMKINS (ex WHITEHOUSE) "transgressive art" project; one side sounds more suspenseful and dark, the other goes the classic power elecronics way, all powerful and captivating; comes in heavy gatefold sleeve on colour vinyl, numbered 300 copies 2012 €23.00
SWANS My Father will guide me up a Rope to the Sky CD the legendary SWANS are back (re-activated, NOT a re-union they say) after many years! 2010 €14.50
To be Kind 3 x LP their new monstrous masterpiece, highly praised by everyone => "epic sonic sprawl, droned out and psychedelic, hypnotic and heavy, more sound than song, impossibly abstract, and yet utterly entrancing, like a twisted, more avant garde abstract GODSPEED mutated into some sort of dense, blackened, gloriously majestic, and yet strangely minimal demonic drone-dirge songsuite" [Aquarius Records] 2014 €30.00
To be kind do-CD & DVD their new monstrous masterpiece, this is the lim. do-CD version with a bonus DVD feat. a live / festival performance from 2013 with almost 110min. of filmed material in b/w => "epic sonic sprawl, droned out and psychedelic, hypnotic and heavy, more sound than song, impossibly abstract, and yet utterly entrancing, like a twisted, more avant garde abstract GODSPEED mutated into some sort of dense, blackened, gloriously majestic, and yet strangely minimal demonic drone-dirge songsuite" [Aquarius Records] 2014 €22.50
  Filth (Deluxe ed.) 3 x CD re-issue of their famous first LP from 1983 (transcending the New York noise rock sound at that time) in a luxus-edition with masses of bonus-material (rare studio & live at various locations 1982-1984), this the definite document of the early SWANS sound; incl. 16 pages booklet with lyrics and rare photos 2015 €21.50
SYLVIAN, DAVID Manafon CD newest solo-album recorded with lots of guest musicians as KEITH ROWE, JOHN TILBURY, WERNER DAFELDECKER, CHRISTIAN FENNESZ, EVAN PARKER, OTOMO YOSHIHIDE, etc.. 2009 €16.00
SYNDROME Forever and a Day LP the following album after "Now and Forever" (2013) for MATHIEU VANDEKERCKHOVE's solo project (also known/active with AMENRA, KINGDOM, SEMBLER DEAH)... one the long introspective track (with several movements) the music develops from sparse and minimal acoustic guitar pickings with simple structures through a vocal part and ambient fields to multi-layered and more monumental sounding guitar drone walls, very intimate, lonely and romantic... 2016 €19.50
  Now and Forever LP last copies of the v