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Artist Album Format Label & Cat. Number Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
KA-SPEL, EDWARD This Saturated Land CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released) 2015 €14.00
The Byte of Spring CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released) 2016 €14.00
  Spectrescapes 3 CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released) 2016 €16.00
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS & CEVIN KEY 9 Lives to Wonder DVD Metropolis MET 822 2012 €17.50
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS & KETVECTOR The Shock Exchange LP Rustblade RBLLPO11 2015 €23.00
LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) All the King's Horses CD Caciocavallo CAD 28 2002 €13.50
All the King's Men CD ROIR RUSCD8278 2002 €14.00
Ancient Daze CD Beta-Lactam Ring Records mt121a 2006 €13.00
Live at La Luna DVD Soleilmoon Recordings 2004 €14.00
Poppy variations CD Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA 15 / Beta-lactam Ring Records 2004 €14.00
Pre-Millenial Single maxiCD Soleilmoon SOL 74 1998 €8.50
Pre-Millenial Single 12inch Soleilmoon SOL 74 1998 €12.00
The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse CD Caciocavallo CAD 20 1990 €13.00
The Whispering Wall CD ROIR RUSCD 8286 2004 €14.00
Under triple moons CD ROIR RUSCD8231 1997 €14.00
Your Children placate you from their premature Graves CD ROIR RUSCD 8299 2006 €14.00
Plutonium Blonde CD ROIR RUSCD 8305 2008 €13.00
Sterre maxi-CD SPV Poland SPV 056-150133cds 1997 €7.50
Four Days CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0062 2001 €11.50
The Lovers CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0102 2002 €11.50
A Perfect Mystery CD Big Blue 8483413 2006 €11.50
Faces in the Fire CD Big Blue 8483414 2006 €11.50
Shadow Weaver CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0052 2001 €11.50
Asylum CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0082 2002 €11.50
Curse CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0112 2002 €11.50
Malachai (Shadow Weaver Part 2) CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0122 2002 €11.50
Prayer for Aradia CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0142 2003 €13.00
Island of Jewels CD SPV Poland SPV-L 0092 2002 €11.50
Paris 20 December 2007 CD-R Terminal Kaleidoscope / Trademark of Quantity 2008 €14.00
Human Radio CD-R Trademark of Quantity 2009 €13.50
The Maria Sessions CD-R Trademark of Quantity 2009 €13.50
Brighter Now CD Big Blue Records 8483474 2009 €12.50
Seconds late for the Brighton Line CD ROIR RUSCD 8317 2010 €13.00
Paris in the Fall DVD Soleilmoon Recordings SDVD 8 2011 €14.00
The Creature that tasted Sound CD-R Trademark of Quantity 2012 €13.50
Chemical Playschool 15 CD Rustblade RBL037 2012 €14.00
Taos Hum LP Brudenia LPD-2 2015 €23.00
10 to the Power of 9 - Vol. 1 LP Rustblade RBLLP004 2014 €23.50
10 to the Power of 9 - Vol. 2 LP Rustblade RBLLP006 2015 €22.50
10 to the Power of 9 (special ed.) 2 x CD bag Rustblade RBL046BOX 2015 €40.00
Chemical Playschool Vol. 16 & 18 do-CDR Terminal Kaleidoscope / LPD self released 2014 €18.00
Synesthesia do-LP Norton North MMXIV-II 2015 €28.00
Chemical Playschool 11, 12, 13 3 x CD BOX Caciocavallo CAD 3 2001 €32.00
The Seismic Bleats of Quantum Sheep LP Abstrakce ABST001 2016 €19.50
A Scented Candle LP Noise Noise Noise Records 002 2016 €25.00
Pages of Aquarius do-LP Metropolis MET 1016 2016 €26.00
Festive 2 x CD-R Legendary Pink Dots (self-released) 2016 €25.00
Pages of Aquarius CD Metropolis MET 1016 2016 €15.00
  From here you'll watch the World go by do-LP Rustblade RBLLP019 2017 €28.50
SILVERMAN Echo Piece CD-R Legendary Pink Dots - self released 2015 €13.50

"legendary pink dots" entries in albums descriptions

Artist Album Format Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
CHRISTUS AND THE COSMONAUGHTS From atop this Hill CD elaborated psych/electronic/space/prog- "Pop/Rock" reminding on LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, GARY NEWMAN, PINK FLOYD and even COIL... oversized hardcover / gatefold-sleeve. lim 800 2007 €10.00
  From atop this Hill LP vinyl-version of last years second album of this amazing project mixing a "Pop"-appeal, psychedelic and progrock elements with electronics; sounds to us like a crossing of LEGENDARY PINK DOTS & PINK FLOYD at times; lim. 200 !! 2010 €18.00
NURSE WITH WOUND The Swinging Reflective (re-issue) do-CD re-issue of this "collaborations" roundup from 1999, feat. rare material from deleted releases or compilations: LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, FOETUS, STEREOLAB, COIL, JIM O'ROURKE, CURRENT 93, ARANOS, TONY WAKEFORD, DIANA ROGERSON, WILLIAM BENNETT, etc.. all re-mastered, new artwork, nice double digipack 2017 €20.00
ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA One CD after many years a full new album by the man who formed the ORIGAMI-network in Norway and played hundreds of shows around the globe, mainly as ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA, => "One" consists of material from 2006 & 2014, refined deep & ethno ambient where everything drowns in long archaic drones, echoes and metallic/acoustic sounds, reminding on projects as HYBRYDS or RAPOON.....great comeback! mastered by RAYMOND STEEG (ex LEGENDARY PINK DOTS) 2014 €12.00
PEPE WISMEER Le Stridor de l'Escargot LP + CD-R very limited new album by the French melancholists, very emotional songwriting full of burning pathos, has been compared to COIL & LEGENDARY PINK DOTS.... pressing of only 100 copies, comes with bonus CDR 2013 €20.00
SILVERMAN State of Union CD lim. 500, numbered & signed; PHIL KNIGHT from LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, this is probably a re-issue of the self-issued CDR from 2001 (Teka 006) 2007 €15.00
V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) Brain in the Wire 3 x CD-Box NURSE WITH WOUND, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, CURRENT 93, MATMOS, STARS OF THE LID, CYCLOBE, C. HEEMANN, TIGHPAULSANDRA, COIL, BOWERY ELECTRIC, etc. etc... comes in wired metal-box w. sticker, key-chain, poster.... sold out at the label 2002 €45.00
Lust from the Underworld do-CD comp. dedicated to "Love & Eros in mythology, symbolist & decadent art". With JACK OR JIVE, CHAOS AS SHELTER, MONDBLUT, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ONE INCH OF SHADOW, MUSTERION, 4th SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE, etc ...lim. 500 with beautiful art design & big booklet w. 30 "bizarre erotic pictures" 2004 €22.00
MOM CD Godspeed Mom! Tribute & benefit compilation for Chris Mc. Beths (label owner) mother Jeanine with exclusive material only; NURSE WITH WOUND, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, VOLCANO THE BEAR, NADJA, LA STPO, TROUM, ANDREW LILES, EARTHMONKEY, and many others from the label; comes in thick oversized cover 2009 €13.00
Twisted Cabaret Vol. 1 CD compilation with "New Cabaret" influenced music & acts "using, altering or diverting the codes and rules of Weimar Cabaret": TIGER LILIES, BABY DEE, DRESDEN DOLLS, RESIDENTS(!), LITTLE ANNIE, DE KIFT, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ARANOS, and many more 2010 €14.50
  70 Years of Sunshine do-CD compilation dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first LSD trip through ALBERT HOFMANN => a follower to the famous "50 Years of Sunshine" from Silent Records 20 years ago, now again curated by KIM CASCONE; experimental, droney, impro, psychedelic soundscapes & tracks by: MAKOTO KAWABATA, R.A. IRISARRI, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ANDREW LILES, RAPOON, ROBERT WHEELER (PERE UBU), MIRT, and many, more unknown acts + nice liner notes... a must have if you are experienced !! 2013 €19.50
ASVA & PHILIPPE PETIT Empires should burn... CD "Philippe Petit and G. Stuart Dahlquist first came together when Petit’s Strings of Consciousness project opened for ASVA in Paris. The two quickly discovered a profound likemindedness and decided to combine their creative forces and see where that could take them. The pair, each with their own unique and seemingly infinite brand of creativity, formed a unique partnership. However, as Philippe and ASVA both have a long history of interesting collaborations, they decided to bring some guest vocalists to the project. Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), Jarboe (Swans), and Bryan Lewis Saunders all lent their voices to this album. After a few months of dialogue and collaboration, “Empires Should Burn” was completed and ready to be released into the world." [label info] www.bassesfrequences.org 2012 €8.00
BEEQUEEN Sandancing CD BEEQUEEN sind mit "Sanddancing" ganz im "Song" angekommen, einer Art elektronischer "Ambient Pop" der ein Spektrum von kitschigen Kindermelodei-Stücken bis hin zu verschrobenen Instrumentals umfasst, mit weiblichem Gesang, irgendwo zwischen alten BRUNNEN, PIANO MAGIC und LPD, charmant, verträumt & luftig leicht, ohne experimentelle & geräuschhafte Elemente ganz zu verbannen... "After the by now usual gap of some two years, Beequeen is ready to present their latest album, further maturing their sound from The Bodyshop (also on Important Records). More song-based, this album features new vocals by Olga Wallis solely (with some backing by Freek Kinkelaar). Well rounded pop songs in some places, but Beequeen never forgets to put in some strange element, without leaping in the dark alley of pointless experiment. Orchestral in 'The Illogical Song,' collage like in 'The Edie Three Step' or a simple rhythm machine in 'The Honeythief.' Beequeen does all, and with great care and seemingly ease. This album features also the help of Barry Gray, former (and first) guitarist of The Legendary Pink Dots, and would not have been the album that is without the invaluable productional skills of Erik Drost." [press release] "Beequeen is the long running collaboration between Dutch music veterans Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar. The duo mainly focused on ambient and industrial music during the nineties, until their album 'Ownliness', back in 2002, which marked a more or less radical break with Beequeen's past. Since 'Ownliness' the music of Beequeen has shifted to well crafted electronic pop songs. 'Sandancing' is no exception. It's an atmospheric and dreamy album due to the beautiful (female) vocals of Olga Wallis. The songs are built on electronics, guitar and keyboard, combined with fine microsonic details, pulsing drum machines and subtle field recordings. It can easily be seen as a rather accessible record, especially considering Beequeens past, but 'Sandancing' hides enough surprises to keep it exciting. It somehow reminds me of the early works of Piano Magic, the project of Glen Johnson, who also used to work with different vocalists to transform his electronic instrumentals into songs. Being aware of the adventurous approach of these experimental wizards, you immediately wonder what Beequeens next record will be like. But you certainly hope that Olga Wallis will be involved again as 'Sandancing' is definitely their best record to date." [MW, Vital Weekly] 2008 €13.00
  Sturmwind and Gilbert 7inch "The time has come: Beequeen’s final single “Sturmwind” is now available on Tonefloat records! With this single, surely our most ‘pop’ release ever, comes an end to nearly 30 years of Beequeen. What a beautiful and fun ride this has been, so much we have seen, heard and learned for which we have so many people to thank. Do things really end here? Who knows? As always, I keep working on new material. “Sometimes my arms bend back” – to the future… Meanwhile, the “Escape” CD, featuring covers of the songs on “Asylum”, the 1985 album by The Legendary Pink Dots will be released soon. It features my solo version of “Golden Dawn” of which I’m actually quite proud😉 THE PRESS BIT: Achtung! Beequeen (Olga Wallis, Freek Kinkelaar and Frans de Waard) goes pop. But Beequeen being Beequeen, it is not pop as we know it. Sturmwind, as the title suggest, is sung in German and probably the first single in history to paraphrase German Dada artist Kurt Schwitters in the chorus of “Du, deiner, dich, dir” from his famous poem An Anna Blume. Couple this with an existentialist lyric about overwhelming all-consuming love at the end of the world and an uplifting melody and rhythm and you end up with the typical surreal-twist that was also present on Beequeen’s latest album “Around Midnight”. The other side of this single tells the story of Gilbert; who hungers for love, but fails to understand what the concept of ‘love’ actually is. Gilbert is set to an 80s shoegazing tune where desperation gets mixed-up with hope. And with this single the Beequeen bids us, after more than 30 years, goodbye. Sturmwind/Gilbert was written by Freek Kinkelaar and Beequeen, produced and mixed by Peter van Vliet (The Use Of Ashes) and mastered by Raymond Steeg. Sturmwind/Gilbert will be out on March 19 as a limited edition 7inch (300 copies) in a numbered sleeve designed by Carl Glover." [Freek Kinkelaar web & label info] "Achtung! Beequeen goes Pop. Aber da Beequeen Beequeen ist, es dabei kein Pop wie man ihn kennt herausgekommen. Sturmwind ist, wie der Titel bereits suggeriert, Deutsch gesungen und wahrscheinlich die erste Single in der Geschichte die den deutschen Dadaismus Künstler Kurt Schwitters mit seinem berühmten Gedicht An Anna Blume im Chorus "Du, deiner, dich, dir" frei aufgreift. Verbinden Sie dies mit existentialistischen Texten von überschwänglicher, alles auffressender Liebe am Ende der Welt und einer aufbauenden Melodie und Rhythmus und man landet bei dem typisch surrealen Schwung, der auch auf Beequeens letztem Album "Around Midnight" präsent gewesen ist. Die andere Seite dieser Single erzählt die Geschichte von Gilbert; der nach Liebe hungert, aber nicht versteht was das aktuelle Konzept von Liebe ist. Gilbert ist an eine selbstverliebte 80s Melodie gebunden, bei der Verzweiflung und Hoffnung eng beieinander liegen. Und genau mit dieser Single sagen uns Beequeen, nach mehr als 30 Jahren, Goodbye. Sturmwind wurde von Peter van Vliet (The Use Of Ashes) gemischt und produziert." [label info] www.tonefloat.com 2016 €9.50
DE KLEER, MARTIJN Flow CD Erstes Album des LPD-Gitarristen MARTIJN DE KLEER mit nach texanischer Weite klingenden Folk- & Country-tunes, unglaublich aber wahr ! “Martijn de Kleer (rhymes with "red wine, beware") is the guitarist for the Legendary Pink Dots, and "Flow" is his first solo album. A few hundred copies were sold at concerts during the band's tour of North America last year, after which it was licensed to Soleilmoon for release and worldwide distribution. The music is evocative and atmospheric, built on a foundation of straightforward songwriting and uncomplicated vocal arrangements. Loyal LPD fans will be surprised by the contrast between de Kleer's Spartan approach and the more elaborate constructions that define the Dot's characteristic sound. "Flow" is about nuance and subtle shades, about leaves fluttering in the wind, and the feelings of contentment that come from a simple tune played well. It's a man and his guitar, a few songs and sketches, and your imagination.” [press release] 2003 €13.00
DEAD VOICES ON AIR & SIMON FISHER TURNER MzMzLaLaLa 7inch "This single is a double A side and is the first of the DVOA@20 series. Side A is entitled, ‘MzMzLaLaLa for Peace,’ and Side A is entitled, ‘MzMzLaLaLa Sing-Song-Sing.’ Simon Fisher Turner Simon had a highly successful career as a child/young hopeful actor, appearing in movie and TV roles from Black Beauty, Tom Brown’s Schooldays to The Big Sleep (re-made with Robert Mitchum). Aged 17 he signed to Jonathan King’s UK Records and released the album “Simon Turner” in 1969. He then discovered tape recorders and ended up playing with the legendary Portsmouth Symphonia with musicians such as Brian Eno. Simon first worked as a runner on the sets of films by Derek Jarman, before becoming Jarman’s favoured soundtrack composer. Simon’s association with Jarman was lasting and massively fruitful. “Caravaggio”, “The Last Of England” (with contributions from Barry Adamson and Diamanda Galas), “The Garden” (with the Balanescu Quartet), and “Edward II”, were amongst the most innovative film sound projects of the ’80s and early ’90s, most of them surfacing as CDs though Mute. His final film with Jarman was the powerful, poignant “Blue”, where a soundscape recorded by Simon at Eno’s country house, plus Jarman’s AIDs inspired spoken words, stood in for the visuals - only a blue screen was projected. Simon also worked under the name of The King Of Luxembourg and has collaborated extensively. He has released many albums and in addition to his work with Jarman has contributed to numerous other film soundtracks for directors such as David Lynch. Simon and Mark Spybey first met backstage at a Can concert at the Barbican in London in 1999. They work together, in spurts and fits, under the name MzMzLaLaLa and this single is their first release. They recently played a concert in London together under a railway arch. DVOA @ 20 Anniversary Series Since leaving :zoviet-france: in the late eighties Mark Spybey has released fifteen albums as Dead Voices On Air. He’s appeared on over 80 releases in the past twenty years. When the late Michael Karoli, the seminal guitarist, put together a band in the late nineties to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Can, it was Spybey who he asked to help him.. He has made a career out of collaborating extensively with a wide range of musicians, film- makers and visual artists. He was a member of Download and formed Beehatch with Phil Western of Download and Reformed Faction with ex-:zoviet-france: members, including Robin Storey of Rapoon. Between 1992 and 2000 he lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada and has toured extensively around the world with a variety of collaborators including Karoli and Damo Suzuki of Can, The Legendary Pink Dots, Pigface, Michael Rother of Neu! and Dieter Moebius of Cluster. He’s remixed Neu! and Faust amongst others. His has worked with labels such as Kranky, Nettwerk, Soleilmoon Recordings, Invisible, Spoon, Scratch, Cleopatra, Lens and for the 20th anniversary seven inch single series, Tourette Records of Houston Texas." [label info] www.touretterecords.com "To celebrate twenty years of existence, Dead Voices On Air, also known to mankind as Mark Spybey, will release a bunch of 7"s in collaboration with people who he has worked with in those years. The series kicks of with Simon Fisher Turner, perhaps best known for scoring soundtracks for the films of Derek Jarman (Caravaggio", "The Last Of England", "The Garden" and "Edward II") and also with David Lynch. he met Spybey at a concert of Can in 1999 and worked together since as MzMzLaLaLa, but this 7" is their first release. I am in a bit in the dark wether this 7" is t45 or 33 rpm, and I decided for 33. One side has an interesting tape collage of sounds and spoken word in a very film noir like style, while the other side ('MzMzLaLaLa Sing Song Sing') is more a pop like track with a very sparse guitar, a wacky percussive sample and a sad voice. This side did less for me, I think, maybe its too short, or perhaps too vague, but the other side is in fact very good. In the future there will be 7's with James Plotkin, Troum, Edward Ka-spel, Cevin Key, Robert Hampson, Robin Storey, Jochen Arbeit, Dave Wright, Ryan Moore and Orbit Service, which me thinks looks a promising series. Great cover too." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2011 €10.00
KA-SPEL, EDWARD Lyvv, China Doll CD "Edward Ka-spel, singer and frontman of The Legendary Pink Dots, may not need any more introduction. Ever since the early 80s' the Pink Dots are an unqiue group, that blend together modern electronic music with psychedelic music from the 70's, with as a landmark of its own, the apocalytpic lyrics and voice of Edward Ka-spel. As a solo artist his music is not so complex and varied regarding instrumentation, but they create a more private and intimate atmosphere. "Lyvv Chian Doll" was original released as a casette by Ka-spel on his own Mirrordot cassette label. Originally this cassette was intended as a simple live document, but during its compilation that intention became obscured. Ultimately only half of the material was live, and it featured much previously unheard work. For the CD version, only "The Horn Section" is live, while a number of sketches and small pieces have been inserted, recordings that cover the period 1982-1992, so do be patient with the occasional dubious sound quality. CD is packed in standard jewel box with transparant tray." [label info] www.staalplaat.com 1993 €14.50
Trapped in Amber LP "Does Edward Ka-spel need any introduction? Frontman of The Legendary Pink Dots, solo artist, member of Tear Garden and a fine man for fine music. On Korm Plastics we released the LP 'DNA Le Draw Dkee' a long time ago, and ever since Edward wanted to do another one. Here it is, a fine succesor to 'The Painted River of Regrets', two pieces of melancholic, ambient based music. Entirely instrumental. Cover design by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek)." [label info] www.beequeen.nl/plink.html 2009 €16.00
Tanith and the Lion Tree CD "Finally, Edward Ka-Spel’s genius 1991 album is given the re-mastering treatment, complete with bonus tracks. Ballads coupled with a dark, malignant backdrop. A strange, mystical atmosphere carved out by texture and emotion. Housed in a matt-laminate digipak, this is the ultimate solo album from The Legendary Pink Dots’ frontman. Previously unavailable on CD for 15 years. Digipak." [label info] 2012 €12.50
  High on Station Yellow Moon CD "There is a station where the train never arrives, where the Waiting Room is always occupied, where the conversation is inevitably awkward and where you’re never quite alone, but perpetually ALMOST alone. Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Station Yellow Moon, the final bastion of humanity, the last stuttering blip on the life support system, the domain where Access Is Denied perpetually – but who the Hell would want to go there anyhow? Well, some pay handsomely for the Great Escape, despite the risks…. “High On Station Yellow Moon” is a new solo album by Edward Ka-spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, and marks the beginning of his collaboration with long time friend and fellow traveller Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. It doesn’t get more conceptual than this." www.soleilmoon.com 2017 €14.00
KA-SPEL, EDWARD & DEAD VOICES ON AIR The Bowles given on Air 7inch "002. Is a collaboration with Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots under the name The Bowles Given. It’s comprised of two songs featuring Edward’s vocals, “Self-Loathing By Numbers,” and “On Air.” Edward needs little introduction. For over 30 years he has fronted The Legendary Pink Dots, releasing numerous albums and has collaborated extensively, with cEvin Key and others as The Teargarden and with musicians such as Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound, Christoph Heeman and Jim O’Rourke. Mark Spybey first met Edward in Vancouver. He recorded with him on one of The Teargardens records and in 2000 toured North America as support to the Pink Dots. “On Air,” also features Spanish guitarist and bass player Oscar Ruiz Fernandez who has also played live and recorded with Reformed Faction and Australian cellist, Carolyn Gannell." [label info] www.touretterecords.com "The second installment, celebrating twenty years of Dead Voices On Air, in which Mark Spybey invites friends to record pieces together. Here we have Edward Ka-spel of The Legendary Pink Dots. They receive help from Oscar Ruiz Fernandez (guitar, bass) and Carolyn Gannell (cello) on either side of the record. Ka-spel is present with vocals and text, and Spybey plays piano on one side and drums and farfisa on the other. That piano side is a very moody, almost spooky piece. Ka-spel whispers very softly and the music is all sparse. The other side is an entirely different piece of music, almost krautrock like, with multiple layers of organ sounds blearing away and Ka-spel's voice more upfront. This too has a spooky nature, and overall this a great 7"." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2011 €10.00
KA-SPEL, EDWARD & STEVEN STAPLETON // COLIN POTTER & QUENTIN ROLLET The Man who floated away LP "This record reveals two new musical encounters. For the first time together, author, vocalist and keyboard player Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots, Tear Garden) and sound collage wizard Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) offer us a 19 plus minute long piece called “The Man Who Floated Away”, composed and recorded in 2017. On the other side, the master of drone Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound, Monos) and French free sax player Quentin Rollet (guest with The Red Krayola, Nurse With Wound, Mendelson, David Grubbs, DRAME…) present a long suite called “The Closer You Are To The Center, The Further You Are From The Edge” their first collaboration ever, recorded in London in 2012, with special guest Isabelle Magnon on piano." 2018 €19.00
KOCHAN, RAFAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF INDUSTRIAL MUSIC : VOLUME 3 BOOK / CD "Out now! Limited edition of 300 copies. The 400 entries, 124 pages, hundreds names, thousands records... 20 Eu/ 26$ / 70PLN Contents: JACK OR JIVE Nigel JACKLIN (ALIEN BRAINS) Michael Thomas JACKSON JALOPAZ JAPANESE TORTURE COMEDY HOUR JARBOE JARL Derek JARMAN Antanas JASENKA Wouter JASPERS JAZKAMER JAZZFINGER Philip JECK Scot JENERIK JETONE (Tim HECKER) JETZMANN Ryan JEWELL JGRZINICH Li JIANHONG JLIAT JOB KARMA Alejandro JODOROWSKY JOE THE PRANG'D Jóhann Gunnar JÓHANNSSON Phil JOHNSON Jim JONES Joe JONES JOSHUA NORTON CABAL JUHYO Rolf JULIUS Yan JUN K-GROUP K.D.N.R. K11 K2 KADAVER KADEF Jason KAHN KAISER NIETZSCHE KAKERLAK KAM HASSAH KAPOTTE MUZIEK Allan KAPROW KARJALAN SISSIT Zbigniew KARKOWSKI KARLHEINZ KARMAKUMULATOR KARMANJAKAN INTONARUMORI KATHARSIS Roland KAYN Mike KELLEY KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT Tomi KERÄNEN Richard KERN KEUHKOT KID606 KINETIX KINGDOM SCUM KIRCHENKAMPF Andrey KIRITCHENKO Richard H. KIRK KITES KLANGKRIEG KLANGWART Cordell KLIER KLIMPEREI KLINIK KLOOD KLUSTER David KNOTT KNURL Hitoshi KOJO KOMMISSAR HJULER KONRAD KRAFT KONSTRUKTIVISTS KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE Takehisa KOSUGI Thomas KÖNER KRAANG KRACHGAU KRAFTWERK KRAKEN Eberhard KRANEMANN KRAUTROCK K.M. KREBS KRĘPULEC KRIEGSFALL-U KRISTUS KUT Igor KRUTOGOLOV KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK KSHATRIY Christina KUBISCH Kazuma KUBOTA Ron KUIVILA KULT KUMMIEBAND & GLEBSTOFF Léo KUPPER Erkki KURENNIEMI KUUPUU KWAJONGENS IN BLOEI KYLIE MINOISE L'AKSTREMAUNÇIO LA CHIESA LA FURA DELS BAUS LA NOMENKLATUR LA OTRA CARA DE UN JARDÍN LA SONORITÉ JAUNE LAB RAT LAB REPORT Brandon LABELLE LABORATORY OF SONIC DISCOVERY LACKTHROW Andrew LAGOWSKI LAIBACH Richard LAINHART Alan LAMB Graham LAMBKIN LAND Dan LANDER Eric LANZILLOTTA LARSEN LAST FEW DAYS LAUTRÉAMONT Brian LAVELLE Anton Szandor LAVEY LAW LAXATIVE SOULS Josh LAY LAZY MAGNET LE SYNDICAT Timothy LEARY The LEATHER NUN LEFT HAND RIGHT HAND The LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Thomas LEHN LEICHE RUSTIKAL LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE Jason LESCALLEET LETHAL DOSE 50 LETHE Alan LICHT LICHT–UNG LIEUTENANT CARAMEL LIGHTS IN A FAT CITY Andrew LILES LILITH Rune LINDBLAD LINIJA MASS LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC Dale LLOYD LOCKWELD LOCRIAN LONSAI MAIKOV Andrew LONSDALE Francisco LÓPEZ Rüdiger LORENZ LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY LUASA RAELON Alvin LUCIER LUCKY DRAGONS LUFTWAFFE LULL LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET Lydia LUNCH Eric LUNDE Ralph LUNDSTEN Tor LUNDVALL LUNUS LUSTMORD LYKE WAKE David LYNCH eRikm M AX NOI MACH M.A.L. M.E.S.S.Y. M.N.S. M.NOMIZED M.S.B.R. MAAAA MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE The MACHINE GUN TV MACHINEFABRIEK MACHINIST Angus MACLISE MACROMASSA MACRONYMPHA MAEROR TRI The MAGIC CARPATHIANS PROJECT MAIL ART MAIM MAIN Nicolas MALEVITSIS MALIGNANT RECORDS MANDIBLE CHATTER MANIFESTO MANIFOLD RECORDS John MANNION Charles MANSON MARANATA Lionel MARCHETTI Walter MARCHETTI Christian MARCLAY Lasse MARHAUG MARIA ZERFALL MARIANN KÄFER MARTUSCIELLO Mario MARZIDOVŠEK MASONNA MASTER-SLAVE RELATIONSHIP Stephan MATHIEU MATMOS Kouhei MATSUNAGA MATTIN MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA MAXIMAL BRAIN DYSFUNCTION MAYBE MENTAL Christopher McFALL MCMS MECÁNICA POPULAR Roel MEELKOP MEER STAAL MEGAPTERA MELEK-THA MELT BANANA MEMBRUM DEBILE PROPAGANDA Daniel MENCHE MENTAL ANGUISH MENTAL DESTRUCTION MERZBOW MESSIAH COMPLEX METABOLIST METAL ROUGE METALUX METAMORPHOSIS MFH Ludo MICH MICROSTORIA Emmanuel MIEVILLE Christof MIGONE MILITIA Antony MILTON İlhan MIMAROĞLU MIND SKELP-CHER MINIMAL MAN MINISTRY MINKSHROUD MINÓY MINUS DELTA T Philippe MION MISSING FOUNDATION MISSION PAPUA HOLLAND MIXTURIZER Kiyoshi MIZUTANI MLEHST MNEM MNEMONISTS MNORTHAM MO*TE MOAN MOISTEN BEFORE USE MOKE GROTTON MOLJEBKA PVLSE Gordon MONAHAN MONDE BRUITS MONOCHROME BLEU MONOPOLKA Ilya MONOSOV MONOTON MONOTONOS MONOTYPE RECORDS MONTAGE Joachim MONTESSUIS Ken MONTGOMERY MONTY CANTSIN The MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD Steve MOORE Thurston MOORE MORPHOGENESIS MORTHOUND MORTIIS The MOSSY THROATS MOTH DRAKULA MOURMANSK 150 MOZ Norbert MÖSLANG MØHR MR.MOTO MTVS Otto MUEHL MULTIMEDIA MURDER CORPORATION MURDEROUS VISION MURMER Brendan MURRAY MUSEO DELLA TORTURA MUSHROOM MUSICA ELETTRONICA VIVA MUSIIKKIVYÖRY MUSIKAUTOMATIKA MUSIQUE CONCRÉTE MUSLIMGAUZE MUTANT APE Günter MÜLLER Thierry MÜLLER MÜRNAU MY CAT IS AN ALIEN MYNOX LAYH MYSTERY HEARSAY MYSTIFIED MZ.412 N D N. N.STRAHL.N NACHTLUFT NACKT INSECTEN Kazunao NAGATA naj NAMAZU DANTAI Seiei Jack NAKAHARA Toshimaru NAKAMURA NAMANAX NAPALMED Mariae NASCENTI NATURAL DISASTERS NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS NATURE MORTE NAUTICAL ALMANAC NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES NEDERLANDS AUTO ENSEMBLE NEGAPADRES.3.3. NEGATIV PERSON NEGATIVE REACTION NEGATIVLAND NEGRU VODA Seth NEHIL NEOISM NEON RAIN Loren NERELL NERVE NET NOISE NETHERWORLD NETZACH NEU! Manfred NEUMEIER NEUNTÖTER DER PLAGE NEW 7TH MUSIC The NEW BLOCKADERS NEW RISEN THRONE NEZNAMO Phill NIBLOCK NIELLERADE FALLIBILISTHORSTAR Friedrich NIETZSCHE NIGHTMARE LODGE NIHILISM The NIHILIST SPASM BAND NIKO SKORPIO NIMH NINE INCH NAILS Hermann NITSCH NITZER EBB NKONDI NMPERIGN NO NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT NO-NECK BLUES BAND NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS Jérôme NOETINGER NOISE INDUSTRIAL NOISE NOMADS NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES NOISES OF RUSSIA NOISEUSE NOMA NOMEX NOMMO OGO NOMUZIC NON NON TOXIQUE LOST NORD Arne NORDHEIM Brian NORING Robert NORMANDEAU NORSS NOS YEUX AVEUGLES NOT 1/2 NOT BREATHING NOTHING NOTHINGISTTRUE NOTSTANDSKOMITEE Yann NOVAK NOVELLER NOVÝ SVĚT NOX NP.WAT Victor NUBLA NUEVA GERMANIA NUIT ET BROUILLARD NULL NURSE WITH WOUND NUX VOMICA NXFXTXEX NYODENE D... CD tracklist: 1. eRikm/FM EINHEIT Fondation Quartier II 2. FLEXIBLE RESPONSE Chilling Coke 3. JOB KARMA Cycles 4. JOE THE PRANG'D Each Man Kills The Things He Loves 5. KAISER NIETZSCHE Returnal (D) 6. Zbigniew KARKOWSKI Tijuana (Live) 7. KATHARSIS Desire, Dreams, Habit And Insanity 1 8. KNURL Hemilevium 9. LIEUTENANT CARAMEL Blue Planet (Opus 2) 10. MAEROR TRI Sensory Deprivation 11. MURDEROUS VISION The Sickest Little Flower 12. naj Sis 13. NATURE MORTE Nuit Perdue 14. NOMEX All Is Lost In Compromise 15. Yann NOVAK A New Method " [label info] "Due to new postal rates the latest issues of Zelphabet will most likely not reach this desk, which is very sad, as I love encyclopedia's. Certainly when they are about music. I can even be happy with an encyclopedia on metal music, providing I don't have to produce a review of it. The downside of the great 'Encyclopedia Of Industrial Music' is the fact that we have to wait so long before another arrives. Here we have the third volume, spanning the letters J to N, which makes up an excellent read. From Jack Or Jive to Nyodene D, it covers it all. And what seems to be the curious case here: there are is quite a lot of Dutch musicians in here, not just Kapotte Muziek, Meelkop (Roel), Machinefabriek and Machinist, but also more unlikely such as Mission Papua Holland, Meer Staal and Joe The Prang'd, who ran Zimbo Tapes in the 80s. I need to go back to the earlier volumes and check wether this kind of older and somehow forgotten musicians were also part of them. The other thing I noted was an excellent range of topics of those who influenced industrial music - people as well as movements - and what their influence was. Just in case you were wondering about Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Anon LeVey or L'autremont and what their contribution to industrial music was all about. I read encyclopedia's back to back - my autistic failure I guess - which may take weeks. I can pick it up, read a bit, put it aside and come back a day later. I spotted a bunch of minor mistakes - Ilhan Mimaroglu did die last year, Peter Duimelinks was born in 1962, not 1969 - but again, that's what a printed encyclopedia should be like. Fuck wikipedia and everybody contributing, let one guy - Rafal Kohan in this case - sort it all out and present it. And again we have here a compilation with a selection of fifteen artists we have just read about (or going to be reading about, whatever works for you) and it includes erikM, Flexible Response (well, that's Joe The Prang'd under a different guise), Job Karma, Joe The Prang'd, Kaiser Nietzsche, Zbigniew Karkowski, Katharsis, Knurl, Lieutenant Caramel, Maeror Tri, Murderous Vision, naj, Nature Morte, Nomex and Yann Novak, which of course make up another diverse digest of whatever 'industrial music' could be. The book has some great categories, like 'art noise', 'experimental post industrial', 'noise industrial' etc, and all of these drop in here to let themselves be heard. It's great that even some of the older, no longer active groups have unreleased pieces here, such as Katharsis, Kaiser Nietzsche and Joe The Prang'd. Only Maeror Tri's contribution was previously released, but that's hardly a surprise: I can't imagine there is anything unreleased by them left. Another wet dream comes true: great music, an excellent read. And seeing all those names makes me want to play a lot of that again, just when should I being this? Tonight, however, it will be Kwajongens In Bloei. I have a cassette somewhere and would have never believ ed I would come across their name in an encyclopedia in 2013, not even an encyclopedia of forgotten bands." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2013 €20.00
LILES, ANDREW Ouarda (The subtle Art of...) do-LP Es hat drei Jahre gedauert, bis das neueste Werk 'Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy)' von ANDREW LILES endlich in den Läden landete, wobei der Entstehungsprozess fast genauso lang dauerte. Aufgenommen in Studios in Paris, London und Sizilien ist ,Ouarda." ein Reisetagebuch, das sich schlicht und einfach weigert, für längere Zeit an einem einzigen Ort zu verharren. Die Musik, die LILES hier versammelt, ist genau so unterschiedlich, wie die musikalischen Gäste, die sich auf ,Ouarda." versammeln. Mit dabei: Danielle Dax, Maja Elliott, Rose McDowall, Karl Blake, Edward Ka-Spel und Daniel Padden von VOLCANO THE BEAR, die alle einzigartige und absolut atemberaubende Beiträge liefern. Düster, eingängig, unerklärlich und außergewöhnlich ist ,Ouarda..' ein Manifest des Produktionstalents von ANDREW LILES, der ohne Zweifel ein einmaliger Soundzauberer ist.// Limited edition (600 copies) double LP pressed on colored vinyl. UK-based Andrew Liles' (Current 93, Nurse With Wound) latest offering has taken nearly three years to hit the shelves and almost as long to create. Recorded in London, Paris, and Sicily, Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy) is a travelogue that refuses to stay stuck in any one place for any extended period. The music herein is as diverse as the array of guests involved: Danielle Dax, Maja Elliott, Rose McDowall, Karl Blake, The Legendary Pink Dots' Edward Ka-Spel and Volcano The Bear's Daniel Padden all bestow unique and stunning contributions that soar along with Liles' unique brand of minimal surrealism. Obscure, accessible, incomprehensible and exceptional, Ouarda (The Subtle Art Of Phyllorhodomancy) is testament to the breathtaking production talents of Andrew Liles -- arguably the most vital and original soundsmith of recent years." [press release / Cargo translation] www.dirter.co.uk 2008 €22.50
REFORMED FACTION The World Awake / 11 Stueck do-CD "The World Awake! / 11 Stueck is a new double album from Reformed Faction, the duo of Robin Storey and Mark Spybey. It follows the triple CD release for Soleilmoon, ‘I am the Source of Light I am not a Mirror,” in 2009. Robin Storey was born in 1955 in Cumbria, England. He studied fine arts at Sunderland University and took classes in electronic and experimental composition, joining with friends to perform the works of Karlheinz Stockhausen (a key influence, as were the Krautrock bands of the early 1970s). In 1979 Storey formed the pioneering industrial group :zoviet*france:, remaining a member until 1992: The same year Storey issued the first Rapoon album, Dream Circle, its entrancing fusion of Indian ragas, African rhythms and experimental textures anticipating the evocative soundscapes of the many releases to follow. Also a noted visual artist and animator, Storey's work has been exhibited throughout the world and is in the collections of many major galleries. Mark Spybey was born in North Yorkshire, England in 1961. He has always worked in mental health care. After a long time as a member of :zoviet*france: he moved to Canada and worked under the names Dead Voices on Air and Propeller. He collaborated widely, toured and was vocalist of the acclaimed band Download (ex-Skinny Puppy). He was also a member of Sofortkontakt!, led by the late Michael Karoli of Can, appearing at Can’s 30th anniversary shows. Spybey has worked with a variety of artists who inspired his music, including Damo Suzuki of Can, Faust, Michael Rother (Neu!, Harmonia and Kraftwerk), Dieter Moebius (Cluster and Harmonia), Genesis.P.Orridge (Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV), James Plotkin, Martin Atkins, Mick Harris and The Legendary Pink Dots. He returned to the U.K in 2000. The World Awake! Was originally intended for a vinyl release and recorded from improvisations made on one day in November of 2009. 11 Stueck was compiled from improvisations made on December 1st 2009, with drummer Christian Alderson and bass player Oscar Ruiz Fernandez. The Austin Texas based musician Tony D’Oporto, aka Gnome, also appears on one track. The work references the writing of Henry Miller, in his aptly entitled essay, “With Edgar Varese in the Gobi Desert.” “The World Awake! Just to repeat that to yourself five times a day is enough to make an anarchist of you. How would you awaken the world – if you were a musician? With a sonata for rusty tin openers? Have you ever thought about it? Or would you rather remain asleep?” “We have been educated to such a fine – or dull – point that we are incapable of enjoying something new, something different, until we are first told what it’s all about. We don’t trust our five senses. We rely on our critics and educators, all of whom are failures in the realm of creation.” Varese said, “What should be avoided; tones of propaganda. As well as any journalistic speculation on timely events and doctrines. I want the epic impact of our epoch, stripped of it’s mannerisms and snobberisms…. Imagination is the last word.” This first edition of “The World Awake/11 Stueck” is presented in a high-quality screen printed perfumed sleeve with printed slipcases for each disc. It is limited to 444 copies." [label info] 2012 €20.00
SIGMA OCTANTIS Disseminations CD "Formed at the beginning of 2000s, Sigma Octantis stabilized around three participants (guitarist / bass player / percussions and machines). After first abrasive period (very influenced by Nachtstrom and Metastasen from Sielwolf), Sigma Octantis quickly got rid of any frontal aggressiveness. The compositions borrow henceforth from the melodic aspect of the postpunk, from the astral perspectives of a dark ambient certain and from the magnetism of the lines of ethnic and\or industrial percussions. The main reference of Sigma Octantis is the second cd from Morthound («Spindrift» - Cold Meat Industry - on 1992); Sigma Octantis also claims some affinities with the works of Mandible Chatter, Reutoff, Legendary Pink Dots, TAP, Deutsch Nepal, Militia, Maeror Tri... Favorably welcomed by the criticism in 2007, the first album, Invocations (Divine Comedy records) will be followed by Dislocations in 2009 (Divine Comedy records). Scatterings who would have been able to constitute the third and last chapter of a project initially thought as a trilogy will be finally the prelude to the wastes..." [label info] www.opn.fr "The first band is Sigma Octantis, which seem to be a band with a traditional line up of guitar, bass and drums, maybe with the use of electronics. They are inspired by Morthound, and are, according to the label, not unlike Mandible Chatter, Legendary Pink Dots, Deutsch Nepal, Maeror Tri and Militia. Their music is instrumental. Spacious rock music with a strong emphasis on drums and lots of effects on the other instruments to make things even more spacious. The drums are sometimes more tribal-used but not fast or ethnic. Slow post rock music which is more rock than post, I assume, and has traces of trip-hop. Maybe a voice wouldn't hurt I thought when hearing this. Its all quite good, with a really nice production. Entertaining without being surprising and sometimes the tracks are a bit long, but that perhaps comes with the territory of spacious music." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2012 €12.00
SILVERMAN Blank for your own Message CD "Available late Feb. 2008. First ed. of 500 copies in a full color book bound case. Silverman should be given a degree in bio-melodics. This most recent body of collaged constructions pulsates with aspects of a living system. Slurred drones rush sonic corpuscles through electronic capillaries, imparting breath to each track. An obscured, parenthetical heart beat occasionally comes through as an unexpectedly metallic panging in the background, mostly drowned out by the fluid dynamics of localized subsystems playing out their various vital functions. Perhaps each one of us DOES sound a little like a Javanese gamelan orchestra inside if you hit the right spot. Cutting to find out is not advocated. Silverman’s fantastic voyage sounds like a spiritual dissertation on degrees of scale. The musical camera obscura sometimes finds purchase on an atomic level, aurally zooming into the humming orbits of individual atoms and even creeping up on the sounds of the electrons, protons and neutrons themselves. With this beautifully ambient series of orchestral maneuvers in the dark, Silverman may have found a tonal replacement for Gray’s Anatomy." [label info] "The Silverman aka Phil Knight is one of my favorite musicians in the experimental ambient/drone scene. Over the past decennium he has been responsible for some of the most beautiful ambient/meditative music I've ever heard. His previous LP/CD for BLRR Nature Of Illusion is one of the best albums in this genre I have heard in many-a-year. The Silverman's solo albums have always been slightly overshadowed by his work for the Legendary Pink Dots. This is a shame, as his solo work deserves a place of its own. Perhaps this new CD Blank For Your Own Message will do the trick. Starting off life as a "zen-opera" in seven parts, the music here is more varied than Nature Of Illusion. BLRR drops the term "bio-melodics". For once I have to agree. This actually fits the music and the world of The Silverman. Although the music has seven parts, the 43 minutes that make up this album are programmed into one track. It is hard to tell the origin of some of the sounds; there are traffic tapes and acoustic sounds (percussion, cow bells) of a more ethnical nature, all mixed up with synthetic sounds. These combined make up a very strong album. Packed in one of those typical BLRR deluxe hard-carton sleeves, this is a great addition to the already great discography of The Silverman." [FK / Vital Weekly] www.blrrecords.com 2008 €15.00
  Time on thin Ice CD "Packaged in a full color gatefold sleeve. Featuring guest performer Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots). The man of silver is a master of negative space. His silences say as much as his notes. Perhaps this is how he can compose a thing that sounds like glaciers conversing. Ringing ubertones breathe sighs of bas-relief at the borealis. The Silveman's sounds are quiet and delicious, like a Rainbow Generator sinking slowly into a rusted hull. These ambiences destroy fascists. Dark and twisting pulses hollowly respirate, imitating their dying. This is the good stuff. With Silverman, the only motoriked thing to fear is atmosphere itself.Thanks to Alena Boykova for melodica on 1, to Edward Ka-Spel for percussion and tapes on 1 and for voice and lyrics on 2 & 3. Thanks also to Raymond Steeg for cd mastering, to Astrid "Snoepsnail" for cover photography, and to Chris McBeth for cover layout." [label info] www.blrrecords.com "...Sometimes I tend to think of Silverman releases as blue prints for future Pink Dots releases, but I guess that's not true, as they stand very much by their own. The four long pieces here show a side to The Silverman which we hardly see in the work he does with the Pink Dots. Spacey, atmospheric music, build from synthesizers. That made me think about something: when do we classify something as drone music and when is something cosmic music? With the current interest in the latter, I think The Silverman could the master of the scene. Should be. His love of analogue synthesizers, textured sounds and slow arpeggio's, along with sparse percussion make up some excellent cosmic trip, which also finds its roots in drone music (say Eliane Radigue) and modern electronics. Now why isn't this guy on a hip young label playing is electronic spacey music? If ever I would find out… Here The Silverman gets vocal contributions on two pieces, but the best is 'Ocean Calling', which is all by himself: a meditative piece of music, reflecting tidal waves, slowly moving back and forward. Four excellent pieces of the greatest mood music." [FdW/Vital Weekly] 2010 €14.00
STRANGE ATTRACTOR Rorschach II LP “Rorschach II’ is the obvious successor to their debut LP released november 2004. Again, it shifts from jazzy ambient to clicky popsongs to post rock to experimental whatever, always on the cutting edge of contemporary production. It again features the characteristic voices of guest singers Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots) and Marie-Claudine Vanvlemen (Sonar Lodge), who also joins them live on stage. The third vocalist on this album is Richard Sinclair, who recorded and performed with Robert Wyatt (on the legendary album Rock Bottom, amongst many other occasions) and his own groups Caravan and cult band Hatfield & The North: one of the most original and fearlessly creative bands of the so-called ‘Canterbury scene’ (with Soft Machine, Gong, Egg) in the early seventies. He now contributed his fretless bass skills and warm voice to Rorschach II. As an extra bonus you are treated to a Twilight Circus remix (vinyl exclusive!) of the title track from the first LP. Dub wizard Ryan Moore recently released an album with dj Spooky and collaborates with numerous dub legends on his own label M-Records. Rorschach II also features Dutch jazz musicians Jeroen van Vliet (Fender Rhodes) and Edward Capel (alto clarinet).” [press release] 2005 €14.50
TEAR GARDEN, THE The Brown Acid Caveat do-LP "It's been nearly 50 years since the first Brown Acid Caveat was issued to a million hippies in a field at the first Woodstock Festival. In these dark , more-knowing times The Tear garden felt it was the perfect moment to mark their 30th Anniversary with a similar warning , especially as their first album back in 1987 bore the declaration , "We Will Pour Our Jars in Reservoirs" on the cover. In fact , we were joking. Despite the madness you may perceive all around you right now, those jars were stashed on the highest shelf of a kitchen cupboard and the key was tossed into the ocean. Our sole wish is to introduce beauty to the medieval landscape we appear to be trapped in right now.There will be no brown paint splashed around. Beauty survives , even underneath the ugliest, heaviest rock. This is The tear Garden's 8th record and is testimony to an enduring friendship that spans the aforementioned ocean. After 8 years, The Tear Garden (the psychedelic/experimental/electronic project of Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots & cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy) return with "The Brown Acid Caveat", the culmination of the duo's 31 years of working together. Psychedelic electronic melancholia , fearless experimentation & improvisation combine to take the intrepid listener on a mesmerizing voyage of the mind. Feel the Love. Don't touch the brown acid." "How to characterize The Tear Garden, the more than 30 year collaboration between Skinny Puppy’s Cevin Key and The Legendary Pink Dots’ Edward Ka-Spel? The threads that make up their discography aren’t hard to identify; there’s a baleful wit couched in heartbreak and a melancholic psychedelia that are easy to spot on every LP, EP and non-album track with few exceptions. But just being able to identify those repeated moods and ideas doesn’t get us any closer to understanding the essence of what these two friends have together, or how their divergent musical paths keep leading them back together to make such lovely music. The Brown Acid Caveat is the first LP of new material since 2009′s Have a Nice Trip and in contrast to that record’s jammy experimentalism (a thing both Edward and Cevin excel at unsurprisingly), the songs here feel more purposeful and concise. Even when the songs stretch out past the seven minute mark, their deliberate construction hearkens back to the latter era-Nettwerk Tear Garden albums, when many of LPD’s members were involved in the project. Probably not coincidentally, some former Dots – guitarist Martijn De Kleer and dub maestro Ryan Moore – are present here, although it’s unclear to what extent they pitched in or influenced the proceedings. That said, opener “Strange Land” hearkens back to 2000′s underrated Crystal Mass, playing out as a sad travelogue through places real and imaginary, all carried by delicately strummed guitars and Ka-Spel in the wounded sage persona he’s been growing into since his very earliest recordings. Indeed, while the group has always thrived on a mix of straight songwriting and trippy outer space journeys, Ka-Spel and Key are working hard to reconcile those ideas here. Functionally that means you get more than a few songs, like “On With the Show” and “Kiss Don’t Tell”, that start fully formed before slowly unravelling into ambient tapestries of modular synthesizer, samples and reverb. And while every song feels as though it could go in that direction, The Tear Garden do show some restraint, allowing the lovely repeating synth figure of “A Private Parade” to play itself out fully before swapping in a solo that lands somewhere between a violin and a theremin. Especially pleasant is the excellent “Calling Time” (which features one of Ka-Spel’s best bits of contemporary wordplay “I’ll serve until it’s time/I’ll serve until this bar runs dry”) which marries a propulsive bassline with off-kilter mechanical percussion and a bubbling lead, all delivered in a relatively trim 4:29. Still, while this is unmistakably a Tear Garden record, from the dubby half-spoken “Sinister Science” to the cathartic exotica of the string-infused “Seven Veils”, we’re no closer to insight beyond simply identifying familiar components. And maybe that’s where some of the magic comes from really. It occurs while listening Ka-Spel crack a little while he partakes in cute rhyming games on plinky-plunky closer “Object” that the Tear Garden is almost an in-joke, an insular and obscure province charted by two long-time friends who found a creative unity many years ago and have never let it go. It’s their trip, but we still have the privilege of being guests, and that can’t help but still feel somewhat special." [idieyoudie.com] 2017 €34.00
ULKOMAALAISET One CD Erster Teil diese ungewöhnlichen brasilianisch-russischen Kollaboration mit LEGENDARY PINK DOTS-Sänger EDWARD KA-SPEL, dronig, experimentell, geräuschhaft... "Electro-improv album with Edward Ka-Spel. Edition of 300 numbered copies. Ulkomaalaiset is a rather different kind of Gharbzadegi or Fremd. In this context it speaks to a disconnection to place rather than to people. Fitting a square peg into a round hole CAN, however, be a good thing. Edward Ka-Spel united with Alena Boikova and Martin Heuser in Finland to herald the coming of Spring and managed to paint several startling tone poems that reflect this sense of Ulkimaalaiset. The trio settings were improvised with an intimacy, conveying both the beauty and loneliness of exploring a strange, unpopulated place. Sometimes Heuser's piano plays against Ka-Spel's and Bikova's electronics with the quiet subtlety and austere sweetness of a more musical John Cage/David Tudor collaboration. Occasionally the spirits (and maybe even the ghosts) of Aho and Sibelius are inadvertently conjured. This triumvirate is so well matched that they seem to create air above mountains. Two separate releases present with four very distinct pieces of loud, quiet, and loud. Cloudbursts of angelic rain bewitching the souls of the ever wandering Ulkomaalaiset." [label info] ".. If "Part Two" is an altogether noisier offering, though, it's still possessed of a certain quietness, as if the three musicians were loathe to get too loud for fear of offending the silence of the mostly-empty town. This gives the album a sort of coziness that persists even through the more atonal passages. Play this album in an empty house in the early morning, and see if you don't discover the same sense of hushed excitement these three musicians must have shared while recording it." [Re-Gen] www.blrrecords.com 2007 €14.50
UW HYPOTHEEKADVIES Nature of Nurture CD "Ed. Of 400 numbered copies with full color insert each with an original hand drawing. Features members from former BlRR band Girlfriends and mastered by Erik Drost and Raymond Steeg (Legendary Pink Dots). According to the Explosive Ordinance Field Guide: “Uw Hypotheekadvies should be handled with great care as it is one of the most powerful EO’s, especially if detonated through speakers in the comfort of one’s own home.” As trios go, UH sound more like a thousand-tet. Imagine a heavily armoured Glenn Branca guitar army falling DOWN an UP escalator in such a way that they never reach the bottom and are forever tumbling and crashing. Now throw DNA down the same escalator and pour acid on that. UH don’t just rock; they ROCK. Like agates gone wild, their abstract explorations come delivered via sledgehammer and arrive on the plate as oddly conceived gemstones with insects trapped inside. It smells like the teen spirits of Naked City and Laddio Bolocko lurk underneath UH’s woodpile, but despite the improv flavour of UH’s pummeling, they skew away from jazz and lean in more towards prog than Zorn and Co. UH’s chaos fleshes form and even descends into subtle soundscapes in between the rat-a-tat blastpatter. A beautiful monstrosity of Nature and Nurture." [label info] www.blrrecords.com 2008 €13.00
V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) The Year 25 - 25 years of Korm Plastics MC "In October 1984 Korm Plastics officially started by releasing the 'Katacombe Vol. 3' sampler. Now, 25 years, to mark this occasion Korm Plastics releases a compilation cassette, again. Each artist got two minutes and fifty seconds to fill, and there are twenty-five artists. Limited to 250 copies on blue tape, with on-body print, cover designed by Meeuw. All exclusive tracks by: Jos Smolders, Howard Stelzer, Machinefabriek, KK Null, Radboud Mens, Big City Orchestra, Edward Ka-spel, Ben Gwilliam, The Tobacconists, Francisco Lopez, Peter Duimelinks, The Haters, Freiband, Z'EV, Raymond Dijkstra, Asmus Tietchens, Idea Fire Company, Mirko Uhlig, Roel Meelkop, Richard Francis, Jason Zeh, Silverman, Illusion Of Safety, Pick-up and Stephan Mathieu. A fine mixture of microsound, noise and popmusic." [label info] www.kormplastics.nl "To celebrate the 25th anniversary of his important sound art label Korm Plastics, owner of the label, Frans De Waard has compiled a number of artists from the outer limits of musical expression. For the novice listener of the Dutch label, the compilation "The year 25 - 25 years Korm Plastics" gives a nice introduction to the span of releases from the label from its birth in 1984 to the presence. Korm Plastics originally began its explorations into contemporary electronic music as a cassette-only label, so what could be more natural than celebrating its 25 years of existence by releasing exclusively on that media. Another interesting thing about the idea of releasing is of course the old-fashioned cassette-media and its sharp contrast to the modern sound expressions that is presented on the compilation. Through the selection of old and new artists, the expression on the overall compilation sounds like the "state of the (sound) art", probably because the main part of the artists presented here are people from the front of the sound art scene. Thus we find contributions from artists such as Francisco Lopez, Asmus Tietchens and Z'EV among many interesting artists. Peaks of the compilation comes with contributions from Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), with his piece of strange voice samples combined with field recording and distant noises. Also Freiband impresses with two artistic noise-pieces constantly interchanging between abrasive sounds and silence with interventions of ultra-short pulses pushing in. Excellent ambient piece comes from Mirko Uhlig with his beautiful drone-piece combined with eastern tablas reminiscent of Coil due to the trippy atmospheres. Just a few peaks mentioned on an album that has so many great moments, and represents the perfect celebration of the essential Dutch label Korm Plastics." [NM / Vital Weekly] 2010 €8.00
  Rising from the Red Sand Vol. 1 - 5 5 x LP-BOX " ‘Rising From The Red Sand’ was one the most comprehensive compilations of early 80’s industrial, wave and underground music, spanning a total of five cassettes, compiled by Gary Levermore for his own Third Mind Records label (which has also recently been revived). The original five tapes are now released as a 5xLP set, following several months of tracking down as many artists as possible to obtain their permission to reissue their material. Almost all were found, although nine tracks are missing from this box. ‘Rising From The Red Sand’ was both a precursor to can can be seen along the lines of the two later double LP’s 'Elephant Table Album' and 'Three Minute Symphony', but due to the vastness of the project offers a more complete insight into the musical underground of the early-mid 80’s period. ‘Rising From The Red Sand’ includes the likes of Chris & Cosey, Nurse With Wound, Die Tödliche Doris, Test Dept, Attrition, Colin Potter, Muslimgauze, Ian Boddy, We Be Echo, Konstruktivists, Portion Control, Metamorphosis, Bene Gesserit, Legendary Pink Dots, P16.D4, Nocturnal Emissions, Human Flesh, Bushido, Smegma, Ptose, Kopf Kurz, Merzbow, Tone Death, Pseudo Code, Conrad Schnitzler, Cultural Amnesia, John Hurst, Section 25, Fan Tan, Un Departement, Scram Ju Ju, Five Or Six, Sylvie & Babs, James Braddell, Onnyk, Nexda, Hula, Dave Knight, Irsol. Liner notes are written by Frans de Waard (of the Korm Plastics label and Vital Weekly), and he writes: "'Rising From The Red Sand', which I still regard as the best compilation of industrial music from that time - a five hour Encyclopedia Industrialis"." [label info] www.vinyl-on-demand.com 2013 €85.00
VAN HOORN, NILS Colours CD "In the middle of 2001, Niels van Hoorn (Legendary Pink Dots) received a friendly email from Ryan Moore (Twilight Circus Dub Sound System / Legendary Pink Dots) offering assistance with his new solo album. He promised 'no stress, just fun!' And that is exactly what happened. Moore ended up playing drums and congas, which were looped and later employed for multi-track recordings. Van Hoorn's experiments with a Boomerang Phrase sampler resulted in the first sax loop on the album, which were mixed live with effects to a 2-track tape. For the most part, Van Hoorn placed himself in the middle of his studio, encircled by his collection of saxes, clarinets, flutes, analogue windsynths and keyboards, and would walk around to each, improvising. Everything was then recorded by Moore and passed through his 'effects kitchen; for some sonic baking. And voila! 'Colours' came into being. Both Niels and Ryan hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they enjoyed producing it." [press release] 2003 €12.50
WANDER same CD Viermal pure Drone / Minimal Music–Stücke vom BEEQUEENSeitenprojekt, warm und analog und sachte schwingend.... klingt sehr „klassisch“ wie die Vorbilder aus den 70er Jahren.... am besten das vierte Stück wenn sich zu tiefen Drones Wassergeräusche mischen... Dies ist die EINZIGE jemals erscheinende WANDER CD, da sie auf jeden Format nur einmal veröffentlichen! “Wander are Freek Kinkelaar and Frans de Waard, also known as Beequeen. Since changing Beequeen's musical direction in the summer of 2000 (drones out and 'popmusic' in). However, since they both love drone music, they founded Wander in 2001. In Wander they explore drone music in it's widest possible form, with each new release exploring a specific concept. Wander will release their music on various formats, but every format only once. Each release is called Wander, and there is a total absense of any information on the cover. So far they have released a 10" on their own Plinkity Plonk label, a LP for En/Of, a split 7" on Plinkity Plonk (a split single with Beequeen), a CDR on XZF and a 7" on Edition... and a forthcoming split 7" recorded in collaboration with Andrew Liles. The material was recorded in the analogue studio Geluidswerkplaats Extrapool in late 2004 and early 2005, using a wide variety of vintage synthesizers (juno 60, korg MS20, roland SH 102 and Arp synthesizer) and a Philicordia organ. The four long pieces breath an atmospheric, pastoral sound of slow and deep evolving drones. The CD was mastered by Raymond Steeg of The Legendary Pink Dots' fame. The images on the cover and the disc were made with the help of Elise de Waard. Released in a special cardboard package with varnished images. Strictly limited edition of 600 copies only. Wander live performances are as rare as hen's teeth. So far two took place: providing a new soundtrack to Derek Jarman's 'In The Shadow Of The Sun' and a gallery-show in Amsterdam (to much ignorance of a snotty and arty audience - but then we wouldn't have expected otherwise). official website at http://www.beequeen.nl/wander.htm“ [label info] 2005 €8.00
WHITELODGE same LP Nach der noch etwas spröden “Stream of Dreams” 10” hier das erste Album des US-Trios, mit tief-melancholischen, folk- & wave- & elektronik-beeinflussten Stücken, der Stil lässt sich schwer kategorisieren, aber von der WIRKUNG her erinnert das an die magischen Momente bei den LEGENDARY PINK DOTS.... “Full color sleeve, 220 gram audiophile vinyl and limited to 350 copies. Like a palpable ghostly presence that phases in and out vision; at once translucent and illusory; simultaneously rattling silverware, sending chills through the flesh. That strange unseen grip in the hand; that vaporous and unexplained cloud of breath in the middle of the hallway. A great billowy poltergeist, Whitelodge is a musical revelation. The Lodge skirt borderlands between the mysticism of seething "post rock" and the dark textures of latter day "apocalyptic folk," managing in the end to sovereign a musical nation of their own. Somber musical expressions exude surprisingly powerful punch and often carve modest stones into towering columns of sound, which, while not actually loud, seem to IMPLY loud. Constructed somewhat like a This Mortal Coil record, the quietly crafted combination of acoustic guitars, electric piano, bass and electronics effuse scents of Sol Invictus ("Against The Modern World"), Gastr Del Sol, Sea And Cake, Insides, late late period Swans, Roseclouds era Death In June with a little "Another Green World" style Eno plastering the cracks...but none of these really captures the true essence of the Lodge what is White. Where apocalyptic folk often drowns in its own cheesiness, Whitelodge rise above and avoid trying to force any sort of posturing or false celticisms into their music. Whispered vocals reincarnate a host of spirits from Red House Painters to Coil, driving the compositions home by inference rather than the obvious. This music is unbelievably tangible in its etherealness. A deep beauty resides within and repeated listens open endless blossoms. This album is also guilty of having at least a couple downright infectious tracks that are so brilliantly cooked as to be virtual tonal crack. The Grand Poobah beckons: become one with the Whitelodge!“ [press release] 2004 €15.00
  same CD Nach der noch etwas spröden “Stream of Dreams” 10” hier das erste Album des US-Trios, mit tief-melancholischen, folk- & wave- & elektronik-beeinflussten Stücken, der Stil lässt sich schwer kategorisieren, aber von der WIRKUNG her erinnert das an die magischen Momente bei den LEGENDARY PINK DOTS.... “Like a palpable ghostly presence that phases in and out vision; at once translucent and illusory; simultaneously rattling silverware, sending chills through the flesh. That strange unseen grip in the hand; that vaporous and unexplained cloud of breath in the middle of the hallway. A great billowy poltergeist, Whitelodge is a musical revelation. The Lodge skirt borderlands between the mysticism of seething "post rock" and the dark textures of latter day "apocalyptic folk," managing in the end to sovereign a musical nation of their own. Somber musical expressions exude surprisingly powerful punch and often carve modest stones into towering columns of sound, which, while not actually loud, seem to IMPLY loud. Constructed somewhat like a This Mortal Coil record, the quietly crafted combination of acoustic guitars, electric piano, bass and electronics effuse scents of Sol Invictus ("Against The Modern World"), Gastr Del Sol, Sea And Cake, Insides, late late period Swans, Roseclouds era Death In June with a little "Another Green World" style Eno plastering the cracks...but none of these really captures the true essence of the Lodge what is White. Where apocalyptic folk often drowns in its own cheesiness, Whitelodge rise above and avoid trying to force any sort of posturing or false celticisms into their music. Whispered vocals reincarnate a host of spirits from Red House Painters to Coil, driving the compositions home by inference rather than the obvious. This music is unbelievably tangible in its etherealness. A deep beauty resides within and repeated listens open endless blossoms. This album is also guilty of having at least a couple downright infectious tracks that are so brilliantly cooked as to be virtual tonal crack. The Grand Poobah beckons: become one with the Whitelodge!“ [press release] 2005 €13.00