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Intimations CD CMR Records CMR-7 four movements of fascinating organic field recording & instrumental source arrangements, reminding on artists working in similar areas as SETH NEHIL, ERIC LA CASA, MNORTHAM, etc.. very meditative & beautiful pieces, and his very FIRST full length album as far as we know... comes with very sophisticated liner notes about different aspects of "Intimations"; back in stock this top release ! 2004 €13.00
Ferric mCD-R Taalem alm46   2007 €5.00
Phase Inversion CD-R Mystery Sea MS51 lim. / numb. 150 copies with full-colour inkjet print cover 2009 €12.00
Surface Scripts CD Semperflorens sf05 magic concrete drones inspired by the "time-worn processes" of nature creating specific acoustics in specific materials...hard to describe aural atmospherics, but its very beautiful and secret; highly recommended ! CD in DVD-box, lim. 500 2010 €13.00
Two Films DVD and/OAR and/40 DVD with two soundart-films: "Sound Aspects of Material Elements" (57 min.) and "Mimema" (24+ min), sounds were made with the help of PATRICK Mc. GINLEY (MURMER), JIM HAYNES, HITOSHI KOJO (SPIRACLE), etc.. 2012 €14.00