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Last Solar Powered CD-R Still*Sleep CDR28 a new collaboration recording by these two sound artists known from MYSTERY SEA & UNFATHOMLESS, with an odd concept behind: a sound composition about a solar powered computer that is noticing that the sun started to die and the energy will run out sometime in the future... this 49 min. one-tracker starts with vivid glitch chatters and whines and moves over to slow drone hummings without real energy, reaching the zero point... great sounds, astonishing idea !! 2016 €9.00
Moyens Fant˘mes CD Unfathomless U33 collaboration with special concept: only sounds from media devices "that are no longer available" like VHS, Beta, Floppy discs, zip drives, etc. have been used, thus creating an imaginable place that doesn't really exist ... an array of strange "broken sounds" and contact noises fullk of scratching, cracking, wheezing, frizzling, sometimes the original material shines through, with bizarre effect... great "music" from completely unmusical sources, from the cemetery of our mass media society! lim. 200 2016 €14.00