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Portal LP Wounded Knife CUT#23 debut LP by this German project (from Wiesbaden) => well constructed cosmic ambient-scapes with a dark psychedelic / cinematic / surrealistic touch, when strange voices, subtle percussion and whistling noises enter the scenery.... lim./numbered 260 copies on heavy CLEAR vinyl, with insert, download card... definitely to discover for cosmic spaceheads !! 2015 €15.00
Biotische Verwitterung LP Black Horizons BH-115 / Aetheric Records AR # 26 / Cloister Rec. CRUS-23 second LP after "Portal" and few cassettes, old school analog synths and sequences often build the basis for these 14 songs, but mounted on this you find an array of weird percussion, whispered vocals, gongs and other samples, moving this into an eerie "Alice in Wonderland" atmosphere...=> very original experimental / psychedelic ambient with some 70's references + NURSE WITH WOUND lurking around the corner; lim. 200 - great cover, download code 2017 €16.00