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Remnants from Paradise CD Absurd # 69 aesthetic & ethereal multi-layered drone-music that has been compared to PHILL NIBLOCK - based on various acoustic instruments like Shakulimba, Bamboo & Metal Mouthharps, Tanpura, Ney & Clarinets... great album by the Berlin based droner with three long tracks (55+ min.), now back in stock! comes in special three-panel circle cover 2008 €12.00
Hemispheres LP Blume blume 001 two side-long drone pieces (representing the two halfs of the brain) based on multiple saxophon layers, a very beautiful record by the Berlin based composer (once a member of the URBAN SAX orchestra!), reminding on PHIL NIBLOCK, etc.. lim. 200 on turqouise vinyl and with completely turqouise cover 2014 €20.00