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John Duncan was born in the United States, currently lives and works in Bologna. Duncan portrays his work as a catalyst, inciting a transmission of energy through which he seeks to compel the audience to actively participate in the process of investigation and self-discovery. His lengthy career of electroacoustic intensity and confrontational performance art events is the result of rigorous investigations into a number of arcane, metaphysical, and at times transgressive themes. Duncan is a rare artist who is totally immersed in existential research. Jim Haynes, The Wire (UK). His audio releases THE CRACKLING (1996 with Max Springer), PALACE of MIND (2001 with Giuliana Stefani), FRESH (2002 with Zeitkratzer), THE KEENING TOWERS (2003), PHANTOM BROADCAST (2004), NINE SUGGESTIONS (2005 with Mika Vainio and Ilpo Visnen), THE NAZCA TRANSMISSIONS (2009) to name a few, are all considered by critics and composers alike to be benchmarks in the field of experimental sound and contemporary music.


Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
John See Soundtracks CD RRRecords RRR18CD incl. full colour booklet 1996 €13.00
Mort aux vaches CD Mort aux Vaches / Staalplaat available again ! special cover! 1998 €14.50
Da sich die Machtgier... CD Die Stadt DS65 Digipack with extra booklet 2003 €15.00
The Nazca Transmissions LP Alga Marghen PLANAZCA sounds based on mysterious recordings from the "Nazca Lines" (famous geoglyphs) in Peru, made by an archeologist; lim. 380 with embossed black sleeve, full colour inlay and extra data-inlay about the source recordings 2009 €20.00
The Tailing DVD Von Archives VON 010 DVD dark church organ drones & mysteriously moving shades & forms; "A microscopical audiovisual study on pornography"; lim. 500 2010 €16.00
First Recordings 1978-1985 V1.2 5 x LP & 7inch Vinyl-On-Demand Records VOD94 second DUNCAN box on VOD collecting all early & extremely rare Vinyl- & Tape-releases 1978-1985: Organic 12" (the very first 12" from 1979), Creed 7", Nicki 7" (with CHRIS CARTER & COSEY), RIOT LP, Music you finish MC, Supplement MC, Move Forward MC, Brutal Birthday Soundtrack MC, Phantom MC, Purge MC; tracks from rare cassette compilations + bonus 7" with earliest collab recordings from 1978-1979; lim. / numb. 600 copies with certificate; a must have for any fan of this legendary Noise/Experimentalist 2012 €82.50