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Klingelbeutel LP permaREV Platten 030 collaboration between RLW (P16.D4) and PAAK (Peter Kastner) on the theme "religious mania", using recordings of prayers & christian propaganda to create bizarre collages; edition of only 154 copies, incl. original paper from a hymn-book & other inlays 2012 €17.50
Zur Arbeit I LP Attenuation Circuit ACW 1004 already the third collaboration by RLW with PETER KASTNER aka PAAK, this time on the subject WORK: on three pieces called "Schnaps" (booze), "Kantine" (canteen), and "Gerberei" (tannery) they distill the typical sounds from these "areas" of work in the 19th, 20th, and 21th century with a sarcastic and at times dadaistic approach, using harpsichord, mellotron, rhythmbox, voice and field recordings; a very curious record to say the least !! Lim. 300 colour vinyl & inlay 2016 €17.00