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Fragments from the Aethyr CD Crucial Blast CBR100 discovery from the U.S. doing ritualistic black ambience of the finest kind, using many instrumental sound sources (violins, drums, vocals, bone flute, doomy guitars), creating a fathomless daemonic horror atmosphere.. => filed under "Funeral Chamber Music", breathtaking stuff ! 2012 €12.00
Nightside Emanations CD Malignant Records TUMORCD55 archaic ritual music from this promising US doom/dark ambient act, usuing unusual sounds from found objects as rocks, scrap metal, antlers.. 4 panell DVD digipack 2012 €12.00
The Mirror reversed CD Cyclic Law 62nd Cycle extremely bleak & haunting sounds for your personal nightmare, this is not the typical dark ambient....one long track (47+ min.) inspired by the 'Tree of Death' (Kabbala) , the counterpart to the divine forces of the Sephiroth; filed under: spooky ghost drones & silences... 2013 €13.00
The Mirror Reversed II CD Cyclic Law 77th Cycle second part of the MIRROR REVERSED, examining the other side of the mirror, a unusual dark ambient one-tracker [46+ min.] with surprising silent moments, and a very slow evolution.. "Its a place of alien mystery, surely, and full of things-and non-things-that are utterly unlike anything witnessed before..." [Heathen Harvest] 2015 €13.50