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Rupture CD United Dirter DPROMCD93 first collaboration of NWW with British "sound theatre" composer GRAHAM BOWERS (who uses only with acoustic instruments) - this work tries to illustrate what happens inside a brain after a major stroke = internal chaos, loss of control, incoherent memories, etc.. = a dramatic, at times neo-classic work, challenging, difficult, unusual. 2011 €13.00
Excitotoxicity CD Red Warf RW-1-01-011 the third studio collaboration of NWW with British "sound theatre" composer GRAHAM BOWERS, after 'Rupture' and 'Parade' - "an excess of most things, both mentally and physically"; comes in special / luxurious 8-panel design 2014 €16.50
Parade do-LP Red Wharf RW-3-01-008 now the lim. (un-numbered) VINYL version of this incredible, uncategorizable and most "difficult" NWW album - this 2nd NWW-collab. with GRAHAM BOWERS belongs to the weirdest NURSE-stuff we ever experienced - using many found sounds & samples & a drum-machine that goes wild - be prepared for a de-stabilizing collage! One long track in 8 different parts.. 2014 €25.00
Mutation ...The Lunatics are running the Asylum ... CD Red Wharf RW-1-01-012 there's no chance to relax yet - it seems GRAHAM BOWERS and STEVEN STAPLETON won't stop their collaboration series until all insane people are liberated and take over => six new tracks exploring acoustic mutations, transformations, metamorphoses, an incredible number of mixed up sound sources going wild for an carnivalesque listening experience!! 2015 €16.00