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Alku mCDR Taalem alm83 deep drone / abstract soundscapes based on field recordings & sine waves by this rising Columbian sound-artist.. 2012 €5.00
El Pajaro que Escucha CD-R 3LEAVES - 3L014 deep drones & weird animal sounds - a long one-tracker (60+ min.), based on field recordings made in the Palomino region of Columbia (rainforest & jungle), especially focused on wildlife sounds... "a cultural approximation to the natural" lim. 200, full-colour cover 2012 €10.00
Sonido Descompuesto CD Unfathomless U10 DAVID VELEZ captures the "psychogeography" of a certain countryside landscape in Columbia, with an interesting mix of hazy slow-drones & more concrete elemental sounds, melting daydreamlike acoustics from natural, human and animal sources... fabric-pressed CD, numbered ed. 200 copies, in the typical artwork-style (beautiful patterns from nature & natural objects) of Daniel Crokaert 2012 €14.00