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Necro Acoustic 5 x CD-BOX PICA DISK PICA019 massive collection of various new & rare recordings 1996-2009, comes in a solid carboard-box with gold print & 24 p. booklet; the following albums are included: LIGHTS OUT - MALAISE - DECREPIT - NO EDIT - ORGAN 2010 €35.00
Humid Weather LP Bocian Records BCKD3 a very quiet (Side A) & dense 'refined noise & drone' work by KEVIN DRUMM, previously only published as a lim. CDR by himself, using microphone (feedbacks?), microsound object noises, field recordings (thunder, rain), soft electronics & found sounds (voices from the ether, etc.).. very versatile & nice ! 2013 €16.00
Purge CD iDEAL Recordings iDEAL105 limited re-issue of a deleted MC (C-60) from 2007 by the same label that sold out immediately: "Intense listening taking you deep into the known unknown. Drumm's noise is extremely powerful and dynamic.; travelling frequencies, rich with details, with very little hope, with guaranteed exhaustion after frequent listening." [Joachim Nordwall] 2013 €12.00
Phantom Jerk LP Bocian Records BC - KD 4 music for six oscillators, recorded in Chicago in 2013 (previously released as CDR).... minimal / electro-mechanic contemplation drones, similar to his "Imperial Distortion" album.. 2014 €16.00
Trouble CD Editions Mego emego 199 whoever knows the raw / noisy side of KEVIN DRUMM can hardly imagine he can become so silent, calm, and meditative.... a 54 min. one-tracker consisting of pure resonances & overtunes it seems, almost beyond ambient & drone... "This is the sound of fingertips slowly tracing crystal rims; of whale song heard from the opposite end of the ocean; of ghost trains braking in the dead of night." [Pitchfork] 2014 €14.00
Wrong Intersection CD Handmade Birds HB-073 foggy drone-noise, surprising cut ups with excursions into strange sounds, developing into harsher sonic fields => a very versatile, always demanding album by this "Gerńuschmusik"-master from Chicago 2014 €13.50
Elapsed Time 6 x CD BOX Sonoris SNS-13 collection of recordings 2012-2016 from the prolific US musician who is active since 20 years and has touched different styles and genres, from 'prepared' table-top guitar excursions and improvisations to real noise to musique concrete to quiet ambience, always minimally intense... this box contains unreleased or rare material and several epic pieces (length over 30 min.).. he worked with JIM O'ROURKE, RALF WEHOWSKY (RLW) and many others.. 2016 €40.00
The Back Room LP Monotype Records monoLP 021 re-issue of a CDR from 2012, one of his more noisy releases using a pulse generator where everything is drowning in variable hiss and distortion, garnished with rumbling drones, feedbacks and shrieking sinus-tones... lim. 500 2016 €18.00