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Look for me here maxi-CD 12K 2014 maxi-single with exclusive remixes of the title-track by RYUICHI SAKAMOTO & GIUSEPPE IELASI; lim. 500 2009 €8.50
same CD 12K 12K1056 awesome melancholic drone beauty by this duo from Australia, second album 2009 €14.50
Ritual LP Desire Path Recordings PATHWAY001 third album (first on vinyl) by the Australian duo; otherwordly organic ambiences at its best, performed entirely on acoustic instruments, wildlife or environmental recordings; recommended for explorers of dense mysterious dronescapes... 2010 €17.50
In the Lens CD 12K1086 the Australian duo is finally back after the great "Ritual" LP (2010) with 13 instrumental tracks full of atmospheric euphony, using snippets from old hard-drives and cassettes they add new handplayed low-fi material (acoustic guitar, piano, woodwinds, percussion) that really breathes and spreads sublimeness and nostalgy, touching jazz & folk elements but in a most dreamlike and narcotic manner.. think of slow NECKS, ELODIE, etc.. lim. 500 2016 €15.50