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Remember (translations of 'Morketid') CD Glacial Movements GM0011 re-shapings of NETHERWORLDS "Morketid" album; recorded in China 2010 2011 €13.00
Epilogues for the End of the Sky CD Glacial Movements GM 029 BROCK VAN WEY aka "bvdub"s third full-length for Glacial Movements, the US project has grown to a well known act in the "deep techno" and harmonic ambient scene.... 8 warm electronic tracks with melodramatic titles, piano and vocal elements; "when presented with something that is ambient and deep-house with no tempo, but the entirety is vastly melancholic, this seems the perfect recipe for attracting the attentions of dark ambient listeners." [This is Darkness] 2017 €14.00