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Deep Komis CD Nadeln Prod. NaP.II Project by Russian anthropologist SERGEY GABBASOV with a very interesting album dedicated to the ancient culture of the Permian Komis (indigenious people living in the very North-Eastern Europe near Ural), using field recordings & musical folklore, presenting this pure & processed to deep drone-spheres; feat. additional collab-tracks by RAPOON, FANUM, and NORTHAUNT. lim. 500 2010 €13.00
Urja mCD-R Operator Produkzion OPERPRODUKT 64 3-track EP with truly primitive & archaic epxerimental sounds, made with flutes, percussion, vocal-hums, drones & noise, recorded outdoors (?) in the mythical village of URJA (Perm region), feat. VRESNIT and AKPAN... from ecstasis to contemplation.. lim. 117 copies, handmade cardboard cover with three colour photos 2010 €8.00