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Hollow.River mCD-R Taalem alm89 Drone Records artist (Drone-Mind 2 LP) with a ghostly one-tracker of highly minimal & quiet, immersive nature-drones; the processed material is based on field recordings made from a thawing river in Wyoming, USA: pure & somehow magic contemplation sounds ! 2012 €5.00
Paradise & Winchester CD Unfathomless U14 masterful airy deep microsound-drones (one-tracker) with enough variation & intensity - basic material for this has been recorded in LAS VEGAS (!) - great new release in the series by MYSTERY SEA, dealing with "spirits of specific places", by this sound- & installation artist from L.A. ! Numbered ed. 200 copies 2012 €14.00
Snowfall CD Dragon's Eye der006 like MYSTERY SEA or ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, this 'fine ambience' label run by YANN NOVAK in Los Angeles just began to produce 'real' pressed CDs after a phase of CDR only releases; => this new recording by YANN NOVAK (also known from the "Drone-Mind Vol. 2" LP) tries to express the 'hushed stillness and isolation sometimes experienced during a snowstorm".. originally this was a 6 hour audio-visual performance presented in Los Angeles; a one-tracker (60min) of extreme meditative ambience.. 2014 €13.00